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The Neocons Ride Again: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Mythical End to the Politics of Fear: N. Solomon
The Real Terror Plot: Ramzy Baroud
The Iranian War Machine: Steve Sailer

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Updated August 25, 2006 - 9:13 PM EDT
Threat of Military Action Hangs Over Iran
  Israel Feels US Will Not Attack Iran, Must Attack on Their Own
  Russia Rules Out UN Sanctions Against Iran
  US Rallying Allies, Partners Against Iran
  Envoys: Iran Offer Likely to Be Rejected
  US Built Major Iranian Nuclear Facility
France to Lead EU Lebanon Force of 7,000
  Chirac Says 15,000 UN Troops for Lebanon 'Excessive'
  Italy Weighs Risks of Lebanon Mission
  EU Wants Troops in Lebanon Within a Week, but Could Take Months
  India Considering Withdrawing Troops From Lebanon
  Hezbollah's War Wins Support Among Arab Pro-Democracy Reformers
  Cluster Bomb Toll Mounts as Displaced Return to South Lebanon
  State Dept Opens Inquiry Into Israeli Use of US Bombs
US Tanks Shell Iraqi Mosque, 3 Killed
Cost of Iraq War So Far: $1,075 Per American
  Pro-War Republican Congressman Urges Iraq Withdrawal
  'Shi'ite Giant’ Extends Its Reach
  Kurdish Rebels Say They Won't Disarm
  Insurgents Kill 14 as Iraq Violence Rages
Afghan Police Say US Forces Killed 8 Civilians in Air Strike
  Canadian Soldiers Dying in Vain in Afghanistan, Terror Informant Says
Can 'Peace' Be a Winning Issue in Presidential Campaigns?  by Lawrence S. Wittner
'Terror-Plot' Brouhaha Timed for Political Gain  by Craig Murray
The Mythical End to the Politics of Fear  by Norman Solomon
The Iranian War Machine
by Steve Sailer
The Real Terror Plot  by Ramzy Baroud
The Occupier Defines Justice
by Amira Hass

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These Days, Everyone Dares Call Everything Treason
Pakistan Bigger Threat Than Hezbollah: Senior Israeli Leader
Pakistani Man Charged With Providing Hezbollah TV to New Yorkers
Wall Street Journal: Rice Under Fire as Mideast Deal Falters
Amnesty International Accuses Israeli Military of War Crimes
Italian FM Proposes International Force in Gaza as Well
Why Did IDF Attack a Fleeing Civilian Convoy? Israel Blames the UN
Iraqi Militias
Sadr's Militia and the Slaughter in the Streets
Disavowed by Mahdi Army, Shadowy 'Butcher' Still Targets Sadr's Foes
Militia Supporters Jubilant as Brits Leave Iraq Base
Today in Iraq
Top US General Hails Progress in Baghdad Clampdown
British Troops Quit Iraq Base, Adopt WWII Tactics
Threatened Teachers Fleeing Iraq
Iraqis Used to Cleaning Up After Carnage
He Shows Mercy to the Dead
Ransom Claims Abound in Carroll Case
Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story - Part 10 - Freedom
Attacks Continue
Three US Soldiers, 14 Iraqis Perish in Thursday Violence
Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 25
Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 24
Choosing Suicide Over Killing
UK Soldier's Fear of Having to Shoot Children Led to Overdose
'I Can't Go to Iraq. I Can't Kill Those Children'
UK 'War on Terror'
Britain Charges 12th Suspect Over Plane Bomb Plot
Court Permits British Investigators to Hold 10 Terror Suspects Longer
Asian Students Forced to Deny Airline Mutiny Was a Set-Up
UK Airports' Ban on Liquids 'Permanent'
Terrorism Suspect Can Be Sent to Algeria: UK Court
UK Urges Unity on Airline Threat
Dutch 'War on Terror'
All 12 Passengers in Northwest Airlines Scare to Be Released
Dutch Airline 'Emergency': It Was Mid-Air Paranoia, Not Terror
Man Who Tipped FBI on Moussaoui on Flight Diverted to Amsterdam
German 'War on Terror'
Lebanon Arrests Second Suspect Over Failed Train Bombing
Germans Eye More Surveillance After Failed Bomb Plot
Germany Seeks Proper Response to Terror Threat
Danish 'War on Terror'
Denmark Charges 4 With Plotting Terror Attack
US 'War on Terror'
Michigan Man Pleads Guilty in Cigarette Trafficking Ring Linked to Hezbollah
Checked Luggage Strains Fed Security
The War at Home
White House Fires Back at McCain's Comment on Iraq
Poll: Most Americans Think News Stories Undermine Security, Even More Think They Should Continue
Poll: Let UN Handle Middle East, Say Americans
Iraq Vet Candidates Broaden Message
Study: Muslims, Arabs Saw Pay Drop After 9/11
US Military
80 US Military Recruiters Disciplined for Sexual Misconduct Over the Past Year
Reservists Forced to Fight in Iraq by 'Back-Door Draft'
Marines Call-Up Reflects Deepening Strains on US Military
Army Reviewing Afghan and Iraq Casualty Reports
Concern Over US Army Recruitment
North Korea
Japan Report Confirms Nuclear Activity in North Korea
North Korea Vows to Confront US, Japan
China-North Korea Relations Tested as Reports Say Kim Jong Il to Visit Beijing
Vietnam Rejects North Korean Bank Business
Coalition Forces Insist Tribal Elders They Killed in Afghanistan Were 'Suspected' al-Qaeda Members
Afghanistan Opium Poppy Farming Booms
Former Afghan PM's Men Active in East Afghanistan: US Military
Report: Domestic Violence Widespread in Afghanistan
Canadian Military Denies Tanks Being Readied for Afghanistan
Rural Indians Turn to Radio Over Maoists
Troops Kill Two Rebels in Revolt-Wracked Indian Kashmir
13 Hurt in Quetta Blasts
Sri Lanka
Tamils' 'Change in Tactics' Raises US Hackles
Rebel Group Funded Congressman's Trip to Sri Lanka, Sources Say
Sri Lankan Warplanes Bomb Rebel Base as Aid Groups Hit
Sporadic Fighting as Aid Ship Nears Sri Lanka's Jaffna
Departing Ceasefire Monitor Chief Slams EU in Gloomy Sri Lanka Outlook
China Jails Blind Rights Activist for Over 4 Years
NY Times Researcher Receives 3-Year Prison Term
Impeachment Bid Against Arroyo Defeated
Going Mobile: Text Messages Guide Filipino Protesters
Philippine Troops Kill 6 Muslim Rebels in Dawn Raid
Bomb Defused Near Thai Premier's Home
Report: US Offers to Sell Japan Missiles
Japan Urges Russia to Release Fishermen
Bangladesh Court Acquits Former Military Ruler
Australia to Boost Military to Contribute to Future Invasions
Australian Army May Soon Recruit Ex-Drug Users and the Overweight
UN Force for Lebanon
EU Countries Under Pressure for Troops to Lebanon
Italy Says UN Decides Lebanon Command
Bush Praises Italy Offer to Lead Lebanon Force
France to Send 2,000 Troops to Lebanon
UN Plans New Mini-Command Center for Lebanon Force
Turkey Not to Accept Role of Disarming Hezbollah
Prodi Comes Before a Fall
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Siniora: Only the Lebanese Army Shall Disarm Hezbollah
Hezbollah Might 'Respond' to Israeli Ceasefire Breaches, Says MP
Israel Army Chief Admits Failures
Israel's Conflict With Hezbollah Divides Allies
Olmert: Israel Must Be Ready for Any Scenario
Olmert Promises $2 Billion to Rebuild Northern Israel
Israelis Keep Civilians Way in Village
Poll: Few Israeli Arabs Supported Hezbollah, but Most Israeli Jews Assume They Did
Lebanese Family Seeking Asylum Granted Entry Into Israel
At Funeral, a Sunni Village Condemns Hezbollah’s Presence
War Fears Continue to Linger in Lebanon
Lebanese and Aid Groups Find Dangers in the Rubble
Lebanese Still Homeless After War, Crisis Not Over
Beirut's Airport Is Open - to Two Airlines
Amid Ruin in Lebanon, Families Find Aid
Militants Winning Battle to Rebuild Lebanon
Nasrallah Emerges as 'Muslim Hero'
Hezbollah Fights With Anti-American Slogans
PA Officials Say Shalit's Fate Is in the Hands of Syrian Hamas Leadership
Israelis Seize Senior Hamas Member, Kill His Brother
Israeli Air Strikes Wounds 8 Palestinians in Gaza
Israeli Air Strike Destroys Gaza Home
Israeli Soldiers Move Into Gaza Town
Two Palestinian Activists Killed by Israeli Army
Israel Detains Mayor of West Bank Village
Tension, Violence Running High in Gaza
Rafah Crossing to Reopen for Friday
Moderate Fatah Supports Unity Government
Hope Buried for Gaza's Old Settlements
Kidnapped Gaza Reporters
Intense Efforts in Gaza to Free Abducted Western Reporters
Palestinian Officials Denounce Group That Kidnapped Journalists
New Zealand, US: No Negotiations With Kidnappers of Journalists
Washington Takes Aim at Iran as Destabilizing Force in Mideast
Iranian Reply to Atom Offer Seeks Timeline: Report
Dissident Group: Tehran Producing Centrifuges to Enrich Uranium
Merkel Says Iran Response Not Satisfactory
Some Iranians Not Happy With Help for Hezbollah
Iran and Romania Defuse Oil Dispute
Iran Letter to Germany Says Both Facing 'Tyranny'
Israeli Military Intelligence Head: Syria Goading Hezbollah to Keep Arms
Calls for Talks With Syria Increase in US, Israel
Syria Cuts Off Power Flow to Lebanon, Denies Political Message
Syria Threatens to Close Border if UN Force Deployed
US Demands Syria Abide by UN Arms Embargo on Lebanon
Lebanon Plays Down Israel-Syria Dispute
Global Lebanon Fallout
Hezbollah Kit Sold by British Firm
China Envoy Refutes 'China-Made' Hezbollah Missile
Liberal Canadian MP Resigns Post Over Hezbollah Comment
Mubarak Takes Jab at Assad Over War Criticism
Annan Plans Mideast Trip to Syria and Iran
East Africa
Mogadishu Port Re-Opens After 11 Years
Terror Fears as Somali Islamists Reopen Vital Port
Eritrea Opposes Troop Deployment in Somalia
Somali Islamists Warn of War With Ethiopia
Somalis Face More Hardships at Kenya Camp: Aid Agency
Kenya, Ethiopia Seek to End Border Conflicts
UN Darfur Meeting Set Whether Sudan Attends or Not
Sudan Rejects Darfur Peace Plan
Bush Sending Envoy to Sudan
Death Toll Rises in Congo Clash
Burundi 'Plotter' Claims Torture
US Offers to Lift Cuba Embargo if Havana Embraces Democracy
Venezuela Says China Backs Security Council Bid
Islam Poses a Threat to the West, Say 53 Percent in UK Poll

Records: MI5's Bomb Shelter Construction Undermined Financial Company's Building

Three Charged for Moscow Bombing
Four Russians Killed in Chechnya

Justin Raimondo
The Neocons Ride Again

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

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Wishful Thinking

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The Cult of the Offensive

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The Police-State Impulse

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Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Charles Peņa
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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