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From Friends to 'Fascists': Brendan O'Neill
Selective Prosecution of War Crimes: Ivan Eland
Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution: Roberts
Cooking Intelligence Again: Gordon Prather
Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam: Charley Reese

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Updated August 29, 2006 - 9:29 PM EDT

Iraq Forced to Strike Deal With Militia

100 Die as Militias Force Iraq Troops Out
  12 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Sunday

At Least 74 Killed in Iraq Fuel Pipeline Fire

  Two Dozen Tortured Bodies Dumped in Shi'ite Areas of Baghdad
  US Attorney General in Iraq to Advise on Torture, Interrogation Tactics
  Iraq Sends More Troops South After Deadly Militia Clashes
  Rumsfeld: US Able to Take New Fight Despite Iraq
Hezbollah Quits Posts as Lebanon Army Moves In
  Olmert Rejects State Inquiry Into Handling of Lebanon War
  Turkey Cabinet Approves Lebanon Force
  Italy Approves Sending 2,500 Troops to UN Force in Lebanon
Ahmadinejad Challenges Bush to Debate, Bush Refuses
  Iran Dismisses US Threat of Sanctions Coalition
  US Renews Threat of Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran
  US Treasury Official: Iran 'Central Banker of Terror'
Today's 'Islamic Fascists' Were Yesterday's Friends  by Brendan O'Neill
Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution  by Paul Craig Roberts
A Modest Proposal:
Waterboard Congress
 by James Bovard
The Enemy of My Enemy  by Anders Strindberg
Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam
by Charley Reese
Cooking Intel Again  by Gordon Prather

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Hamas Figure Blames Palestinians for Gaza Chaos
AIPAC Urges US to Shut Iranian News Site
With Kazakh Autocrat's Visit, Bush Priorities Clash
Families of Friendly-Fire Casualties on Mission for Truth
Neocon Mag: Britain 'Is Now Biggest Security Threat to US'
Man Posts Bail in Hezbollah TV Case
UK Foreign Policy Hangs Above Terror Threat
3 Die and Scores Are Hurt in Bomb Attacks in Turkey
General Says Iraqi Army Unit Refuses Duty
Today in Iraq
Operation in Sadr City Part of Baghdad Plan: US Military
US Closes Abu Ghraib
Stricter Security Is Curbing Violence, Says Iraqi PM
Iraq Tries to Crack Down 'Carefully' on Militias
Tough Streets Await Iraq's NATO-Trained Cadets
Britain, Iraq Discuss Handover of Southern Province
Stone: Saddam Forced by Captors to Watch South Park Movie
Attacks Continue
Car Bomb at Iraqi Interior Ministry Kills 16
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,629
US Soldiers in Iraq: Fewer Killed, More Wounded
Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 29
Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 28
Battle of Britain on Iraq
Iraq Puts a Dent in Blair's Leadership Ranking
Poll: War on Terror Made UK a Target, Say Britons
UK: Despite Bombs, Iraq More Secure
Iraq War 'Hero' Held After Stabbing
The War at Home
Poll: Americans Concerned Over New World War
Republicans Run on Security Issues While Security Bills Languish in Congress
Cheney: Early Iraq Pullout 'Ruinous' to Security
Santorum Pairs 'Islamic Fascism,' WWII
US Military
$900,000 Paid to Army Reservists Who Deserted
US May Replace Some Nukes With Conventional IDBMs for 'Preemptive Strikes'
Ex-Lockheed Worker Takes Concerns to the Web
Precision Technology Helps Combat Troops Pinpoint Enemy
'War on Terror'
Bin Laden Most Wanted for Embassy Bombings?
Details Emerge in British Terror Case
UK Seeks Extradition of Terror Suspect in Pakistan
New 9/11-Style Plot in the Works?
DHS Seeks Liquid-Explosive-Screening Tech
US Flight Diverted Over Terror Scare
Chicago Plans Downtown Evacuation Drill
87-Year-Old Woman Denied Heart Medications on Canadian Plane
Report: North Korea Removes Missile Equipment
In South Korea, Push to Regain Wartime Control From US Raises Alarm
South Korean Spy Agency: North Capable of Nuke Test
North, South Korea Consider Unifying Teams for 2008 Olympics
Suicide Blast in Crowded Afghanistan Bazaar Kills 17
Afghan Police Shot by Canadians Weren't in Uniform, NATO Insists
British Military Supplies in Afghanistan Being Depleted
Intelligence Official Kidnapped in South Afghanistan
Two Turks Killed in Afghanistan
Bulgaria Boosts Troops in Afghanistan
Riots Continue in Pakistan
Balochistan Shut to Protest Bugti’s Killing
Pakistan Struggles to Identify Taliban
Musharraf Links Peace to Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Fighting Kills 31 as Troops Move to Secure Port
Rebels Say Sri Lanka Air Raids Kill 20 Civilians
Sri Lanka Army Launches New Offensive
Sri Lanka Flies Munitions North, Brings Out Bodies
Bombing Highlights Dangers for Sri Lanka's Children
US Missile Defense Ship Arrives in Japan
Wave of 'Dangerous' Nationalism Sweeps Japan
'Fake Bomb' Near Thai PM's Home
US Envoy Denies Making Calls in Favor of Nepal Monarchy
Trying Times for Journalists in China
Australia to Speed Up East Timor Withdrawal
Uganda and Rebels Set for Truce After 100,000 Deaths
Amnesty Commission to Resettle 1,000 Ugandan Rebels
Uganda's Child Soldiers March to Hand in Their Guns
Several Ugandan Senior Military Officers Arrive in Southern Somalia
Ugandan Army Hands Over 59 Kenyan Police Officers
Horn of Africa
Somalia Courts Union Chief to Ethiopia: 'Withdraw or Be Ready for Full-Scale War'
Somali Islamists: We Will Not Hesitate to Attack Ugandan Officers in Baidoa
Eritrea Fails to Convince AU Not to Send Peacekeepers to Somalia
Somali Rivals Heading for Talks
US Ends Somali Banking Blacklist
A Fragile Cease-Fire
UN Chief Asks Hezbollah to Release Prisoners, Israel to End Blockade
Israeli FM: Lebanon Settlement Must Include Soldiers' Return
Annan Wants Abducted Israeli Soldiers to Be Handed to Red Cross
Israel FM Travels to Berlin Amid Reports of Prisoner-Swap Talks
Germany Denies It Is Brokering Israeli-Hezbollah Exchange
Hezbollah Approves Peacekeeping Troops but Rejects Disarmament
Chirac Warns of More Fighting in Lebanon if Lasting Solution Isn't Found
Poll Says Lebanese Are Split Over Hezbollah Disarmament
Hezbollah Seeks to Engineer a Quick Recovery
Hezbollah's Rise Fuels Rifts Inside Lebanon
Annan Booed by Hezbollah Supporters in Lebanon
TV Star Nasrallah Impresses People on All Sides in Hopeful Lebanon
In War's Dust, a New Arab 'Lion' Emerges
Aoun Renews Calls for Government's Resignation
UN Teams in Lebanon Destroy More Unexploded Ordnance
An Environmental Disaster Emerges on Lebanon Coast
Lights Start to Go Back on Across Lebanon
Lebanese Health Ministry, WHO Begin Effort to Disinfect Ravaged Neighborhoods
A Journey to Southern Lebanon
Lebanese Hope UN Troops Bring Peace – and Business
Beirut Shares Surge Despite Israeli Blockade
12,000 Buildings Hit by Hezbollah Rocket Attacks
Lebanese Television Channel Airs New Pictures of Long-Missing Israeli Pilot
Israeli Interior Minister Hints Arab Municipality Heads 'Fled' North During War
Last Embassy in Jerusalem Announces Move to Tel Aviv
In Israel, a Divisive Struggle Over Targeted Killing
Jesse Jackson Discusses Prisoner Exchange With Hamas Leader
Israel Forges Ahead With Deadly Two-Month Gaza Offensive
Israeli Troops Kill 6 More Civilians in Gaza
Observers Proposed for Israel-Gaza Area
World Food Program Warns of Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation in Gaza
Iran Says It's Not Worried Over Deadline
Nuclear Program a Source of Pride for Iranians
Name Faked for Nuclear-Related Export
Iran's Nuclear Program Is Peaceful, Says Saudi FM
Jordanian Prince Warns Iran Could Spark Arms Race
Head of Banned Iran Daily Acquitted Over Cartoon
Israel Calls on World to Oppose Iranian 'Threat'
Police Warn 64,000 Tehran Women for Slack Dressing
Syria May Help Find Israelis
Former Syrian VP Reiterates Charge That Damascus Killed Hariri
Islamic Revival Led by Women Tests Syria’s Secularism
Kurdish Separatists Claim Deadly Attack on Resorts
Turkey Sharpens Response to Upsurge in Kurd Violence
A Brutal Campaign for Self Rule
Tourists Warned After Turkish Blasts
'We Heard This Explosion ... and Saw Bodies Lying on the Ground'
Britons in Front Line of Separatist War
British Foreign Office Team Sent to Turkey to Aid Britons Injured in Bombings
Long Jail Terms for Kurd Attack
Turkey to Reshape Forces
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Released 700 Terrorist Sympathizers After 'Re-Education'
Rumsfeld Urges Russia on US Nuke Plan
MP: Russian Military 'Could Have Triggered Beslan'
China Supports Serbia in Kosovo Talks
Kosovo: UN Official Condemns Grenade Attack
Calderon Near Win as Mexican Court Backs Vote
DR Congo
Ballot Battle Threatens Congo's Future

War Crime Charge for Congo Rebel

Sudan President Shuns US Envoy
Ethiopia-Kenya Border Clashes Claim 18 Lives, Says Red Cross
Zimbabwe Buys Fighter Jets From China
South Africa May Enrich Uranium
Algeria Amnesty Deadline Expiring

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Selective Prosecution of
War Crimes

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The Police-State Impulse

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Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

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Flying the Unfriendly Skies

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The End of Lebanon?

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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