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True Colors: Nebojsa Malic
Pro-Israel Doubts Over US Policy: Jim Lobe
The Kurds and the KGB: Dr. Kamal Said Qadir
Philippines: A Model for Iraq?: Jon Wiener
Democratic Voters vs. Elites: Justin Logan

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Updated August 31, 2006 - 8:39 PM EDT

Iraq Four-Day Death Toll Climbs to 200

  15 US Soldiers Killed in 4 Days of Iraq Violence
  Attacks Across Iraq Kill 61

Iraqi Minister Cancels Truce With Shi'ite Militia

  2 Marines Admit to Abducting, Killing Iraqi
  Death Penalty Option Dropped in US Iraq Killing

Bush Hails Iraq as 'Decisive Ideological Struggle' as 1000s Protest in Utah

In Pro-Israel Circles, Doubts Grow Over US Policy


Israeli Jets Fly Over Beirut, Eastern Lebanon


UN Sees First Peacekeepers in Lebanon Within Days

  Israeli Raid in Gaza Kills Nine Palestinians

US Would Consider Israeli Request for Military Aid

Italy: Iran Can Have Peaceful Nuclear Program

US Wants Quick Action at UN as Today's Iran Deadline Passes

  Could Carter Defuse Iran Crisis?

Two Killed as Southern Thailand Hit by Wave of Bombs

The Kurds and the KGB
by Dr. Kamal Said Qadir
The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'
by Eric Margolis
The US Occupation of the Philippines: A Model for Iraq?  by Jon Wiener
Rumsfeld's Enemy: It's Us
by William M. Arkin
Bush Will Attack Iran  by Ray Close
Can You Really Not See?  by Amira Hass

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9/11 Commissioner Assails Lack of Progress

Hezbollah Minister Touts Prisoner Swap

Transcript: the Israel Lobby and the US Response to the War in Lebanon [pdf]

Bush to Make Pre-Election Campaign on Iraq

Fascism Is New Buzz Word Among GOP

Who Is Most Opposed to Iraq War? Four Congressional Candidates Make It a Brooklyn Battle

Taking on al-Sadr Carries Risks for Iraqi, US Forces
Attacks Continue
Attacks Across Iraq Kill at Least 77

Firefights Mark Further Splintering in Iraq

General: Iraqi Security Needs 12-18 Months

A New Offensive, an Old Conundrum

Orlando Military Contractor Killed in Iraq Two Days Before Planned Return Home

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 31

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 30

Murdering Iraqis

Marines Charged With Iraqi's Murder Face Pretrial Hearings

Lawyers Cite Concerns in Iraq Murder Case

2 Marines Accused of Murder Gain Support, Leniency

Iraq Today

Iraq Marshes' Recovery 'in Doubt'

Most Kurds Favor Proposed Decentralization for Iraq

Kuwait Worried Over Iraqi Border Attacks

Iraq Occupation

Failing the Test Against Iraqi Militias

South Korea to Pull 650 Troops From Iraq

British Troops Detain Five in Basra Raid

President: Romania to Withdraw Troops From Iraq in 2 Months

'War on Terror'

Turks Protest Bombings

Blast Injures Woman in Southern Turkey

Morocco Terror Suspects Are Pilots' Wives

China Foils Oilfield, Power Plant Bombing Plots


Iran's Atomic Chief to Visit Russia Next Week

China Pursuing Diplomacy With Iran

Iran Releases Dissident After Four Months


Clash Leaves 2 Militants Dead, Wounds 3 in Afghanistan

'Slow Progress' in Afghanistan

NATO Allies Slow to Back British in Afghanistan

UK Defense Official: Public 'Not Told of Real Risk to Troops in Afghanistan'

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Refugee Flow Tops 10,000 Mark

Europe Accuses Sri Lankan Army of Assassinating Aid Workers

Sri Lanka Rejects Charity Worker Massacre Charge as 'Outrageous'

India Not to Give Military Aid to Sri Lanka

Kidnapped Journalist Freed in Sri Lanka


India's Tamils Warn of Extremism as Sri Lanka Blowback

India Sees Progress in Maoist Fight Despite Jump in Toll


Pakistani Militants Allegedly Behead Islamic Cleric, Afghan Refugee

Suspected Rebels Blow Up Train Line in Pakistan

US Ally in Pakistan Isolated After Army Kills Rebel Leader

Pressures Increase on Pakistan's Government


Ugandan Rebel Chief Breaks Silence

Angola, Republic of Congo Sign Military Cooperation Accord

Ethiopia and Kenya Support Somalia Force

UN Closer to Policing Darfur

Sudan President Claims Western Conspiracy

Police Gas Protesters in Khartoum

War at Home

Bolivia's Morales Faces New Setbacks

A Fragile Cease-Fire

Israel Rebuffs UN on Blockade

Israeli PM Hopes for Direct Contact With Lebanon

Lebanon Refuses Contact With Israel

Italian, French PMs to Meet on Lebanon Deployment

Crowd Beats Up Protesters Opposed to Turkish Force in Lebanon

UN Official: Israel's 11th-Hour Shelling of Lebanon 'Shocking, Immoral'

Israeli Troops Withdraw From the Eastern Part of Southern Lebanon

Gulf FMs to Meet on Lebanon

Cluster-Bombing Lebanon

Israel Leaves Behind 100,000 Unexploded Bombs

Cluster Bomb Death Toll Rises in Lebanon

UN Denounces Israeli Cluster Bombs

Pressure for Ban on Cluster Bombs as Israel Is Accused of Targeting Civilians

The Cost of War

Fixing Lebanese Water, Electricity Sectors Will Cost $200 Million

War Cost Lebanon Millions in Lost Crops

Lebanon Donors to Meet in Sweden on Recovery Funds

French Aid for Lebanon Reconstruction Arrives

Suffering in Lebanon

Traveling the Road to Ruin in Lebanon

Lebanese Lose Everything but Their Humor

Lebanese Prove Humor Is the Best Medicine

Lebanese Govt to Compensate War Victims

Fighting May Be Over, but Lebanon's Tourist Industry Still Suffering


Group Targeted by US for Links to Hezbollah 'Has No Assets There'

Shin Bet Chief: Hezbollah's Performance Emboldens Palestinians


Israeli Military Committee: Powers Unknown, Makeup Unclear, and Most Members Abroad

Israeli Ministry: Special Business Loans for Northern Small Businesses for Jews Only

Four Israelis Beat Soldier, Break Through West Bank Checkpoint

Israeli Labor Revolt Amplifies

A Round of Recriminations in Israel


Abbas Calls for End to Rocket Attacks From Gaza

Annan Says Gaza Closure Must End

Islamic Jihad Military Chief Dies

Egypt Condemns Israel's Attacks on Gaza

Abbas to Arrive in Gaza to Discuss Coalition Cabinet


Italy Warns Syria on Arms to Lebanon

Chávez Vows Solidarity With Syria Against US, Israel

Syrian Group Threatens to Kidnap Israeli Troops

Israel Dismisses Golan Negotiations

Russia and Her Neighbors

In Chechen's Humiliation, Questions on Rule of Law

Russia Releases Japanese Fishermen

Hundreds Rally in Chechnya on World Disappeared Day


Japan Eyes Sharp Rise in Missile Defense Budget

Is Kim in China?

Rebel Leader Escapes East Timor Jail

War at Home

American Legion Denounces Antiwar Salt Lake City Mayor

Bush Team Casts Foes as Defeatist


Justin Raimondo
Two Elephants in the Room

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Charles Peņa
Backdoor Draft

Ivan Eland
Selective Prosecution of
War Crimes

David R. Henderson
Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Alan Bock
The Police-State Impulse

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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