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Our Fascism, and Theirs: Justin Raimondo
China's Little Capitalists: Sascha Matuszak
Who's Wrong on Iraq?: Joseph L. Galloway
When Napoleon Won at Waterloo: Uri Avnery
Rummy's WWII Fantasy: Leonard Pitts, Jr.

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Updated September 4, 2006 - 9:14 PM EDT
US Deaths in Iraq, War on Terror Surpass 9/11 Toll
  Terror Case Prosecutions Now at Pre-9/11 Rate
  Poll: Iraq War Will Breed More Terrorism, Say Most Americans
Kurdish Leader Threatens Iraq Secession
  6 US Soldiers, 2 UK Soliders Killed, 40 Tortured Bodies Found in Iraq
  Iraq Wants More Control Over Security From US
  Iraq's Inflation Rate Hits 70 Percent
Israel Rejects UN Chief's Mediation Efforts
  Israeli Minister Rules Out Syria Talks
  Lebanese Officials: Olmert Never Contacted Us About Talks
  Officers: Israeli War Probe Is Tantamount to Whitewash
  Poll: Israelis Believed Nasrallah Over Peretz
  Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'
4 Canadians, 200 'Rebels' Killed in Weekend Afghan Offensive
  Canadian Killed, 5 Wounded by US Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
Annan Wins Iran Vow on Lebanon but Not on Nuclear Issue
'Leave or Face Beheading,' British Group Warns Muslims
Who's Really Morally and Intellectually Challenged?  by Joseph L. Galloway
The Bush Administration and Godwin's Law  by Ken Silverstein
On Terrorism, Bush Maligns History and Our Intelligence  by Rami G. Khouri
When Napoleon Won at Waterloo
by Uri Avnery
A British Harbinger of American Defeat  by Chris Floyd
Bush Trots Out Old Lines for New War  by Matthew Rothschild

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The War on Terror, Five Years On: An Era of Constant Warfare

US Winning Battles Against Terror, but May Be Losing the War
GOP Hopeful Says Rumsfeld Should Resign
No. 2 Al-Qaeda Leader in Iraq Arrested
Marine Battalion Heads to Iraq for Fourth Time
Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report
Asian Arms Race Would Follow a North Korea Nuke Test
Sudan Orders African Troops Out of Darfur
Kurdish Leader Attacks Arab Politicians Over Iraqi Flag, Orders Only Kurdish Flag Flown in Northern Iraq
Today in Iraq
Sunnis Plan Campaign to Call for Saddam's Release
Maliki: Iraqi National Flag Should Be Hoisted Across Iraq
Troops Cut Death, but Not Fear, in Baghdad Zone
US Troops Patrol Restive Iraqi Shi'ite City
Endurance Meets Doubt in Iraq
Orphans in Iraq's Storm
Attacks Continue
4 US Soldiers, 2 Iraqi Police Killed
Iraq Sunni Group Claims Deadly Attacks on Shi'ites
Iraqi Gunmen Kill Sistani Aide
Iraqi AFP Journalist Kidnapped
Mortar Attack Kills Six Near Baghdad
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 4
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 3
The War at Home
City Can't Fine Someone for Antiwar Signs, Court Rules
Democrats Call White House Rhetoric on Iraq 'Outrageous'
Typecasting Muslims as a Race
GOP Congressman Says Support of War Has Not Waned
Santorum Defends President, Iraq War
Bush Protesters Moving Operation to DC
New Fall Films Bring Iraq War Home to US
Antiwar Protests Come to Congressman's Lawn
US 'War on Terror'
US Officials Say American in al-Qaeda Video Not High-Ranked
Feds Ask to Keep Eavesdropping Program
UK 'War on Terror'
Latest Detainees Could Be Charged Under UK's New 'Glorification of Terror' Laws
Abu Hamza's Successor Among Latest London Suspects Arrested
Paper: Raided UK Muslim School Suspected of Being Terror Training Camp for Years
Police Search 17 Homes in London
Police Aim to Disrupt Terrorist Recruitment and Training in UK
North Korea
Activity Spotted at North Korea's Missile Site
Long-Range North Korean Missile Fell After Two Kilometers
North Korea Opens Bank Accounts in Russia to Dodge US Sanctions: Report
British in Afghanistan
Britain Defends Afghan Mission as Criticism Grows
UK Plane Crash in Afghanistan Probed
Britain's Defense Secretary Defends Downed Plane's Safety Record
Nimrod MR2: Spy-Plane and 'Rebroadcasting' Center
The Dead of Kandahar
Afghanistan Suicide Bombings Take Mostly Civilian Toll
'Revenge' Fuels Hunt for bin Laden
No More Excuses, UN Drugs Chief Says After Record Opium Rise
Some Recent Airplane and Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan
NATO Forces Defuse Mines in Car, Bicycle in Southern Afghanistan
Canada: No Plans to Put Troops in Pakistan
Tribal Rebels Bomb Gas Pipeline Amid Protests in Pakistan
Pakistan Condemns Attack on Its Pilgrims in Iraq
Sri Lanka
Phone Lines Up, Aid Sent in During Sri Lanka Lull
Sri Lanka Freezes NGO Funds
Nepal PM to Meet Maoist Chief Within a Week
Govt Unaware of Ukraine Weapons Consignment, Says Nepal FM
Thai Muslim Group Welcomes Army Talks Offer
Australia Assures Indonesia: 'We've No Nuke Plans'
Australian FM to Hold East Timor Talks
Indonesia Seeks to Deepen Cooperation on East Timor
Blind Chinese Activist Appeals 'Unlawful' Sentence
South Ossetia Rebels Down Georgia Helicopter Carrying Defense Minister
Georgia Raps Russia for South Ossetia Copter Shootdown
Russian Police Stop Rally Urging Truth About Beslan
Russia Remembers Deadly School Attack
Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein Leader Adams to Meet Hamas on 'Peace Mission'
Sinn Fein to Keep Attending Legislature
Britain in WWII Revisited
Britain Cracked WWII Spies' Secret 'Dress Code'
UK Army Writer Came Close to Exposing Secrets of D-Day
Iran Tells Annan No Uranium Enrichment Suspension Before Talks
Ahmadinejad Offers Annan Full Support on Lebanon Resolution
Iran MPs Mull Blocking UN Nuclear Inspections
Iran's Khatami Says US Policies Fuel Terrorism
Iran Says Sanctions Threat Is Psychological Game
Iran and Japan Close to Oil Deal
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Italian Marines, Commandos Deploy in Lebanon
Malaysia Intent on Sending Troops to Lebanon: PM
Russia Willing to Send Military Engineers to Lebanon
Turkish PM Calls on Muslim Countries to Send Troops to Lebanon
Prisoner Exchange: Terms of the Deals Are Known
Senior Source: Exchange of Kuntar for Shalit Not Off the Table
Germany: Still Waiting on Request From Lebanon for Peacekeeping Troops
Germany Postpones Cabinet Meeting on Troop Deployment to Lebanon
Qatar Airways to Defy Israeli Blockade on Beirut
Sources: Israel Won't Stop Qatari Flights to Lebanon
Fighting May Be Over, but Lebanon's Tourist Industry Still Suffering
Jackson to Ask Hezbollah for Evidence on Israelis
Report: Hezbollah Establishes Child Army
Lebanon Druze Leader: Only a Palestinian State Will Secure Regional Peace
Israeli Treasury Rejects Most Demands to Increase Defense Budget
Comptroller Calls on AG to Open Criminal Investigation of Olmert
Blair to Visit Israel This Week
Six Commissions to Investigate War in Lebanon
Soldiers to Testify on War in Knesset
Captured Soldier in Gaza
Efforts to Release Captured Israeli Soldier in Gaza Pick Up
Dad Says No Progress on Captive Soldier in Gaza
Israel Could Release 800 Palestinian Prisoners for Soldier
Egypt Confirms Talks on Israeli Soldier
Strike in Palestine
Teacher Strike Tests Hamas-Led Regime
Strong Support Seen for Palestinian Strike Over Wages
Major Strike Stokes Fatah-Hamas Feud
Palestinian Minister Slams 'Conspiracy' to Topple Hamas-Led Cabinet
Report: Palestinians Planning Attacks on Israelis in Sinai
Israel Begins New Attacks on Gaza Strip
Israeli Strike on Gaza Refugee Camp Wounds Five
Two West Bank Militants Detained Over Rocket Plan
PLO Official: Arab League to Discuss New Peace Initiative
Lebanese Media Skeptical of Syrian Pledge
Syria Offers to Rebuild 3 Towns in South Lebanon
Seven Turkish Soldiers Killed by Separatists
Cafe Bomb Blast Kills Two in Turkey
Seven Years on and Turkey Finds Itself at War With the Kurds Again
Global Mideast Fallout
Egypt Says Lebanon Crisis Revealed UN Weakness
Russia Asked to Explain Putting Kuwaiti Charities on Terror List
France, Saudi Agree to Boost Defense Links
Somalia Negotiators Talk With Islamists
Nigerian Oil Delta Seethes as Militants Are Buried
Governor Appeals to Sudan for Release of Jailed Reporter
Eritrea President Holds Talks With Djiboutian DM
Castro Recovering and Giving Orders: Chavez
50 Years Ago Castro Was a 'Wetback,' Admits Havana
Canadian Troops in Haiti Accused of Making Death, Rape Threats

Mexican Leftist Will Never Accept Rival's Win


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China's Little Capitalists

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Invoking the Past

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True Colors

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Selective Prosecution of
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Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

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Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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