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Bush vs. Ahmadinejad: A Mock Debate: Ivan Eland
The War Is Lost: Paul Craig Roberts
The Continuing Misuses of WMD Fear: William Arkin
Bolton: Mission Accomplished?: Gordon Prather
Another Fatal Day in the 'War on Terror': P. Cockburn

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Updated September 5, 2006 - 9:05 PM EDT
Israel Rejects UN Chief's Mediation Efforts
  Hezbollah: No Negotiations as Israel Continues to Violate Cease-Fire
  Israel Said to Fear War Crimes Charges
  Israel Would Use 'Full Force' Against Syria
  Lebanon Seeks to Reassert Sovereignty Over Borders
  Haifa Deputy Mayor Pushed Out for Opposition to War
  Israel, Hamas Deny Reports of Prisoner Swap Breakthrough
Iraqi Parliament to Debate Federal Breakup
  Maliki Insists Kurds Must Fly Iraqi National Flag
  Iraq Govt Mulls New Flag After Kurdish Threats
  8 US Troops Killed in Two Days of Iraq Battles
  US Soldiers Accused of Rape and Murder Face Death Penalty

Missile Fired at McCain's Chopper, Georgian Officials Say

UK Admits Overstretch as Troops Die in Iraq, Afghanistan
Annan Urges Peaceful End to Iran Nuclear Standoff
Another Fatal Day in the 'War on Terror'  by Patrick Cockburn
The Continuing Misuses of WMD Fear  by William M. Arkin
Palestinian Businessmen Wonder Why Israel Wants Them Out  by Amira Hass
The War Is Lost  by Paul Craig Roberts
Bolton: Mission Accomplished?
by Gordon Prather
The F-Bomb a Sign of Desperation
by Michael Tackett

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Canadian Killed, Five Wounded by US Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
Black Day for the British
Kuwait to Fire Back if Attacks Reoccur From Iraq
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Says Arrest Did No Harm
In Kurdistan, Iraq Seems a Million Miles Away
Khatami Arrives in DC as US Weighs Sanctions on Iran
Mexico's Calderón Handed Slender Victory
Pope: Religion Can Never Justify War
Over US Objections, Israel Approves West Bank Homes
After Suspending Pullout Plan, Israel Begins New Settlement Push in West Bank
Today in Iraq
US, Iraq See Handover Agreement by Next Week
Iraq Follows al-Qaeda Arrest With Massive Sweep
US Army Says Dead Soldiers Not Linked to Iraqi Rape
British Foreign Secretary Arrives in Iraq on Unannounced Visit
Grave Found of 18 Kurds 'Buried Alive' During Saddam Rule
US Army Hospitals in Iraq Criticized
Attacks Continue
6 US, 2 UK Troops Killed, 40 Tortured Bodies Found in Iraq
The Beautiful Game Turns Nasty as Sectarian Feud Spreads to Sport
Iraqi Olympic Soccer Player Kidnapped
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,651
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 5
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 4
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkish Foreign Minister Says Flying Kurdish Flag in Northern Iraq 'Dangerous'
Blair Says Britain Must Stay in Iraq, Afghanistan, Despite Deaths
Peace Activists 'Tried to Stop Iraq-Bound Bombers'
Australia to Send More Soldiers to Iraq
High-Level Iraqi Delegation to Head for Tehran
The War at Home
Bush Legacy, US Reputation Tied to Iraq War
9/11 Put Strict Muslims on the Defensive
Dems Call for Changes in Pentagon Leadership
Inquiry Clears SOCom Leader
'War on Terror'
Anti-Terror Police Continue to Search Islamic School
UK Terrorism Plot Trial Unlikely to Start Until 2008
UK Police Get More Time to Quiz Terror Suspects
Transportation Security Chief: Canada Will Always Be at the Mercy of the US on Security Matters
Canada Air Authority Seeks to Screen Behavior
Airline-Security Incidents Seen as Terrorist Fake-Outs
Regional Officials Take on a Simulated Terror Attack on Los Angeles
Japan Can't Confirm North Korea Missile-Tests Report
US Nuclear Negotiator Hill Urges North Korea to Return to Talks
Aid Groups in Dark About North Korean Flood
China Reconsiders Frayed Ties With North Korea
South Korea, Japan Resume Boundary Talks
Britain in Afghanistan
UK Minister Defends Troops' Afghan Mission
Can Britain Stand Its Afghan Casualty Rate?
One British Soldier Killed, Another Injured in Afghan Bomb Attack
Fatal Afghanistan Plane Crash Caused by Onboard Fire: Reports
Afghan Symbol for Change Becomes a Symbol of Failure
15 Taliban Militants, 3 Policemen Killed in South Afghanistan
Suicide Bombing Kills Five in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Voluntary Refugee Returns Down by 60 Percent
UN Envoy Demands Afghan Shake-Up
US Troops Hunting Afghan Militants
Dutch Troops Aid Canadians in Afghanistan
Pakistani Troops Withdraw From Possible bin Laden Hideout Area
Pakistan's Musharraf May Meet Indian PM in Cuba: Official
Balochistan Protesters Condemn Pakistan Government
Six Hurt in Grenade Blast, Rebels Bomb Gas Pipeline in Pakistan
Kashmir Militants Kill Two Indian Soldiers
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Troops Take Key Town
Sri Lanka Battles a Weakened Tamil Tigers
Sri Lanka President Urges Tigers to Talk Peace
Three Civilians Killed, Two Children, Mother Wounded in Jaffna
Sri Lanka Tamil Charity's Assets Frozen
Nepal Govt to Review Secret Israeli Arms Deal
Maoist Threats Affect Tourism Industry in Nepal
Fighting in Philippine South, 14 Dead, 77 Wounded
'Popular' Imelda Marcos Seeks Comeback as Mayor of Manila
Four Soldiers Wanted in Thai PM Assassination Plot
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgian, Russian Relations Strained Anew by Shooting
Chechnya 'Needs New Name'
Tear-Filled Silence Marks Beslan Anniversary
Kosovo Serbs Question Security Buildup
Ukrainian Government 'Illegitimate,' Says Tymoshenko
Son of WWI Deserters' Executioner Decries Pardons
Iran Hails Annan Visit as 'Positive'
Iran to Discuss Nukes With EU Official
Defiant Iran: Sanctions Will Only Better Our Nation
US Too Weak to Wage Another War: Iran FM
Iran's Ex-President Khatami Believes US Attack on Iran Unlikely
Global Economy to Withstand Impact From Iran Nuclear Issue: Forbes
Iran 'Accepts Two-State Answer' in Mideast
Oil Falls to Below $68 as Iran Tension Ebbs
A Fragile Cease-Fire
UN Ranks Begin to Swell in Lebanon
UN General Says Israel's Lebanon Pullout on Track
Lebanon Army Nears Control of Border With Israel: UN
Qatar First Arab State to Pledge Troops to UN Lebanon Force
Jackson Asks Hezbollah for Proof of Life
Conflict Strikes at Beirut Reconstruction and Development
Despite War Damage, Lebanese Hospitals Meet Patients' Needs
Lebanon's Coast Is Drowning in Oil
Israel Blockade on Lebanon Prevents Oil Spill CleanUp
Hezbollah Engineering Helps Rebuild Lebanon
Hezbollah's Unmanned Drones Have Israel and US Worried
Is Hezbollah Cashing in on Viagra and Vice?
Officials Said Fearing Wave of War Crimes Suits Over Lebanon
Israeli Coalition Parties Threaten to Bolt Government Over Budget
Peres: Israel Needs to Change Its Military Tactics
Bank of Israel: Raise Value-Added Tax to Pay for War
Israel's Olmert Could Face Inquiry
Europe Nixes Landing Rights for El Al Planes With IDF Cargo
Israeli Officials Leave for US to Discuss West Bank Pullback
Traumatized by the War, Arab Education System Lacks Psychologists to Help
Palestinian Politics
Hamas on the Brink of Deal to Lead New Coalition in Move to End Funding Crisis
Abbas May Sack Hamas Cabinet This Month, Says Aide
Palestinian PM Denies Deadline for Forming Coalition Govt
Across Palestinian Territories, Support for Hamas Erodes
Palestinian Cabinet Minister Reverses Resignation
Olmert: Israel Must Renew Palestinian Talks
Israel Attacks Gaza Building, Wounds Three in West Bank
Fatah Gunmen's Stray Fire Injures Schoolboy, 12
Adams Risks US Ties in Palestine 'Peace Mission'
Schools Shut in Palestine as Teachers Take to the Streets
Palestinian Strikes Affect Health Care
Olmert: Recent War Was Deterrent to Hostilities With Syria
Syrian Sanctuary for Iraq's Displaced Christians
Syria Frees 75 Syrian Kurds: Human Rights Body
Turks Protest Ahead of Lebanon Deployment Vote
Turkish Author Faces Jail for 'Insulting' Founding Father Ataturk
EU Warns Turkey on Human Rights
Gunman Kills One, Injures Seven in Jordan's Capital
Sudan Unleashes Forces to Crush Rebels
Sudan Will Allow African Troops but Not UN Force
Sudan's Offensive Seen as Effort to Preempt Deployment by UN
Nigerian Troops Head to Sudan's Darfur Region to Join AU
Somali Govt, Islamists Agree to Form Joint Military
Somali 'Govt' Militia Attacks Airport; Six Killed
DR Congo
DR Congo Tense as Election Results Emerge
Election Workers Arrested for Alleged Ballot Cheating in Congo

Measures to Keep Peace in Congo Draw Fire

One Killed, Seven Wounded in Blast in Ethiopia
Uganda Rebels 'Leaving the Bush'
Chávez Gives US Headache on a World Scale
Venezuela's Fight for UN Seat Divides Americas
Colombian Rebels Press Government for Hostage Swap
Sibling Linked to Colombia Militia Leader's Death
Colombian Prosecutor Confirms Warlord's Skeleton Found
Latest Images Show Lively Castro
In Bolivia, New Setbacks to Morales' Lofty Vision
Haiti, UN to Disarm Gang Members
Paraguay Faces Fight Over 2nd Term for President

Justin Raimondo
Our Fascism, and Theirs

Ivan Eland
Bush vs. Ahmadinejad:
A Mock Debate

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Alan Bock
Invoking the Past

Doug Bandow
The Faux Liberal Foreign Policy Debate

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Charles Peńa
Backdoor Draft

David R. Henderson
Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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