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The Korean Imbroglio: Doug Bandow
Reverting to Form: Alan Bock
The Law of Opposites: Rep. Ron Paul
Five Years In, Bush Is Losing Terror War: Jim Lobe
World's View of the US 'War on Terror': N. Solomon

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Updated September 9, 2006 - 9:28 PM EDT
Senate: Saddam Saw al-Qaeda as Threat
  Iraq's Alleged al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War
  Battle Lines Drawn in as Parliament to Debate Splitting Iraq
  Saturday: At Least 13 Killed, 11 Corpses Found in Iraq
  Iraq: Media Dead Zone
  Iraqis, Iranians Trade Accusations of Border Violations
  US General: No Proof Iran Backing Militants in NE Iraq
Syria Rejects EU Border Presence
Five Years In, Bush Is Losing Terror War
  If You've Got a Secret CIA Prison Don't Tell Anyone, US Warns
  Top Military Lawyers Slam Tribunal Plan
  CIA Can Still Get Tough on Detainees
Afghan Attack Worst Since Taliban's Fall
  Canadian Military Officials: Force Will Never Beat Taliban
  NATO Says Troops Kill 50 Insurgents in 24 Hours in Afghanistan
  In Afghanistan, Old Enemy Is Back With a Vengeance
  Karzai Rejects Security Fears
Be Very Afraid: 9/11 and the Overactive Imagination  by Jeff A. Taylor
Bush the Pitiful  by Paul Craig Roberts
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Protracted Conflict – and Defeat  by Michael Vlahos
The Law of Opposites  by Rep. Ron Paul
The World's View of the US 'War on Terror'  by Norman Solomon
Bully Bolton  by Gordon Prather

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Senate Intel Report on Iraq
Bush Plans Prime Time Address on 9/11
Report Details Prewar Errors
Under Pressure, ABC Tinkers With 9/11 Drama
Bolton’s UN Position in Jeopardy
Israel's West Bank Pullout Plans 'Over'
US Expects Iran Sanctions Within Weeks
Bombs Kill 31 in Indian City With History of Religious Violence
US Says Venezuela Must Close Miami Military Office
Iraq Defends Arab TV Channel Ban
Today in Iraq
US Reveals Iraq 'Hostage Affairs' Office
US Finds 'Torture Chambers' in Iraq
Arabiya Ban Spotlights Iraq's Tense Media Relations
Analysts Call New Iraq Military Work in Progress
Slovakia Pulling Out of Iraq Within Six Months
Despite $3.5 Billion Pentagon Effort, IED Attacks Still Rising
Attacks Continue
12 Iraqis, US Soldiers Killed, 14 Tortured Bodies Found in Baghdad
British Soldier Killed on 'Defiance' Patrol in Iraq
Mortar Attack Kills 3 Iraqi Pilgrims
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,666
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 9
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 8
The War at Home
Poll: Some Americans Still Link Hussein to 9/11
Before Speeches, a Bush Strategy to Regain Edge
Analysis: War Focus Holds Political Risk
Armitage Leak Poses More Questions
Hillary Clinton: 'No Regrets' Over Voting for Iraq War
Video: Lifelong Conservative Marine Assails Bush Policies
Ex-Congress Aide Accused in Spy Case Is Free on Bail
Whistleblower Slams Iraq Contractor
US Military
New Army Manual Recalls Abuse
Army Says It Will Hit 2006 Recruit Goal
Guardsmen Say Iraq Uranium Caused Ills
US 'War on Terror'
Did the 9/11 Hijackers Have a US Accomplice?
Experts Heap Criticism on Bush Plan to Try Detainees
Half Ton of Bomb Material Stored a Few Miles from the White House
Romania Repeats Denial of Presence of Secret CIA Detention Centers
UN Rights Chief Calls for End to CIA Detention
Indonesia Wants Access to US Detainee
Red Cross to Visit Guantanamo
Surveillance Bill Stalls in Committee
NYC Still a Terror Target, Police Warn
Global 'War on Terror'
Belgian Police Arrest 11 Military Men, Six Civilians in Far-Right Terror Probe
UN Approves Counter-Terrorism Plan as Envoys Feud
North Korea Vows to 'Smash' Sanctions
South Korea’s PM Says Aid for North Will Continue
North Korea Tested Missiles for Political Purposes, Roh Says
South Korea to Spend More on Military in 2007
US Targets Business Deals With North Korea
South Korea’s Economic Freedom Stalls
Suicide Car Bomb Kills 2 US Soldiers, 14 Others in Kabul
Kabul Blast Adds Urgency to NATO Troop Call
Commander Has Hard Sell on Afghan Troops
List of Major Afghan Suicide Attacks
Mother Flies to Dying Soldier in Afghanistan
NATO Military Chiefs Agree Must Bolster Afghan Force
NATO States Say Will Honor Afghan Troop Pledges
British Troops Increasingly at Risk in Afghanistan
Afghanistan at Tipping Point
Germany to Move Armoured Vehicles to Afghanistan
Canadian Opposition Appears Set to Call for Afghan Withdrawal
Turkish Troops 'Won't Be Sent to Afghanistan'
9/11 Widows Make a Difference in Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda 'Strong' in Tribal Pakistan
Balochistan Bombing Kills Five
India May Resume Talks With Pakistan After Leaders Meet: Official
Separatist Group in Kashmir Says Indian Soldiers Killed Two of It's Supporters
US Air Force Major Found in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Lawmaker's Arrest Sends Shock Waves Despite Early Release
Taiwan: China 'Not Sincere' About Improving Ties
Feds Say Leak Cost US Spy Links to Chinese Arms Sales
Mao Still Looms Large 30 Years After His Death
Central Asian States Create Nuclear-Free Zone
Vacate Our Land or It’s War, Tamil Rebels Warn
Foreign Donors Condemn Maoist Extortion in Nepal
Japan PM Hopeful Wants Stronger Military
Don't Treat Me as Criminal, Pleads East Timorese Rebel
Head of Colombian Army Accuses Own Troops of Bombing
Colombia Backs Military After 'Rebel' Bomb Scandal
'Safer' Colombia Launches Tourism Drive
Strikers Accuse Morales of Grab for Power
US Paid Anti-Cuba Journalists
Lancet Caught Up in Row Over Haiti Murders
Chile Court Strips Pinochet Immunity in Rights Case
Iranian President Applies for US Visa, Wants to Attend UN Meeting
EU: No Sanctions of Iran While Talks Continue
Washington Seeks 'Clarification' From EU's Solana on Iran Talks
Talks on Iran Nuclear Crisis to Resume Monday by Phone: US
Iran's Russia-Built Atomic Plant to Start Up Sept. 2007
Report: Russia to Stop Iran Plant if Inspectors Expelled
US Seeks UN Draft Resolution on Iran Sanctions
Russia and China 'Stay Committed' on Tehran
US Treasury Blacklists Iran's Bank Saderat
A Cleric Steeped in Ways of Power
Former Iran President
Khatami: US Should Stop Threatening, Start Talking
Former Iran President Says Holocaust Is a 'Fact'
Khatami Defends Ahmadinejad, Iran's Nuclear Plans
Khatami: American 'Conceit and Pride' Led to Iraq Mess
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Israeli Troops Capture Civilians in Southern Lebanon
Hezbollah Official: We Won't Free Soldiers Unless Kuntar Released
Israel Will Discuss Disputed Border Area if Hezbollah Disarms
Israel Urges Full Enforcement of Arms Embargo on Hezbollah
UN Leader Picks Up Task Closed to US
German FM Optimistic on UN Mission to Lebanon
Italian Ships Take Over Lebanese Coast Patrols
Danish Lawmakers Back Sending Ships to Monitor Lebanese Ports
Armenians in Lebanon Protest Turkish Force
Israelis Lift Blockade but Port Remains Closed
Villagers in South Lebanon Lose Patience as Winter Approaches
Lebanon Emerges From War More Divided Than Ever
Lebanon PM in Political Battle of Wills With Hezbollah
How Hi-Tech Hezbollah Called the Shots
Hezbollah Ignores New Freeze by US Treasury
Year After Gaza Pullout, Israelis Question Benefit
Israeli Reservist Protesters: We're Being Silenced
Bereaved Father: Son Killed in Unnecessary War
Israel Minister Says Time for Palestinian Talks
Abbas Willing to Meet With Olmert, Sets No Conditions
Hamas-Led Government Will Not Resign: PM
Palestinians Tell Blair: You Are Not Welcome Here
Israel Continues Banning Gazans From Studying in West Bank
Palestinian Anger Turns Toward Hamas
Call for Foreign Monitors in Gaza
Italian FM Hints EU May Recall Gaza-Egypt Border Observers
Palestinians Forced to Scavenge for Food on Rubbish Dumps
UN Warns of Gaza 'Breaking Point'
Israel Stops Cycling Peace Activists From Entering Jenin
Annan: Syria Promises Battalion to Police Border
Bush Intent on Cutting North Korea Ties to Syria
Israeli Lawmakers Travel Illegally to Syria
Russia Says Syria Must Be Involved in Mideast Peace Efforts
Middle East
Three Indicted for Sending US Secrets, Equipment to Yemen
Blair Is Unlikely to Find a Sympathetic Ear in Middle East
DR Congo
Kabila Wins Congo Vote but Lacks Majority
Congo Army Fights Ugandan Rebels
UN Official Wants Congo Rapes Punished
Somali Islamist Delegation in Libya for Talks
Baidoa Warlord Warns Somali Government
US Journalist to Be Freed in Sudan
UN Refugee Chief Warns of More Darfur Violence
Ugandan MPs Back Peace Talks
Nigeria Confirms Assassination of Navy Captain
EU Parliament Resolution Condemns Harare's 'Relentless Oppression'
Mishaps Underscore Russian Navy's Decline
Russia Moves to Destroy Chemical Weapons
Infighting Divides Blair's Labor Party
'Male Warrior' Effect Makes Men More Likely to Support War, British Study Claims
Australia to Spend $300 Million for Air-to-Surface Missiles
Middle East
Liberty and the Warfare State
Countdown to Disaster
Veterans Write About War and Peace
Military Intelligence and You!
In Her Son's Name
An Unbalanced Look at Private Contractors in Iraq

Justin Raimondo

Alan Bock
Reverting to Form

Doug Bandow
The Korean Imbroglio: Disengage and Ignore

Praful Bidwai
War on Terror Leaves
World in Turmoil

Ivan Eland
Bush vs. Ahmadinejad:
A Mock Debate

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Charles Peña
Backdoor Draft

David R. Henderson
Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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