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Rumsfeld's Fake Iraq News Flop: Rampton/Stauber
In Defense of Pope Benedict: Justin Raimondo
The Torturer Tries to Save His Own Hide: Roberts
War Is Horrible, but...: Robert Higgs
Time to Drive Out the Bush Regime: Daniel Ellsberg

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Updated September 18, 2006 - 9:22 PM EDT
US War Prisons a Legal Vacuum for 14,000
  GOP Expresses Confidence on Compromise CIA Bill
  Senate to Investigate Administration Coercion of Military Lawyers
Is War in Iraq a Shield Against Attacks at Home?
  Iraqi Official: US Troops in Iraq 'for Foreseeable Future'
  In Iraq's Desert, Sunni Tribes Battle al-Qaeda for Control
  Monday Iraq Violence Kills 43 as Govt Expresses Optimism
  Iraqi Death Squads Murder 200 in 5 Days
IDF Knew Hezbollah Was About to Nab Troops
  Hezbollah Rejects Bush's Call to Disarm
  French Defense Chief Due in Lebanon as Peacekeepers Hit Snags
  Italian Peacekeepers Hit Snag in Lebanon... No Place to Go
  Israel Says It Handed Over Most of South Lebanon to UN
Israeli FM: Only Few Months to Act Against Iran
  Europeans Try to Grease Wheels for US-Iran Talks
  US Urges Allies to Increase Pressure on Iran
Violence Persists After 'Successful' Afghan Offensive
  4 Canadian Troops Among 19 Killed in 3 Suicide Bombings
  NATO Faces Growing Hurdle in Afghanistan
  Afghan Government Failure Reopens Door to the Taliban
Assassination Try on Somalia Leader; Brother, 3 Others Killed
Time to Drive Out the Bush Regime
by Daniel Ellsberg
The Torturer Tries to Save His Own Hide  by Paul Craig Roberts
Students, Beware Professor Osama
by Rosa Brooks
War Is Horrible, but…  by Robert Higgs
The Cult of Cruelty  by Robert Fisk
The Realists  by Paul Starobin

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Pope Issues Rare Statement of Regret
Pope's Apology Fails to Placate Many Muslims
Somali Islamists: Nun's Death May Be Linked to Pope Anger
Darfur Rallies Urge UN Peacekeepers; Sudan Disagrees
Australian Army Probes Iraq Abuse Videos
Palestinian Officials Allege Torture by Israeli Captors
UN Nuclear Watchdog Ponders International 'Fuel Bank'
US Holds AP Photographer in Iraq 5 Months With No Charges
Iraq Attacks Continue
Sunday Attacks Leave Another 61 Dead
Iraq Oil City Shudders as Bombing Campaign Kills 27
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,682
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 18
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 17
Today in Iraq
Tension Over Iraqi Flag Hits Northern Iraq
Widening Sectarian Rift Taking Its Toll on Sunni-Shi'ite Couples
General Casey Takes Reporter on Baghdad Tour
Iraqi Police Find Large Munitions Cache
Global Iraq Fallout
Anger at Aussie Diggers' Iraq Antics
Arab League Representative to Iraq Resigns
Iraq Seeks Non-Aligned Movement's Help in Ensuring Respect for Sovereignty
Reports: Russia, Iraq to Ink Relief Deal
Bush Challenged on Rights
At Issue: How Suspects Are Treated
GOP Senators Heading Battle With Bush Are Heavy Hitters
Why GOP Trio Is Bucking the White House
Timeline of Wartime Detention Systems
McCain Holds Ground on Terrorist Interrogations
Transcript: Senator Graham Defends Geneva Conventions
Letter From Retired Admirals on Detainee Policy
A Guide to the Terrorism Bills
British Attorney General Warns US on Detainees
Doctors Demand an End to British 'Collusion' Over Guantanamo Bay
The War at Home
Antiwar Activists Line NYC's Fifth Avenue for 67 Blocks in Silent Protest
Antiwar Church Will Decide Soon Whether to Fight IRS Summons
Marine Believed to Have Staged Own Disappearance
'War on Terror'
Five Years After Terror of Anthrax, Case Grows Colder
Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs
Poll: Blair Made Country a Target, Say Britons
Canada Agrees to Settlement Talks With Arar
North Korea
North Korea Detains 1,000 Tourists
North Korea Blames US for the Lack of World Peace
US Report: NATO Faces Five-Year Effort to Pacify Afghanistan With Reluctant European Allies
Canadian FM: Troops Will Remain in Afghanistan 'as Long as It Takes'
UK Troops 'to Spend 10 Years' in Afghanistan
US and Afghan Forces Seek Control of Province
Troops in Afghan District Find Anger at Lax Government
Three Canadians Hurt in Afghan Suicide Attack
Pakistani Killed in Blast Near Canadian Convoy in Afghanistan
US Convoy Attacked Near Kabul; Four Hurt
Little Elation in India, Pakistan Over Peace Moves
India, Pakistan Unite to Tackle Terrorism
US, China Rivalry Spurs Debate in India
Pakistan Arrests 25 Indian Fishermen
Sri Lanka
Death Squads Claim 100 Lives This Month in Sri Lanka: Tigers
Resumption of Sri Lanka War Tests Civilians’ Endurance
Sri Lanka Sinks Tiger Arms Ship Ahead of Peace Talks
Sri Lanka Fighting Ends Lull
Nepal's Rebel Chief Meets PM to Discuss Peace Process
Mistrust Slows Nepal’s Peace Process
Lawmakers Slam US Envoy's Behavior in Nepal
Southern Thai Insurgency Remains Local Affair, for Now
China Competes With West in Aid to Its Neighbors
US Declares Myanmar a Threat to International Security
Bangladesh Police Arrest Hundreds Ahead of Opposition Rally
Pope Inflames Muslims
Reactions Vary as Pope Offers Partial Apology to Muslims
Threats of an Attack on Vatican
Pope Says He's 'Deeply Sorry' for Muslim Outrage
Text of Pope's Sunday Remarks
Mideast Christians in Uneasy Position
Pope's Response Accepted by Some Muslims
Did Pope Realize What the Effect of His Words Would Be?
Iran Seminaries Shut in Protest at Pope Remarks
Iraq Militants Threaten Reprisals Against Vatican
Palestinians Attack More West Bank Churches
Palestinian Group Threatens to Bomb Gaza Churches
Hamas PM Denounces Attacks on West Bank Churches
Bullish Iran Calls for a Fresh Start With Britain
State Dept. Adviser: US Tying Iran Policy to Palestinian Issue
China Asserts Iran's Right to Civilian Nuclear Use
Two Anti-US Nations Heap Praise on Each Other
Officials Say US Demands Force Abbas to Halt Unity Talks
Hamas Dismisses Reports Saying Talks on Coalition Government Were Frozen
Assad, Former Palestinian PM Discuss New Palestinian Government
Ex-Palestinian PM May See Hamas Chief in Syria
Speculation Mounts Over Close Deal on Seized Israeli Soldier
In Year After Gaza Pullout, a Deep Sense of Unease
One Wounded After Gaza Militants Fire Rockets Into Israel
Israeli Police Expand Probe of Israeli Arab MPs' Visit to Syria, Lebanon
Israel Sets Up Beefed-Up Inquiry Into Lebanon War
Israeli FM Admits Mistakes During War
Netanyahu Confident Likud Will Regain Power
Non-Aligned Nations Slam Israel for War, Stockpiling Nukes
After Its War With Israel, Hezbollah Is at Odds With Lebanon's Government
The Fight to Rebuild Lebanon
Nasrallah Calls for Massive Rally to Celebrate 'Victory'
One Month On, Israeli Cluster Bombs Still Maiming Lebanese
Deadly Harvest: The Lebanese Fields Sown With Cluster Bombs
Lebanese PM Calls on People to Abandon Differences
Syrian Border May Be Problem for Lebanon
Israel's Environmental Destruction of Lebanon
Middle East
Yemeni Security Forces Break Up New al-Qaeda Plot
Turkish City Protests Bombing With Silent March
Saudi, Jordanian Kings Rule Out Shi'ite-Sunni Conflict
Sudan NGOs Tell UN: Spend Money on Darfur Aid, Not Troops
As Peace Mission Nears End, War in Sudan Intensifies
Former Rebels Urge Sudan to Accept UN Troops
Ugandan Rebel Leader Arrives in Sudan
Sudan's Bashir to Attend Darfur Meeting
Boy Killed as Somali Islamists Raid Cinema

Business and Islam: Allies Against Anarchy in Somalia

Nigerian Military Plane Crashes, 17 on Board
Center-Right Alliance Wins Power in Sweden
Moldovan Separatists Vote on Independence, Russia
Greece Urges Caution on Kosovo Independence Moves
Mexico's Uncertainty Grows With 'Parallel' Government
As Mexico Vote Dispute Winds Down, Obrador Gears Up
Poll: Ortega Gets 15-Point Edge in Nicaragua
Poll: Chávez Could Get New Term in Venezuela

Justin Raimondo
In Defense of Pope Benedict

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peńa
Remembering 9/11

Ivan Eland
Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Alan Bock
Reverting to Form

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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