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World Politics and Show Biz: Justin Raimondo
A Foreign Policy of Failure: Doug Bandow
Bush Believes in the Bogeyman: Ann Berg
Why We Can't Win: Jon Basil Utley
Blair's Unfinished Business: Steve Vujacic

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Updated September 22, 2006 - 9:04 PM EDT

Iraq Torture 'Worse Than Under Saddam'

  Not Coming Soon: US Troop Cuts in Iraq
  Iraqi Kurds Deny Training From Former Israeli Commandos

Mosques Attacked on Muslim Holy Day, 20 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed

  House OKs Another $70b for Iraq and Afghan War Funds
Pentagon: Able Danger Couldn't Stop 9/11
  Musharraf: US Threatened to Bomb Pakistan After 9/11
Ahmadinejad: Iran Doesn't Need the Bomb

Ahmadinejad: Iran Could Halt Nuclear Enrichment


Pentagon Moves to Second-Stage Planning for Iran Strike Option

Hamas Won't Join Govt if Must Recognize Israel

  Olmert: I'd Attack Lebanon Again

Israeli Youths Urge Soldiers to Resist Conscription


'Al-Qaeda in Palestine' Threatens Truck Bombings

Bush, McCain Reach Agreement on Tribunal Laws

  House Panel Approves Wiretapping Bill

19 Afghan Construction Workers Killed in Ambush of Bus

Tony Blair's Unfinished Business
by Steve Vujacic
Bush Believes in the Bogeyman
by Ann Berg
Torture Provides Bush False Evidence for Monstrous Lies  by Geov Parrish
Why We Can't Win  by Jon Basil Utley
Terrorist Tribunal Tribulations
by Jacob Sullum
The Torture Battle Royal  by Sidney Blumenthal

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US Denies Torture in Iraq Is 'Out of Hand'

US Isolated on Guantánamo

World Military Budget Tops Cold War Record

Italy Boosts Talks on Iran, but Real Test Lies Ahead

Bill Clinton: US Should Talk to Iran

The Armitage Effect

Judge Hands Libby Defense Initial Win

Watch That Box for al-Jazeera, and More

Taliban's Gains Forestall US Troop Reductions in Afghanistan

Bush Closed Secret Jails When CIA Refused to Continue Interrogations
Iraq: Land of Terror
38 Bodies Dumped; 9 Cops, 12 Civilians, 2 US Troops Killed in Iraq

Iraq: Analysts Say Violence Will Continue to Increase

New Terror That Stalks Iraq's Republic of Fear

Iraq Says Abductees Used in Car Bombings

Iraq Today
10 'Terrorists' Executed in Northern Iraq

US, Iraqi Forces Arrest Sadr Aides in Holy City

Iraqis Assume Control of 2nd Province

US Gen.: Iraq Conflict Changing From Insurgency to Internal Power Struggle

US Military: Shi'ite Militias Making $1 Million a Day

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 22

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 21

'War on Terror'

US Needs 'Advice Not Criticism' on Terror Suspects

Bush to Press Afghan, Pakistani Leaders on Terror Issues

EU Wants More Power to Fight Terror

Oslo Synagogue Attackers Also Accused of Embassy Plot

Blair Resists Calls to Allow Phone-Tap Terror Evidence

Cops Link Mumbai Blast to 9/11 Attacks


For Detainees: Less Access to US Courts?

UN Rights Envoys Condemn Bush Plan on Interrogation

Democrats Sit Out Detainee Debate

War at Home

Week of Iraq War Protests Begins

Antiwar Protesters Disrupt Golden Gate Bridge Traffic

IRS Probe of California Church for Antiwar Sermon Could Reverberate in Political Season

States Say Federally Mandated New IDs Could Cost Billions

Iraq Study a Long Way From Over

Congress Passes Military Protection Bill

Deployment Math Tests the Military

A New Face for Islam in North America

Several Suspected Taliban Killed, Detained in Southern Afghanistan

UK Major: Casualties in Afghanistan Higher Than Official Figures

NATO Chief Says More Needed for Afghan Force

British Troops Claim Victory in Six-Day Taliban Battle

UN Official Warns of Possible Afghanistan Collapse

Italian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Road Accident

France Cannot Help in South Afghanistan: Minister

5 Years Later, a More Sophisticated Mission in Afghanistan


Musharraf, Bush to Discuss Taliban

Pakistan: US Places No Restriction on Use of New F-16s

Rights Group Says Abuses Common in Pakistani Kashmir

Schoolboy Killed as Grenade Misses Target in Kashmir


US Donates $15 Million to Nepal's Peace Process

UN Slams Nepal Troops Over Crackdown on Anti-King Protests


US Lawmakers Seek to Punish Firms Operating in Sudan

Outnumbered African Force to Stay on in Darfur

US Moves Toward Setting Up African Military Command


Germany Under Pressure to Seek Arrest of CIA Agents

Hungarian Opposition Rejects Talks on Unrest

Hungarian Leader Defends Comments: 'I Did Not Lie'

United Kingdom

Antiwar Sentiment Could Give Boost to UK Opposition Party

British Defense Ministry Denies Covering Up Casualties


Iran Sees Progress in Nuclear Talks With Europe

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Seeks Nuclear Accord Guarantees

US Cautions Europe on Iran Investment

Poll: Only 10 Percent Worldwide Back Attacking Iran

Iranian President in Spotlight

Ahmadinejad Says Quarrel Is With Zionists, Not Jews

Iran's Leader Challenges UN on Hezbollah


Hezbollah Gears Up for Massive 'Victory' Rally

Lebanon Begins to Clean Ravaged Coast

Lebanon's Lahoud Denounces 'Great Powers' for Siding With Israel

8 German Warships Set Sail for Lebanon

Israel's War at Home

Israeli PM Declares War Victory, Denounces Critics

Olmert Ratings Tumble in Aftermath of Lebanon War

Israeli PM Evasive on Whether Hezbollah Chief Still Target

Israel Troubled That War in Lebanon Drove Its Enemies Closer

Lebanon War Underscores Inequality of Arab Israelis

Mideast Peace?

Hamas Welcomes Quartet Statement as Sign of Progress

Hamas Refuses to Bend on Demand to Recognize Israel

Peres: Olmert Won't Meet Abbas Until Hamas Recognizes Israel

Saudi Arabia Sees 'Significant' Arab Consensus to Revive Peace Process

Israeli Troops Kill Five Palestinians in Gaza

Israel Plans to Expand Three Settlements in West Bank

Shalit's Kidnappers Lower Price for Release

Two Israeli Soldiers Charged With Abusing Civilians at Checkpoint

Israeli Troops Took $1.4 Million in West Bank Raids


Cyprus: Syrian-Bound Ship Can Go, but We're Keeping Radar Systems

Assad: Israel May Attack Syria

Middle East

Mubarak: We Want to Develop Nuclear Energy

Failed Suicide Bomber Sentenced to Death in Jordan

Veteran Yemen President Set for New Term

Arab Nations Seek Condemnation of Israel's Nuclear Activities


Thai Military to Name Civilian as Leader

Thai Troops Search PM's Jet

Thai Generals Tighten Grip With Media Rules

Thai Coup Leaders Ban Political Meetings

4 Aides of Ousted Thai Leader Detained

Britain Welcomes Exiled Thai PM, Not Ambitions

Thaksin Says He'll Take 'Deserved Rest'

Thais Hope Coup Can Calm Muslim Violence

Thai-Singapore Axis Set to Unravel

Bangkok's 24-Hour Party People Live It Up Despite Coup


Rebels Blame Manila for Peace- Talks Deadlock

Aid Official: Philippine Clan Wars a Threat to Region


China, Russia Skip New York Meeting on North Korea

South Korea Develops New Missile

Poll: Chinese Military, Not Economy, Worries Neighbors


Bombings Inflame Tensions in Kosovo

Kosovo's Premier Says Serbs Won't Invade


Justin Raimondo
World Politics and Show Biz

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Iranian Nukes

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peņa
Remembering 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Alan Bock
Reverting to Form

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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