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Osama bin Laden, R.I.P.?: Justin Raimondo
An Unconvincing Case: David R. Henderson
Crisis Is Upon Us: Paul Craig Roberts
US, Syria, and Torture: Amy & David Goodman
The 'New Anti-Semitism' and Nuclear War: J. Cook

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Updated September 25, 2006 - 9:29 PM EDT
White House Admits Iraq War Fuels Extremism
  Report Stirs Debate on Terror Fight
  Intelligence Director Disputes National Intelligence Estimate Findings
  Leaked Intelligence Report Rocks Bush Election Stance
US Looks for Ways to Send More Troops to Iraq
  Army Extends Iraq Duty for 4,000 US Soldiers
  Pact Diffuses Iraq Crisis Over Autonomy
  Iraqi Soldiers Hinder US Efforts
  8 Killed, 14 Corpses Found in Iraq as Monday Marks Start of Ramadan
  The 'Taliban Republic' Where the Militias Rule Unchallenged
The Return of the Taliban
  Blair: Afghan War Tougher Than Expected
  Security Forces Claim 60 More Taliban Killed in Afghanistan Push
  Cloak of Secrecy Hides Abuse in Afghanistan
Israel Shrugs Off Syrian Overtures
  Lebanese Christian Leader Leads Huge Rally, Slams Hezbollah
  Palestinian PM Still Sees Hope of Unity Deal
Musharraf: CIA Paid Pakistan for al-Qaeda Suspects
The 'New Anti-Semitism' and Nuclear War  by Jonathan Cook
They Compromised Away Our Basic Values  St. Petersburg Times
Why Pakistan Gets a Nuclear Pass
by Lakshmi Chaudhry
Crisis Is Upon Us  by Paul Craig Roberts
Darfur: Damned by Pity  by Brendan O'Neill
Yrotciv in Iraq  by Michael Kinsley

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Anthrax Analysis in 2001 Attacks Widens FBI Net
National Guard to Be Called Upon to Help Tired Army
California Dem. Governor Opponent: Guard Out of Iraq
For Bush, War Anguish Expressed Privately
Saddam's Defense Team to Boycott Trial
'Jihad' Car Commercial Upsets US Muslims
War Turns the Tide for Israeli Settlers
Karzai Questions Pakistan Anti-Terror Pact
Pakistan Denies Coup Attempt Rumors While Musharraf Away
Rice Presses Libya for Bomb Compensation
Attacks Spark 'Tougher' Guantanamo Jail
Today in Iraq
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Denies Leader's Arrest
In Iraq, Split Shi'ite-Sunni Start to Ramadan Serves to Reinforce Sectarian Divisions
Unit Makes Do as Army Strives to Plug Gaps
Where Iraqis Live in Virtual Self-Exile
Iraqi Premier Calls for Muslim Unity
As Iraqi Lights Flicker, 'Generator Man' Feels Heat
Attacks Continue
33 Iraqis Dead, 41 Injured, 2 US Marines Killed in Sunday Violence
Iraq Militants Claim Killing of Indians, Pakistanis on 'Special Mission'
Blast Near Iraq Health Ministry Kills 6
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,701
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 25
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 24
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie PM Shrugs Off Leaked US Terror Report

UK Soldiers Passed Over for Promotion for Serving in Iraq

The War at Home
Sen. Frist Rebuts US Iraq-Terror Report Without Reading It
Democrats Seek Momentum From Iraq Report
US Muslims Celebrate Ramadan With Heavy Hearts
McCain Wants Bolton Confirmed Quickly
WWI Soldier Comes Home at Long Last
'War on Terror'
Torture Victim Had No Terror Link, Canada Told US
McCain Names Practices Detainee Bill Would Bar
CIA: Probe Into Renditions
Bill Clinton: I Got Closer to Killing bin Laden
UK Police End Islamic School Search
Guantanamo Inmates Turn to Library Books
Military Wants Deposed Thai Leader to Face Trial
Royalty and Revolution: The Absolute Monarch
Thai Tanks Move Out as Junta Looks to Appoint New Premier
Thai Military Tightens Grip With Ban on All Political Activity
Thais Change Tack on Islamists
China Won't Go Barging in on Thai Coup Crisis
BBC Criticized for Cutting Thai Broadcasts
North Koreans Prod US Over Talks
North Korea Lashes Out at Japanese Sanctions
Despite Gains, North Koreans Disillusioned
Top Chinese Nuke Envoy to Visit South Korea
NATO Details Airstrikes in Afghanistan
Major Who Called RAF 'Useless' Tells of Taliban Attacks
British FM: Troops in Afghanistan 'Not Over-Stretched'
Taliban Shadow Still Haunts After NATO Offensive in Afghanistan
NATO Wants Indian Troops to Operate in Afghanistan
Abolish Islamic Schools That Teach Hatred: Karzai
Bulgaria Assigns Top Priority to Afghanistan Mission
Twelve Killed in Militant-Linked Violence in Kashmir, Western India
India Ends Truce With Northeast Rebels After Violence
Indian PM Plugs for Action With Pakistan to Stem Islamic Militants
Militants Attack Pakistani Military Base
Two Troops Hurt in Wana Rocket Attack
Australian Official: No Uranium for India Without Arms Treaty
New Clashes in an Old Border Feud
US-China 'Strategic Dialogue' No Panacea: Analysts
Army Blocks Muslims Fleeing Sri Lanka Strife
Splinter Rebel Group Says Killed Nepal Legislator
Abkhazia Rebels Ready to Defend Breakaway Enclave
Basque Separatist Group 'Committed to Armed Struggle'
Blair Refuses to Back Brown Openly as Successor
Two Mosques Vandalized in France
Poll: Most Poles Opposed to US Missile Shield
Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?
Skepticism Greets Fresh Claims That bin Laden Has Died
Bin Laden May Feel Lure to Disprove His 'Death'
West, Saudi Arabia Unable to Confirm bin Laden Death
Karzai Says bin Laden Not in Afghanistan
Osama Not Dead, Says French FM
US Sanctions Push to Shadow New Round of Iran Nuclear Talks

Solana, Iran Have Weeks to Agree on Talks: France

Ahmadinejad: Iran Ready to Negotiate 'Everything' if US Changes Approach
Book: Iran Linked to Lockerbie Bomb
A Fragile Cease-Fire
5,000 Israeli Troops Linger in South Lebanon
Lebanese Remain Suspicious of Israeli Troop Presence
UN Force Is Treading Lightly on Lebanese Soil
Israel Poised to Withdraw From Southern Lebanon
Lebanon's Three-Sided Postwar Game: Who Gets Shebaa Farms?
War-Torn Lebanese City Hails Hezbollah Fighters
Lebanon's Nasrallah Emerges as Idol Post War
After the War, Hezbollah Reevaluates
Lebanese Conflict Triggers Wave of Emigration
Lebanon Hopes UN Force Can Boost Tourism
Lebanon: Children Play to Tackle War Trauma
Pets Orphaned by War in Lebanon to Be Airlifted to US for Adoption
Abbas to Give Hamas Last Chance Before Dissolving Palestinian Authority
Abbas: We’ll Demand Barghouti for Shalit
War Saddles Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon With Even More Burdens
West Bank Stone-Throwing Teens Shot
Gazans Have Little Worldly Reason to Celebrate Ramadan
No Lanterns for Ramadan: Gaza Families Destitute
Black Ramadan for Palestinians in Gaza
Palestinian Official Condemns Israel's Settlements Expansion in West Bank
Israeli Official Scolds Olmert on Syria
Netanyahu, Mofaz 'Plotting' Against PM
Jerusalem Tolerance Museum Sparks Fight
Assad: I Want Peace With Israel, but Failed Hopes May Lead to War
Assad: US Policies to Blame for Embassy Attack
Assad Insists Stopping Hezbollah Arms Is Impossible
Yemeni Authorities Make Saleh's Victory Official
Yemen President Says French Hostages to Be Freed in Hours
The Pope
Pope Praises Slain Italian Nun for Pardoning Her Killers in Somalia
EU Chief Calls Criticism of Pope 'Unacceptable'
Despite Pressure, Sudan Resists UN Force
Sudan Says to Impose Travel Ban on US Officials
AU Says Plans to Increase Troop Strength in Darfur
US Senators Call for Immediate Action on Darfur
Somalia's Islamists Seize Seaport
Islamists Poised to Take Somalia's Third City
Outcry From Opposition as Mugabe Seeks to Postpone Election Until 2010
Power of Forgiveness Offers Hope for Peace in War-Torn Uganda
Zambian Hopeful Takes a Swing at China
Kidnappers Release Aid Workers in Ethiopia
'Threats' to Venezuelan Minister Provoke War of Words With US
Venezuela Rejects US Apologies

Justin Raimondo
Osama bin Laden, R.I.P.?

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Iranian Nukes

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peña
Remembering 9/11

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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