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Iraqis Weary of US Presence: Jim Lobe
Opening With an Apology: Robert Bruce Ware
In Iraq, Strife Follows US Around: Glantz/Talib
A Desperate Push: Nebojsa Malic
He Wrote the Book on Torture: James Bovard

Is it security you want? There is no security at the top of the world.
Garet Garrett
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Updated September 28, 2006 - 9:27 PM EDT
US Confidence in Iraq Policies Hits 20%

Senate, House Approve Bush Detainee Plan

  Costs of Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Could Reach $549 Billion This Year

Bush Contends With 2 Reports Refuting Iraq Gains

  Iraq Report Is Due in ’07; Skeptics Want to See It Now
Most Iraqis Now Support Attacks on US Forces

US General Warns Iraq Close to Dissolving Into Civil War


Thursday: 21 Killed, 40 Tortured Bodies Found in Baghdad


Congress Bans Funding for Permanent US Military Bases in Iraq

Iran Seen Borrowing Nuclear Strategy From Israel

US May Hold Off on Iran Sanctions


Iran Denies Secret Enrichment Deal

  Iran-EU Nuclear Talks to Resume in Germany

Despite UN Calls, No Moves to Disarm Hezbollah

  Dispute Over Hezbollah Delays Israeli Withdrawal From Lebanon

Siniora: Israel Endangering Cease-Fire

Afghan Suicide Bombings Soar as Taliban Blame Outsiders

Why Hamas Resists
Recognizing Israel
 by Tony Karon
Anti-Terror Agents Aren't Infallible
by Jacob Sullum
The Genocide Myth –
Ours and Theirs
 by Bradley Burston
Opening With an Apology  by Robert Bruce Ware
He Wrote the Book on Torture
by James Bovard
Rogue State  by Matthew Yglesias

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In Iraq, Strife Follows US Military Wherever It Goes
Poll Shows Iraqis Weary of Violence, US Presence

White House Refuses to Release Full Terror Report

Libby Judge Urged Not to Release Intel Reports

House Roll Call Vote on Detainee Bill

Musharraf: Pakistan Will Eventually Recognize Israel

Bin Laden Is Alive and Hiding in Afghanistan, Insists Musharraf

Iraq Photographer's Detention Cited in DC Debate

Raid in Iraq That Kills Family of 8 Called 'Massacre' by Relatives
Iraq Today

Iraqi Factions Denounce Call for Long-Term US Bases

Iraqi Sunni Tribal Leaders Offer Help to Shi'ite PM

Iraq, China Discuss Reviving Saddam-Era Oil Deals

US Looks to Iraq PM for Lead on Curbing Militias

Iraqi Kurds Raise Secession Threat Over Oil

Military Officials Add to US Criticism of Iraq’s Government

Heralded Iraq Police Academy a 'Disaster'

Polling Iraq
Attacks Continue
80 Killed Across Iraq in Wednesday Attacks

US: Iraq Suicide Attacks Rising During Ramadan

Two US Troops Killed in Action in Iraq

Third Time's No Charm for Iraqi Police Station

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 28

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 27

Occupying Iraq

British Launch Iraq Police Purge

US Seeks Action on Shi'ite Death Squads

UK Military Official Says Secret Deal to Withdraw Troops From Iraq Was Overruled


Another Suicide Blast in Afghanistan as Troops Kill 14 Rebels

UK Forces Claim a Taliban Defeat

Fight in Afghanistan 'Toughest Since Vietnam'

Kabul No Stranger to Insurgency

Afghanistan Casualties Raise New Doubts in Italy

Afghan Vice Squad Tears Down Posters of Bodybuilders

Rumsfeld Confident of Filling NATO Gaps in Afghanistan

Coalition Says Terrorist Cell Leader Captured in East Afghanistan


Musharraf to Canada on Mourning Troops Killed in Afghanistan: Shut Up or Get Out

Musharraf's Book a Runaway Hit in India

Pakistan Press Lukewarm on Musharraf Book

Opponents Say Pakistan President Released State Secrets

Pak-Waziri Peace Deal

US Official Says Taliban Attacks Triple in Eastern Afghanistan Since Pakistan Peace Deal

Karzai Questions Pakistan-Tribal Peace Deal

Waziristan Rebels 'Take Control'


Musharraf Upbeat About Kashmir Solution

Four Die in Kashmir Shootings, 14 Hurt in Grenade Attack

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Says Rebels Exaggerate Humanitarian Crisis

Peace Hopes Rise as Sri Lanka Says Tigers Agree to Talk

Middle East

Secret Meeting Between Israeli-Omani FMs

Jordan Jails Two for Trying to Fight US in Iraq

Saudis Plan to Fence Border With Iraq


Somali Town Fears Return of War

Somali Islamists Disarm Militia After Takeover


Uganda Rebel Moves 'Threaten Truce'

Ethiopia, Eritrea Use UN Assembly to Trade Charges

US Weighs Moves Against Sudan Over UN Force


Plan Colombia: Plenty of Crop Destruction, but Cocaine Still Flows

US Propaganda in Cuba Gets a Poor Reception

Mexico Chides Rice for Political Remarks

7/11 Scraps Citgo Signs in Wake of Chávez Speech


New EU Members Reaffirm Ties With US

Bush Polarizes Aspiring Leaders

US Military Set to Quit Iceland

Georgia Accuses Four Russians of Spying


Deadline on Kosovo Talks Said Dangerous

Bosnian Serb Jailed for War Crimes


Iran Will Not Give Up Atomic Work, Says President

Rice Says Time Is Running Out for Iran to Suspend Enrichment

Text of Rice's Interview With Wall Street Journal on Iran

Olmert Says Israel Will Not Accept a Nuclear Iran

Pakistan Opposed to Use of Force Against Iran

Ahmadinejad's US Visit Plays Well at Home

Iran Launches Production of Rapid-Fire Cannon


Hezbollah Number Two Lashes Out at Siniora's 'Failed' Government

Israeli Cluster Bomb Kills One Child, Wounds Three Near Marjayoun

Israeli Troops Given Permission to Open Fire on Lebanese Stone-Throwers

Belgian Troops Arrive in Lebanon

Amal-Hezbollah Schism Denied

Lebanese Cleric: Bush Has Made Middle East 'Hell'

Israel's War at Home

Israelis on Lebanon Border Worriedly Await Next War

Israeli Arabs Claim Bias in Postwar Aid


Palestinian Deputy PM Ordered Released

Barghouti Believes He Will Be Released in Prisoner Exchange Deal

Jewish Settler Jailed for Life for Killing Palestinians

UN Agency Pleads for End to Gaza, West Bank Blockades

Poll: Palestinians Want Talks, Two-State Solution

Israeli Police Accused of Ignoring Palestinian Complaints


Relentless Raids Leave Gaza Reeling

Israeli Says Egypt Turning Blind Eye at Gaza Border

Israeli Officials Call for Tougher Action Against Gaza

Conflicted Gazans Send Mixed Messages

Gaza Strip to Remain Without Full Electrical Power for a Year


Israeli PM Again Rejects Syria Peace Overtures

FM: Syria Cooperating to Prove Innocence in Hariri Murder

Peres: Assad Sr. Missed Chance on Golan

'War on Terror'

At Dinner Table With Karzai and Musharraf, Bush Plays Role of Mediator

False Rumors Mark Hunt for bin Laden

Iraq Is Shaping Terrorist Leaders

Iraq, Terrorism Inject Heat Into US Electoral Campaign

Australian Official Plays Down Iraq Intelligence Report

Iraq and Jihad: A Consensus Surfaces

Howard Confident Gitmo Aussie Will Eventually Get a Trial

Attorneys for Guantánamo Detainees Could Be Detained as Enemy Combatants Under New Legislation

The War at Home

Iraq in a Civil War for 59% of Americans

Congressman Wants FBI Anthrax Briefing

Censored Affidavit Issued in National Security Case

Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Senate Office Building

Judge Rejects Ashcroft's Immunity Claim

A Dishonest Debate on the Iraq War

Army Brings Charges Against AWOL Oregon Woman

AWOL Soldier to Turn Himself in to Military in Calif.


Running Outside the Party in China - Into Resistance

China Warns Taiwan Against Changing Constitution


North Korea: US Torpedoing Nuclear Talks

Thai Candidate Says Coup Was Necessary

Philippines Rejects Rebel Demand for Autonomy

Mystery Leaves US Troops in Kyrgyzstan Confined to Base


Justin Raimondo
Bizarro Conservatism

Nebojsa Malic
A Desperate Push

Charles Peña
Know Thine Enemy

Ivan Eland
Negroponte Tries to Cloud Terror Report

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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