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Fade to Black: Justin Raimondo
Normalizing Relations With Japan: Doug Bandow
Iraq at the Gates of Hell: Tom Engelhardt
Missing From the NIE: Afghanistan: Paul Sperry
Uneasy Partners: Pakistan and the US: Ehsan Ahrari

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Updated September 29, 2006 - 9:07 PM EDT
Congress Gives Bush Broad New Powers
  Gonzales Tells Judges: Don't Second-Guess the President

Many Rights in US Legal System Taken Away in New Bill


House Approves Warrantless Wiretap Law

Commander: US Exit Needed to Beat Insurgents
  Total Curfew Declared in Baghdad Until Sunday
  US: Iraq Govt Impeding Efforts Against Militias

Iraq al-Qaeda Calls for Biological Warfare Against US Troops

  Friday: 15 Dead, Including Brother-in-Law of New Saddam Judge

Iraq al-Qaeda Seeks Western Hostages to Free Egyptian Cleric

House Approves Iran Sanctions Bill
  Poll: Americans Favor Diplomacy on Iran

Iran-EU Nuclear Talks 'Made Progress'

Uneasy Partners: Pakistan and the United States  by Ehsan Ahrari
Decimating the Constitution With Military Tribunals  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Rare Sight: A Party Leader's Penitent Change of Course  by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Missing From the NIE: Afghanistan
by Paul Sperry
This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like  by David Corn
The Sanctuary Delusion  by William S. Lind

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Pentagon: Iran Funnels Millions in Weapons Into Iraq

Bob Woodward: Iraq Worse Than Bush Lets On

Report: Troops Left Contractor Under Fire

Audit of Iraq Contractor Finds 13 of 14 Projects Shoddy

Israel Rights Group Publishes Six-Year Death Toll

Toronto Mayor: US Machine Gunners in Great Lakes Violate War of 1812 Treaty

Rumsfeld, NATO Defense Ministers to Meet

Iraq al-Qaeda Leader Says Over 4,000 Foreign Fighters Killed in Iraq Since 2003
Iraq Attacks Continue
Thursday: 21 Killed, 40 Tortured Bodies Found in Baghdad

Quarter Million Iraqis Flee Sectarian Violence

Attacks Cost Iraq Oil Exports $16 Billion

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 28

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 29

Iraq Today

Violence Returns to 'Secure' Baghdad Neighborhoods

Sadr Said to Lose Reins of Parts of Iraqi Militia

Killings by Shi'ite Militias Detailed

Iraq Convicts 22 Suspected Insurgents

US Military to Investigate Deadly Airstrike on Home

Alternative Medicine Is Booming in Iraq

At Checkpoints in Baghdad, Disguise Is a Lifesaving Ritual

Foreign Service Officer Finds Progress Elusive in Iraqi Province


Iraq Says Turkey Cannot Enter, Interfere With Sovereignty

Iraq's Kurds Threaten Secession Over Oil Rights

Iraq Kurd PM Slams Government Attempts to 'Sabotage' Oil Deals

Kurdish Rebel Leader Calls for Cease-Fire

Global Iraq Fallout

Iraq Policy Has Led to Blair's Downfall, Says Top British UN Official

US Judge Backs Halliburton on Iraq Overtime Claim

Iraq War Threatens the Gulf Region, Report Says


Canadian PM Seeks to Defend Losses in Afghanistan

US Envoy: Europe Must Not 'Turn Coward' in Afghanistan

Afghan Envoy: Pakistan to Boost Security Cooperation

German Lawmakers Extend Afghanistan Mission


Leaked 'MI6-Linked' Document: Pakistan Intel Agency Backing al-Qaeda

Angry Musharraf to Raise Collusion Claims With Blair

Waziristan Militants Kill Afghan 'US Spy'

Pakistan Accused of Hundreds of Abductions for US Terror War

Sri Lanka

Truce Monitors: 200 Killed in Sri Lanka

Monitors: Sri Lanka Military, Rebels Violate Truce

Norway Steps Up Sri Lanka Peace Bid

South Asia

India Rebel Group's Envoys Pull Out of Peace Process

Nepal Maoists Demand Referendum on Monarchy, Talks Uncertain


US Tells Sudan: Cooperate or Expect Confrontation

Ivory Coast Peace Moves Put African Leaders at Odds

Three Arrested in Somali Assassination Try

Huge Crowds Flock to Polls in Zambia


Uganda Rebels Boycott Peace Talks Until Army Moves

Uganda: Troops Set for Somalia

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Wants Some of US Uranium Market

Kazakh Leader's US Visit to Require Diplomatic Finesse

Belarus to Strengthen Spy Agency

Moscow Recalls Georgia Envoy as 'Spies' Held

In Other News

Chávez's Anti-US Campaign

Reid Strays From His Brief to Launch Thinly Veiled Bid for Labor Leadership


Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Halt Uranium Enrichment

US to Wait 'a Few Weeks' on Iran Move

US Says Iran Buys Iraq Militia With Arms, Cash


US Says Hezbollah Still Strong After War With Israel

Report: Hezbollah Back at Israeli Border

UN, Israeli Tanks in Brief Face-Off in South Lebanon

Israel Does Not Expect Another Fight With Hezbollah Soon

Hezbollah, With $100 Bills, Struggles to Repair Lebanon Damage

South Korea May Send Troops to Lebanon

UN Shifts From Aid Work to Rebuilding in Lebanon


Hamas Ministers May Step Down to Secure Power Deal

Israel Sees 'Different Momentum' in Postwar Arab Relations

Abbas in Qatar for Possible Talks on Gilad Shalit Release

Rice to Visit Mideast to Push Arab-Israeli Peace Process

UN Human Rights Chief to Go to Israel, Palestine

Evangelicals Offer Christian Soldiers to Israel

Unpaid Policemen Close Roads in Gaza, Burn Tires

Peres: 'Settlements Can't Be Evacuated'


Syria Shrugs Off US Sanctions Threat

Olmert: Talks With Syria 'Illogical'

'War on Terror'

Failure to Catch bin Laden Haunts US Presidents

Congress Terror Legislation at a Glance

Head of Mounties Apologizes to Canadian Sent to Syria for Torture

Kurd in NY Trial Denies Links to Terrorism

Terror Laws Cut Resettlement of Refugees

Republicans Reject Amendment to Allow Suspects to Challenge Imprisonment

Bag on Federal Court Lawn Leads to Evacuation

Bearded Spanish Prof. Forced Off Plane

The War at Home

GOP Blocks Defense, Homeland Bills

Rumsfeld Comments on Intelligence Report

Bush Slams 'Cut and Run' Democratic Party

Senate Shies Away From Vote on Bolton

Withdrawal Senator: Don't Worry, I'm Not Antiwar

Congressmen Say Iraq War Weakens Military Response to Other Crises

7 Arrested in Protest of Iraq War at Congressman's Office

US War Deserter Critical of Canada as He Heads Home

Ellsberg Named for 'Alternative Nobel Peace Prize'

US Suspends Military Aid to Thailand

Thailand's Military Rulers Decide on PM

Thai Rulers Coy About Choice of Leader

Thai Military to Loom Large Over Civilian Govt

Thailand Coup Raises Hope for a Deal With Muslim Insurgents


South Korea Develops Military Combat Robots

US Warns Against North Korea Nuclear Test

S. Korean Contender for UN Post Has an Edge


Japan Says Abe, South Korea's Roh Agree to Meet Soon

Beijing Secretly Fires Lasers to Disable US Spy Satellites


Justin Raimondo
The 'Color' Revolutions:
Fade to Black

Doug Bandow
Normalizing Relations
With Japan

Nebojsa Malic
A Desperate Push

Charles Peńa
Know Thine Enemy

Ivan Eland
Negroponte Tries to Cloud Terror Report

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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