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Mideast 'Strategic Consensus' Redux?: Jim Lobe

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Updated October 5, 2006 - 9:19 PM EDT
US: Baghdad Bombings Hit New High

4 More GIs Killed, 24 Since Saturday


Thursday: 68 Killed, 58 Wounded Across Iraq

  Iraq Suspends Entire Baghdad Police Brigade for Links to Death Squads
  Congress to End Iraqi Monitor, Source of Criticism of Bush Policies
Iran: Sanctions Won't Derail Enrichment

Negotiator Says No Progress With Iran

  Iran Seeks to Allay Nuclear Fears Through Tourism
Nations Confront North Korea Over Nuke Test
  US: 'We're Not Going to Live With a Nuclear North Korea'
  Chinese Analyst: 'Too Late' to Stop North Korea's Bomb
  North Korea Calls for US Troop Pullout

Court: Eavesdropping Program Can Continue

Palestinian Rivals 'on Brink of Civil War'
  Middle Eastern 'Strategic Consensus' Redux?
  Russian FM: Israeli Soldiers Held in Lebanon Are Alive
Bombing Pakistan Back to the Stone Age  by Eric Margolis
A Libby Pardon for Christmas?
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Rice More Sordid Than Foley
by Robert Scheer
October Surprise?  by Thomas Gale Moore
Fire the Bums!  by Christopher Deliso
Torture: Business as Usual  by Geov Parrish

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Iraq Violence Leading to Academic Brain Drain

Congress to Blow $20 Million in Taxpayer Money on War 'Victory' Party

'Just a Comma' Becomes Part of Iraq Debate

Scholars Land Book Deal for Attack on 'Israel Lobby'

NATO General Doesn't Dispute Iraq 'Debacle' Claim

Former Iraqi PM Denies Reports of Coup Attempt

More Dissension in the Ranks
Condi Rice Tries to Look Busy
Iraq Today
Wednesday: 68 Killed, 202 Injured Across Iraq

Iraqi Police Unit Linked to Militias

Iraqi Tribal Leaders Sign Pact to End Violence

Saddam Verdict Expected to Divide Iraq

Report: Death Squads in Iraq Hospitals

Iraq's Christians at Risk of Annihilation

Baghdad's Last Rabbi to Leave Iraq

Marines Battle Rumor Mill in Iraq

Fencing-in Iraq

Iraq Attacks Continue

US Fatalities in Iraq Rise Amid Crackdown

Iraqi Minister Survives Triple Bomb Blast

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 5

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 4

Global Iraq Fallout

Australian PM Says Had to Plead With Bush for Iraq Intelligence

US Books Put Iraq War in the Crosshairs

Poll: Iraq War Like Vietnam for 52 Percent of Americans

Two Marines Plead Not Guilty to Iraq Murder Charge

Truck Drivers at Odds Over Facts in Halliburton Convoy Ambush

Iraqi in Tears Recalling Abuse by UK Soldiers


Canada's Toll in Afghanistan Climbs

UK Bombings in Afghanistan Released for PR Purposes

Afghanistan Arrests 17 Would-Be Bombers

South Asia

Indian Forces in Standoff With Militants in Srinagar

Three Killed, 12 Hurt in Militant Attack in Kashmir

Nepal Puts Off Signing of Extradition Treaty With India

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Peace Bid Hits Snags Over Venue

Sri Lankan Air Force Pounds Rebel Positions


Russia Raids Georgian Businesses as Revenge for 'Spy' Arrests

Russian Officials Pledge More Sanctions to Cut Off Cash to Georgia

Putin Warns Georgia: No Country Can Get Away With Threatening Russia

Russia Pursues Sweeping Checks on Georgian Expats

Could the Standoff Between Russia and Georgia Lead to Military Conflict?

Chechen Strongman Kadyrov Comes of Age

Russia Objects to NATO Expansion


South Korea: No Signs of Imminent North Korea Nuclear Test

Key Neighbors Try to Dissuade North Korea

Philippines Official Slams North Korea Over Nukes

Korea Crisis Is Not All Bad News for Japan's New Leader

How Serious Is North Korea's Nuclear Threat?

What if North Korea Tests a Nuclear Bomb?

Middle East

Saudi Envoy Criticizes US for 'Rhetoric, Bombast'

Bahraini Shi'ites Demand Investigation of 'Sunni Plot'

US Raises Jordan Aid to Over $500 Million in 2006


Liberia's Elites Leave American Comforts for War-Torn Home

Lesotho Unfurls 'Peaceful' Flag


Ugandan Army Hunts Down Rebels It Says Are Violating Truce

In War-Torn Northern Uganda, Warrants for Rebels Seen as Threat to Peace


Paraguay: US Troops Won't Have Immunity From War Crimes


US Gives Iran Until the End of the Week to Suspend Enrichment

Iran's Proposal to End Nuclear Standoff Is Rejected by the West

Iran: US Support for Israel Threatening Peace

EU's Solana Signals Growing Impatience With Tehran


Lebanese Army Stops Hezbollah Protesters at Border

Lebanon Asks Its Diaspora for Aid

Officer: Israeli Troops Will Be Allowed to Fire Across the Border Into Lebanon

Saudi Doctors Battle for Hearts and Minds in Lebanon

Cleanup to Start at Old Sites in Lebanon

Arab, Muslim States Blast UN Envoys' Lebanon Report

Israel's War at Home
Ex-Mossad Chief Says Hezbollah Lost War

Lebanese War a Failure, Says Israeli Army Chief

Israeli General Urges Army Chief to Quit His Post Over 'Failure' of War

Settlements Grow

After War in Lebanon, Israeli Settlements Growing Again

Israel: Illegal West Bank Outposts Will Be Removed


Abbas Insists on Honoring Deals With Israel

US Urging Bigger Force for Abbas

Abbas Hints at Dissolving Hamas-Led Government

Israeli Air Strike Kills Two in Gaza

'Al-Qaeda in Palestine' Posts Web Video

Mideast Peace

Kadima Minister: Israel Should Accept Saudi Peace Plan

100 Former World Leaders Appeal for Revival of Arab-Israeli Peace Effort

'War on Terror'

Al-Qaeda's Far-Reaching New Partner

Australian Poll: Iraq Not Reducing Terror Threat

Terrorism Strikes at the Hearts of Britain's Young Poets

Australia Offers 'Terror Training' for Burmese Military Officials

Gitmo Inmate Abused by German Soldiers?

Waterboarding Historically Controversial

The War at Home

Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill

GOP Lawmaker Calls for Rumsfeld to Quit

Democrats Use Strategy of Ambiguity on Iraq

Poll Shows Many Vets Complain of Substandard Equipment


NATO Seizes Kosovo Mines, Explosives

Serbia Election May Delay Kosovo Proposal

Kosovo Says Serb Polls Must Not Delay Independence


Greek Navy Gets New Fast-Strike Craft to Keep Aegean Balance

French Police Union Warns of Ongoing Domestic 'Intifada'

EU Considers Visa Snub Against US

Where WWII Bombs Once Laid Waste, a Dresden Gem Shines Again

Germany's Foreign Policy Wears a Uniform

Newly Reelected Premier of Montenegro to Resign


US Suspends F-16 Sale to Taiwan

First Patriot Missiles Arrive in Okinawa

Poll: Indonesians Say US Playing World Police

Thaksin's Long Shadow Over Thai Politics


Justin Raimondo
Condi's Conundrum

Nebojsa Malic
Back to the Beginning

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Hits Doldrums

Ivan Eland
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice

Alan Bock
Much Ado Over Not Much

Doug Bandow
Normalizing Relations
With Japan

Charles Peņa
Know Thine Enemy

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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