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The Struggle for Palestine's Soul: Jonathan Cook
Bush's DPRK Follies: Gordon Prather
Coup in Iraq?: Robert Dreyfuss
Denial of the Obvious: Alan Bock
Bush's Terrorism Hypocrisy: Jim Lobe

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Updated October 8, 2006 - 9:11 PM EDT
US Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply
  Bloody Saturday: 147 Iraqis, GI Killed
  Sunday: 77 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed, Including 30 Militia Killed by US Forces
  Deaths Across Iraq Show a Nation of Many Wars, With US in the Middle
Baker: Bush Strategy Not Only Iraq Option
  US 'Iraq Study Group' Mulls Splitting Iraq in Three
  US Puts Maliki on the Clock in Iraq
  Rumsfeld to Let Army Seek Larger Budget
N. Korea Says It May Drop Test if US Holds Talks
  Shots Fired on Korean Border as Tensions Rise
Syria Preparing for Possible Israeli Attack
  Palestinians Teeter on Edge of Civil War
  Rice's Tour of Mideast Yields Little Progress
The Struggle for Palestine's Soul
by Jonathan Cook
The Cost of War: Hidden From Purview  by Gordon Adams
Meet the 'Whack Iran' Lobby
by Daniel Schulman
Bush's DPRK Follies  by Gordon Prather
I Ain't Paying for That!  by Tom Chartier
American Show Trials  St. Petersburg Times

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Iraq's Tigris River Yields Hundreds of Corpses
US Influence on Iraq Is Limited
Iran's Ahmad Chalabi?
Bomb Kills 14 in Iraqi City That Bush Had Lauded as Safe
Iraq's Militias Target Women
NATO Commander to Confront Musharraf on Taliban
Castro Is Reported to Have Cancer
Journalist, an Outspoken Critic of Putin, Shot Dead in Moscow
Marine: Gitmo Guards Bragged of Beatings
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Detain Scores in Oil City Crackdown
Soldiers Question When Iraqis Will Take the Lead
Kirkuk Curfew Implemented
Iraq Religious Leaders Move to Ban Inter-Sect Fighting
Amid a Kidnapping, Silence
Iraq Youths See Frozen Futures
Attacks Continue
Bomber Attacks 'Model' Iraqi City
Baghdad Police Find 35 Corpses
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,739
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 8
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 7
British War in Iraq
Mission Failure Casts Doubt on Entire British Presence in Iraq
Britain Tried to Curb US on Iraq: Ex-Minister
Blair Promises Extra Cash for Frontline Troops
UK Army Rejects War Zone 'Danger Money'
British Scientists Link Wounded Troops Returning From Iraq to Superbug Outbreak
The War at Home
Protesters Hit US Streets to Slam the War in Iraq
Cheney Back Delivering the Grim Campaign Speech
Bush, Father Share Stage Despite War-Strain Report
United 93 Used to Support War
US Military
US Military Hopes Cardboard Army of Flat Daddies Will Bring Relief to Military Families
Iraq Deserter Freed From Prison
Detaining Justice
CIA 'Used German Base' to Hold 9/11 Suspect
US Claims Guantanamo 'Saved Lives'
At Guantanamo: Hard Time and a View of What Could Have Been
'War on Terror'
Report: Thousands Wrongly on Terror List
Canadian PM Tells Bush to 'Come Clean' on Arar
90 Terror Suspects in London Jails
July 7 Bombers May Have Planned to Kill Cricket Teams
Georgian-Russian Tensions
Moscow Police Detain Georgian Activists
Armenia Fears Russia Blockade of Georgia
Basque Group ETA, Spain Holding Talks in Norway
Thousands in Rival Rallies Over Polish Crisis
Exit Poll Shows Latvian Govt Set for Reelection
Belfast Protestant Head May Be Mellowing
Spain's Dilemma: To Toast Franco or Banish His Ghost?
Killing of Three Journalists in Afghanistan, Russia Resonate at Unveiling of Memorial
Americans Keep Dying
Soldiers' Families Grieve Loss of Sons (IL)
Fallen Houston (TX) Marine Stood Up for US
Widow Says Marine (MA) Didn't Want Her Tears
Russellville (MO) Contractor Working in Iraq Dies
Fallen Marine (MI) Was New Father
Prayers Failed Gentleman GI (FL)
Soldier (IN) Was Looking Forward to Starting a Family

Queens (NY) Servicewoman Killed in Kuwait

Edgewood (TX) Gives Its Best for Nation
Marine (GA) Killed in Iraq Returned Home
Army Gave Him His Dreams – but Combat in Afghanistan Took His Life (FL)
Marshalltown (IA) National Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq
'It's Just Hard to Know He's Gone' (IA)
Navy Seal (CA) Dies in Combat in Iraq
Military Funeral Planned for Indiana Marine
Army Soldier From Federated States of Micronesia Killed in Iraq
Delhi (OH) Soldier Killed in Iraq Humvee Crash
Winter Park (FL) Soldier Killed North of Baghdad
Brooklyn (NY) Family Mourns Loss of Son Killed in Iraq
A Fallen Soldier (OR) Is Mourned
Former Police Officer (WA) Working as Contractor, Killed in Iraq

9/11 Inspired Man (CA) to Serve His Country

Hanover (NJ) Marine Described as the 'Ultimate Team Player'

Comrades Remember Soldier (SC) as Team Motivator

Highland (NY) Soldier Killed in Iraq

Family, Friends, Teachers Gather to Recall 'Passionate' Leader (OR) Killed Serving in Iraq
Weekend Reviews
The Fatherland Protection Racket
Working as a 'Hired Gun' in Iraq
No Writing on the Wall
Acclaimed Documentary Shows Iraq Through Soldiers Eyes
Sanctions Threat Against Iran Back on Front Burner
Iran 'Using British Banks to Channel Money to Terrorists'
Kissinger Urges Resumption of Iran Nuke Talks
Iran Minister Wants OPEC Oil Basket Back at $60
US Secretly Woos Khatami
Lebanon's Speaker Says UN Should Stick to Mandate
Inside Hezbollah, Big Miscalculations
Lebanese PM Appeals to the UN to Stop Israeli Violations
Hezbollah Gets Medium-Range Missiles, German Magazine Claims
Hezbollah Ally Seeks Saudi Help in Calming Lebanon Tensions
Palestinian Refugee Shot Dead in South Lebanon
Palestinian PM Urges Abbas to Resume Unity Talks
Haniyya Rejects Abbas Threat to Dissolve Government
Meeting of Senior Abbas and Olmert Aides Bears No Results
Shot Wounds Palestinian Photographer
Soirees of Violence in the Gaza Strip
West Bank Weddings Losing Some of Their Bling
Syrian Sunnis Joining Shi'ites
EU Body Seeks Closer Ties With Syria
Syria Signs Two Exporation and Exploitation Contracts With Shell
Middle East
Jordan Denies Hosting Secret Saudi-Israel Talks
Rice Wraps Up Snag-Filled Trip to Middle East and London
One Man Leads Often Dangerous Quest to Quell Violence in Yemen
Kuwait Gets More War Compensations From Iraq
Tensions Mount Over North Korean Threat
Shots Fired Along Korean Border
US Spy Plane, Tanker Leave Kadena Ahead of Possible Pyongyang Test
Afghan Taliban Revival
Taliban Back, Using Iraq-Style Violence
Taliban Leader 'Alive in Afghanistan'
Afghanistan Occupation
Blair Admits Afghanistan Mission Is 'Very Tough'
British Troops Demand More Helicopters to Ease Pressure in Afghanistan
Rumsfeld Admits Progress in Afghanistan Not All Encouraging
Four Probes Study Friendly Fire Attack in Afghanistan
Canadian General: Troops Who Get Shot Will Still Get Combat Pay
Five Years In, Fear of Failure in Afghanistan
Britain's Prince Harry Banned From Fighting in Afghanistan: Report
Afghan Attacks Continue
Skirmishes, Violence Claim 15 Lives in Afghanistan
40th Canadian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Two German Journalists Are Killed in Quiet Afghan Area
Britain Says Pakistan Is Hiding Taliban Chief
17 Killed in Pakistan Sectarian Battle for a Shrine
Pakistan Arrests 40 Taliban Suspects
Abizaid Lauds Pakistan in Terror Fight
Quake Didn't Destroy Militant Networks
India to Purchase Israeli-Made Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems
China's Hu Seen to Further Consolidate Power
Chinese Elite Watching Leader Closely
At Least 54 Combatants Killed in Heavy Fighting in Sri Lanka
Thailand's Post-Coup Cabinet List Submitted to King for Endorsement
Indonesians Protest Acquittal of Pilot in Rights Advocate’s Murder
Darfur Campaign Cuts Sudan Money
Freed Reporter Details His Sudan Ordeal
Somali Islamists: An African Taliban?
Somali Militiamen Arrest 100 Protesters
US Gives Kenya Six Boats to Patrol Coastline
UN, Congo Troops Battle Militia Fighters in Eastern Congo
Madagascar Airport Closed to Stop Politician's Return Before Deadline to Run for President
Mexico: Plan for Fence 'Deplorable'
Death Squad Fears Again Haunt Argentina

Castro Foe With CIA Ties Puts US in an Awkward Spot


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Denial of the Obvious

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Readings in the Age of Empire

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal Hits Doldrums

Ivan Eland
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice

Charles Peña
Know Thine Enemy

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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