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Election 2006: A War Referendum: Justin Raimondo
Good News From Gaza: Ran HaCohen
The Second Children's Crusade: Jon Basil Utley
9 Paradoxes of a Lost War: Schwartz/Engelhardt
Nuclear Strike on Iran Still on Agenda: Jorge Hirsch

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Updated October 16, 2006 - 9:15 PM EDT
Iraq Cancels Peace Talks Amid Killings
  160 Iraqis Killed Monday; 14 GIs Die in 3 Days
  Bush Tells Iraq PM: Ignore Deadline Talk
  73% of Americans Say Iraqis Should Take Over
  Iraqi Insurgent Group Invites Negotiation With US
US Detects Plans for 2nd North Korea Nuke Test
  US Confirms North Korea Blast Was Nuclear
  Enforcing North Korea Sanctions Looks Tough
  China May Back North Korea Coup
  A Call for Help From North Korea?
  Poll: Americans Reject War With North Korea
Olmert Scoffs at Prospect of Talks With Assad
  Syrian Army Defensive, Israeli General Says
  Israel Threatens to Step Up Deadly Gaza Offensive
Marines Issue Gag Order in Detainee Abuse Case
Attack on Sri Lanka Military Convoy Kills 103, Wounds 150
Nine Paradoxes of a Lost War
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
Nuclear Strike on Iran Is Still on the Agenda  by Jorge Hirsch
A Good Week for the Axis of Evil
by Rosa Brooks
The Second Children's Crusade
by Jon Basil Utley
For Their Eyes Only
by Richard Norton-Taylor
Dubya's Disconnect Revealed  by Ximena Ortiz

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Iraq Goes Deeper Into Division
Threats Force Iraqi Christians to Flee to Syria
US Reportedly Building Military Base in North Iraq
Iraq Will Wait to Disarm Militias
2 GOP Senators Urge New Iraq Strategy
Poll: Britons Back Army Chief on Pulling Out of Iraq
'Stay the Course' in Iraq? No Way, US Panel Says
Mullah Omar Authorized Pakistan-Taliban Truce
Report: Madrid Bombings Mastermind in Secret CIA Jail
US Death Toll in Iraq Hits 58
So Far This Month
Is It War Yet?
Iraq: A Growing Body Count
Violence in Baghdad Takes Toll on Merchants
Suicide Attack Targets Women Teachers in Iraq
Violence Empties Schools in Iraq
Attacks on Journalists Continue in Baghdad
Shi'ite Ceremony Peaceful, but Bombers Blitz Iraq
Attacks Continue
Sunday Violence Leaves 94 Iraqis Dead; 8 GIs Die in Weekend Attacks
Dozens of Iraqis Killed in Reprisals
Suicide Attack Targets Women Teachers in Iraq
Bombs Miss Interior Ministry Official in Iraq
Car Bombs Kill 10 in Northern Iraq's Kirkuk
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,766
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 16
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 15
Today in Iraq
Iraq Interior Ministry Purges 3,000 for Corruption
Insurgent Group That Includes al-Qaeda in Iraq Says It Has Established Islamic State in Iraq
Much of Iraq Still in Ruin as US Builders Leave
Illinois Engineer Fears Iraq Prison Time
Fewer Reporters Embedded in Iraq
Tense Baghdad Residents Find Oasis in Dr. Phil
Saddam Says Victory at Hand Against US Occupation
Saddam Trial Session Canceled
Saddam Verdict Expected Within 3 Weeks
British General Revolts
British General's Remarks Spur Iraq Debate
Not Quite All Quiet as Dannatt Returns to His Office
UK Army Web Site Reveals Hostility to Politicians
British Politicians Denounce Army Chief Over Iraq Comments
Global Iraq Fallout
Are the Killers of Terry Lloyd Getting Away With His Murder?
Iran and Iraq to Strengthen Security and Intelligence Ties
Australian DM: Iraq Coalition 'Not Divided'
The War at Home
Doubts Over Iraq Drive a Volatile US Campaign
Defense Department Apologizes for Putting Antiwar Group on Terror List
A Soldier Comes Home to Alaska, Too Early and Yet Too Late
Antiwar Petition Drive Took Just Four Hours
Ex-CIA Man Reflects on Iraq, Role of Agency
War at Forefront in Minn. Senate Debate
1969: Millions March in US Vietnam Moratorium
French Special Forces to Quit Afghanistan
Member of Provincial Parliament Killed in South Afghanistan
Italian Journalist 'Fine,' Say Afghan Kidnappers
German Army Vehicles in Afghanistan Attacked
Clashes in Eastern Afghanistan Leave 3 Police, 3 Suspected Taliban Dead
Afghan FM Accuses Pakistan of Playing Down Taliban 'Terrorism'
Pakistan Quizzes Militants Over Rocket Plot
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Navy Sinks Suspected Rebel Trawler
Push for Peace in Sri Lanka Ahead of Crucial Talks
Five Tamil Rebels Killed
China & Her Neighbors
US Protests Killing of Tibetan by Chinese Soldiers
Business Groups 'Blocking' Hong Kong Democracy
Poll: 20 Percent of Indonesian Muslims Back Jemaah Islamiah
Nepal's Government Hopeful of Peace Talks Breakthrough
3 Wounded in Latest Explosion in Troubled Southern Philippines
Slain Russian Journalist Had Evidence Chechen PM Kidnapped Civilians
Russia Cadets Hit in Road Carnage
'We Are Prepared to Make Peace': Sinn Fein's Adams
Two US Soldiers Die After Being Hit by Train in Germany
WWII Bombs Spark Mass Evacuation in Hanover, Germany
Australian Army Chief Admits Recruitment Decline
History Repeats Itself as Pyongyang Stokes Nuclear Crisis
In South Korea, Most Call for New Policy, Own Nukes
Kim's Life of Luxury as the People Starve
North Korea Interested in Reviving Six-Party Nuke Talks: Russian Official
Will Nuclear Test Reset the Doomsday Clock?
A New Global Nuclear Order
North Korea Sanctions
US Sees Most North Korea Interdictions Not at Sea
Household Goods Among Banned Korea Items
US Pursues Tactic of Financial Isolation
Bolton Vows to 'Build Pressure' on North Korea
China & North Korea
World Hails North Korea Sanctions Vote, but China Still Wary
Rice Denies Rift With China Over Enacting UN Sanctions on North Korea
US Expects China to Act Against North Korea
US: China Has 'Obligation' on North Korea Sanctions
US Seeks Common Ground With China on North Korea Shipping
Japan & North Korea
Japanese MP Calls for Debate on Acquiring Nuclear Weapons
Japanese Firm Says It Broke Nuclear Trade Law
Ahmadinejad Reiterates Refusal to Heed 'Pressure and Threats'
US Envoy: North Korea Sanctions 'Should Sway' Iran
How Hezbollah Defeated Israel, Part 2: The Ground War
How Hezbollah Defeated Israel, Part 3: The Political War
Firms Seek Share of Lebanon Rebuilding
Six Hurt in Beirut Grenade Attack
Siniora Sets Compensation for Dahiyeh Homeowners at $53,000 Each
Italy Hands Over UN Lebanon Naval Force to Germany
Israel vs. Palestine
Death Toll Passes 23 as Israeli Offensive in Gaza Continues
Olmert Blames Abbas for Impasse Over Summit
Hamas Threatens to Break Cease-Fire After Israeli Air Strikes
Israeli Army: Military Picture in Gaza Changing
Israeli Official: Hamas Smuggling Anti-Aircraft Weapons Into Gaza
Israeli Soldiers Suspected of Looting Homes During Operation
Palestine vs. Palestine
Rival Palestinian Factions Exchange Fire in Gaza
Hamas: Fatah Acting as US Stooge
Jordan Warns Inter-Palestinian Tensions Will Harm Cause
Palestinian Charities Help Hamas Endure
Probe of Israeli Army Division Blames General Staff for Mismanaging War
Israel: Secret War Testimony Broadcast Over PA System
Israeli Probe: 'Commanders Failed to Fulfill Basic Missions'
Syria Aiding Arms Smuggling Into Lebanon: Israeli Official
Egyptian Sources: Syrian Pressure Torpedoed Deal to Free Shalit
Spain Hails 'Positive' Syrian Attitude to Lebanon Truce
Middle East
Chirac Says Sorry to Turkey for Bill: Erdogan
Bahraini Gitmo Detainee Returns Home
War Clouds Loom Over Somalia as Military Fronts Open Up Amid a Flurry of Diplomacy
Somalia's Speaker Quits Role in Talks With Islamists

Militant May Link Somalia, al-Qaeda

In Somalia, Islamic Law Is Far From Uniform
African Union Force Ineffective, Complain Refugees in Darfur
Sudan Urges Dialogue With US, Not Confrontation
'Both Sides' Violate Uganda Truce
Rwanda Envoy: UN Genocide Tribunal Employing Genocide Suspects

UN Urges Calm as Congo Election Campaign Kicks Off

Ecuador Presidential Vote Set for Runoff

Shades of Chavez in Ecuador's Front-Runner

Ecuador Set to Join 'Pink Tide' Washing Across Latin America
Venezuela Runs for UN Council Seat, US Opposed

Justin Raimondo
Election 2006:
A War Referendum

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Bush Versus Principled Conservatism

Charles Peņa
Co-Dependency in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Partition: The Way Out of Iraq

David R. Henderson
The Nuclear Taboo

Alan Bock
Denial of the Obvious

Nebojsa Malic
Back to the Beginning

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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