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Move Over, GI Joe and Han Solo: Vega/Engelhardt
Who's Afraid of an Iranian Bomb?: Uri Avnery
Snake Oil and the Midterm Elections: Joshua Frank
Desperate Tactics in al-Anbar: Jamail/Fadhily
'Sea Change' in Mideast Policy?: Jim Lobe

The statesman who yields to war no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.
Winston Churchill
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Updated November 1, 2006 - 9:28 PM EST

Iraq PM Hands Sadr Victory Over US


Sources: Iraq PM Fears Country 'Nearly Out of Control'

  Rumsfeld OKs Increase in Iraqi Forces

Iraqi Shi'ites Alarmed at US Détente With Sunnis


Wednesday: 90 Iraqis, 3 US Troops Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded

  Sadr Losing His Grip on Mahdi Army?
  Resistance to Deadlines for Iraq Is Weakening
Air Force Seeks $50 Billion Emergency Funds
Israeli Planes Buzz Beirut

EU to Israel: Mock Raids Could Encourage Cease-Fire Violations


Israeli Strikes Kill 6 Palestinians, Wound 45

Russia May Back UN Sanctions Resolution on Iran

Pakistan Insists Bombed School Was Qaeda Base

US Denies Role in Pakistani Military's Attack on School

North Korea Agrees to Return to Talks

US Envoy: Taliban Not Strategic Afghan Threat

NATO Claims Another 67 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

Snake Oil and the Midterm Elections  by Joshua Frank
Bush Still Wants to Conquer the World  by William Pfaff
US Blunders in Reconstructing Iraq Are Staggering  by Trudy Rubin
How to Cut and Run
by Gen. William E. Odom (ret.)
Who's Afraid of an Iranian Bomb?
by Uri Avnery
Israel's Scandalous Siege of Gaza
by Patrick Seale

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US Military Adopts Desperate Tactics in Anbar

US Officers Detail Problems With Iraqi Soldiers

Iraq Seeks $100 Billion in Aid

Fitzgerald Doesn't Want to Talk About Armitage

Hillary Urges 'Sea Change' in Mideast Policy

US Policies on North Korea Out of Favor With South Koreans

US, China Build Build Embassies to Keep Out Spies

Mopping Up the Blood in the Baghdad ER
Iraq Attacks Continue
Tuesday: 80 Iraqis, 2 American Soldiers Killed

Suicide Bomber Strikes Baghdad Wedding

42 Iraqis Kidnapped North of Baghdad

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 1

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 31

Iraq Today

Talabani: US Must Stay in Iraq Until Forces Are Ready

Iraqi Opposition Group Joins Conference

These Tattoos Aren't Artful - They Help Identify Iraq's Dead

Iraq: When Is It Civil War?

Baghdad Under Siege

Occupying Iraq

Why Such High Troop Losses in October?

US Military Deaths in Iraq Still Mostly Outside Capital

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,816

US Insists Easing of Baghdad Checkpoints Was 'Joint Decision'

Hadley on Visit to Iraq Asserts US View

Child Victims of Iraq's War Trouble US Medics

Third Serviceman Agrees to Plead Guilty in Iraq Killing

Along Iraq-Syria Border, a Struggle to Cover the Terrain

The War at Home

Bush: A Win for Democrats Is a Win for Terrorists

Win by Democrats Would Not Produce Swift Change in Iraq

White House Accuses Kerry of Insulting US Troops in Iraq

Former FBI Agent Gets Probation in Spying Case Leak

Planes Known to Carry CIA Terror Suspects Landed in Tel Aviv

US Unveils Spy Version of Wikipedia

Facing Shortage of Arabic Interpreters, Pentagon Seeks a Technological Solution

Britain at War

Blair Defeats Opposition Call for Iraq Probe

Tories Vote With Opponents of War, but Blair Survives Revolt

Antiwar Protesters Mass to Send Message to Commons


Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Blast

I Will Build More and Kill Less, Says NATO's Afghanistan General

Civilian Deaths Turn Afghans Against NATO: Report

NATO Forces Fight Taliban in 5 Provinces of Afghanistan

Aid Groups: Afghanistan Still Hell for Women

Traditional Afghan Council Will Address Return of Taliban

US, Afghanistan to Launch Strategic Dialogue in '07

Afghanistan Becoming More Unstable, Say Returning NZ Troops

Half of All Canadians Want Troops Pulled Out of Afghanistan: Poll

British Defense Secretary Under Fire Over Taliban Comeback

Japan OKs Extension of Afghan Mission

The 'War on Terror'

Reid Says Terror Threat Is Worse Than Cold War

Reid in Nazi Terror Comparison

British FM to Visit India for Anti-Terror Talks

Padilla Says He Was Tortured, Given LSD

Maine Lawyer Arrested After Dressing as bin Laden


Sources: Zawahiri Was Frequent Visitor to Bombed Madrassa

Pakistani Tribes Rally Against School Airstrike

Musharraf Vows to Crush Militancy

Tribesmen Threaten Suicide Attacks on Pakistani Forces

Acquittals in Karachi US Consulate Attack

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Says Tigers Must Stop Violence

Troops and Rebels Killed in North and East Sri Lanka Clashes


Nepali Party Says Maoists Attacked Its Activists

Nepal's Communist Rebels Swap Guns for Brooms, Literally Clean Up Capital

In Other News

Al-Jazeera Backs New Pan-Arab Daily Paper

North Korea

Now Nuclear, North Korea Will Talk

US General Denies Any Plans for Attack on North Korea

China Key as Pyongyang Returns to Talks

South Koreans Oppose Air Strikes Against North's Nuclear Facilities

'Perfect Storm' Looms Over Korean Border

Bush: US Teams to Monitor North Korea Situation


Ahmadinejad Laments Europe's Lack of Clout

Rice Urges Major Powers to Speed Up Sanctions on Iran

Iran Slams US Gulf Exercise

Russia Says Believes Iran's Nuclear Program Peaceful


Nasrallah: 'Serious' Talks Underway on Israeli Soldiers

Top German Official: Delegation to Lebanon Will Try to Free Israeli Captives

Hopes Dim of Israeli-Lebanese Peace

Debris of War Compounds Ecological Nightmare in Lebanon

Lebanese Man Killed Handling Israeli Cluster Bomb

Bolton: Syria, Iran Trying to Destabilize Lebanon

UN Envoy Raps Israeli Flights Over Lebanon

Israel's War at Home

IDF Chief of Staff Faces Probe Over Lebanon War

Lebanon War Puts Damper on Israeli Pot Smokers


Olmert Says Army Preparing 'Even More Extensive' Gaza Operation

Palestinian Businessmen Lobby for Technocratic Govt

Egypt, Hamas, CIA Discuss Shalit Deal

Egypt Stepping Up Pressure on Hamas to Recognize Israel

Israel Concerned Hamas Could Establish Anti-Tank Division

Israeli DM Considers Saudi Peace Plan

Israeli Armored Vehicles Mass Near Gaza: Witnesses

Olmert: Israel Not to Blame for Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

Poll: 'Disengagement' From Gaza Polarized Israel More Than Rabin Assassination

Madrid Asserts No Ransom Paid for Gaza Kidnap Victims


Syrian Official May Visit Baghdad

Blair in Secret Overture to Damascus


Fierce Debate Over Veils in Egypt

Egypt Sends Sadat's Nephew to Prison for Defaming Military

Mubarak's Shopping List on Moscow Visit Includes Weapons, Nuclear Help

Russia and Her Neighbors

Iran, Syria Cited as Leading Clients of Russia

Russian, US Military Chiefs Ink Pact

Georgian President: Russia's Policy on Georgia Like Tsarist Edicts Against Jews

Georgia, Russia in Crisis Talks


Abe to Revise Japan's Post-War Constitution

China Makes Major Shift on Executions

Fiji Coup Threat

Fiji Military Refuses to Sack Chief Over Coup Threat

Australian Warships on Standby for Fiji Coup


Bush and Blair Warn Sudan That Time Is Running Out to Let UN Into Darfur

Khartoum Seen as Losing Control of War in Darfur


War Fears as Somali Talks Falter

US Tells Ethiopia, Eritrea to Stay Out of Conflict in Somalia


Liberia's Ex-Fighters Seek Work

Observers Praise DR Congo's Poll

Security Council Seat Impasse Continues

Vote Firm Denies Ties to Chávez


Turkey Accession Threatened by EU Report on Human Rights

US Envoy for Kosovo Talks Meets Serbian Officials

From Velvet to Fringe in Post-Soviet Central Europe


Justin Raimondo
Beyond Ideology

Ivan Eland
Filling the Spin Vacuum

Alan Bock
A Referendum on War?

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Charles Peńa
Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

David R. Henderson
Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran:
A Lesson in Opportunity Cost

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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