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Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave: Tom Engelhardt
Can Baker Save the Establishment?: Leon Hadar
It Wasn't Only Rumsfeld's War: Tony Karon
The Iraq Mandate: Robert Dreyfuss
The Battle for Kosovo: Nebojsa Malic

What political leaders decide, intelligence services tend to seek to justify.
Henry Kissinger
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Updated November 9, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST

Bush Dumps Architect of Iraq Fiasco


Dems Clinch Senate as Allen Set to Concede


Bush 'Open to Any Idea' on Iraq

  Change in Washington, Change in Iraq?
Iraqis Doubt Democrat Gains Will Bring Change

Thursday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 183 Injured

  Sunni Legislators Threaten Violence if Maliki Fails to Disband Militias

Two Years After Leveling, Fallujah Returns to Insurgent Hands

Hamas Military Wing Calls Off Israel Cease-Fire

Israel Blames Malfunction for Shelling Deaths of 18 Gazans


Israel Braced for Revenge Attacks After Dawn Barrage Kills Family

Startling Findings in Probe of Tillman's Death

Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave
by Tom Engelhardt
Can Jim Baker Save the American Establishment?  by Leon Hadar
Waterboarding, Then and Now
by Heather Mallick
The Iraq Mandate  by Robert Dreyfuss
They Deserved to Lose
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Yes, They Hate Our Freedom  by Aaron Sussman

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Bush's Father Exerts His Influence

Military Contractors' Shares Fall on News of Rumsfeld Resignation

US Stocks End Higher After Rumsfeld News

US Was Warned of Iraq Chaos, Says Ex-Diplomat

Text of President Bush's Remarks at a News Conference

Dems' Wins in US Races Concern Israel

Rumsfeld: Resignation Was Due to Changed Political Scene
Iraq Today

Iraq: Sectarian Violence Forces Mixed Couples to Divorce

Juba: The Sniper Who Shoots on Video

Iraq Lawmakers Extend State of Emergency

Shi'ite Leader Says Neighboring Countries Could Help Improve Security

Saddam Trial

Saddam Lawyer: Green Zone Office Trashed

Iraq's PM Expects Saddam Hanging by End of This Year

Iraq's Bloggers Weigh in on Hussein Death Sentence

Violence Continues
Wednesday: 2 GIs, 199 Iraqis Killed or Reported Dead

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 9

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 8

Occupying Iraq

Envoy Tells Iraqis US Will Stay as Democrats Take House

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,839

The War at Home

Voter Disgust Over Iraq War Fuels Massive Republican Losses

Bush Concedes Problems With Iraq Policy

Bush Shows He Can Turn on a Dime

Bush May Have to Lower His Goals in Iraq

Democrats Call for Course Change on Iraq

Democrats Ask Bush to Hold Summit on Iraq

US Defense Stocks Take Hit After Election Results

Referendum Against Iraq War Gaining Ground in Mass.

Europeans Welcome Bush Defeat but Question Impact

Arabs React to US Election Results

FBI Rejects Report on Dropped Terror Cases

Peace Mom Sheehan Arrested in Washington


15 Suspected Insurgents Killed by NATO Troops, Aircraft in Eastern Afghanistan

288 US Deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Mixed Reaction to Karzai's Offer to Taliban

Taliban Fighters Talk Tactics, While Safe in Pakistan

As British and Canadian Men Die in Afghanistan, Concerns Grow


Suicide Bomber Kills 42 Soldiers in Pakistan

Attack on School Damages Musharraf's Peace Strategy


Nepal's Decade of War Draws to a Close

Nepal God-King's Future Uncertain as Peace Breaks Out

South Asia

Refugee Camp Bombing Kills 65 in Sri Lanka

Democrats' Win May Delay US-India Nuclear Deal, Analysts Say


Sudan: Death Spreads Amid a Storm of Treaties

Chad: Sudan Violence Spills Over Border


Islamic Leader Talks of Peace in Somalia

Calm Urged as Fraud Alleged in Congo Vote

Has Africa Finally Turned a Corner?


UN Overwhelmingly Votes Against US Embargo on Cuba

Venezuela Groups Get US Aid Amid Meddling Charges


Balkan EU Candidates Face Pause

France Extradites ETA Member to Spain

Turkey's Relations With EU Face Deeper Strains

Russia 'Could Cut Georgia's Gas'

Rumsfeld Goes Down

Rumsfeld the Latest Victim of the War He Started

The Rise and Fall of Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld's Long Career

Rumsfeld Remembered for Many Famous Quotes

McCain Welcomes Rumsfeld's Exit, Renews Call for More Troops

Rumsfeld’s Exit Greased by GOP Electoral Skid

Washington Shake-Up, Part 2: Rumsfeld Departs

A Meek Departure From the War Cabinet

Architect of 'Shock and Awe' Becomes Casualty of a Disastrous War

Rumsfeld Resignation Won't Alter Strategy in Iraq: Aussie PM

Why the Master Tactician Had to Fall on His Sword

The Man Who'll Replace Rummy

Robert Gates: Profile

Robert Gates Lauded as Breaker of Barriers


After 3 Days, Iran Awaits US Answer on Iraq Talks

Russia Wants to Weaken Demands on Iran

US: Russia Undermining Efforts Against Iran

China: Security Council Divided on Iran

Gaza Massacre
Israeli Shells Kill 18 in Gaza Attack Slammed Worldwide

Dry Israeli 'Apology' as Palestine Grieves

Israeli Group Demands Inquiry Into Attack

Gaza Town Stunned by Shelling

Wounded Gaza Teenager Mourns 13 Family Members

Rights Groups Ask Israeli Military Not to Fire Artillery Near Civilians

Gaza Attack Threatens Palestinian Unity Talks

Israeli Army: We Killed Top Qassam-Maker

Israel Kills Four Gunmen, One Civilian in West Bank

'We Just Need to Live' Say Beit Hanoun Residents

Gaza: World Reaction

White House Urges Restraint on Both Sides After Gaza Shelling

Lebanon's Hezbollah Slams Israeli Attack on Gaza

Arabs, Muslims Slam Gaza Massacre

Italy Calls Gaza Killings Unacceptable 'Massacre'

UN Security Council Focuses on Gaza After Attack


South Lebanese Wary of New UN Force

First Indonesian Peacekeepers Leave for Lebanon

Lebanon Wants Aussie Help Removing Bombs

Memo From Lebanon: Christians Struggle to Preserve a Balance of Power


Syria Attacks UN Report of Arms Traffic to Lebanon

Syria Urges UN Sanctions for Israel 'State Terrorism'

Middle East

Rights Group Raps Jordan for Dissident Laws

Christian Candidate Stands Alone in Bahraini Elections


Sunshine Policy Industrial Area Project Is 'Not Funding Pyongyang'

Fiji Military Chief Won't Rule Out Coup

Beheaded Indonesian Girls Were Ramadan 'Trophies'


Kyrgyzstan Curbs Presidential Power

Violence and Vitriol in Kyrgyz Capital

In Other News

Britain Joins Talks Aimed at Banning Cluster Bombs

The Cold War's Cool Real Estate


Justin Raimondo
The Antiwar Wave

Nebojsa Malic
The Battle for Kosovo

Charles Peña
The Mother of All Defense Supplementals

Ivan Eland
Disregarding Democracy

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?
Part Two

Alan Bock
Missing the Fundamentals

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Doug Bandow
The Painful Death of Humanitarian Intervention

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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