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Does Father Know Best?: Justin Raimondo
The Wreck of the War Party: Doug Bandow
Hawks Lose Scapegoat: Spencer Ackerman
The Cheney-Gates Cabal: Ray McGovern
Let's Now Charge the Accomplices: John Pilger

Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood.
Mahatma Gandhi
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Updated November 10, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Iraqi Official: 150K Civilians Dead in War

In Iraq, New Calculations of the US Role

  Purported Iraq al-Qaeda Tape Wants US to Stay in Iraq
  Friday: 29 Iraqis Killed; 5 GIs Killed; US Death Toll at 26 for Nov.
Rumsfeld May Be Charged Over Prison Abuse
Rumsfeld Forced Out: Are US Troops Next?

Rice: Democrats Won't End Iraq Mission

  Key Republican Joins Dems Opposing Bolton Nomination
  Bush 'Open to Any Idea' on Iraq

US Vote Embarrasses War Allies

  Report: Pelosi Aims to Block Democratic Hawks From Key Posts
Official: Israel May Be Forced to Attack Iran
  French Almost Fired at Israeli Jets in Lebanon
  US Expected to Prevent Probe Into Killing of Civilians in Gaza
The Cheney-Gates Cabal
by Ray McGovern
Bush Replaces Rumsfeld With... Another Rumsfeld  by Joshua Holland
Let's Now Charge the Accomplices
by John Pilger
War Loses, Again  by Lew Rockwell
And Now, Iraq  by David Corn
A Security Mom Confesses
by Margery Eagan

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Democrats May Urge More Contact With US Foes

GOP Furious About Timing of Rumsfeld Resignation

Recalling Robert Gates' Role in Iran-Contra

Bechtel Departure Shatters More Iraqi Illusions

Olmert Warns US Not to Withdraw From Iraq

Blair Set to Feel Icy Blast of Bush Defeats

Relief Suffuses World Views of US Vote

Iraq, Not Election, Is on Troops' Minds
Iraq Attacks Continue
Thursday: 81 Iraqis Killed, 183 Injured

Bomb Attacks on Baghdad Markets Kill 16

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 10

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 9

Iraq Today

After Bush's Midterm Defeat, What Now for Iraq?

American Political Shift Linked to the War Is Met With a Shrug by Baghdad's Elite

Baghdad MPs Meet Exiles in Run-Up to Reconciliation Talks

How Rumsfeld's Resignation Is Playing in Iraq

Iraqis Won't Miss Rumsfeld, but Still Pessimistic

Mubarak Warns Against Hanging Saddam

14,000 Iraq Refugees Enrolled at Syria Schools

The War at Home

Among US Troops in Iraq, Mixed Reviews of Rumsfeld's Resignation

New Pentagon Head Has Few Strategic Options in Iraq

Hundreds of Communities Vote for Rapid Withdrawal

The New Veterans Among Us: Women

State of Virginia Offers Career Help to Wounded Veterans

Results Give Clinton and McCain Food for Thought on the Future

Requiem for Fallen Fighters

When Soldiers Fall, Grief Binds a Unit’s 2 Worlds

Muslim’s Election Is Celebrated Here and in Mideast

'War on Terror'

Detainees May Lose Access to Lawyers

Australian AGs to Meet With US Lawyers to Discuss Hicks Detention

With Power Set to Be Split, Wiretaps Re-Emerge as Issue

MI5 Head Warns of Up to 30 Terror Plots at Work in Britain

More Britons Are Turning to Terror, Says MI5 Director

Cleric: 'I Was Tortured in Cell After Kidnap by CIA'

American Strike in January Missed al-Qaeda's No. 2 by a Few Hours


34 Taliban, Three Cops Die in Afghanistan Clashes

US Surprised by Strength of Taliban Fightback

No Change to Afghanistan Expected After US Elections

Poll: Afghans Express Confidence in Country's Direction, Security

Afghanistan Strikes Back at Pakistan

Karzai Discusses Worsening Security in Interview


Pakistan: Policy of Striking Peace Deals in Tribal Areas to Continue

Pakistan Bombing May Be Retaliation for Madrassa Attack

Sri Lanka

26 Sri Lankan Sailors Killed in Battle

Sri Lanka Says Sinks Rebel Boats as Thousands Flee

Anger Over Sri Lanka Civilian Deaths


More Troops for India's Northeast

Indian Airports on Terror Alert


Nepal PM Admits Peace 'Gamble'

UN: Nepal Arms Monitoring Likely to Be Delayed


UN: Chad Clashes May Have Killed 200

Sudan Reiterates Opposition to UN Troops in Darfur

A Darfur Town Empties as Janjaweed Return

Nobel Laureate Urges World to Shun Sudan


France Urges Dialogue to Avert All-Out War in Somalia

Warlord in Court Over Use of Child Soldiers in Congo

Sudan Denies Supports Central African Rebels

Oil Workers Flee Nigerian Siege


Argentine Judge Orders Capture of Iran's Ex-Leader

FARC Rebels' Presence Outside Colombia Has Not Diminished

Chávez Gives Out Gifts to Buy Votes, Opposition Claims


In Nazi Cradle, Germany Marks Jewish Renaissance

Former East German Spymaster Dies

Rumsfeld's Exit

Rumsfeld Acknowledges Rocky Turn in Iraq War

President's Evasion Raises Truth Issues

More Resignations Expected at Pentagon After Rumsfeld's Departure

After Rumsfeld: Bid to Reshape the Brain Trust

Removal of Rumsfeld in the Works for Months

At the Pentagon, Concern About Blame for the Situation in Iraq

Would Rumsfeld's Departure Leave Him Open to Prosecution?

Rumsfeld's Departure Is a Mixed Blessing for Rice

Rumsfeld, a Force for Change, Did Not Change With the Times Amid Iraq Tumult

Iran Welcomes Rumsfeld’s Resignation

Australian DM Lauds 'Champion of Freedom' Rumsfeld

Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. 'Who's Rumsfeld?'

Gates' Entrance

Gates Tied to Iran-Contra and the Secret Arming of Saddam

Gates’ CIA Past Could Haunt Him in Confirmation Hearings

Robert Gates, a Cautious Player From a Past Bush Team

Bush Turns to His Father's Spy Boss

In Gates, Caretaker or Agent of Change?

Will Robert Gates Sway the Iran Debate?

Gaining Military’s Trust Is Early Step for Incoming Defense Secretary

Bush to Ask Lame-Duck Congress to Confirm Gates

Old Names, Old Scandals

Gaza Massacre

Israeli Shells Shear Branches Off Palestinian Patriarch's Family Tree

Palestinians Call for Revenge at Funeral

Palestinians Show Renewed Consensus After Gaza Killings

Palestinians Seek UN Action on Israeli 'Terrorism'

Arab League Aims for United Front on Gaza Carnage

Egypt Condemns Israel for Gaza Killings

Israeli Response

Olmert 'Very Distressed' Over Killing of Gaza Civilians

Olmert: We May Kill More Civilians, but We'll Keep Attacking Gaza

Peretz to Review Policy of Artillery Fire on Gaza Strip

Slain Rabbi's Supporters Cheer Gaza Killings


Israel Negotiates Purchase of 100 F-35 Fighter Jets in $5 Billion Deal

Fatah, Hamas Leaders Resume Talks

Explosion Levels Gaza House in Apparent Accident With Bomb


France Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Lebanon Incident

Israel Warplanes Again Fly Over Southern, Eastern Lebanon

US to Train, Equip Lebanese Army

Lebanese Christians Struggle to Preserve a Balance of Power

Lebanon's All-Party Talks Adjourn Till Saturday Without Breakthrough

Syria Denies Giving Arms to Lebanon


Thailand Looks at Lifting Martial Law

Coordinated Bomb Blasts in Restive Southern Thailand Injure at Least Nine


Rice Says US Unfazed by Growth of China's Global Role

Fiji's Military Boss Snubs Island Chiefs

Malaysia's Ex-Leader Stays in the Game

Russia and Her Neighbors

Rights Court: Kremlin Complicit in Murders of Chechen Civilians

No Recognition for Breakaway South Ossetia's Vote


France Test-Fires Unarmed Nuke

Kosovo Says Unilateral Declaration of Independence Possible


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Who Is 'We'?
Part Two

Alan Bock
Missing the Fundamentals

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North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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