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Metrics of Death
Who's Reporting the Truth About
the Carnage in Iraq?

In a famous comment on the consequences of his disastrous policies, and those of the administration he served, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bemoaned the lack of "metrics" by which to measure either success or failure. We couldn't know if we were winning or losing, Rummy claimed, because we didn't have the numbers.

Well, now we do have the numbers – 2,853 American soldiers killed, an estimated $2 trillion in costs – and as many as 650,000 Iraqi deaths. The American military made a great show of not counting Iraqi deaths, and now that these high numbers are coming out, the War Party is outraged at the "improbable" death toll. They think they can get away with it because, after all, who is keeping track of all these deaths? Who is reporting the smaller incidents, and meticulously totaling them up?

The answer: As Tom Engelhardt of The Nation noted in a piece posted at

"The Iraqi killing fields are far from us here in the United States and, as yet, almost completely unmemorialized. Even to get a sense of the carnage is hard, but the Web site now does a remarkable, if grim, daily job of collating at least what's reported. It puts out a running tally of the dead each day – including of those nameless bodies found en masse, particularly in the Iraqi capital." started exposing the truth about this war long before the shooting started, and we continue to debunk the lies of the War Party in a comprehensive daily edition that covers virtually every aspect of U.S. foreign policy and its repercussions on the world stage, with a special focus on events in the Middle East. We started out offering just links and opinion pieces, but have lately begun to make a real effort to do original reporting, focusing on areas neglected by the mainstream media. One of our newest efforts has been to break the silence about the true scope of the carnage visited on Iraq.

We aren't a big news organization – yet – but we have the embryo of one, and we're counting on you, our readers and supporters, to help get our original reporting division up and running. For starters, we can't afford to keep compiling and writing our daily Iraq incidents report without your financial support. That's part of the reason why we've upped our goal to $70,000 this quarter – to reflect the increased costs of our expanded operations.

By giving as much as you can, as soon as you can, you're helping to bring a much-needed truth to the American people – so give today.

In the first two days of our drive, 243 of you gave a total of $10,225. We really need to pick up the pace to reach the $70,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
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Updated November 15, 2006 - 9:27 PM EST
Bush Launches Panel to Counter Baker's

Senate Democratic Leader Pledges to Press Bush on Iraq


Rumsfeld Target of War Crimes-Related Lawsuit

Medical Officials: 30 Killed in US Raid at Ramadi

Wednesday: 6 GIs, 105 Iraqis Killed; 50 Injured


Fate of Kidnapped Iraqis Still Unclear


Mass Abduction of Iraqis Was Startling in Its Scope

  Iraq Orders Arrest of Police Commanders After Mass Kidnapping

Tuesday: 143 Iraqis Killed, at Least 50 Kidnapped

Official: US May Consider Preemptive Iran Strike

  Iran Says Nuclear Program Is Near Complete

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran Is Germany

Shin Bet: Israel Should Plan for Big Gaza Attack
  Lebanon Cabinet Defies Growing Hezbollah Challenge
CIA: Bush OK'd Secret Prisons, Interrogations
The Empire Goes on Defense
by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Bush's Failed Liberation Theology
by Parastou Hassouri
Let the Investigations Begin
by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith
When 'Oops' Isn't Enough  by Michael Kinsley
Iran Hawks Reorganize  by Laura Rozen
What Empire Does to a Culture
by Roderick Long

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Cheney, Libby Ask Dismissal of Civil Complaint

Libby: No White House Plot, No Crime in CIA Leak

Iraqis Mull Closing of All Universities After Mass Kidnapping
A New Iraq Strategy?

Senate Vote Favors Iraq Reconstruction Watchdog

For Now, Democrats Tread Water on Iraq

Poll: Most Doubt Dems Have Plan for Iraq

Fury in US Over Olmert's Comments on War in Iraq

McCain's Lonely Position on Iraq: Principle or Politics?

Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ...

Iraq Today

Climate of Fear at Iraq's Colleges

Iraq's Education Sector Crippled by Bloodshed

Iraq Orders Arrest of Police Commanders After Mass Kidnapping

Notable Kidnappings in Iraq in 2006

Iraqi Artist Paints Rumsfeld Gloating Over Ruins of Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 15

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 14

Iraq Occupation

US Raid in Shi'ite Area Sparks Protest

US Presses Iraq for Security Timeline

Few Clues and Reluctant Witnesses

Marine General: Iraqi Govt Not Meeting Needs in Sunni Regions

Little Scrutiny for Firms in Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq Reach 2,852

Marine on Trial for Murder of Iraqi Grandfather

Guilty Plea Expected in Iraq Rape Trial

Global Iraq Fallout

Turkey Says Iraq Must Not Be Split Up

Swedish Statistics Show Iraqi Immigrant Rise

Majority of Danes Want Troops Out of Iraq

Howard: Iraq Defeat Would Damage US, Australian Prestige

'Why Did She Have to Die for Such a Silly Cause?'

The War at Home

New Armed Service Committee Head Considers Larger Military

Great Lakes Mayors Call for Stop to Weapons Training

Lawmakers Push to Replace Bolton With Defeated Republican for UN Post

Widows Sue to Get Wiccan Symbols on Veterans' Headstones

Al-Jazeera's US Face

The 'War on Terror'

Ex-Prisoner Tells of Torture at Gitmo

Senate to Take Up Biological Threats

Al-Qaeda Leaders Losing Sway Over Militants, Study Finds

West to Boost Aid to Yemen in Face of al-Qaeda Threat

Reid Challenges Brown With Secret Terror Review

ACLU Seeks Again to Block Wiretaps


Support for Taliban Grows in Rural Afghanistan

Afghanistan Heroin Production Soars

Trail of Afghan Bombs Often Leads to Pakistan

Investigation: NATO Strike Killed 31 Afghan Civilians

NATO Seeks Afghan Elders’ Help in Defusing Insurgency


India and Pakistan to Resume Peace Process Suspended After Mumbai Bombings

In Talks With India, Pressure Is on Pakistan

Anti-Terror Panel in Focus at India-Pakistan Talks

16 Hurt in Car Bomb Blast Near Indian Kashmir Military Complex

Changes Urged in US-India Nuclear Deal

Pakistan Opposition Condemns Attacks, Blames Govt for Tribal Unrest

Musharraf: It's Not Pakistan's Fault Taliban Are Still Around

Sri Lanka

12 Killed in Sri Lanka Violence

Sri Lanka Army Dismisses UN Child Soldier Claim

There Is Little to Celebrate in Sri Lanka


UN Observers Visit Maoists' Camps in Nepal

Thousands of Nepali Children Missing in Conflict

Nepal's Maoists in Political Makeover


Bush and Olmert Firm on Iran, Britain Budges

UN Agency: Unclear if Iran's Nuclear Aims Peaceful

Tug of War With US Unsettles Iran's Neighbors

Qatar Urges Peaceful Iran Nuclear Settlement

Iran Undecided on Talks With United States on Iraq

Can Iran Help Stabilize Iraq?

Syria, Iran in the Fold?

US Denies Rift With Blair on Syria, Iran

Paper: Syria Ready for Dialogue With US on Iraq

Syria Welcomes Possible Change of US Mideast Policy


Hezbollah Leader Predicts Collapse of Lebanese Government

Lebanese PM Vows to Resist Hezbollah's 'Tyranny of Minority'

Israel: Covert Hezbollah Units Return to Northern Border

Lebanon Conflict Is Mission Implausible

Lebanon at Odds Over Hariri Bill

Poll: 64 Percent of Lebanese Say Opinion of US Worsened After War

US Has a Stake in the Outcome of Lebanon's Political Turmoil

UN Says Somalis Helped Hezbollah Fighters


Gaza: Still No Hope After Disengagement

Israel Prepares to Allow Palestinian Troops Into Gaza

Israeli MPs Accuse Arabs of Building Illegal West Bank Settlements

Israeli Army Took Over Hebron Building
Palestinian Authority

Hamas Says Proposed Unity Government Won't Recognize Israel

Can This Man Unite the Palestinians?

Arabs Yet to Find Ways to Break PA Financial Ban

Hamas Deputy Tries to Enter Gaza With $2 Million

Israel's War at Home

Abducted Soldiers' Families Urge Olmert to Do More to Ensure Release

Israelis Look Askance at a Once-Hallowed Army

Israel's 3rd-Period GDP Fell 1.4% on Effects of War

Israel's Key Ally: US Evangelicals
Russia and Her Neighbors

Moscow Accused of Seeking Regime Change in Georgia

Russia Attacked Over Torture in Chechnya

Russia Denies Plans for Gas Cartel


Abe Pushes Toward a Military Japan

India Rejects China's Claim to Region

US Warns on China Sub Encounter

Old Foes Confront Fallout of Agent Orange

Malaysian PM Threatens Crackdown on Dissent

Alleged Top Philippines Coup Plotter Arrested

Amateur Videos Are Putting Official Abuse in New Light


Hundreds Killed Near Chad’s Border With Sudan

Sudan May Be Open to UN Intervention

Chad Declares State of Emergency Over Clashes

AU Chief Supports UN Forces for Chad, CAR Borders

CAR Hails French Pledge on Rebels


Eritrea, Ethiopia Border Panel to Demarcate Contentious Border on Paper

Hundreds of Thousands Raped in Congo Wars

Congo President Appears to Win Election

UN Report Cites Outside Military Aid to Somalia's Islamic Forces


Albania: Postponing Kosovo Decision Threatens Stability

Bosnian Serb Found Guilty of Wartime Rapes, Torture

Bomb Hurts Senior Serbian Muslim


Land Mines Kill, Injure Civilians in Colombia


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Who Is 'We'?
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Good News From Gaza

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