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Investigate the War Party

How did they lie us into war?

That's the question Americans are asking as the horror of Iraq unfolds. How did the War Party fool Congress, the media, and the people into committing American troops to a hopeless, unnecessary fight?

They set up what amounted to a lie factory in the bowels of the Pentagon and fed falsified "intelligence" to gullible reporters and the American public. When the CIA and the State Department wouldn't go along with their scheme, they set up their own intelligence-gathering agencies – in effect, a parallel government – which led us down the primrose path to war.

Where was Congress? Safely in Republican hands. Now that an antiwar wave has swept the Democrats into power, can we expect an investigation?

Unless the American people demand an accounting, they won't get it. The politicians will do the easy thing: they'll let it slide. "Let's move on." "Let's be constructive." "That would be too divisive."

But Americans want to know the truth. They want to know who lied, and why. It is being constructive to discover how they bamboozled us – because it will ensure that they won't do it again any time soon. If we let them slide, they won't just slink away – because you can bet the War Party isn't through with us quite yet.

From the Scooter Libby affair to the Niger uranium forgeries, has been in the lead, publicizing the facts and following the War Party's tracks down some pretty dark paths. But we can't continue to do it without your help. We need your help, and we need it now. We can pressure the politicians to do the right thing – but only if we can continue to pursue the truth and put it out there. Your contribution is tax-deductible – and it couldn't come at a better time. Let's hold the politicians accountable – send in your contribution today.

In the first three days of our drive, 372 of you gave a total of $18,934. We need to pick up the pace to reach the goal of $70,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
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Updated November 16, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST

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