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Updated November 19, 2006 - 9:06 PM EST
Embittered Hawks Turn Against Bush
  Kissinger: Military Victory No Longer Possible in Iraq
  Top US Gen.: Islamic Militancy Could Yield WWIII
  Reid Says Democrats Will Reach Out to Bush on Iraq
  Plea Deals Pile Up for Accused Marines
  Military Plea Bargains Raise Questions of Justice
Another Bloody Sunday: 151 Iraqis, 1 GI Dead
  At Least 700 Iraqis Die in 8 Days of Unrelenting Violence
  Allawi Willing to Lead 'Strongman' Govt
  West Looks to Syrian Tribe to Pacify Sunnis
CIA: Iran Not Developing Nuclear Weapons
Olmert Orders Hamas Politicians Assassinated
  Activist Human Shield Deters Israel Strike
  Syria Wants Return of Golan in Return for Helping US
  Bolton Denounces UN for Regretting Innocent Deaths in Gaza
UN Chief: NATO Cannot Defeat Taliban by Force
  Remove Restrictions on Troops in Afghanistan, NATO Chief Says
South Korea Won't Back Bush on Inspections
The Korea, Vietnam, Iraq Syndrome  by John V. Walsh
Misplaced Nostalgia for the Bush I Team  by Sheldon Richman
Democrats and Withdrawal From Iraq: Asking Too Much?  by David Corn
Hollow Visions of Palestine's Future
by Jonathan Cook
Al-Jazeera and the Truth  by Charley Reese
Is the Next Congress For Sale?
by Gordon Prather

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Cheney Asks Judge to Toss CIA Leak Suit
Libby: No Plot, No Crime in CIA Leak
Two Panels Urgently Seek Iraq Solutions
Iraqi Education Under Siege
Iraq Killing Case at a Glance
Tapes: LBJ Rails Against 'Commies' Running New York Times for Opposing War
Russia Warns Against Pushing North Korea, Iran 'Into a Corner'
Rice Compares Vietnam, Iraq Economies
Iraqi Lawyer Says US Army Seized 211 Iraqi Homes, Evicted Families
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Sheiks Assail Cleric for Backing al-Qaeda
Confusion Surrounds Latest Iraq Kidnapping
Police Deny Iraq Hostages Killed or Freed
Group Says It Carried Out Iraq Abduction
US Copters Support British Troops Near Kuwait
Kurdish Guerrillas Dismiss Iraqi Threats to 'Finish' Them in a Year
Iraq Occupation
Green Beret Dies in Iraq – Possible Friendly Fire
A Captain’s Journey From Hope to Just Getting Her Unit Home
US-Iraqi Forces Raid Shi'ite Stronghold
Iraq Contractor Recalls Harrowing Firefight
Brown: UK Iraq Troops Reduction in Months
Denmark Open to Moving Troops to Baghdad: Minister
Rice Warns Iraqis: 'Unite or You Don't Have a Future'
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 50 Injured
Major Battle in Iraq's Baqouba Kills 18
Gunmen Kill Leading Iraqi Shi'ite Politician, Wife
Power Lines Sabotaged in South Baghdad
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 19
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 18
The New Iraq
The Stolen Dream of Iraqi Freedom
An Iraqi Child's Death Shatters His Family
Hopeful Iraqis Taking Lead in Kirkuk
Generator Men Let Baghdad See the Light, but at a Price
Battles of Britain
Blair: I Didn't Really Mean Iraq War Was a Disaster
Storm Over Blair 'Iraq Disaster' Remarks
Leading British Historian Denounced for Article Criticizing Israel
Blair Moves Towards a Brown 'Coronation' in Leadership Race
UK Govt to Move Ahead on New Nukes
UK Aircrews Resign Over Unsafe Spy Planes
Global Iraq Fallout
Dutch Minister Under Fire Over Iraq Abuse Probe
US Presses for Full North Korea Sanctions
US Signals New Incentives for North Korea
Bush Works to Keep Pressure on North Korea
Bush, Other Pacific Rim Leaders Tell North Korea to Give Up Nuclear Weapons
Economy Is Key to Beating Taliban, Says Afghan Leader
Karzai: Terrorism, Extremism Holding Afghanistan Back
Wounded Taliban Treated in Pakistan
Afghan Warlords Find Limits to Power
Canadian Soldiers to Be Limited to One Combat Tour in Afghanistan, if Possible
A Soldier's Eye View of Front-Line Afghanistan
Karzai: Killings of Indians in Afghanistan 'Orchestrated From Beyond'
Musharraf: Pakistan Intelligence Agency Not Abetting Taliban in Afghanistan
Blair in $860 Million Terrorism Deal With Pakistan
Pakistan Critics Barred From Official Functions
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Battles Rebels at Sea, Troops Ambushed
At Least 23 Killed in Sri Lanka Violence
Nepal Maoist Leader Says Peace Accord to Be Signed Tuesday
Rebel Chief Considers Bid to Be Leader of Nepal
Bush Expresses 'Understanding' to Thai Coup PM
Five Shot Dead in Thailand's Muslim South
Terrorist Attacks Feared for Bush Visit to Indonesia
Visit to Mark Closer Ties With Jakarta
Indonesia to Buy Russian Arms
President Bush Tours the US POW/MIA Center in Hanoi
Bangladesh Parties Form Alliance to Oust Election Chief
China Reins in Rural Protests, but Not Resentment
Russia & Her Neighbors
Former Russian Spy Poisoned in London Plot
Putin Tried to Kill My Friend, Claims Russian Billionaire
Georgia-Russia Tensions Spilling Over
Former Head of Chechen Force Killed
Russian Oil Wells Blown Up in Chechnya
Kremlin Inc. Widening Control Over Industry
Millions of Nazi Docs Opened to Public
Serbia Does Not Want Kosovo War, President Insists
Ex-Guantanamo Detainees Given Asylum in Albania
German Court Sends 9-11 Figure to Jail
Holland Split Over Burqa Ban
Challenger Dares to Rattle Chavez in Run-Up to Election
Killings and Threats Rattle Journalists in Venezuela
Shots Fired at Anti-UN Rally in Haiti
New Military Academy Opens in Argentina
Weekend Reviews
Koppel Documentary Examines View From Iran
Truth to Executive Power
The 9/11 Conspiracy of Incompetence
A Glimpse of Life Under Occupation
Real Voices of Iraq Reach America
The War at Home
Congress to Probe UK's Claims on Iraq Uranium
Democrats Probe Billions Lost to Baghdad's Corruption
Senate Leaders Speak Well of Gates
Poll: More Americans Call for Iraq War Timetable
Judge Bars NY Times in Libel Defense
Video: Iranian-American Filmmaker Sues Rumsfeld
Interview With Iraq in Fragments Director (video)
Excerpt From Antiwar Sermon That Provoked the IRS
Devoted Sister Loses Two Brothers to War
US Military
Georgia-Based Unit Will Be First Army Division to Serve Three Iraq Tours
Family: Army Apologizes for Investigation of Ohio Soldier's Death
Drug for Troops Labeled Dangerous
US 'War on Terror'
Gonzales Attacks Ruling Against Domestic Spying
Padilla Case Raises Questions About Anti-Terror Tactics
Colleges Offering Majors in Homeland Security
Immigrants in Limbo 5 Years After 9/11
Gitmo Detainee Wants to Be Relocated for Surgery
Iran Vows to Press on With Arak Reactor
Ayatollah Who Backs Suicide Bombs Aims to Be Iran's Next Spiritual Leader
Previously Unknown Group Warns of 'Shi'ite Death Squads' Preparing to Attack Sunnis in Lebanon
UN Forces Say Found Rockets in South Lebanon
Turkish Troops Await Orders in South Lebanon
President Pledges 'National Government' for Lebanon
Campus Election Reflects Lebanon's Divisions
Future of Lebanon Tied to Wider Conflicts
Annan Urges Syria, Iran to Aid Lebanese Stability
Palestinians to Form Unity Government Within Days
UN Calls for End to Israel's Gaza Ops
Settlers Clash With Palestinian Farmers
Activists Seize Israeli Tanks in Gaza in Protest at Army 'War Machine'
Hamas: US Must Change Its Policy on the Palestinians
Israeli Envoy Urges Olmert Not to Cooperate With UN Investigation 'Conceived in Sin'
Israeli FM: UN 'Rewarding' Terrorists by Investigating Civilian Deaths
Israel's Lieberman: Wipe Out Hamas and Give Up on Road Map
Israeli Minister Wants Partial Recapture of Gaza
Israel's 'Peace Now' Calls for Negotiations
Islamic States See Sympathy Turning Against Israel
Middle East
Saudis Threaten to Suspend Relations Over British Probe of 'Slush Fund'
Al-Qaeda Number Two in Yemen May Be Freed
Sudan Denies Agreeing to Hybrid Force in Darfur
African Union Says Sudan Begins New Darfur Attacks
Sudan Agrees to 'Historic' Talks on Darfur
UN Says Sudan Terrorizing Civilians
Darfur Children Dragged From Mothers and Shot
Madagascar General in Coup Move
Soldier Killed in Pre-Election Gunfire in Madagascar
UN Discusses Illegal Somali Arms
Eritrea Joins Chorus of Denial Over Somalia Arms Embargo Violation Charges
China in Africa
China's African Adventure
New Zealand Troops Arrive in Tonga
Americans Keep Dying
Vietnam-Born Soldier (CA) May Have Died From Friendly Fire
Sacramento (CA) Marine Was Planning Wedding
'Mom, Dad, I'm Worried This Time'' (TX)
To Teach, Colonel (VA) Asked to Be Put in War Zone
General’s Son (TN) Among Those Recently Killed in Iraq
Georgia Soldier Was to Have Come Home for Thanksgiving
His Dreams Dashed; Expectant Father Is Killed on First Iraq Tour (NY)
Atlantic City (NJ) Family Learns of Soldier's Death in Iraq
Chapel Hill (NC) Soldier Killed on Third Tour
Racine County (WI) Paratrooper Killed in Iraq Combat
Family Gathering for Fallen Soldier's Funeral (MS)
Korean-Born California Soldier Killed by IED in Iraq
Huntsville (AL) Dad Mourns Loss of Son Killed in Iraq
Marine (GA) 'Stood Out to Be Heard'
West Point Grad From Maryland Killed in Iraq
Soldier (TX) With Ties to Michigan Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Michigan Soldier to Rest at Arlington
Marine (NE) Never Got to See His Newborn Daughter
Marine From Canton (MI) Is Killed
Philippines-Born Soldier Mourned (CA)
A Leader Whose 'Men Worshiped Him' (NY)
California Reservist Dies in Iraq
Jacksonville (FL) Native Dies on Duty in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
The Mugging of Murtha

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Ivan Eland
Iran-Contra Revisited

Nebojsa Malic
The Battle for Kosovo

Charles Peña
The Mother of All Defense Supplementals

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?
Part Two

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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