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Updated November 20, 2006 - 9:03 PM EST
Pentagon Review Sees 3 Iraq Options
  Iran to Host Summit With Iraq, Syria
  Attacks Continue Monday: 139 Iraqis, 2 GIs Dead
  Another Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 183 Dead
  Bush Won't Commit to Iraq Troop Changes
  Iraq's Shi'ite-Led Govt Angers Sunnis
  Iraq's Islamic Army Sees Itself Defending Baghdad
Report: CIA Finds Iran Not Developing Nukes
  Bush: I'll Understand if Israel Attacks Iran
  US Sets Up a Perch in Dubai to Keep an Eye on Iran
Gonzales: Defense of Freedom a 'Grave Threat' to US Security
Senior Democrat Renews Call for Military Draft
Israel May Use Ground Forces to Combat 'Human Shields'
  Israeli Army Disobeyed Order Not to Use Cluster Bombs
  Lebanese Druze Leader Warns of Possible 'Coup' in Country
  Hezbollah Threatens Protests to Topple Lebanese Government
The Torturous Servility of Washington Think Tanks  by James Bovard
Missing, Presumed Tortured
by Stephen Grey
What's Up, Op-Ed Writers?
by Greg Mitchell
Anatomy of a Civil War  by Nir Rosen
The Geriatric Squad  by Charley Reese
Ahmadinejad Is No Hitler  by Ray Takeyh

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White House Dismisses Hersh Article
Kissinger: Military Victory No Longer Possible in Iraq
McCain: Send More Troops to Iraq or We May Be Attacked at Home
Drug Puts US Troops at Risk for Blood Clots
US Envoy to Britain Summoned Over Friendly Fire Deaths in Iraq
Haditha Massacre –
One Year On
Report: Flaws in Hussein Trial Impair Verdict
Syria Vows to Help Quell Violence in Iraq
Some Believe 'Truth Serums' Will Come Back
Pacific Rim Statement on North Korea Falls Short of What Bush Sought
India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Sunni Cleric Says Terrorism Charge Fabricated
Survivors of Mass Abduction Recount Torture, Targeting of Sunnis
Taming of Sadr Cleric Gives Rise to New Concerns in Iraq
Cycle of Revenge Fuels a Pattern of Iraqi Killings
Children Have Been the Main Victims of War
Neglected Nurses Fight Their Own War
Iraq Occupation
Iraqi Forces Arrest 200 in Search for Four Kidnapped Americans
US Officials in Iraq Believe Civilian Hostages Still Alive
General Discusses Goals of His Return to Iraq
Handover to Iraqi Army 'Set for the End of Next Year'
Civilian Workers in Iraq Suffering Combat Trauma
US and Britain Are in Denial Over Failed Iraq Policy, Says Former Envoy
Attacks Continue
Another Bloody Sunday: 182 Iraqis, 1 GI Dead
Sunni Gunmen Rampage Through Iraqi City
Iraq's Deputy Health Minister Kidnapped From Home
UK Security Firm Says Employee Killed in Iraq
Suicide Attacker Kills Three at Funeral
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 20
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 19
Global Iraq Fallout
Blair Accused of Wasting $13 Billion on Failing War
British Legion Criticizes Results of Gulf War Illness Study
Former Australian Military Chief: Troops Should Leave Iraq Immediately
Kissinger Calls for International Conference on Iraq
The War at Home
Bush: Escaping Washington, but Not Escaping Iraq
Key Allies Turn on Wounded Bush Over Chaos in Iraq
Global Hawk to Fly First Mission Over US
Iraqi Money Trail May Lead to Murder
A Club They'd Love to Leave
Anti-Nuke Nuns May Face More Prison Time
Blood-Pouring Anti-Nuke Clowns Sent to Prison
US-Backed Afghan Army to Strike Taliban in Winter
Five Years After 'Victory,' Violence Dogs Afghanistan
Blair Scales Back Aims in Afghanistan as War Takes Its Toll
In Afghanistan's South, Mixed Signals for Help
Bomb Dogs Ease Workload in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Urges Regional Front Against Militants
Floods Keep Aid Workers Away From Afghanistan
Militants Kill 'US Spy' Cleric in Pakistan
Musharraf Calls for Afghanistan 'Marshall Plan' to Beat Taliban
Pakistan's Role in Fight Against Terror
US Sharing Nuclear Technology With India Seen as Step Toward Parity
India-China Ties at a Crossroads
China Says Military Expansion Needed for 'Territorial Integrity'
China and US Engage in Joint Navy Exercises
Okinawans Reject Anti-US Military Base Campaign
Key Issue for Okinawan Governor: US Bases
Bangladesh President Fails to Broker Deal With Opposition
Panic Hits Bangladesh Ahead of Transport Blockade
Bush Visits Now Bustling Symbol of US Defeat
Thousands in Indonesia Protest Bush Trip
Weekend Violence Kills 35 in Sri Lanka
30 Philippine Officers Face Trial in Coup Plot
Rights Group: Nepal Maoists Recruiting Despite Peace Deal
More Buddhists Killed in Thailand's Muslim South
As Iran Seeks Aid, Atom Agency Faces Quandary
Nations Meet on Denying Iran Nuclear Aid
Iran Summons Argentine Diplomat Over Bombing Row
Iran's Leader Seeks Ties With North Korea
Families Seek to Stop Iran Hanging Oil City Bombers
Iranian MPs Back Fingerprinting Americans on Entry
Cleric: Iran's Enemies Gunning for Students With Sex
Syrian Official, in Iraq, Offers Assistance
Syria Says Foreign Troops' Withdrawal Key to a Stable Iraq

Syrian Activist Jailed for 'False Information,' Insulting Assad
Israeli Army Chief Says He Forbade Cluster Bombs in Populated Areas, Vows Investigation
Hezbollah Chief Offers Choice Between Coalition or Elections
Hezbollah Raises the Stakes in Lebanon Political Crisis
Hezbollah Flags Mask Darker Mood in Lebanon Village
Palestinian Shields Foil Israeli Strikes
Palestinian Human Shields Give Israel Pause
Haniyeh: PA Unity Govt Depends on Lifting of Western Sanctions
Palestinian Shot for Protesting Israeli Army's Treatment of Women
Minister: Israel Should Declare 10-Day Cease-Fire in Gaza Strip
75-Year-Old Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza
Israeli Airstrike Wounds Nine in Gaza
Israeli Gunfire Hit a UN School in the Northern Gaza Strip
UN Agency: Two Schoolchildren Hurt by Stray Israeli Gunfire in Gaza
Israeli Missile Strikes Car in Gaza City
Hamas Seeks Guarantees on Ending Western Sanctions
Israel, Palestinians to Discuss Reopening of Rafah Crossing
Jordanian-Trained Unit Loyal to Fatah Prepares for Gaza Role
Poll: Most Palestinians Say Qassams Detrimental
Israeli Envoy Accuses France of Supporting Terror
Israeli Foreign Ministry: No One Authorized Envoy to Denounce France
Spanish FM: We Were Afraid Israel Would Thwart Peace Plan
What an Israeli Chief of Staff Should Have Known
Israel: No Drop in Recruits Who Want Combat Service
Mubarak Indicates Desire to Hold Presidency for Life
Mubarak Vows Reform but Islamists Skeptical
Amnesty International Decries Egypt's Detention for 19 Days of an Internet Blogger
Middle East
Kuwaiti Emir Denies Plan to Suspend Parliament
Bahrain 'to Crush Poll Criticism'
Islamic Leader Urges 'Greater Somalia'
Ethiopia Convoy Attacked in Somalia
New Offensive in North Darfur
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Visits Iran to Beef Up Ties
UK 'War on Terror'
Blair Indicates War on Terror Shift
Blair: Moderate Policies Defeat Terror
British AG Not Sure 90-Day Detentions Are a Good Idea
British Police Probe Ex-Spy's Poisoning
Russia & Her Neighbors
Intrigue Swirls in Ex-KGB Man’s Illness
Russia Has a Muslim Dilemma
US and Russia Sign Accord on WTO Membership
Georgia May Block Russia's WTO Bid
Cuba Inches Into the Internet Age
In Other News
Mercenaries: War Dogs Rebranded as 'Pussycats of Peace'

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