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Stay and Pray?: Ivan Eland
Stop Paying for Israel's Wall: Chris Hedges
Gates a Poor Choice: Charley Reese
Israel's Dangerous Game: Tony Karon
Time for Another Body Count in Iraq: S. Rampton

A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be...surer of the noose than a private homicide.
H. G. Wells

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Updated November 21, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Record Number Die in Iraq During Nov.
  US Leaning Toward Large, 'Temporary' Troop Increase in Iraq

Shi'ite Lawmaker Quits Govt After US Forces Pummel Sadr City

  US Air Strike on Sadr City Kills 5, Including Mother and Infant

Tuesday: 108 Iraqis Killed, 38 Injured

  PM Says Iraq's Problem Are Political, Not a Lack of Security
  Defense Minister Declares 'State of War' in Iraq
Lebanese Christian Leader Is Assassinated
Rising Price of the 'War on Terror'
  Think Tank: 'War on Terror' Could Last 30 Years or More
White House Brushes Off CIA Draft on Iran
  US Skeptical of Iranian Offer of Iran-Iraq-Syria Anti-Violence Summit
  Report: Israeli Spies Active in Iran
Military Data Reveal Tips on Antiwar Activities
Blair Warns Fight Against the Taliban Will Take Decades
Israel's Game Raises the Danger of a US-Iran War  by Tony Karon
Stop Paying for Israel's Wall
by Chris Hedges
Gates a Poor Choice
by Charley Reese
Blair's Iraq 'Disaster'  by Al Webb
Worse Than Tet  by Martin Sieff
Where's Cheney?  by Robert Kuttner

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US Wary of Iran, Syria Role in Iraq
Syria Overtures to Iraq Could Ease US Policy Shift
Bush Won't Commit to Iraq Troop Changes
Support Builds for Sunni Leader
UK Official: US 'Must Attend Friendly-Fire Inquests'
Italy Replaces Intel Chief Implicated in CIA, WMD Affairs
Blair: UK Defending Security of the World
Judge: FBI Must Correct Disclosures on Evacuation of Saudis After 9/11
Dead Lose Identity in Iraqi Morgues
Today in Iraq
US Says 100 Fighters a Month Enter Iraq From Syria
Comedian's Slaying Hikes Iraq Death Toll
Bloodshed Piles Pressure on Iraqi PM, Bush
Iraqi Ministers Clash Over Mass Kidnap
Iraqi, US Forces Raid Mosque in Shi'ite Bastion to Nab Kidnappers
Banned Iraqi Television Station Illicitly Back on the Air
Left Lonely by Killers: Iraqi Father Tells of Loss
Iraq: Life as a Street Seller – Dodging Bombs
Attacks Continue
Monday: 146 Iraqis Killed; 32 Wounded
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Gunmen Attack Iraq Deputy Minister, 2 Guards Dead
Two Professors Killed in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 21
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 20
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Resumes Diplomatic Ties With Syria
Stop Risking Our Lives, Said UK Soldier Days Before He Died
EU Tells Iraq That Death Penalty Ban Will Be Part of Talks
The War at Home
The Story Behind the Iraq Study Group
Former US Aides Suggest NATO Troops in North Iraq
House Panel Chair Pushes for Iraqi Army
Sen. Obama Urges Gradual Iraq Withdrawal
Two Charged With Broadcasting Hezbollah TV in New York
Iraq War Memorial Sets Tempers Ablaze
Calif. Court Says Bloggers Can't Be Sued for Repeating Libelous Comments
US Military
Army Monitors Soldiers' Blogs
Thousands Protest School of the Americas
Web Site Wants Every Name Listed of Those Killed in Iraq
Arguments to Begin in Soldier’s Conscientious Objector Case
'War on Terror'
Pressure Grows on US Rendition Policy
Germany Foils 'Plot' to Blow Up Airliner, but Releases Suspects
War in Iraq Could Turn Muslims to Terrorism, Says Reid
US: Iran Has Bioweapons, North Korea May Have Them, and Syria Did Research
Annan Seeks to Combat Biological Weapons
Reno, Former Justice Department Officials Criticize Bush Administration Terror Laws
Visitors to US 'Fear Border Checks More Than Terrorism'
FBI Opens New Dirty Bomb Lab
Blair Admits Afghanistan Error
Blair, in Kabul, Warns of Long Fight Against Taliban
Blair Calls for Afghanistan Reinforcements
Report: Afghanistan or Olympics: Canada Needs to Choose
In Afghanistan's South, Mixed Signals for Help
India Vows to Keep Workers in Afghanistan
Taliban Drug Trade: Echoes of Colombia
UK to Double Development Aid to Pakistan
BBC Reporter Missing in Pakistan
Blair Rules Out Intervention in Kashmir
Twin Bomb Blasts Kill 12 on Indian Train
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Open Road to Jaffna for Aid
Tigers Scoff at Sri Lanka Aid Offer as Political Gimmick
Sri Lanka Peace Mediators to Meet in Washington
Nepal Rebels Head to Camps in Peace Deal
Nepal Rebel Leader Says He Refused Aid From Pakistani ISI
Nepal Commission Wants King Punished
Nepal King Is Blamed for Deaths in Uprising
China Woos India and Pakistan With Nuclear Know-How
Abe Assures China's Hu That Japan Won't Go Nuclear
Poll: Japan Rejects Possession of Nuclear Weapons
China and India Aim to Heal Old Wounds
Putting Tajikistan on the Map
Blair Courts Kazakhstan, Borat Not on Agenda
UN Panel Kills Resolution on Abuses in Uzbekistan
What Will Declaring the Korean War Over Mean?
US Positive on Peace Treaty With North Korea
China Unfreezes North Korea Bank Accounts
Seoul Welcomes US Incentive to North Korea
EU Clamps Sanctions on North Korea
North Korea Blasts UN Resolution on Rights
US Urges IAEA to Deny Iran Reactor Aid
Iranian Militia Threatens Gulf if US Strikes
Iran Wants 60,000, Not 100,000, Centrifuges: Agency
Extremist Vying to Become Top Iranian Ayatollah
Prominent Shi'ite Cleric From Iraq Dies
Israel Admits Breaching Own Rules on Cluster Bombs
Envoy: Israeli and French Officials Meet on Lebanon Overflights
Hezbollah Stronger After War, Say Lebanese
US Backs Embattled Lebanese Prime Minister
Human Shield Volunteers Stump Israel
Talks on Palestinian Govt Said Suspended
Residents: Israeli Forces Launch Fresh Raids in Gaza
Israeli Minister Proposes International Force for Gaza
Israelis Support Large-Scale War in Gaza Strip
Hamas Announces Missile 'Upgrade'
Two Senior Hamas Operatives Killed in IAF Strike in Gaza Strip
Jericho: IDF Kills Youth Holding Toy Pistol
Gaza Suffering 'Massive' Rights Violations
Israeli General Demands Inquiry on Cluster Bomb Use
Israeli Army Seems Lax in Face of High Alert
Israeli FM: Syria Ordered Hamas Not to Release Captured Soldier
As Qassams Fall, Sderot Kids Don't Want to Go Home
Egyptian Police Find Explosives, Arms in Sinai
Egypt Arrests Another Blog Critic
Middle East
Shi'ite Bloc Worries US Middle East Allies
US Fears al-Qaeda Attack in Saudi Arabia
Yemen Opposition Editor Seeks Asylum in Britain
Condition of Former KGB Spy Worsens
US-Russia Rift Widening, Despite Pact
Bush Removes Sanctions on Russian Company
Russia Jails 'Pro-Rebel' Editor
Serbian PM Warns NATO Against Recognizing Kosovo
Kosovo Premier Warns Against Independence Delay
Serbian Government Locked on Amnesty
Two Alleged Mladic Aides Plead Not Guilty
Ex-Yugoslav Courts Take on More War Crime Cases
Observers: Sudanese Government Launching Major Offensive in North Darfur
Sudan, Egypt, Libya Have Darfur Summit on Tuesday
Sudan Hails New Peacekeeping Agreement
In War-Torn Sudan, Women Wage Peace
Ethiopia, Eritrea Reject Border Commission Proposal
Somali Puntland to Switch to Sharia
More Than 2,000 Flee Congo Clashes
Indonesian Protesters Tell Bush: You Are the Terrorist
Bush Shrugs Off Indonesia Protests
Fiji Commander Faces Arrest
Colombia Arrests Venezuela TV Reporter for Rebellion
Venezuela Officially Leaves Mexico-Colombia Trade Bloc
Morales Moves to Consolidate Bolivian Power
Yes, He Lost Mexico’s Vote, So He’s Swearing Himself In

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The Battle for Kosovo

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North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

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Good News From Gaza

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China's Little Capitalists

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