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Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?: Eland
Bringing Bush to Court: de La Vega/Engelhardt
Congress to Ponder Conscription?: Rep. Ron Paul
Is Putin Being Set Up?: Patrick Buchanan
We Must Do What?: Karen Kwiatkowski

Think of war as a game of Russian roulette. It is a game of chance with your life as the grand prize.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated November 28, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST

US Intel: Al-Qaeda Controls Western Iraq

  Iraq Descends Into Religious Civil War
  In Iraq, Slaughter Soon Seems to Be Part of Normal Life

Tuesday: 62 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed; 100 Iraqis Wounded


US Kills Five Young Girls, Baby in Ramadi Raid

  Iraq Parliament Bars Media as Tension Mounts
  Hezbollah Said to Help Shi'ite Army in Iraq

Bush: No Pullout Until Iraq a Stable Democracy

  Senators Pledge to End War Supplementals
  NBC Calls Iraq Conflict Civil War, at Odds With White House
  Party Lines Split Iraq Study Group Discussions
  Allies Not Waiting for New Strategy to Announce Iraq Withdrawals
  Thousands of British Troops May Stay in Iraq Until 2016

Suicide Bomber Hits Lebanon-Syria Border Post

  Olmert Offers 'Serious' Plan for New State
  IDF Kills 5 in Gaza as Qassams Continue
  Palestinians, Israelis Move to Strengthen Cease-Fire
Congress to Ponder Conscription?
by Rep. Ron Paul
Four Good Reasons Why Guantanamo Should Be Closed  by Joanne Mariner
'Kill Them! Kill Everyone!
All of Them!'
 by Uri Avnery
Is Putin Being Set Up?  by Patrick Buchanan
Bringing Bush to Court
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
Playing With Death in Lebanon
by Mark LeVine

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Iraq Militants Claim Downing of US Air Force Jet, Pilot Missing

US Can Do Little to Stop Civil War in Iraq, Experts Say
Anbar Picture Grows Clearer, and Bleaker
Bush to Pursue Fresh NATO Commitments
NATO Searches for Heavyweight Fixer to Break Afghan Deadlock
Armitage: Afghanistan May Destabilize Pakistan, India
Blix vs. Blair, Again – Over the UK's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Ahmadinejad Greets Visiting Iraqi President: Iran With Iraq in 'Good and Bad Times'
New Strategy for Civil War?
White House Says Iraq in 'New Phase' but Denies Civil War
Kofi Annan Says Iraq Close to Civil War
Turning Point: Media Starting to Describe Iraq Conflict as 'Civil War'
Bush Broadens Diplomatic Efforts on Iraq
Bush Asking Arab Friends for Iraq Help
Iraq Diplomacy: Enter the Saudis
A New House Democrat With an Insiders’ View of Iraq
How Iraq Panel Went From Obscure to High Profile
Sen. Biden Sets Benchmarks for Iraq Study Group
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Residents Tell of a Society Ripping Itself Apart
Slaughter in the Mosque: A New Terror for Iraqis
Iraqi Army Not Ready to Defend Fallujah
Iraq: Fighting Swords With Pens
Death Industry Provides a Living for Some Iraqis
Iraq Occupation
UK Official: Iraq Handover 'Not a Withdrawal'
Prodi: Last 70 Italian Soldiers to Leave Iraq by December 2
Poland to Leave Iraq by End of 2007
Iraq Wants UN Security Council Mandate
US Investigates F-16 Crash in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Monday: 109 Iraqis Killed, 70 Wounded
French Secret Service Agent Killed in Iraq
Insurgents Target Oil Sources, Cause Massive Infernos

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 28

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 27
Aussies in Iraq
Australian Security Expert Says Iraq 'Worse Than Vietnam'
Aussie PM Rejects SAS Officer's Iraq Criticism
Australian Government Escapes Censure in Iraq Bribes Report
Aussie Iraq Bribe Probe Indicts Officials
The War at Home
Senior Rice Aide Philip Zelikow Resigns From Post
Court Rejects NY Times on Leak Probe
Judge Reinstates Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Iraq Contractors
Writings Reveal Cautious Gates
Chicago Antiwar Protester Burns Himself to Death in Vain
Phil Donahue Makes Antiwar Film
Separate Truths
'Homeland Security'
Justice Department Begins Internal Review of Spying Program
Nuclear Plant Info Available to Public
Imams Stage Airport 'Pray-In' to Protest US Airways
US Military
Military Tests Nonfatal Ways to Halt Vehicles
Army Game 'Proves' US Can't Lose
Dutch Deny Differences With NATO Allies Over South Afghanistan
War on Drugs Strengthens Afghan Mafia
Canada's Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan
Four Civilians Working for US Military Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Two Canadian Soldiers Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Health Crisis Brewing in Isolated Nuristan Province
India, Pakistan Hold Talks, No Breakthrough Seen
India Carries Out Anti-Missile Test
FBI Looks to Boost Intelligence Ties With India
Pakistan's Arms-Trade Ambitions
Bangladesh to Hold Elections in January
Political Acrimony Taxes Bangladesh's Economy
China/North Korea
China Resumes Oil Exports to North Korea
US, Chinese Leaders Discuss North Korea, Darfur
Lawyers Cite Obstruction in 2nd Trial for Chinese Rights Advocate
China Jails Uighur Activist's Son
Tiger Leader: Tamil Statehood 'Is Only Option'
Myanmar Closes Red Cross Offices
Nepal Gives Maoists $1.3 Million for Housing
Thai Leaders to Relax Martial Law
Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hits a New Snag
Death of a Spy
Traces of Radioactive Poison Are Found in Russian Exile's Office
Dead Spy Linked to Yukos Breakup
UK Finds New Radiation Sites After Ex-Spy's Death
Britain Tracing Poison That Killed Spy
US Envoy: Iran Nears Nuclear Weapons
West Must Accept a Nuclear Iran: Guards Chief
US Ambassador Warns Georgia Against Iran Gas Deal
Peace Holding Along Israeli-Lebanon Border
In Lebanon, a Crisis for Christians
Lebanon Cabinet Seeks to Create Tribunal
Ad Blitz Satirizes Lebanon's Divides
Lebanon Farmers Hardest Hit by Summer War
Syria Accuses Israel of Building Dam in Golan to Secure Water
UN Criticizes Israel for Golan Heights Annexation
Olmert Speech Intended to Promote West Bank Withdrawal
Olmert Puts Peace on Table to Free Soldier
Olmert Says He's Ready to Free Jailed Palestinians
Rockets Prompt Change in IDF Rules of Engagement
Poll: Israelis Pick Netanyahu as PM Instead of Olmert
Palestine Times Launched in West Bank

New Palestinian Paper Hopes to Win Israeli Readers

Bodies of Smugglers Found in Gaza-Egypt Tunnel
Hamas Sacks Mayor Who Met Israelis
Awaiting Pope, Turkey Is Unsure About Ties to West
Why Turks Are Not Pleased to See the Pope
Papal Visit Draws 20,000 Protesters in Istanbul
Pope's Fence-Mending Trip
Allure of Islam Signals a Shift Within Turkey
Turkey's EU Hopes Are Hit Again as Talks Break Down
US, Turkey Hold Military Exercise
Alarm at Shi'ite Gains in Bahrain's Elections
Islamists: Letters That Sparked US Somalia Alert Fake
Kenya Denies Ethiopian, US Troops in North Near Somalia
Somali Islamic Union Orders 'Unauthorized' Weapons Handover
Severe Flooding Jeopardizes Somali Villagers
Rebel Leader: Sudan Still Backing Janjaweed
Sudan Rebels Attack Oil Field
Rebels Leave as Chad Retakes City
Chad: Desert Nation Encircled by Conflict
DR Congo
UN Repels Dissidents in DR Congo
Congo Court Rejects Vote Fraud Claims
Central African Rebels Claim Town
Sierra Leone: Tinderbox?
Russia Energy Clout Worries West

Russia Youth Group Raids Outdoor Markets Looking for Foreigners

Estonian Leader Voices Worry Over Russia
Belarus Threatens to Close Newspaper
Orange Revolution's Foe Transformed in Ukraine
In Vineyards, a German 'Dr. Strangelove' Secret
UN Mission Raises Kosovo Security
Serb Nationalist Punished for Trial Boycott
Ecuador's Correa Says He Won't Renew Lease for US Military Base
Leftist Economist Wins Ecuador Presidency, Plans Radical Reforms
Latin Left's Latest Victory: Ecuador
Pinochet Indicted for 1973 Executions
US Seeks Relationship With Ortega
Peru: Shining Path Leader Offers Truce
Argentine Torture Site to Become Museum

Justin Raimondo
The Nuking of Alexander Litvinenko

Ivan Eland
Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Doug Bandow
Who Decides on War With Iran?

Charles Peña
Worse Than Staying the Course

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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