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Debacle in Iraq Has Neocon Roots: Justin Logan
Two Pair of Twos: Charles Peña
Neocons Move to Preempt Report: Jim Lobe
It's Happening Again: Norman Solomon
Berezovsky & the Bizarro Effect: Justin Raimondo

A man who kills on his own is a murderer. A man who kills at his government's request is a national hero.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated December 6, 2006 - 9:19 PM EST

Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law

Iraq Report Calls Situation 'Grave, Deteriorating'

Iraq Study Group Report (.pdf)


'This Is Unfair' Say Iraqis on US Panel Threat


Iraq Group Co-Chair: War Cost Could Top $1 Trillion


Neocons Move to Preempt Baker Report


Bush Calls Iraq Report One Among Many Ideas

Top Dem Wants 30,000 More Troops in Iraq
  Democratic Leaders Rule Out Iraq Funds Cutoff
11 GIs, 78 Iraqis Killed in Wednesday Attacks

Tuesday Slaughter Kills 191 Iraqis, 3 GIs

  Civil War? No, That'll Be Much Worse, Iraqis Say
  Shi'ite Leader Sees No Role for Iraq's Neighbors
White House Rules Out Talks With Iran
  World Powers Again Fail to Reach Iran Accord
  Iran: Sanctions Would Be Act of Hostility

Taliban Repel British Assault in S. Afghanistan


Suicide Bomber Hits US Security Firm in Afghanistan, 8 Dead

The Pavlovian State
(You Are the Dog)
 by Lew Rockwell
What Will the Democrats Do About Their War Mandate?  by Brian Doherty
The US Has a History of Using Torture  by Alfred W. McCoy
It's Happening Again  by Norman Solomon
Is Any War Civil?  by Sheldon Richman
The Dream Palace of the Bushies
by Blake Hounshell

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Iraq War Is Clearly Key Issue for Americans

US Ambassador to Iraq Likely to Take UN Post

Iraq: One by One, They Tell the Truth

In Iraq, It's Hard Being a Woman
US Unlikely to Sentence Soldiers to Death in Wartime

Italy Prosecutors Want Kidnap Trial for CIA Agents

Official Iraq War Costs Don't Tell the Whole Story

US Offers North Korea Aid for Dropping Nuclear Plans

Gates Says the US Is Not Winning in Iraq; White House Spokesman Disagrees
Iraq Today

Sectarian Violence Tears Baghdad Into Two Parts

Maliki Wants Regional Conference on Stabilizing Iraq

Assyrian Christians 'Most Vulnerable Population' in Iraq

Fallujah's City Council Battles to Hold Its Ground

Saddam: I Don't Want to Be at Trials Anymore

Despite Turmoil, Iraq Competes at Asian Games

As War Ravages Baghdad, City’s Ambulance Workers Must Pick Up the Pieces

Iraq Attacks Continue
Tuesday: 191 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed

Attack in Baghdad Kills 13 Shi'ite Mosque Employees

Three US Soldiers Killed, Six Wounded in Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 6

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 5

Occupying Iraq

Bush Tells Shi'ite Leader US 'Isn't Satisfied'

US Road Crews in Iraq Move in at Night to Repair Damage Caused by Bombings

Training of Iraqis Proves Easier Said Than Done

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,906

At Least 5 Marines Are Expected to Be Charged in Haditha Deaths

The War at Home

Bush to Get Early Word on Iraq Study Group Report

Iraq Panel Likened to Vietnam 'Wise Men'

White House Seeks to Keep Iraq Expectations in Check

Bush Carries on Confusingly

Review Says Army Botched Friendly-Fire Case

85-Year-Old Antiwar Protester Faces Stiff Sentence for Political Protests

Congress Votes to Save WWII-Era Internment Camps

US Military

US Admiral Takes Persian Gulf Command

New Weapon, Human Tests

Air Force Insists Anti-Crowd Radiation Weapon Probably Doesn't Cause Cancer

'War on Terror'

New York Times Asks Judge to Dismiss Anthrax Libel Lawsuit

Furor Over 'Terror Scores' for Airline Travelers

Jet Diverted Due to Passenger Flatulence

Open-Source Spying

The US Counterterror Nerve Center

Civil Liberties Board Has First Session

US Seeks to Make Stolen Nukes Useless


Gitmo Aussie's Lawyers Launch Action Against Howard Administration

Kuwait Appeal Court Overturns Conviction of Former Guantánamo Prisoner

Uighurs Held in Guantánamo in 'Political Deal' With China


NATO: 2 Reporters Missing in Afghanistan

Pentagon Resists Pleas for Help in Afghan Opium Fight

British Soldier Killed, Another Wounded in Afghanistan: Official

In Pictures: Ordinary Afghans Struggle to Survive


Pakistan May Give Up Claim on Kashmir

Lockheed Gets $144 Million Deal for Pakistan F-16s

South Asia

House Backs Iran Condition on India Nuclear Deal

Heavy Fighting in East Sri Lanka


Over 150 Rebels Killed in Recent Congo Fighting

Warlord's Troops Reignite Congo Fighting


Sudan Rejects UN 'Colonization' Forces

Sole Rebel Signatory to Darfur Peace Deal Warns of Return to War After Militia Attack

Sudan: Darfur Militias Battle a Rebel Faction

South Sudan Leader Warns Militias


Gates: Attacking Iran or Syria Would Worsen Iraq Violence

Gates Wins Unanimous Senate Committee Approval as Defense Secretary

Senators Praise Gates as a Welcome Change

Former CIA Officials on Gates

The Nomination Hearing for Robert M. Gates

Gates Concerned That Some Allies Shunning Dangerous Areas in Afghanistan

Profile of Robert M. Gates


Iran Urges Arabs to Eject US Military

Gates: Iran Lying, Seeks Nuclear Weapons

Report: Israel, Iran Holding Secret Debt Talks

Ahmadinejad Warns EU Against UN Measures


South Lebanon Cluster Bomb Death the 25th Since War Ended

Army Commander Warns of Lebanese Unrest

Lebanese Factions Interpret Popular Play Differently

Israeli Report Accuses Hezbollah of Using Civilians as Human Shields

With Street Protests, Hezbollah Gambles in Quest for Dominance

Expats Dismiss Civil War Fears as Standoff Continues

Poll: Lebanese Blame Israel, US for Recent War

Israel's War at Home

Peretz Urges Israel to Prepare for Non-Conventional Attack

Israel Meets With PR Executives About 'Re-Branding'

Israeli Think-Tank's Report Aims to Rebuff War Crimes Allegations

Israel Minister Wants Pre-1967 Borders Shown in Textbooks

Rabbi Forbids Students From Using Textbooks With Pre-1967 Maps


Official Worries US Talks With Iran, Syria Could Isolate Israel

Israel Orders Army to Avoid 'Unnecessary Friction' as Troops Kill Palestinian Civilian

Abbas Seeks New Formula for Unity Government

Israeli FM: Sanctions Against Hamas Starting to Work

Israeli Troops Raid Ramallah

Middle East

Gunfight at US Embassy in Yemen

Jordan, Israel, PA to Launch Study Into Dead Sea Canal


Russia Won't OK Extradition in Spy Case

Moscow Restricts British Police Investigating Ex-Spy's Death

British Police Begin Investigating Poisoning Case in Moscow

Canadians to Deport 'Russian Spy'

Russia Upgrades Nuclear Missiles


US Seeks Custody of Convicted Marine in Philippines

US, Philippines Apply 'Soft Power' Against Militants


Deposed Fiji PM Calls for Resistance to Coup

World Denounces Fiji Military Coup

Fiji's Military Faces Sanctions After Seizing Power From PM


Russia's Kosovo Veto Stuns US Envoy

Arkansas National Guard Unit Returns From Kosovo


Spain Reopens Iraq Cameraman Killing Probe

Finnish PM: EU Backs Plan on Turkey

From Paris, With Edge: French 'CNN' Beams New View


Somali 'PM' Says War Is Unavoidable

Number of Somali Refugees Voyaging to Yemen Doubles


Not All Venezuelans Share Chávez's Dream

Chávez Salutes Vote Rival for Averting Bloodbath


Cubans Kept in the Dark About Castro's Health


Justin Raimondo
Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect

Charles Peña
Two Pair of Twos

Ivan Eland
The Coming Clash
Over Iraq Policy

Alan Bock
Sense and Stubbornness

Doug Bandow
Uncle Sam and His Hostile Latin Relations

Praful Bidwai
China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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