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We Can't Wait for 2008: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Limits of Invasion Journalism: John Pilger
ISG Report Faces Uncertain Future: Jim Lobe
Republic Takes Another Hit: Ray McGovern

Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated December 8, 2006 - 9:18 PM EST
Bush Rejects Key Points in Iraq Report

Chairmen: Iraq Report Can't Be Used Piecemeal


Pentagon Generals Condemn Plan as 'Unrealistic'

  Iraq Study Group Report Faces Uncertain Future

Troops Don't See Policy Changes Until After Presidential Election

Iraqis: US Strike Kills 32 in Families, Children
  Saudis Reportedly Funding Iraqi Sunnis
  Friday: 109 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 37 GIs Killed in First Week of December
Bush, Blair Split Over Talks With Iran and Syria
Gates Confirms Israel Has Nukes
  Israel to Keep Mum on Nuclear Weapons Capacity
  Israel Disputes Connection to Iraq Turmoil
Not What the American or Iraqi People Want  by William H. Arkin
Republic Takes Another Hit at Gates Hearing  by Ray McGovern
Setting the Limits of Invasion Journalism  by John Pilger
No Middle Ground  by Spencer Ackerman
Assessing the 2008 Presidential Candidates  by David Corn
Beating Off the Rescue Party
by Sidney Blumenthal

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Senate Votes to Confirm Gates as Defense Secretary

Democrats Promise Months of Hearings on Iraq

'Forward' - Bush's New Favorite Word?

Recommendations Could Stretch Special Ops

Prosecutors Move to Block Padilla's Questioning of Pentagon

Congress to Keep Alive Iraq Inspector General's Office

Guantánamo General Sworn in as NATO Military Chief

Bush and Blair Defend Need for Iraq 'Victory'
Bush and Blair Meet

Was There a Small Chill in the Space Between the Two Leaders?

Blair Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Bush and 'Realists' on Iraq Strategy

Text From Bush-Blair News Conference

Baghdad on the Brink

Mistrustful Baghdadis Keep One Eye Open at Night

Violence, Inflation Eat Into Baghdad Stores

Battle for Baghdad Spurs 'Sectarian' House Market

Schools Out as Baghdad Bloodshed Kills Education

Baghdad, a City on the Brink

Iraq Today

Eight Iraq Oil Smugglers Killed in Pipeline Fire

Oil Groups Dream of Day They Can Enter Iraq

Partial Recovery for Iraq Marshes

Prisoners Released From Iraqi Prisons Said to Be Traumatized

Turkish Doctors Open Hospital in Northern Iraq

Uneasy Havens Await Those Who Flee Iraq

Occupying Iraq

$8 Billion Spent a Month Leaves No Money to Clean Toilets

Congressman: Marines Will Likely Be Charged Over Haditha Massacre

US Commander Warns Against 'Rushing' in Iraq Training

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,922

Iraq Attacks Continue
Thursday: 57 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded

Two Professors Among Thursday Dead in Iraq

US Says Forces Attack Ramadi Building, Kill 14 Rebels

Psychiatrist Who Treated Iraqi Distress Shot Dead

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 8

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 7

Aussie Iraq Fallout

Australia Spurns US on New Iraq Role

Howard: Iraq Going Badly

The War at Home

A New Chief at the Pentagon

Rep. Kucinich Slams Dems for Supporting Big Iraq Spending Hike

GOP Prez Hopeful Tells AP Iraq Should Be Split

US Sailor Is Sentenced to 12 Years for Espionage

Suit by Iraqis and Afghans Claims Rumsfeld Ordered Torture

US Military Bases, Families Bearing Brunt of War

Army Deserter Begins West Coast Speaking Tour Against Iraq War

Episcopalian Leader Arrested During SF Antiwar Protest

Affiliation With a Gang Isn't a Crime Under Military Law

UK War at Home

Britain: Ex-Army Chief Issues Iraq Warning

Blair Faces Protests Over Refusal to Have Iraq Debate

'War on Terror'

US to Check for Radiation in 6 Ports

DHS Passenger Scoring Illegal?

US Port Security Unlikely to Stop Nuclear Material: Experts

Report: Britain Most at Risk From al-Qaeda Attack

Egypt Deports 10 Suspected Islamists to Belgium


Kandahar Suicide Blast Kills Two

Public Optimism Fades in Afghanistan

Karzai Says 'Terrorism' Undermining Relations With Pakistan

Kandahar Worships on the Graves of Taliban Fighters

South Asia

Sri Lankan School Shelled

Pakistan Intel Agent Held Over 'Bomb'

Nepal Mulls Using Retired Gurkhas in Peacekeeping Role


Expelled UN Envoy Returns to Sudan for Handover

Janjaweed Ditches Horseback to Launch Attacks From 4x4s

CAR, Chad Refugees Spill Into East Cameroon


Somalis Threaten to Fight UN Invasion

UN Resolution Angers Somali Islamists

Is the Horn of Africa on the Brink of War?

Iraq Study Group Report

Iraq Report's Proposals Split Congress

Senators Challenge Feasibility of Iraq Plans

Iraq Panel Chiefs Seek Support of Congress

A Turning Point for a Panel: 4 Harrowing Days in Iraq

Feingold Says Iraq Report 'Completely Misses the Point'

Iraq Report Recommendations Optimistic: Analyst

Dueling Views on Diplomacy Pit Baker Against Rice

ISG: Iraq

Can They All Get Along in Iraq? Despite the Report, Maybe They Can’t

Politicians in Iraq Debate Impact Report Might Have

Iraqis Say Report Offers Little Hope

Iraq: Fighters Welcome Report That Advises Withdrawal of US Troops

Kurdish Leader Blasts Iraq Group's Report

ISG: Iran-Syria

Syria and Iran Willing to Help US in Iraq, but Will Want Concessions

Syria Praises Iraq Report's Emphasis on Mideast Peace

Iran Has Limited Influence in Iraq

Iran, Syria Wary of Proposed US Diplomacy

ISG: Middle East

Arab World Welcomes Iraq Study Group Report

ISG Proposals Draw Sharply Divided Reactions in Mideast


Palestinian PM Set for First Iran Visit

Congress Bans Official Talks With Hamas Govt

Former Gaza Farmers Settle in Golan

Poll: Israelis Back Ceasefire in Gaza Strip

Another Day, a New Flag for a Village

Abbas Looks for Way to Ease Hamas Out

Special PLO Committee to Urge Abbas to Call Early Elections

American Jews Squirm Over Extremist Israeli Politician's Visit


Hezbollah Chief Vows 'No Surrender' in Lebanon Protest

Nasrallah Repeats Vow to Topple Premier but Forswears Civil War

Hezbollah Leader Accuses Siniora of Working With Israel During War

Lebanese Army Chief Urges Troops to Remain Neutral

Analysts: US Policy at Root of Effort to Topple Lebanese Government

Palestinian Refugees Want No Part of Another Lebanese War

UN Speaks of Arms Movements on Syria-Lebanon Border

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Police Die in Jeddah Clash

In Riyadh, 'Saudi Jeans' and Calls to Prayer

Central Asia

Kyrgyz President Wants to Revoke US Troops' Immunity After Civilian Slaying

Trial to Put Spotlight on US Support for Kazakhstan

Southeast Asia

Human Rights Watch Criticizes India for Aiding Myanmar's Military

Terror Attacks Feared in Philippines

East Asia

Fiji Coup Leader Struggling to Find Support

North Korea: US Has Nukes in South Korea

Rise of Far Right Leads to Fear and Mistrust for Japan's Neighbors


Kagame: French PM, Not I, Supported Rwanda Genocide

Gunmen Attack Nigerian Oil Installation, Take Three Italian Hostages

US Indicts Liberian Taylor's Son for Torture

Ethiopian Soldiers Defect to Eritrea

Russia Spy Intrigue

Russia Opens Criminal Case on Litvinenko Death

Seven London Bar Workers Test Positive for Radiation

Litvinenko Contact in a Coma


Turkey 'Will Open Up to Cyprus'


Colombia Militias Call Off Disarmament Pact

Mexico Leader Swiftly Embraces Policies of His Leftist Opponent


Justin Raimondo
We Can't Wait for 2008

Doug Bandow
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The Coming Clash
Over Iraq Policy

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Sense and Stubbornness

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China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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