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Nice Try, Daddy: Alan Bock
Impunity and Immunity: Greenberg/Engelhardt
Democrats Let Gates Slide: Aaron Glantz
None Dare Call It Treason: Mark Rothschild
Remember Pearl Harbor: Gordon Prather

All government wars are unjust.
Murray Rothbard
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Updated December 10, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Weakened Bush Still Calls Shots on War
  Iraqi President Calls Panel’s Report 'An Insult to the People of Iraq'
  Pulling Out Combat Troops Would Still Leave 75% of Forces in Iraq
  New Pentagon Plan at Odds With Iraq Study Group's
  White House Calls Baker Iraq Study Group’s Proposals Impractical
Secret US Talks With Insurgents Break Down
  Rogue TV Tells Sunnis 'To Eat Shi'ites for Lunch'
  Shi'ites Rout Sunni Families in Mixed Area of Baghdad
  Photos Confirm Child Deaths in US Raid
  Sunday: At Least 104 Killed in Iraq Attacks
2 Million Protest Lebanese Government
UK: Christmas Terror Attack 'Highly Likely'
  UK Police Told: Buy Masks for Dirty Bomb Attack
Former Chile Dictator Pinochet Dies
Olmert Wants 'Dramatic Measures' Against Iran
  Iran Expands Uranium Enrichment Program
4 Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
  Taliban Will Fight Through the Winter, Warns UK Commander
  Taliban Says Might Join Afghan Tribal Peace Talks
  CIA Is Undermining British War Effort, Say Military Chiefs
Impunity and Immunity
by Karen Greenberg and Tom Engelhardt
The Iraq Study Group: None Dare Call It Treason  by Mark Rothschild
The Iraq Study Group's Very Bad Idea  by John Nichols
A Civil War – and Worse  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Becoming What We Despise  by Robert Scheer
Remember Pearl Harbor  by Gordon Prather

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Cornered US Military Takes to Desperate Tactics in Iraq
Rumsfeld Makes Secret Farewell Trip to Iraq
Iraq’s Biggest Failing: There Is No Iraq
Training Iraqis May Pose Risks for US
Hawks Bolster Skeptical President
Like the Nation, Military Families Divided on Iraq
US Has Most Prisoners in World and Highest Rate of Incarceration
Palestinian President to Call Early Elections
Iraq Insurgents’ Bombmaking Gets More Lethal
Iraq Study Group
Iraq Report Casts Military as War-Weary
Bush Ready to Change 'Tactics,' Not Goals
Bush Reiterates Opposition to 'Precipitous' Withdrawal From Iraq
Panel Response Mirrors Iraqi Divisions
Report on Iraq Exposes Divide Within GOP
Dems, Bush Each Find Their Views Confirmed in Iraq Report
After Baker, What Next for the War in Iraq?
Today in Iraq
Angry Iraqis Bury Victims of US Airstrike
Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos
Tribal Leaders Detained in Southern Iraqi City
Saddam's Nephew Escapes Prison in Iraq
In Dangerous Iraq, Judges Shun the Camera
Iraqi Politicians Demand Better Security From US Forces in Iraq's Most Violent Region
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 59 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed; 38 GIs Killed in 9 Days of December
Suicide Car Bomb Kills 7, Wounds 44 in Kerbala Market
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,930
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 10
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 9
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan Defense Chief Admits Tokyo Backed Iraq Attack
Iraqi Official Urges Iran, Syria to Secure Borders
Jordan, Syria May Close Borders to Iraqi Refugees
Germany's Merkel Advocates 'Comprehensive Diplomatic Initiative' Over Iraq
US Military
Rumsfeld Recalls His Low Point: Prisoner-Abuse Cases in Iraq
A Missile Defense System Is Taking Shape in Alaska
Top Air Force Lawyer Had Been Disbarred
Army Ranger Robs Bank, Alleges Systematic War Crimes
Pentagon: No Evidence of War Crimes by Arrested Former Army Ranger in Iraq or Afghanistan
UK Military
UK Govt-Backed Muslim Group Encourages Youths to Join British Army and Become Martyrs
British Army Hopes School Recruitment Drive Sparks Interest
Britain 'Tried to Keep Iraq Army'
Wounded UK Soldiers to Get Millions in Compensation After Govt Ruling
Killed in Action: Death of UK Marine Raises Questions
Americans Keep Dying
Marysville (WA) Soldier Dies in Texas From Wounds Suffered in Iraq in November
Family Finds Fallen Longwood (FL) Soldier's Girlfriend and Infant Daughter
Her Dreams Crushed the Very Day Engagement Ring Arrives (NY)
Mother Had Premonition Night Before Son (ND) Died in Afghanistan
Minden (LA) Soldier Killed Just Days After Returning From Holiday Leave
Navy Corpsman From Colorado Is Killed in Action in Iraq
Marine From Rural Wisconsin Killed in Iraq
Marine's Character, Honor Recalled (VA)
Fallen Soldier (NY) 'The Kind of Kid You Want Representing Your Country'
Iraq Blast Kills Soldier; Iowa Parents Grieve Loss of Son
Bomb Blast Kills Louisiana Soldier Serving in Iraq
'Real Special Man' Killed on 3rd Tour in Iraq (FL)
Red Lake Falls (MN) Guardsman Dies in Iraq
Dad Says Son 'Much Braver Than I Am' (MN)
Luke AFB Community Rallies to Support Downed Pilot's Family (AZ)
Copter Crash Kills Air Force Officer (MS)
Amarillo (TX) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Delaware Soldier Killed by Road Bomb in Iraq
Kentucky Marine Killed in Iraq on Second Tour
Minnesota Guardsman 'Was a Gifted Musician'
'Through His Actions, He Gave His Life for Others.' (PA)
Soldier From the Bronx (NY) Dies While Serving in Iraq
Army Deep-Sea Diver (OH) With Ties to Florida Killed in Iraq
Local Hero Honored by Community (Guam)
Finger (TN) Special Forces Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash
Killed in Afghanistan, High Desert Soldier Remembered (CA)
Livingston (AL) Soldier Latest Alabama Bomb Death in Iraq
Marine From Virginia Beach (VA) Dies in Iraq Chopper Crash
Lockport (IL) Man Dies in Iraq, Father Told
Michigan Marine Killed Near Fallujah
Iran Offers to Help US Withdraw From Iraq
Iran Sets Conditions for Talks With US on Iraq
Europeans Limit Scope of Iran Nuclear Resolution
Experts: Iran Can Help End Iraq Crisis
Lebanon's President Refuses to Endorse Hariri Tribunal Accord, Returns It to the Cabinet
Lebanon Braces for More Anti-Government Protests
Rally Will Crank Up Pressure on Lebanon Govt
Lebanon's Shi'ites Grapple With New Feeling of Power
Israel Warns of al-Qaeda Attack on Lebanon Peacekeepers
Abbas May Call Palestinian Vote, but Hamas Says He Lacks the Power
Early Elections a Coup Against Democracy, Hamas Says
Olmert 'Willing to Discuss' International Forces in Gaza
Two Palestinian Guards Hurt in Clashes at Gaza Parliament
Israeli Official: Tutu May Be Denied Entry Over 'Problematic' Human Rights Agenda
Amnesty Calls for Mideast Monitors
Israel's Missile Dilemma
Middle East
Saudi King: Arab World Waiting to Explode
Interview With al-Jazeera Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Sheikh
Turkey Seizes Ten 'al-Qaeda' Suspects
Egypt to Release Two Top Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
Russian Spy Intrigue
Russian Poisoning Saga Widens to Germany
US and Foreign Regulators Consider Tightening Controls on Deadly Polonium-210
Two Women Teachers Among Seven Killed in Afghan Violence
Karzai: Attacks Wearing Thin on Afghans
Sacked Afghan Leader Blames 'Opium Mafia'
Taliban Seize US Cash From Locals to Fuel Jihad
1,100 Arizona National Guard Troops Leaving for Afghanistan
Key Taliban Commander Arrested in Afghanistan
Five Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Congress OKs US-Indian Nuke Fuel Bill
Interests Drive US to Back a Nuclear India
Indian, US Officials Welcome Nuke Deal
Pakistan Tests Ballistic Missile
Sri Lanka
Tigers Say 45 Killed in Sri Lanka as Norway's Peace Bid Fails
Ethnic Sinhalese Flee Sri Lanka Fighting
China Stays Out of Taiwan's Voting
International Peace Monitors to Leave Aceh for Good

Bangladesh Calls in Army Ahead of Elections

US, Russia Butt Heads Over Kosovo Area
Years After War in Kosovo, Land Mines Scar Albania
Czech Leader Still Hunts for Government
Fiji Coup Chief Runs Ads to Fill Cabinet
Fiji Troops Pursue Crackdown on Opposition to Coup
Deposed Fiji PM Seeks Dialogue
Second Day of Clashes in Somalia
Clashes Fuel Fears of War in Horn of Africa

Somalia's Islamist Leader Acquitted

A Victim's View of Darfur
The Rape of Darfur
Chadian Rebels Claim to Have Killed 100 Govt Soldiers
On the Run as War Crosses Another Line in Africa
South American Leaders Aim for EU-Like Body
US Denies Threat on Haitian Aid, Visas
'War on Terror'
Britain Starts to Drop US Term 'War on Terror,' Report Says
German Court Asked to Pursue 9/11 Clues
Traveler Data Program Defied Ban, Critics Say
Australian AG: Likely Hicks Will Be Charged Next Year

Justin Raimondo
We Can't Wait for 2008

Alan Bock
Nice Try, Daddy

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
NATO's Poisoned Chalice

Charles Peña
Two Pair of Twos

Ivan Eland
The Coming Clash
Over Iraq Policy

Praful Bidwai
China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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