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War Without End: Engelhardt/Schwartz
Baker a Match for AIPAC?: Paul Craig Roberts
US Ever More Pessimistic on Iraq: Jim Lobe
US Weighed Sunni Offer on Militias: Gareth Porter
A Way Forward, a Look Back: Robert Parry

The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.
James Madison
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Updated December 14, 2006 - 9:18 PM EST
Bush to Seek $100 Bln More for War

Pentagon Seeks to 'Double Down' Troop Boost in Iraq

  US #2 in Iraq Pleads for More Time and Money
  US Denies Saudis Threatened to Back Iraqi Sunnis
  Bush Says Won't Be Rushed Into Iraq Decision

Democrats Plan to Tighten Reins on Iraq Spending

Thursday: 110 Iraqis Killed, Dozens Kidnapped

  Wednesday: 123 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed
  More Than 800,000 Iraqi Refugees May Be in Syria

Air Force Gen.: War on Terror to Go for 100 Years


Terror Fears as Blind Sheikh Faces 'Medical Emergency'

2/3 of Americans Oppose Interventionism

Florida Senator Defies Bush, Visits Syria

US: 2,100 Afghan Militants Killed Since Sept.
War Without End
by Tom Engelhardt and Michael Schwartz
Counting Our Casualties in Iraq
by Nicholas von Hoffman
Is James Baker a Match for AIPAC?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Bush's 'New Way Forward' Is Into Quicksand  by Joseph L. Galloway
Death by Consensus  by Sheldon Richman
Musical Chairs in Baghdad  by Martin Sieff
Neo Culpa  by David Rose
The Great Writ, Rewritten
by Gerald J. Russello

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US Public Ever More Pessimistic on Iraq War
Sunni Groups: US Weighed Offer to 'Clean Up' Militias

Saudi Royal Family, Govt Split on Iraq

Joint Chiefs Advise Shift to Support Role in Iraq

Iraq Study Group Report Already an Orphan

Death Penalty Dropped in Iraq Rape-Murder Case

US Defends Its Opposition to Ban on Weapons in Space

Experts: Islamic Caliphate a Dream, Not Reality
Iraq Today

New Security Plan for Iraq

Top Jordanian, Iraqi Officials Meet

Iraqis Risk Their Lives in Desperate Bid for Work

Four Iraq Abductees 'Still Alive'

Showdown Highlights Cleric's Tenuous Grip on Power

Red Cross Facilitating Contact Between Iraqi Detainees, Families

Iraq Soccer Success Brings Rare Moment of Joy, Unity

Family, Friends Bury Slain AP Cameraman

Lebanese Oil Company Clinches Lucrative Deal to Build Refinery in Iraqi Kurdistan

Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 123 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed

Bomb Kills Four Near Shi'ite Mosque in Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 14

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 13

Occupying Iraq
Rumsfeld Says Military Victory Not Possible in Iraq

Rumsfeld, Gates Both Having Say on Iraq

British Troops to Be 'Out of Basra Soon'

UK Foreign Secretary: We Need to Reassess Iraq Policy

US Military Says Speeding Up Training Iraqi Forces

Bush, Kurds Discuss Iraq Strategy

Marine Becomes Highest-Ranking Female Servicemember Killed in Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,939

The War at Home

Former CNN News Chief to Launch Iraq News Site

Iraq and the Wilting of Flower Power

ACLU Backs Toledo Homeowner in Dispute Over Antiwar Signs

Memorial Can't Keep Pace With War Dead

Kucinich to Run on Antiwar Platform

Troops Sue to Avoid Anthrax Vaccines

US Subpoena Is Seen as Bid to Stop Leaks


Federal Judge Dismisses Case: US Courts Have No Jurisdiction Over Gitmo Detainees

Hicks' Dad 'Disgusted' by US Decision

Judge Sets Back Guantánamo Detainees

'War on Terror'

Bush's Antiterror Tactics Unite Liberals, Some Conservatives

Terror Case Shows Bush, Libertarian Rift

'04 Pentagon Report Cited Detention Violations

FBI Terror Expertise Papers to Come Out

Charges Drop Against 'Key' Suspect in UK Airline Bomb Plot

Five Years Since 9/11, Arab Americans Still Live in Fear

Group Urges US Muslims to Report Discrimination En Route to Hajj

Reyes Scoffs at Errors on Terror Test, Plans to Learn

Expert: Data-Mining Won't Catch the Terrorists, Will Hurt Privacy

State Dept: Terrorists, Enemy Nations May Attack US Satellites

Federal Judge Asked to Decide if Padilla Is Competent for Trial


Karzai Says Pakistan Wants to Enslave Afghanistan

Pakistan Official: Unfair We're Blamed for Afghan Troubles

Family: Afghans Killed by US Weren't Terrorists

British Pilot Diverts Bomb at Last Minute, Avoids Killing Afghan Women and Children

Canadian Troops Accidentally Kill Afghan Civilian

Afghanistan Struggles for Justice on Road to Reconciliation

Afghan Women Saving Mothers' Lives

Painful Search for Pakistan's Disappeared

South Asia

Sri Lanka Vows to Flush Out Tigers, Civilians Flee Fighting

Nepal Leaders, Maoists in New Talks on Constitution

Rights Group Urges Bangladesh Military to Remain Neutral Ahead of Vote

Russia and Her Neighbors

KGB Influence 'Soars Under Putin'

Putin Turns on Close Ally Belarus

Israel's Nukes...?

Israeli Officials Struggle to Contain Damage From Nuclear Blunder

Peres: Israel Should Remain Ambiguous on Nukes

EU Wants Olmert to Clarify Nuclear Slip

Why Israel Maintains Nuclear Ambiguity

Iran, Arabs Demand UN Action Over Israeli Nukes

Prodi Performs for Olmert

Italy's Prodi: No Right of Return for Palestinians

Olmert Seeks Italy's Support Against Iran

Israeli TV Catches Olmert 'Coaching' Italian PM

Trouble in Gaza

Palestinian Gunmen Kill Hamas Commander

Tit-for-Tat Killings Raise Gaza Tensions

Gaza Tensions Escalate: Grenade Thrown at Hamas Rally

Israel's Informers - Real and Imagined

Israelis Accused of Vandalizing Gaza Airport

Israeli Troops Kill Gaza Gunman Near Border


Israeli Court Cites Security Fears to Justify Land Grab

South Africa Presses Israel Not to Thwart Tutu Mission

Israeli Satellite TV Dumps BBC World – for al-Jazeera

Sober Days Ahead as Bethlehem Seeks Christmas Cheer

UN: Israel Overplayed Annan Statement


Russia Optimistic but Wants Changes in Iran Text

Clerics Posing Threat to Ahmadinejad

Iran's President Faces Test of His Support in Elections

Iran Elections a Last Stand for Reformists

Blix Says Security Guarantees for Iran Could End Nuclear Crisis

Iran Nuclear Program Prompts Concerns Within Mideast


Lebanon War Veteran Oils Gun, Fears New Conflict

Suspects in Hariri Murder Identified

UN Council Calls for Talks to Avert Lebanon Crisis

Syria's Assad Calls on West Not to Intervene in Lebanon


Syrian Ambassador Welcomes Recommendation for Talks on Iraq

Bush Calls on Syria to Release Political Prisoners


South Korea Says US Troop Relocation Won't Be Completed on Schedule

Philippine Judge Refuses Custody of Marine to US

US Circulates UN Draft Calling for Release of Political Detainees in Myanmar

Fiji Military 'Ready for Assassins'

China to Add Shrine Visits in Memorial

405 Hmong Holdouts From Vietnam War Era Surrender in Laos


Iraq Casts Doubt Over Darfur Options

United Nations to Send Mission to Probe Darfur

Blair Backs No-Fly Zone Over Darfur


Somali PM Says Islamists Preparing Attack

Ethiopia Plays Down Somali Threat

Troops Dig in as Somalia War Fears Grow


Freedom of Speech Suffers in Tense Ethiopia

Madagascar 'Coup General' Caught

Rwanda Survivors: French Troops Raped Refugees


US Sees Rise of Hard-Liners in Cuba

Pinochet's CIA Secrets


Germany's Role Grows as Agenda-Setter

UN Warns on Kosovo Delays, Moscow Sees Blackmail

Poland Marks 25th Anniversary of Martial Law, Solidarity Ban

A Greek vs. Turk Survivor Just May Ease a Bitter Past

Jailed Former ETA Leader Being Force Fed


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Indo-US Nuclear Deal Done; Pleases Few

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Readings in the Age of Empire

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NATO's Poisoned Chalice

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Two Pair of Twos

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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Milton Friedman: A Tribute

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China's Little Capitalists

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