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Imperial Dreams: Alan Bock
So Much for Inalienable Rights: Gordon Prather
Take This War and Shove It: Ron Jacobs
Put No Faith in the UN: Charley Reese
The Trap of Recognizing Israel: Jonathan Cook

In order to rally people, governments need enemies. They want us to be afraid, to hate, so we will rally behind them.
Thich Nhat Hanh
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Updated December 17, 2006 - 8:34 PM EST
US Troops Level in Iraq Headed to New High
  Kuwait: First Stop in Iraq Troop Surge?
  US Planning: Darwin or Machiavelli for Iraq?
  New Pentagon Manual at Odds With Key Iraq Tactics
  White House OKs $469 Billion Pentagon Budget, Not Including Wars
Major Groups Absent From Iraqi Peace Forum
  Sunday: Dozens Kidnapped at Red Crescent Office, 69 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed
  Iraqi PM Invites Saddam Officers to Return to Army
  Death Squad Leader Evades Capture as More US Troops Die
  Iraqi Province Turning to Insurgents for Protection
Fragile Ceasefire Takes Hold in Gaza
  Hamas: Abbas' Declaration a Call for Civil War
  Hamas Convoy, Abbas Base Attacked as Palestinian Divide Grows
  Rice to Seek Additional Funds to Boost Abbas' Security Forces
  Ruling on Targeted Killing Leaves Considerable Maneuver Room
Saddam Seen as No Threat – Then Politicians Got to Work  by Anne Penketh
The ISG: Illusions Surrendered Group  by Antony T. Sullivan
Put No Faith in the United Nations
by Charley Reese
The Trap of Recognizing Israel
by Jonathan Cook
So Much for Inalienable Rights
by Gordon Prather
Take This War and Shove It
by Ron Jacobs

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Secret Agents Spilling Secrets
ACLU: Grand-Jury Subpoena 'Chilling'
US Accused of Using Aid to Sway Votes in UN Security Council
Bush Rejects Most Dramatic Iraq Options
Stubborn or Stalwart, Bush Is Loath to Budge
Talk of Satellite Defense Raises Fears of Space War
McCain Seeks More Troops in Afghanistan
Showdown Looms Over Domestic Spying
Gingrich Defends Free Speech Curbs
In Colorful Sendoff, Cheney Calls Rumsfeld 'The Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had'
Today in Iraq
Doubts About Iraqi Leader's Capabilities Persist
Brisk Market for Burial Shrouds in Iraq Holy City
Iraq Violence Threatens Teachers and Students
Legal System in Iraq Staggers Beneath the Weight of War
Chief Judge on Saddam Panel Steps Down
Iraqi Court Sentences al-Qaeda Member to Death
Six Suspects Detained in Sadr City Raid
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 81 Iraqis, 4 GIs, New Zealand Contractor Killed
53 Bodies Found in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,945
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 17
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 16
The War at Home
77% of Americans Say US Military Casualty Rate 'Unacceptable'
McCain Starts to Feel Fallout From Iraq
Democrats Push for Iraq Study Group Recommendations

Richardson Wants Troops Out of Iraq Next Year

US Documentary Shows Iraq Through Eyes of Its People
Mother of Fallen Soldier Still Looking for Answers
Ex-Pilot Confirms Bomber and Tuskeegee Escort Loss
Sharansky Receives US Medal of Freedom
Battles of Britain
UK Police: We Were Bugged in Effort to Halt BAE Saudi Arms Inquiry
Saudi Bribes Probe 'Didn't Lack Evidence'
UK Ministry of Defense Tests Drugs to Make 'Supertroops'
A Russian Outpost With More Freedom: Londongrad
Former UK Defence Secretary Hoon Called to Inquest
'War on Terror'
Europeans Fear Attacks During Holidays
ePassports 'At Risk' From Cloning
Reid Buries News That UK Police Hold DNA of 1 Million Innocent People
New MI5 Boss Is Top Expert on al-Qaeda
Suspicious Package Found at UN Headquarters
Russian Riot Police Dominate at Opposition Rally
Hundreds Detained Ahead of Moscow Rally
More Than 2,000 People Rally Against Government in Moscow
Associate Says Spy Was Killed Over 'Secret Dossier' Prepared for Western Firms
One in 10 Russians Say Their Special Services Killed Litvinenko
EU Hardens Tone on Enlargement
Leaders Back Partial Suspension of Turkish EU Membership
Prodi's Coalition at Risk as Ally Threatens to Quit
Russian Pressure Doesn't Hinder Georgian Leader's Western Ties
29th Infantry Takes Reins in Kosovo
US Says Bosnian Serb Suspects Lied About Past
UN Prosecutor: Pressure Serbia, Bosnia
Somali Islamists, Parliament Reach Deal in Yemen
Somali Lawmaker Bypasses Govt, Inks Pact With Islamists
Somali Islamists Hint They Are Open to Talks With Ethiopia
Somali Legislators Say Ethiopia Was Never Invited
Pakistan Denies It Supports Somalia's Islamists
US Does Not Plan to Send Troops Against al-Qaeda in Somalia
The Strict Regime That Is Enticing Somalis to Go Home
Sudan Conflict Crosses Into Neighboring Chad
Security Pact for African Great Lakes Region Signed
Mugabe Rule Extended to 2010
Zambian U-Turn on Protests Ban
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier's Family Speak Out (PA)
Soldier's Life Insurance Will Go to Pay Twin's Med School (TX)
Ohio Soldier's Army Service Would Have Been Up in Early January
Soldier (AZ) From Gila River Indian Community Remembered
NY Soldier Killed by Bomb Was Training Iraqi Troops
Family of Fallen Marine (SC) Filled With Deep Sadness, Pride
Oregon Soldier Killed by IED in Iraq
Former High School Runner, Musician Was on 2nd Tour of Duty (SC)
Arizona Marine Killed While Serving in Iraq
Kentucky Guard Member Dies in Iraq
Paratrooper (NC) Killed by Roadside Bomb
Pflugerville (TX) Family Talks About Fallen Soldier
Paratrooper From Redding (CA) Killed by Iraq Roadside Bomb
Marine's Death Comes as Shock to Maine Community
For a Lost Friend, 'I’ll Take the Pain' (NC)
Marine Counterintelligence Officer (NV) Killed by IED
Alabama Marine Falls Ill, Dies in Iraq
Life of Fallen Soldier From Maine Illuminated
Marine's Death Transcends Tragedy (WA)
Vicksburg (MS) Marine Dies in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
Family Mourns Death of Soldier Son (KS)
Michigan Contractor Killed in Afghanistan 'Was a Gentleman, Sweetheart'
Iowa Marine Killed in Iraq
US-Ecuador Ties at Risk Over Anti-Drug Mission
Ecuador Recalls Colombia Envoy Over Spraying Dispute
Moderate Ex-President Takes Early Lead in Iran Vote
Iran Hails Elections as Message to West
Likud Knesset Member: US Will Attack Iran
Russia Hopes for UN Consensus on Iran by Year's End: Minister
Iran Offers to Transfer Nuke Technology
How Iran’s Leader Keeps the West Off Balance
Neocons: We Expected Israel to Attack Syria
Olmert's Office: Syria Peace Proposal 'Mere Words'
Syrian Foreign Minister: Golan Not a Precondition for Negotiation
Peres: There Are Preconditions for Talks With Syria
Report: US Senator's Remarks on Assad Are 'Lies'
White House Steps Up Criticism of Senator Nelson Over Syria Trip
Sen. Dodd Planning Trip to Syria
UN Extends Golan Force Mandate
Lebanon Protesters Dig in for Winter
Lebanon Minister: Hezbollah Trying to Scuttle Arab League Deal
Few in Lebanon Have Favorable View of US
Palestinian Faction Fight
Abbas Calls Palestinian Elections as Hamas Cries 'Coup'
Gaza: Exchanges of Fire Following Abbas' Declaration
Hamas Rejects Plan by Abbas to Call Elections
Officer Loyal to Abbas Killed After Election Call
Fatah: Without Diplomatic Solution We'll Lose to Hamas
Israeli PM's Office to Cabinet: Crisis in PA Is an Internal Affair
Hamas Politburo Chief: Fight Israel, Not Each Other
US, UK Welcome Call for Early Palestinian Elections
Subversive Palestinian Cartoons Reflect New Political Introspection
Child Killed in Gaza Gunfight
Gunman Killed by IDF Fire Near Nablus
Israel to Tighten Enforcement of International Boycott of PA
Olmert: Willing to Trade Land for Peace
Israeli Chief of General Staff Will Resign Over Lebanon Failure
Egypt's Pro-Democracy Movement Divided
Egypt Extends Detention of 140 Islamists
Egypt Detains Brotherhood Men
Middle East
Islamic Movement Sheikhs Slam Theories of Holocaust Denial
Yemen Call for Help to Fight Terror
Woman Wins Seat in Emirates Poll
North Korea
US Envoy to Meet One-on-One With North Korea
'Ball Is in North Korea's Court,' US Envoy to Nuclear Talks Says
Russia Urges US Restraint on Eve of Korea Talks
Russia Changes Lead Negotiator in Six-Party Talks
North Korean Talks to Resume Monday
Timing, Deadlines Key to North Korea Talks
Air Force Keeps Eye on North Korea
Afghans Angry Over NATO Shootings
UK Probing Afghanistan Shootings
Afghan War: British Troops' Home Movie
Taliban Deny Receiving Backing From Pakistan
Seven Afghans Return Home After Imprisonment
German Army on Afghan 'Charm' Offensive
One NATO Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Eastern Afghanistan Blast
Canadian Government Analysis Suggests Rebuilding Afghanistan a Tough Slog
Indian PM Hails Musharraf’s Proposal on Kashmir
Politician: India Missed Chance on Kashmir
Three Suspected Militants Killed in Two Separate Gunfights in Indian Kashmir
Indian PM: Japan Will Be on Our Side in Nuclear Suppliers Group
New Statute Strips Nepalese King of State Head Post
Nepal, Rebels Okay Deal on Constitution
As Nepal Shakes Up Ancient Order, All Is Up in the Air
End of 238-Year Old Dynasty in Nepal
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers Mourn for Ideologue

3,000 Tamils Flee to Escape Fighting

Gunmen Kill Philippines Congressmen
Japanese Schools to Teach Patriotism
Female Imams a Tradition in Chinese Mosques
Bangladeshis Looking to Army for Order
Congressional Delegation Arrives in Cuba
Ailing Castro Telephones Cuba's Provincial Assembly Presidents
Long Wait for Exit Visas Delay Cuban Migration to the US
Mexico Anti-Drug Effort Mostly a Bust
Riot Force Leaves Troubled Mexico Tourist City
Mexican President Unifies Police Command
Time Expiring for Latin American Dirty War Prosecutions
Key Colombian Leaders Linked to Death Squads

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The Urge to 'Surge'

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Imperial Dreams

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Libertarian Warmongers?

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal Done; Pleases Few

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NATO's Poisoned Chalice

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Two Pair of Twos

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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