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An Anniversary: Justin Raimondo
Losing Lives or Face: Time to Leave: Doug Bandow
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No great dependence is to be placed on the eagerness of young soldiers for action...fighting is agreeable to those who are strangers to it.
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Updated December 22, 2006 - 9:17 PM EST
Gates Pledges 'Enduring US Footprint' in Gulf
  8 Marines Charged in Murder of 24 Iraqi Civilians
  Iraqis: Haditha Marines Should Be Tried in Iraq
  Gates Assures Iraq of Continued US Presence
Selective Service to Test Military Draft Machinery
Iraq Militias Run Police Chiefs
  Maliki: Sunni Terrorists the Problem, Not Shi'ite Militias
  Sadr Agrees to End Govt Boycott
  Friday: 23 Iraqis, 5 US Troops Die; 75 GIs Dead in December
US Confirms It's Trying to Undermine Assad
  Bush Firm Against Talks With Iran and Syria
  Target Iran: White House Plans Regime Change
  Russia Wants Delay in UN Iran Sanctions Vote
  Ahmadinejad Allies Last in Final Tehran Vote Count
North Korea Nuke Talks End Without Deal
Bush Signs Bill Denying Aid to Palestinian Authority
  Gunbattles Rage Between Hamas and Fatah
Failure in Iraq? We've Already Failed  by William Arkin
Will the Democrats Save Our Civil Liberties?  by Anthony Gregory
Are We More Secure Because of President Bush's Policies?  by Michael S. Rozeff
Cain and Abel  by James Carroll
Bush Can't Kick the Habit  by Robert Scheer
Harry Reid No Majority Leader
by Matthew Rothschild

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New Guidelines Allow Troops With Traumatic Stress Disorders to Redeploy
Veterans Affairs Secretary Indicates Support for Military Draft
Gates Inscrutable Over Iraq War Views for Bush
Sadr Agrees to End Govt Boycott
Shi'ite Leadership Agrees Deal Over Sectarian Killers
Iraqi Prime Minister Tells Gates He'll Let US Decide on Troop 'Surge'
Iraq, Bush and Writing Long: Interview With Tom Engelhardt
'Atrocity' Cases Test US Military Justice
Today in Iraq
Shi'ite Officials Press Iraq PM to Tackle Militias
Iraqi Bloggers React to the Violence
Abandoned and Terrified, Palestinian Refugees Are Targets of Shi'ite Death Squad
Iraqis Carry on a Fierce Custom
Iraq Occupation
Bush Pushes for Moderate Governing Bloc in Iraq
Australia Won't Increase Its Iraq Force
How Troops Spend Christmas in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,959
Trying Saddam
Hussein Intentionally Targeted Civilians, Court Told
Saddam Co-Defendants Deny Gassing Kurds
Iraq Had to Deal With Turkey During Kurd Genocide: Saddam Trial
Attacks Continue
Thurday: 59 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 32 Iraqis Wounded
Baghdad Suicide Bomber 15 Kills Police Cadets
Iraq Cycling Coach Slain in Baghdad
More Iraqi Actors Targeted, Killed
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 22
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 21
The War at Home
Poll: Opposition to Iraq War Hits 67 Percent in US
Rice Says Iraq Is 'Worth the Investment'
'Stay the Course' Named Top Catch Phrase of 2006
Fugitive Minister in Iraq Donated to Bush, Republican Campaigns
Feds Probe Rezko's Iraq Contract
Attorney Admonished for Statements on Libby
US Military
Cost, Effort, Time of Military Expansion Plan Likely to Have 'Enormous' Impact
Boosting US Military Size Takes Time, Money ... and Recruits
US Army Creating New Brigade Combat Units
General Who Authored Abu Ghraib Report Retires
Battles of Britain
British Accuse Corporal of Passing Data 'Useful to the Enemy'
Scottish Minister Votes Against Replacement Nuclear Subs, Resigns
UK Army Too Small, Too Busy and Has No Time to Train, Defense Secretary Says
'War on Terror'
The War on Terror and Rule of Law Collide
French Soldiers Had bin Laden in the Crosshairs: Documentary
Report Says TSA Violated Privacy Law
Media Takes on AT&T in Spy Case
Afghanistan Experiences Worst Year Since Taliban Ouster
NATO Military Leader Says Force in Afghanistan Is 2,500 Troops Short
Germany to Deploy Reconnaissance Aircraft in Afghanistan
Canada Doesn't See Safer Afghanistan in Next Year
Four Civilians, 3 Police Killed in Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan
Turkmenistan's 'Iron Ruler' Dies
Turkmen Leader’s Death Fuels Energy Fears
Grim Legacy of Grandiose Leader
Farewell to the Turkmenbashi
Death of Turkmenistan's Leader Creates Power Vacuum
Bush India Statement Raises Congress Concerns
Indian Leader Frets About US Nuke Deal
Pakistani City Serves as a Refuge for the Taliban
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Accuses Rebels of Abducting Youths
Tamil Tigers Free Seven Abducted Boys
Sri Lanka Rebels Abducted Us Using Grenades, Say Children
In Other News
UN Adopts Treaty Banning Countries From Secretly Abducting Perceived Enemies
France Suspends Fiji Military Ties
Iran Gives UN Key Enrichment Plant Records: Diplomats
Rice: US Backs Iran Sanctions Draft
Bush: Iranians 'Can Do Better' Than Ahmadinejad
Iran Defiant on Nuclear Program Despite Looming Sanctions
Tentative Comeback for Reformists in Tehran
Ahmadinejad Appears Unbowed by Rivals' Near-Sweep of Local Elections
Iran Admits Oil Projects Suffering
Former Israeli Air Force Officials' Report: Only Military Action Can Stop Iran
Syria Flirts With the West
Israeli Officer: New Syrian Villages Designed to Be 'Death Traps' for Invading Israeli Troops
Syria Backs Arab Initiative on Lebanon
Lebanese Hezbollah Back to Full Strength: Israeli Officer
Hezbollah Has Support Despite Lacking Economic Plan
Lebanon Seizes Explosives From Pro-Syrian Group
Poll: Most Americans Supported Israeli Attack on Lebanon
Gaza Resident Looks Back on the Year
Errant Palestinian Rocket Hurts Gaza Two-Year-Old
On the Road Again, a Commuter's Journey to Jerusalem
EU: Palestinians Agree to Crack Down on Hamas Cash Smuggling
Gazans Reluctant to Donate Blood
Archbishop of Canterbury Voices Palestinian Solidarity at Bethlehem
Abbas Hopes to Meet Olmert Before Year End
Gunbattle in Gaza City Near Minister's Home
'We Are Facing the Hardest Christmas Yet'
Olmert: Israel Has Enormous Power
Peretz Tells Military to Prevent Rockets, but Uphold Truce
Netanyahu Denounces 'Absurd' Gaza Restraint
Olmert: Restraint Will Continue in Gaza
Israel Must Respond to Palestinian Rockets: Minister
Egypt Islamists Reiterate Rejection of Violence
Egypt Debates Brotherhood Role
Middle East
Kurdish Militant Group 'Turkish Hezbollah' Issuing Terror Threats
Mideast Leaders Seek Their Own Solutions for Region
Terrorist Sentenced to Death in Jordan
Sudan Army: 200 Rebels Killed in Darfur Attack
US Threatens Action on Darfur
Darfur Refugees Reject UN Bid to Relocate
Islamic Courts Union Chief Says Somalia Is at War With Ethiopia
Zimbabwe Leader: Dissent to Be Crushed
Defection Raises Nigeria Poll Uncertainty
Radio Free Europe Snoopers Under Scrutiny
Germany Urges Russia to Help Spy Probe
Kosovo Officials Arrested After Huge Weapons Haul
Armed Rebel Monks Holed Up at Chapel in Greece
New Coca Spat Leaves Colombia Flying Solo
Raul Castro Urges Students to Debate 'Fearlessly'
Spain Rejects Argentina 'Dirty War' Trial
North Korea Nuclear Talks Stall Over US Financial Sanctions
New Bali Terror Threat as Bashir Is Cleared
East Timor Rebel Major Talks With Army Chief
Army Steps in as Bangladesh Strike Turns Violent

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Top 10 Things Not to Do in Iraq

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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