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Confronting the Empire: Justin Raimondo
Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush: Pat Buchanan
Single Standard for Ford & Saddam: Joseph Nevins
Failure Personified: Secretary of State Rice: Bandow
Surge to Nowhere Robert Dreyfuss/Tom Engelhardt

You've got to forget about this civilian. Whenever you drop bombs, you're going to hit civilians.
Barry Goldwater
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Updated January 5, 2007 - 8:43 PM EST
Bush: Govt Can Open Mail Without a Warrant
  New Top Spy Makes Civil Libertarians Nervous
Bush Plans Sweep of Key Advisers on Iraq
  Dems Pelosi and Reid Urge Bush to Drop Surge Plans
  Neocons' Hand Seen in 'The Surge'
  Skepticism From the Military on an Iraq Surge
Arrested Iranians 'Trying to Influence Iraqi Govt'
  Al-Sadr Has Saddam's Noose, Kuwaiti Businessman Bids for It
  Official Says Militiamen Took Over Saddam Execution
  Iraqi Cop at Center of AP Dispute Not Only Exists, but Faces Arrest
  Friday: 43 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
US: No Evidence of Imminent N. Korea Nuke Test
Nuclear Weapons Chief Dismissed for Security Breakdown
US Ships Block Escape Route as Somalia Assault Readies
  US Helped Ethiopian Choppers Target Somalia Islamists
  US Claims Right to Pursue Somali Islamists
Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush
by Patrick Buchanan
CIA Immune System Still Working
by Ray McGovern and W. Patrick Lang
Saddam: From Monster to Martyr?
by Patrick Cockburn
Osirak Redux?  by Leon Hadar
The Surge to Nowhere
by Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Engelhardt
New Year, Same War  by Marie Cocco

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Iraq Places $1.5 Billion Military Order With US
Guard Chief: Any Surge Should Be Involuntary Whole-Unit Call-Ups
Bush Adviser Predicts War With Iran Within 2 Years
Taliban Chief Says He Hasn't Seen bin Laden for Years
Saddam's Execution Brings Iran and Iraq Closer
Turkish PM Blasts US, Iraq for Not Hitting Kurd Rebels
Speculation Surrounds Choice by Spy Chief to Take Step Back
Aircraft Carrier Headed to Persian Gulf to Escalate Warning to Iran
Expecting a Surge
Hadley: More Troops Still Only an Option
Bush Likely to Increase Troops in Iraq
Bush, Maliki Discuss Saddam's Hanging, New US Plan
Bush to Give Iraq War Plan Next Week
Bush to Replace Top Generals Abizaid and Casey
Bush to Name Iraq Envoy Khalilzad as New UN Envoy
Bush to Name Retired Admiral as Top Spy
John Michael McConnell, a Member of the Club
Iraq Violence
War-Ravaged City Offers Fleeing Sunnis Refuge From Death Squads
Iraqis Seek a New Haven in an Old Hotspot
Iraq's Minorities Living Tormented Days Under Sectarian Violence
Scenes From Another Deadly Bombing in Baghdad
Iraq Executions
Bush: Saddam Hanging Should Have Been 'More Dignified'

2 Guards Arrested for Hussein Video, Official Says

US Urges 'Appropriate Care' on New Iraq Executions
Execution Dates for Saddam Aids Uncertain as Bloodshed Continues in Iraq
Iraq Resisting Stay of Execution
Today in Iraq
New Move to Unify Shi'ites in Parliament, Including Sadr Bloc
Kurdish Struggle for Iraq's Oil
Iraq Closes Down Already Closed Studios of Satellite Network
Thursday: 96 Iraqis, GI Killed; 78 Iraqis, 5 GIs Wounded
Iraq Occupation
El Salvador to Send More Troops to Iraq
If Iraq Fragments, What's Plan B?
Pentagon Helping Restart Iraqi Factories
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 3,006
Global Iraq Fallout
Morocco: Busted Islamic Cell Recruited Fighters for Iraq
Saddam Death Raises Tribal, Religious Ire in Saudi Arabia
Indian Teen Hangs Herself Over Saddam Execution
Texas Boy Hangs Himself After Watching Saddam
Libya to Erect Saddam Gallows Statue
Clashes Sparked in Kashmir Over Saddam Hanging
Poll: Iraq Invasion Rejected in the Netherlands
Iraqi Embassy in Seoul to Reopen in Spring
The War at Home
Murtha Plans to Limit Bush Funding for Troop Escalation
Lawmakers Criticize Video of Hussein’s Final Minutes
Poll: 8% Say Dems Have Iraq Plan; 20% Say Bush Has Iraq Plan
Democratic Leaders Squeezed on Iraq Plans
Troop-Surge Proposal Fodder for ’08 Presidential Hopefuls
Antiwar Camp Gears Up for Watada's Trial
A Mother Fights for a Soldier Who Said No to War
White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says
Effort to Recover Leaked Documents Ends
Nixon Vowed to 'Ruin Foreign Service'
US Military
Soldier in Killings of 3 Iraqis to Cop a Plea, Lawyers Say
Updated Arms Trade Case-Studies Show Post-Sept. 11 Increase in Military Assistance

US Post-Sept. 11 Arms Trade Policy

US Army Trains Troops for Electronic War
Law Catches Up to Private Militaries
Battles of Britain
No Courts-Martial for British Soldiers Who Were Videotaped Beating Iraqi Civilians
Nearly Half of British Warships to Be Eliminated to Cut Costs
Cuts Are a Severe Blow to UK Naval Officers' Ambitions
Blair Is Criticized Over His Silence on Saddam Execution
Blair Backs Saddam Video Inquiry
Growing Army of UK Soldiers' Wives Go to War Over Their Squalid Homes
Ulster Peace Talks Crisis Forces Blair to Cut Short Florida Break
'War on Terror'
US Guardsmen Overrun at the Border
A Terror Detainee Longs for Court
US Activists Plan Guantánamo Jail Protest in Cuba
Gitmo Aussie's Father Skeptical of New Charges
DHS: Port Workers Must Submit to Background Checks, Pay $100 for New ID Card
Police Uncover Explosives in Spain's Basque Region
President of Venezuela Fires Deputy and Interior Minister
Ecuador Markets Rated Riskier Than Iraq
Fiji Coup Leader Sworn in as PM
Bush: No Peace With Iran Developing Nuclear Arms
Iran Says Makes More Feedstock for Nuclear Fuel
China Says Iran Official to Discuss Nuclear Issues
Iran Women Chip Away at Male Political Supremacy
Raid on Ramallah
Israeli Military Kills Four Civilians in Ramallah Raid
Israeli Officials Slam Military's Botched Ramallah Raid
Egypt's Mubarak Condemns Israeli Raid on Palestinian Territories
Israeli Raid Overshadows Meeting in Egypt
Haniya, Abbas Agree to Pull Back Forces
Israel Blocking Prisoner Swap, Says Hamas
Gaza, Where Tragedy and News Are Never Far Away
A Slaying Stirs the Hornet's Nest of Gaza
Palestinian Security Officer Killed
Gaza Protests Mark Four Days Since AFP Photographer Kidnapped
Israel Eyes West Bank Growth
Govt Reassessing Legal Status of West Bank Building
Report: Olmert to Ask Peretz to Step Down as Defense Minister
Peretz Associates: PM's Office Corrupt
No Regrets for Israeli Woman Branded a Traitor
Israel FM Calls for Dialogue With 'Moderate Palestinians'
Olmert's Approval Rating Dips to a Low 23%
Israeli PM to Visit China on Heels of Iran Official
No Breakthrough After Israel-Egypt Talks
Lebanon Approves Reform Package Ahead of World Donor Meet
Lebanon PM Lays Any Failure of Reforms at Opposition's Feet
Middle East
US Treasury Steps Up Pressure on Syria
Egypt: Political Parties Law Stifles Opposition
Horn of Africa
US Seeks Return to Mogadishu
Attack Ethiopia Troops, al-Qaeda Leader Urges Somalis
Somalis, Ethiopians Engage Islamists
Kenya Fears Somalian Spillover
Somali Government Compound Hit by Grenade
Truck Attacked Near Mogadishu, Several Wounded
Somali Militia Group 'Surrounded'
Bin Laden Deputy to Back Somalia Rebels
Somalis Adapt Warily, Pragmatically to New Order in Capital
3,500 Islamists Said Hiding in Somalia
Rice Announces $16 Million in Aid for Somalia
Egypt 'Understands' Ethiopia Intervention
Somali Militia Attack Revives Fears of Chaos
Wireless Lifeline Keeps War-Frayed Somalia Talking
Pentagon to Train a Sharper Eye on Africa
Annan Against Sending Troops to Chad
Oil Company Denies Ransom Payment in Nigeria
Dissident General in Rwanda Talks
'Widening Gap' Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Says Karzai
Mullah Omar: Taliban Will Fight On
Pakistan, Afghanistan to Promote Media Ties
India's Voracious Appetite for Arms
Pakistan Premier Wants Afghan Refugees to Return Home
Reports: Australian Training With al-Qaeda in Pakistan
Thai Interim Govt Insists Bombs Weren't Start of Yet Another Coup
Thai PM Warns of Further Bomb Attacks
Security Measures, Speculation Increase in Wake of Thai Bombings
Japan PM Vows 'Assertive' Foreign Policy
Japan, US Set to Formulate Regional Defense Plans
Sri Lanka Air Force Bombs Rebel Positions
'Maoist Threats' Shut Nepal Plant
Boycott by Alliance Threatens Bangladesh Elections
Bomb Kills 2 Children in Southern China
Turkmenistan's Acting Leader Eyes Change

South Korean Abductee Escapes North After 31 Years


Justin Raimondo
Confronting the Empire

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Ends and Means in the New Year

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Nuclear Disarmament Gets Critical

Nebojsa Malic
The Year Everything Changed

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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