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Saddam Dead – So Are 3,000 Americans: Ron Paul
Israel's Bad Influence: Charley Reese
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?: Bock
Somalia: A State Restored?: William S. Lind
Bonkers Bolton's Legacy: Gordon Prather

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.
William Colby, former CIA director
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Updated January 7, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
Israel Denies Plan to Nuke Iran
  Iran: Israel Will Regret Any Attack
  Top Democrat: Use of Force Against Teheran Remains an Option
Bush Plan for Iraq: More Troops and More Jobs
  Troop Surge Can't Be Brief, Backers Insist
  Pelosi Hints at Denying Bush Iraq Funds
  Trouble Brews on Capitol Hill for Troop Increase Plan
  Half of Americans Link Still Hussein and al-Qaeda
Marines' Haditha Photos Show Graphic Evidence
  Chilling New Evidence of Haditha Massacre
Iraqi Leader Plans Another Security Push
  Iraq PM to Review Relations With Countries That Criticized Hanging
  Iraq Poised to End Drought for Thirsting Oil Giants
  2006 Was Deadliest Year for US Troops in Iraq
  Sunday: 59 Iraqis, 3 GIs, 1 Briton Killed
  Saturday: 130 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed
Port of Miami on Alert After Security Breach
Russia Says US Sanctions on Arms Dealers 'Illegal'
Saddam Is Dead – So Are 3,000 Americans  by Rep. Ron Paul
Somalia: A State Resored?
Not So Fast
 by William S. Lind
Perceptive Analysis Contrasts With White House Rhetoric  by Patrick Cockburn
Israel's Bad Influence  by Charley Reese
He Takes His Secrets to the Grave
by Robert Fisk
Bonkers Bolton's Legacy  by Gordon Prather

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Critics Say 'Surge' Is More of the Same
Soldier 3,000: His Name Is Dustin Donica. His Number Haunts the US
Iraq Experts Weigh Jobs Program
New US Iraq Commanders May Have Limited Impact
Nominee Played Big Role in Outsourcing Intelligence
Dems Prepare 11 Oversight Hearings on Iraq
Baghdad Bodies Hanged on Lampposts
US Troops Flee From US-Mexico Border Outpost
Afghan-Pakistani Bond Steadily Deteriorating
More Severely-Wounded Troops Being Saved by Battlefield Medics Than in Previous Wars
Today in Iraq
Insurgents Elude Forces in Eastern Iraqi Province
Iraq Will Be Petraeus's Knot to Untie
In Days Before Hanging, a Push for Revenge and a Push Back From the US
US Inquiry Backs Charges of Killing by Marines in Iraq
Saudi Arabia Urges US to Change Course in Iraq
Report: Iraqi Army Kills 30 Militants
US Troops Kill Four in Baghdad Raid
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 130 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 11 Iraqis, 2 Coalition Soldiers Wounded
Police Report Finding 27 Bodies, Most Tortured, North of Green Zone
Baghdad Police Chief Survives Bomb Attack
US Embassy Confirms Kidnapping of Citizen in Iraq
Two Found Dead in Basra May Be Translators to Missing American Contractor
Bomb’s Lasting Toll: Lost Laughter and Broken Lives
The War at Home
McCain's Hawkish Views Up Stakes for 2008
More Troops for Iraq 'Too Little, Too Late': Former NATO Commander
Feds Reject Asylum Bids by Guatemalans
US Military
Rising Death Toll of Young Service Members Complicates an Arlington Tradition
US Selecting Hybrid Design for Warheads
California National Guard Helicopters on Border Grounded After Crash
Guantánamo Set to Release MI5 Go-Between
Why Are Two British Residents Still in Guantánamo Bay?
'War on Terror'
DHS to Boost 6 Cities' Share of Anti-Terror Funds
Federal Funds May Now Pay Police Salaries in Terror Fight
Ex-National Security Head Must Oversee 16 Spy Agencies
Ohio Imam Deported for Lying in Probe
US Deports Israeli Convicted of Conspiring to Aide Hebollah
Weapons Link to Australian 'Plot'
Report: UK Army Guarding Energy Plants
Londoner Named as al-Qaeda 'Banker'
Britons to Be Scanned for FBI Database
Report: Japan to Permit US Attacks From Its Territory
North Korea Is Capable of Another Nuclear Test, but Analysts Doubt One Is Looming
Questions Swirl on North Korea's Nuke Plans
Japan, US Map South Korea Evacuation Plans
Death of North Korea's Foreign Minister Unlikely to Lead to Change in Policy
British Struggle to Hold Off Taliban
Bombs Target NATO Convoys in Afghanistan, 5 Troops Wounded
Afghan Official Killed in Suicide Attack on NATO Troops
Starving Afghans Sell Girls of Eight as Brides
Afghan Refugees Return to Kandahar
Musharraf Vows to Purge Country of Terrorists
The Pakistan Muslim League to Boycott Elections Under Musharraf
Rebels Kill 55 in Multiple Attacks in India's Assam Province
Two Killed, 45 Wounded in Kashmir Explosion
Kashmiri Leader Unveils Kashmir Unification Plan
China Unveils Indigenous Fighter Jet
Don't Mention Human Rights in China, French Told
Six Abu Sayyaf Gunmen Slain in Philippines
Philippines Military Predicts Victory Over Communist Guerrillas
1,500 Activists Arrested in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Opposition Threatens Transport Blockade
Bangladesh Opposition Vows to Paralyze Country
Bangladesh Army Patrols Dhaka Ahead of Blockade
Asian Leaders Talk Security Under Threat of Bombs
Tamil Tigers Blamed for Sri Lankan Bus Blast That Kills 15
Maoists Issue Fresh Warning to Nepal Government
Teen's Body Found at Madrid Bomb Site
Spanish King Calls for Unity in Fight Against ETA
Spain Police Clash With Basque Separatist Protesters
Russian Spy Intrigue
Poisoning of Ex-Agent Sets Off Alarm Bells
Police Believe Litvinenko Poisoned Twice
Serbia Criticizes UN Envoy for Kosovo
Belarus, Russia Trade Blows in Oil Tax Dispute
Europe’s Muslims Face Rising 'Islamophobia,' Says Report
United Nations
UN Shame Over Rape Scandal
Iranian Nuclear Negotiator Defiant on UN Sanctions
Iran Reformists Slam Government's Nuclear Policy
Saudis, France Urge Compliance From Iran
Abbas Declares Militia Illegal; Defiant Hamas to Double Its Force Size
Three Palestinians Killed as Abbas-Hamas Standoff Anew
Egypt Let Palestinian PM Bring $20 Million Into Gaza Via Rafah
Two Hamas Officials Abducted in West Bank
Infighting Spreads to West Bank
Gaza Voices: 11 Months Under Hamas
IDF Troops Shoot and Wound Two Palestinians Next to Gaza Fence
In a Divided Israel, Angry Words or No Words at All
Street Names a Dividing Line for Israeli Town
Expelled Settlers Replant Zionist Dream in West Bank
Israeli Minister Ben-Eliezer Tours Arab Towns to Rally Support for Barak
Lebanon, Israel: Hezbollah Deploys Fighters to Bekaa
Lebanon's Labor Unions Call for a Sit-In to Protest Proposed Tax Hikes
France Does Not See Lebanon Crisis Impacting Aid
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Expects to Take Delivery of Eurofighters Soon
Russian Orthodox Patriarch's Christmas Message Calls for Peace in Middle East
Horn of Africa
Anti-Ethiopian Protests Rock Somali Capital
Somalis Rail at Ethiopian Forces
Somalia's Islamists Vow to Heed al-Qaeda
Somalia: Islamist Stragglers Vow Guerrilla Tactics, Suicides
Experts Question al-Qaeda Call for Somalia Jihad
Somali Leader Asks Ethiopia to Train Forces
Govt Source: Somali Police Shoot Protester Dead
Somali Islamist Team in Yemen as US Envoy Visits
Violence in Somalia Over Disarmament
Somali Govt Halts Disarmament Program
Sudan Orders Air Strikes on Darfur Before Arrival of UN Peacekeepers
US Sends Sudan Envoy to China in Bid to End Darfur Bloodshed
New Mexico Governor Richardson Makes Trip to Sudan to Try Increase UN Troops in Darfur
Chinese Team Search for Workers Abducted in Nigeria
Oil Inflames Nigerian Region Again
Congo Army Says Close to Deal With Renegade General
Uganda Police Fire Teargas to Break Up Rally
More Black and White Farmers Face Eviction in Zimbabwe
Battles of Britain
Blair Faces New Challenge Over Saudi Arms Deal
UK Armed Forces Viewed by Senior Labor Party Figures as 'Tory Organization'
UK MPs Don’t Know Their Sunnis From Shi'ites
Likely Blair Successor Blasts Hanging
UK Taxman to Get Bugging and Phone-Tap Powers
Venezuelan Troops Enter Bolivia
Chavez Denounced for Canceling TV License
Venezuela's Chavez Names Brother Adan as Education Minister
Bolivia's Morales: Change Due With or Without Deadlocked Constitutional Assembly
Soldiers Take Guns From Tijuana Police
Mexico’s New President Sends Thousands of Federal Officers to Fight Drug Cartels
Intel Sources: Castro Has Only Months to Live
Hostage Escapes From FARC Captors in Colombia Military Operation
Suspect Arrested in Slaying of Two Jordanian Peacekeepers in Haiti
Guatemalan Files Renew Hope of Justice
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (TN) Dies a Day Before Son Is Born
Family – and Myspace – Counted on Illinois Soldier's Return
Texas Soldier Was Expecting First Child in Three Months
Marine With Plans to Become Doctor Killed in Iraq (MI)
Marysville (PA) Soldier Dies in Iraq Bombing
Mom Recalls Son’s Bravery (PA)
Michigan Soldier With Ties to Kenai (AK) Killed by Iraq Explosion
Iowan Dies in Bombing in Iraq
Dickinson (TX) Soldier Dies in Ambush Outside of Baghdad
Petersburg (MI) Soldier's Death in Iraq Bombing Devastates Friends
Slain Soldier (MI) Was a 'Young, Shy Type'
Area Couple's Marine Son 'Didn't Go Alone' (TN)
St. Johns (MI) Mourns a Son and Soldier, Fallen in Iraq
Slain Soldier (PA) Will Always Be His Family's Hero
Georgia Soldier Dies of Injuries From IED
Friends Fondly Remember Fallen Soldier (GL) They Called 'Peanut'
Soldier From Fort Worth (TX) Dies in Iraq
Glendora (CA) Mourns Soldier Killed in Iraq

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China's Little Capitalists

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