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They Never Learn: Justin Raimondo
Israel's Purging of Palestinian Christians: J. Cook
Future Nightmare Weapons: Berrigan/Engelhardt
Distracting Congress from Real War Plan: Roberts
Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse: N. Solomon

The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
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Updated January 10, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST
Bush Warns Iraq, Bets on Escalation
  Iraq Escalation Already Under Way
  Bush Pulls Away From His Generals
  Bush's New Plan Not All New
  Democrats Plan Symbolic Votes Against Bush’s Iraq Troop Plan
  Bush Unlikely to Face Showdown Over Escalation
  Soldiers Doubt an Influx of American Troops Will Benefit Iraqi Army
Iraq Admits Split in Army
  US and Iraqis Pound Baghdad Sunni Strongholds in All-Day Fight
  After Saddam, Shi'ite Hostages Hanged
  Wednesday: 101 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 70 Iraqis Wounded
US Ground Forces Reported Deployed in Somalia
  US Denies Fresh Southern Somali Attacks
  Somali Officials Accuse US of Killing 31 Civilians in Air Attacks
  US Strike Reportedly Kills Suspect in '98 Embassy Bombings
  Airstrike Rekindles Somalis’ Anger at the US
  Pentagon: Somalia Part of War on Terror
  What US Somali Strike Means for a Region Consumed by War
Raptors, Robots, and Rods from God  by Frida Berrigan and Tom Engelhardt
Distracting Congress from the Real War Plan: Iran  by Paul Craig Roberts
The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse  by Norman Solomon
Israel's Purging of Palestinian Christians  by Jonathan Cook
Surgin' Generals' Warning  by Jim Fine
Clash of the Elites  by John Walsh

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Text of Bush Iraq Speech
Hardliner's Hardliner Led Bush's Iraq Review
Kennedy Plans Bill to Block Iraq Troop Escalation
Gates Cleans House at the Pentagon
Some Soldiers Wary of New Iraq Plan
Bush’s Troop-Increase Plan Is Expected to Draw Six Guard Brigades to Iraq
Turkish PM Warns Iraqi Kurds Over Kirkuk
On Tape: Palestinians Harassed in Hebron 'Cage'
FBI Investigation of AIPAC Reportedly Expanded
Army Diagnosed GI as 'Homicidal Threat' Three Months Before He Killed Iraqi Family
Lawmakers Brace for Showdown With Bush Over Iraq
Military Families Speak Against Troop Increase
Plan for Escalation Faces Tough Military Challenges on the Ground
Bush to Propose Restoring Iraqi Factories to Create Jobs
Bush to Push Unpopular Iraq Plan
Bush Warns Democrats About Effects of Troop Pullout From Iraq
How Will Bush Sell His New Iraq Plan to the Public?
Surge (surj) N. 1. a Sudden Increase . . . in Political Parlance
Lieberman Predicts Tough Fight in Congress Over Bush's Iraq Plan
Today in Iraq
US, Iraqi Forces Kill 50 Suspected Insurgents
Aid Agencies Cannot Cope With Displacement, Says UNHCR
Baghdad Street Becomes New Fallujah
Haifa Street in Baghdad – a Timeline
US Security Plan Will 'Crush Sunnis,' Islamist Warns
Najaf Provides Land for Displaced
UNICEF Staffer Shot Dead in Baghdad
34 Killed, One Survivor as Plane From Turkey Crashes in Iraq
Tuesday: 120 Iraqis, GI Killed
Saddam Execution
Iraq Man to Face Magistrates Over Saddam Taunting
Saddam Boosted Fitness Training for Hanging
Global Iraq Fallout
Campaign for Iraq Pullout Hits Youtube
UK's Robin Cook's Antiwar Stance Now on Tombstone
Iraqi News Agency to Relocate Headoffice to Jordan
France Urges 2008 Date for US Departure From Iraq
The War at Home
12% of Americans Support Sending More Troops to Iraq
Architect of Bush's Detainee Policy, 3 Other Judicial Nominees Withdraw
Document-Theft Probe Is Criticized
Iraq Hearings Offer First Debate of 2008 Presidential Campaign
Timing of Iraq Intelligence Estimate Questioned
Vandals Hit Shi'ite Owned Stores in Detroit
Poll: Hussein's Death Will Not Help, Say Americans
US Military
Pentagon Agrees to Protect Privacy in Database of Potential Recruits
Soldier Gets 9 Months for Iraqi Deaths
Timeline in Soldier's Murder Case
Belongings Sold While Soldier Was in Iraq
'War on Terror'
Italy Considers CIA Kidnap Trial
Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge to Secret TSA Laws
MI5 to Send Terror Alert Emails to British Citizens
UK Spy Chief Said No Terror Threat Before 7/7
Court Turns Down Iran Opposition Group
House Advances Anti-Terror Legislation
More Gitmo Detainees Join Hunger Strike
Guantánamo Inmates in Dark Over Future
UK MPs Focus on MI5's Role Over Detainees
Horn of Africa
US Helicopters Strafe 'Terrorists' in Somalia
US Sends Aircraft Carrier to Somali Coast
More Than 50 Die in US Strikes in Somalia
Somali Islamists Backed by British Money and Men
Pakistanis Reported Among Those Killed, Caught in Somalia Fighting
Canadians Reported Captured in Somalia
British Citizens Feared Dead Following Somali Violence
Britons Held in Somali Clash
Ethiopia-Eritrea Clash Averted Amid Tensions
UN and EU Lead Criticism of US Strike on Somalia
Sudan President Trades Angry Accusations With Deputy in South
Venezuelan Plan Shakes Investors
Bush Sees Cooperative Ties With Sandinista Leader
Iran Says Has No Plan to Quit Nuclear Pact: Agency
Iran Warns Again on Nuclear Cooperation
US Names Iranian Bank a Weapons Proliferator
UAE Rules Out US or Israeli Strikes on Iran From Its Soil
Iran Says It Has Arrested a Nuclear Spy
Europe, US Squeeze Iran on Nuclear Plans
Iran's Ayatollah Appears in Good Health
In China, Israel's Olmert Eyes Iran Sanctions
UK Tories Back US Action Against Iran
Peretz Halts Construction of Fence in the Desert
Gaza Pullout Led More Young Israelis to Dodge Draft
Settler Released From Jail After Promising Not to Attack Any More Palestinians
Poll: Israeli Youth Believe Arabs Dirty, Uneducated
Israel Detains Ohio Imam
Israeli Documentary Captures Citizen Reconciliation – and Encourages More
Hamas and Fatah Gunmen Clash in Gaza
Rival Palestinian Factions in War of Words
West Bank Settler Population Grew by Six Percent in 2006
Palestinian Militants: Held Israeli is Okay
Lebanon Opposition Widens Anti-Government Campaign
Israeli General: Al-Qaeda Sent to Lebanon to Attack UN Troops
Al-Qaeda Suspect Killed in Jordan 'Plot'
Jordan Bids for NATO Training Center
UK Foreign Secretary: Afghanistan Mission Going According to Plan
How the Taliban Keep Their Coffers Full
Afghanistan: UN Rejects Landmines Along Border
Banned Kabul Express DVDs Flood Afghanistan
I'll Be Prime Minister if My Party Wins Election, Vows Exiled Bhutto
Pakistan May Review Border Mining Plan
Pakistan PM: We Will Continue to Support Karzai Govt
Sri Lanka
Mob Attacks Sri Lanka Peace Rally
Sri Lanka’s President Poised Between War and Peace
China Says Terror Raid Finds Ties Abroad
China Condemns US Sanctions on Three Firms
China Puts the Focus on the Navy
US General: North Korea May Soon Conduct Nuclear Test
Indian Army Begins Massive Crackdown in Assam
Aussie Police Investigate Thai Bombs
Violence Precedes Bangladesh Vote
Washington Asks UN to Prod Myanmar on Rights
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin Considers Diverting Oil Around Belarus
Merkel Attacks Cuts in Russian Oil Supply
Litvinenko Murder Witness Leaves Hospital
ETA Admits to Madrid Bombing, Blames Authorities for Failing to Evacuate
First Arrests After Madrid Car Bombing Made in France
Germany May End Anti-Nuclear Policy

Convicted 9/11 Planner in Court Appeal

In Poland, New Wave of Charges Against Clerics
In Other News
The Spy Who Offered to Blow Up Hitler on a Suicide Mission
ElBaradei Renews Call for Nuclear Bomb-Free World

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