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The Least Immoral Choice: Sally Quinn
Bush's New Strategy: Robert Fisk
Sound and Fury: Nebojsa Malic
Carter Speaks Truth to Propaganda: P.C. Roberts
Lockheed Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Cummings

Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.
John F. Kennedy
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Updated January 11, 2007 - 9:19 PM EST
US Troops Raid Iran Consulate in N. Iraq
  GIs in Tense Standoff With Kurdish Forces
  Iraq Wants No Part of Escalation
  US and Britain 'To Target Mahdi Army'
  Iraq PM Tells Shi'ite Militias to Give Up
  Thursday: 56 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded; US Says Forces Kill 93 in Raids
Bush War Plan Draws Fire on Capitol Hill
  US Warns Iraq 'Surge' May Take Time
  Gates Looks to Add 92,000 Troops to Military
  Iraq Escalation Already Under Way
  Bush Rhetoric Hard to Square With Facts
  The Dems on Iraq: More Bark Than Bite
  3,000 British Troops to Pull Out of Iraq by May
Bush Iraq Strategy to Target Iran, Syria
  To Counter Iran’s Role in Iraq, Bush Moves Beyond Diplomacy
  CIA Gets the Go-Ahead to Take on Hezbollah
Somalia Strike Missed al-Qaeda Suspects
  Somali Official Calls for US Ground Troops
  Somalia Brings Memories of Past US Debacles
  US Denies Fresh Southern Somali Attacks
  Violence Engulfs Somali Capital
How to Further the Neocon Mess in Iraq  by Ari Berman
Launching the 2008 Campaign With Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq  by Tom Hayden

Jimmy Carter Speaks Truth to Propaganda  by Paul Craig Roberts

The Least Immoral Choice  by Sally Quinn
Bush's New Strategy  by Robert Fisk
Did Saddam Die for Our Sins?
by Barry Lando

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Text of Bush Iraq Speech
A Stagger, More Than a Surge
Troop Boost Will Mean Longer Tours
New US Troops in Iraq Will Have Limited Role
Democrats Say Bush Did Not Consult Them on Iraq
Bush Iraq Plan Has Many Risks, No Guarantees
Could Nigerian Militants Trigger a US Recession?
Better Armor Lacking for New Troops in Iraq
Bush's Escalation Speech
Bush's Strategy Includes Contrition
Bush to Push Bigger Army, Corps
Highlights of Administration's Iraq Strategy [.pdf]
'Surge': Troops Will Be Extended or Sent Early
Details of Bush's New Iraq Strategy
Bush Borrows 'McMaster' Plan From British
Politicians React
Dems Ponder Methods to Thwart Bush on Troops
How Congress May Block a Troop 'Surge'
GOP Senator Bunning Has Doubts About Troop Increase
GOP Senator Brownback Opposes Escalation
Democrats Feel Voters' Antiwar Heat
Iraq Policy Splits Presidential Hopefuls
Oliver North Says Bush Plan 'Eerily Like Vietnam Escalation'
Today in Iraq
Iraq to Shift Kurdish Forces From Peaceful Areas to Baghdad
Sistani 'Wants Militias Disarmed'
Iraq Official Says Plane From Turkey Not Shot Down
Iraq President Wants to Delay Executions
12 Die in Attack on Shi'ite Pilgrims in West
Wednesday: 126 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 73 Iraqis Wounded
'I Prefer to Be Illiterate Than to Die'
Iraq Occupation
Blair: Britain to Complete Basra Operation in Weeks
US Teams Try to Rebuild a War-Torn Nation
Insurgent Bastion Sealed Off After Bloody Baghdad Battle
Global Iraq Fallout
US Tactic Exposes Growing Rift With Britain
Iraqi President Will Visit Syria to Talk Security
Australia Backs Bush on Iraq but Won't Boost Troops
Aussie Opposition Demands Howard to Reveal Iraq Troop Strategy
Iraqis Facing Passport Shortage
US Military
Civilian Workers Could Now Face Courts-Martial
US Army Blocks Use of Competing Defense System
Another Soldier to Plead Guilty to Iraq Murders
Soldier's Itinerary: Iraq, Home, First Child, Back to Iraq
Carrier for Afghanistan Shifts to Africa
US Overseas Image Gets New Focus
Study: Number of Wounded Veterans Could Cripple VA
The War at Home

Detroit Imams Aim to Calm Fears After Vandalism

Lawyer Seeks Probe Into Why Border Troops Backed Off
Antiwar Activists Choose Jail Over Fine for Sit-In at Senator's Office
'War on Terror'
Lawyer Quits in Italy CIA Case, Citing Lack of Cooperation
Judge Grants Delay in Mental Exam for Padilla
Spies Embedding Tiny Transmitters in Canadian Coins, US Report Says
9/11 Bill May Face Scrutiny in Senate
NYC Subway Bomb Plotter Says He Was Set Up by Paid Police Informant
Advocate Criticizes Govt Data Mining
Gitmo Inmates 'Being Driven Insane'
How Can You Defend a Man Where No Law Exists?
Gitmo Remains Source of Outrage Across the World
Vigil for Detainees at Guantánamo
Prosecutors: Hicks 'Took Orders From bin Laden'
Chavez's Economic Plans Set Latin Markets Reeling
Chavez Would Abolish Presidential Term Limit
Ruling on Shining Path Rebels Angers Peru
Nicaragua Is Caught Between a New Friend and an Old Enemy
Argentina Probes Pre-Dirty War Rights Crimes
In Other News
Ban Says UN Faces Demand for Troops
Fiji Chiefs' About-Face Bolsters Coup
Iran Conservatives Scold Fiery Ahmadinejad
Report: Iran Plans to Ration Fuel After March 2007
Target on Iran?
US Sees Signs Financial Sanctions Against Iran Are Biting
China Assures Israeli PM on Iranian Nuclear Bomb
Iranian Bank Denies US Charge It Is a Weapons Proliferator
UN Nuclear Inspectors Arrive in Iran
Haniyeh Calls on Palestinians to Prevent All-Out Civil War
Gaza Chief Brands Hamas Killers
Hamas Leader Says Israel's Existence Is a Reality
Hamas: Meshal Didn't Say We Might Recognize Israel
Settler Violence in Hebron Continues
Improvements at West Bank Roadblocks Are Marginal
West Bank Wall Imposes Special Difficulties on Technical School in East Jerusalem
Israeli Military Predicts War With Lebanon, Syria During 2007
Israeli Military Warns of Budget Gap
Ambassador to Israel: US Reduced West Bank Settlements
Lebanon's History Textbooks Sidestep Civil War
Increased Use of Generators During War Highlights Concerns About Pollution
Horn of Africa
Somali Capital Awash in Anger at Ethiopia, US, Interim Leaders
Blair Backs US Attacks in Somalia
US Backs Proposal for UN Troops in Somalia
Sen. Carl Levin: Somalia Strike Not Widening of War
Somali Brits Say They Are Not al-Qaeda
Arab League Condemns US Attacks on Somalia for Killing Innocents
Ethiopia Holding Suspects After US Air Strike
Ethiopia's PM Says Only One US Strike on Somalia
Ethiopia Says It Has Effectively Concluded Foray Into Somalia
Eritrea Says War in Somalia Will Continue While Ethiopia Remains
Somalia: Yemen Seals Its Sea Border With Somalia
Sudan: No UN Troops Needed in Darfur
US Governor Brokers Truce for Darfur
Gunmen Overpower 45 Guards to Kidnap Nine South Korean Oil Workers in Nigeria
Pakistani Military Experts Strengthen Mugabe's Army
France to Probe Congo 'Massacre'
NATO: Poor Communications to Blame for Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
UK Troops in Fiercest Afghanistan Fight So Far
Afghanistan Appeals to UN Over Pakistan Mining Plan
Pakistan Denies It 's Harboring Taliban
Pakistan to Complete Border Fencing With Afghanistan by July
Pakistan Installs First Biometrics Documentation System at Afghan Border
Senior Kashmir Police Officer Suspended
US Sends Stealth Fighter Planes to South Korea
Bombs Kill 6 in Philippines as Summit Talks Near
Fighter Jet Signals China's Military Advances
Myanmar Junta Releases Five Prominent Dissidents
Ousted Thai PM's Passport Revoked
Kazakh President's Close Ally Becomes New Prime Minister
10 Guerrillas Killed, 25 Injured in Sri Lanka
Female Backers of Aceh's Rebels Now Battle to Rebuild Lives
Russia-Belarus Standoff Over Oil Ends, Clearing Way for Accord
Uranium 'Killing Italian Troops'
Congress on Collision Course With Moscow
Three Jailed in Bosnia for Planning Suicide Attack
Blair Reassures Sinn Fein About MI5 Role

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