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Bush's Last Stand: Justin Raimondo
Bush's Prescription for More War: William Hartung
Still One More Card to Play: Pat Buchanan
Where Are Republicans for Peace?: Doug Bandow
The 'Surge' Is a Red Herring: Paul Craig Roberts

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.
Mahatma Gandhi
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Updated January 12, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST
Senators Fear Iraq War May Spill to Iran, Syria
  US Unit Patrolling Baghdad Sees Flaws in Bush Strategy
  Bush Isolates Himself Further
  Military Eases Its Rules for Mobilizing Reserves
  Pentagon to End Limit on Total Active-Duty Time
US Threatens Iran Over Iraq 'Meddling'
  Rice Warns Iran After US Nabs Iranians at Consulate in Iraq
  US Raid on Iranian Consulate Angers Kurds
  US to Attack Iranian-Backed Networks in Iraq
Bleak Reaction to Plan on Streets of Iraq
  In Baghdad, Bush Policy Is Met With Resentment
  Maliki Government Is on 'Borrowed Time,' Rice Says
  Iraq Govt Expects Sadr's Backing for Crackdown
  Quiet Friday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
  Thursday: 60 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded; US Says Forces Kill 93 in Raids
US Air Strikes Killed Over 100 Somali Civilians
  Somalia Strike Missed al-Qaeda Suspects
  US Troops Went Into Somalia After Raid
  Wives of Somalia al-Qaeda Suspects Detained
Intel Chief: Hezbollah May Be Next US Threat
16 Civilians, 13 Militants Killed in NATO Afghan Strike
  150 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan, NATO Says
  Hekmatyar: 'We Aided bin Laden Escape'
Bush's Prescription for More War
by William D. Hartung
The 'Surge' Is a Red Herring
by Paul Craig Roberts
Times' Warp: Paper Backs Escalation in Iraq  by Greg Mitchell
Still One More Card to Play
by Patrick Buchanan
The Presidential Lottery  by Thomas Gale Moore
The Govt Is Reading Your Mail
by Mark Benjamin

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Antiwar Activists Rush to Hold Protests
Soldier Gets 18 Years for Iraq Killings
US Moves to Confront Iran and Syria
Iraqi Media Under Growing Siege
Blast Rips Through US Embassy in Athens
Republican Senator Hagel: Bush Plan Worst Blunder Since Vietnam
Bush Escalates
Gates: Unknown How Long 'Surge' in Troops Will Last
Bush Strategy Rejects Diplomatic Offensive
US Also Plans Civilian Surge in Iraq
CNN: New Troops Will Find 'Better Armed, More Determined Enemy'
For US Troops, New Duties, More Danger
US Political Reaction
Poll: 70 Percent Oppose More Troops in Iraq
Devastating Criticism on Iraq by Both Parties
House Republicans Join to Urge Against 'Surge'
Southern GOP Congressmen Denounce Troop Surge in Iraq
US Wants Democrats to Block Iraq Troop Surge
Senate Opposition to Bush Plan Grows
Rice, a Uniter of the Divided
House Dems in Dilemma on War Votes
Bush Faces GOP Doubters
White House Hopefuls Sound Off on Iraq
Analyzing Escalation
Bush's New Plan Hangs on Iraq Leader's Uncertain Cooperation and Ability
Analyst: Iraq Strategy at Odds With Congress, Iraq Study Group
Military Experts: Doubt Over Increase, Even by Some Backers
Past Troop Surges Didn't Work Either
The Surge: Just Enough to Lose?
Today in Iraq
Bush's Shift in Strategy Gets Dubious Reception on Streets of Baghdad
Unprecedented Violence Targets Iraqi Civilians: HRW
Shi'ite Radicalism Could Fuel Wider Violence, Official Warns
Islamic Army in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Downing Moldovan Plane in Iraq
Displaced Shi'ite: We Live in Misery
Russia Says Its Embassy in Iraq Raked With Gunfire
In Baghdad, Concerns About a Violent Year
'Chemical Ali' Says He Ordered Executions in Villages
Thursday: 60 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded; US Forces Kill 93 in Raids
Iraq Occupation
'Gated Communities' Planned for Baghdad
US Troops Stage Second Secret Raid at Iraq Airport
US Marines Build Sand Walls in Latest Iraq Tactic
Iraqis Doubt Impact of Extra $1.2 Billion From Bush
US Names Retired Diplomat as Iraq Reconstruction Chief
Global Iraq Fallout
Britain Could Cut Its Troops in Iraq by End of the Year
Britain Tried to Stop Saddam Hanging, Letter Shows
British Ministers Question New Strategy at Cabinet Meeting
Iran, Syria Denounce Bush's Iraq Plan
Arabs See Little Hope for Bush's Iraq Plan
Bush's Plan to Boost US Troops in Iraq Met With Harsh Skepticism in Mideast
Bush Speech Falls Flat in Europe
US Allies Back Bush's New Iraq Plan
US Iraq Raid Draws Iranian Anger
US Military
Gates Looks to Add 92,000 Troops to Military
How the Army Decides Who Deploys
Military Lists Combat Units Bound for Baghdad
At Fort Benning, a Quiet Response to a Presidential Visit
Sick, Literally, of Fighting in Iraq
Soldiers' Bereaved Parents United in Grief but Divided on Course of War
AWOL Army Medic Charged With Desertion
More American Soldiers Seeking to Flee to Canada, Group Says
The War at Home
Activists Campaign to Block Iraq Troop Increase
In Two Pennsylvania Towns, Skepticism and Resignation
'War on Terror'
US Preparing for Trials of Top Qaeda Detainees
Milan's Extraordinary Renditions Case
Intelligence Chiefs Pessimistic in Assessing Worldwide Threats
Class-Action Lawsuit Sought Over CIA's Mind-Control Study
Britain Asks 48 Nations to Help Test for Polonium
Posada Indicted on Immigration Charges
Five Decontaminated as Poisonous Powder Shuts Parts of Palm Beach Courthouse
Six to Go on Trial Over London Bomb Plot
Man Held in Contract Killing of Russian Banking Official
Daylight Sought for Data Mining
US Says Iran Able to Weather Economic Shocks
Iran Seen Using US Woes in Iraq Despite Criticism
Iran Nuke Work Seems Slow, Puzzling West
US Legislator Fears Bush Preparing to Attack Iran
Analyst Describes Bush Tactics as 'Declaration of War' on Iran
China Tells US Not to Meddle in Ties With Iran
Israel Encouraged by China Stance on Iran
Explosions Hit Southern Iran
Syria Urges Israel to Talk Peace
Russia Backs Syria in Probe Request
Fatah Loyalists Rally in Ramallah
Abbas Calls for 'Unity,' Leaves Stance on Elections Unclear
Abbas Determined to Prevent Further Internal Clashes With Hamas
Israeli Gunboat Fires on Palestinian Fishermen
Peretz Rejects Claims of Imminent War
Israeli MP: Appointment of Arab Minister 'A Lethal Blow to Zionism'
Death Toll of Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians Hit a Low in 2006
Israeli Police Investigate Hebron Settler Filmed Attacking Arabs
Sharon Warned Bush: Arabs Would Not Take to Democracy
Israeli Military Cheers Departure of 'Pro-Hezbollah' UN Commander
Hezbollah Weaponry and Supplies Found Hidden Along Northern Border
Lebanon Unions Halt Protests, Hezbollah Plans More
Soldier Wounded in Lebanon Clash 'Over Veiled Woman'
Egypt Warns Against Danger of Islamist Regime
Horn of Africa
Pentagon: Troops Won't Flood Somalia
Somalia Sees More Air Strikes
Security Council Backs Speedy Deployment of African Troops to Somalia
'Britons' Held After US Strikes in Somalia
Somalia: Fear of Reprisals on All Sides Keeps Sentiments Over Attacks Bottled Up
Red Cross Statement Urges US, Others to Spare Somali Civilians
Can African Peacekeepers Tame Somalia?
Ethiopian Dictator Sentenced to Prison
Move to Boost Uganda Peace Talks
Attacks Heat Up Afghan-Pakistani Border
NATO, Pakistani Army Battle Militants
NATO Praises Pakistan for Border Controls
US: Pakistan an Important Ally in War on Terror
Militants Supply Trucks Attacked in North Waziristan
Canadian Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
Bangladesh President Quits Interim Government, Delays Election
Bangladesh Emergency Declared
India Threatens to Use Airforce Against Northeast Rebels
Southeast Asians Consider Pact Against Terrorism
US Presses China on Armed Submarine Encounter
Nepal Maoists Predict Victory in June Elections
China's Rights Record Criticized
Bombs Hit Three Cities in Philippines
Russia Resumes Oil Supplies to Europe
Polish Ex-Spies Face Punishment
Sarajevo Siege General on Trial
Five Years After Detainees' Arrival, Policy Questions Remain
Guantánamo Prison Draws Protests Worldwide
Protesters Demand Closure of Gitmo Base
Hicks Must Be Tried Soon, Howard Tells Bush
Hicks' Lawyer: Attack by Prosecutor Proves Case Is Weak
Ortega Back in Office in Nicaragua

Threat to Scrap Bolivian Constitutional Body

In Other News
US Has Lost Credibility on Rights, Group Asserts

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Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

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Kashmir Resolution in Sight?

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The Embarrassment of the Wretched

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China's Little Capitalists

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