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Bush's Sacrificial Americans: Tom Engelhardt
Cure for Yellow Ribbon Patriotism: Robert Weitzel
How It All Began: Charley Reese
Less Than Zero: William S. Lind
Mistakes Were Made: Gordon Prather

What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise.
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Updated January 14, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
Bush: Congress Won't Stop Escalation
  Bush: US Decisions Made Iraq Unstable
  Surge: GIs Prepare for Bush's Last Stand
  Gates: US Troops Should Stay Even if Iraq Plan Fails
  Rice, Gates Hint Maliki May Be On His Way Out
  Shock and Oil: Iraq's Billions and the White House Connection
  Hillary Clinton: Send Troops From Iraq to Afghanistan
Rice: US Aims to Curb Iran Aggression
  US Links Iranian Diplomats to Iraq Insurgency
  Tensions Rise as Washington Accuses Iran Over Militias
  US Seeks to Banish Iran War 'Rumor'
Iraqi Leader Goes Own Way to Fill Top Post
  Young Blood: Sectarian War Turning Iraqi Kids Into Killers
  Iraqi PM Gives Lukewarm Endorsement of US Plan
  Kurdish General: Brigade Trains for Baghdad
  Sunday: 100 Iraqis, US Soldier Killed
Military Expands Intelligence Role in US
  Officials: Pentagon Probed Finances of US Citizens
Bush's Sacrificial Americans
by Tom Engelhardt
A Cure for Yellow Ribbon Patriotism  by Robert Weitzel
Repeating History in Iraq
by Steve Chapman
How It All Began  by Charley Reese
Less Than Zero  by William S. Lind
Mistakes Were Made  by Gordon Prather

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Syria Insists Cooperating on Iraqi Security
Bush's Surge Already in Latest Budget
Opposition to Iraq Plan Leaves Bush Isolated
Justice Department Concealing Report Concluding It Leaked
Deletions in Army Manual Raise Wiretapping Concerns
NGOs to Sue US Over Niger Uranium WMD Claims
War Zone Aid 'Fuels More Conflicts'
Iraqis Not Ready to Lay Down Arms; Many Say Militias Are Best Protection
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Get All-Firing Foretaste of Bush's Final Baghdad Gamble
'The Jihad Now Is Against the Shias, Not the Americans'
Iraqi Vice President Says Majority of Iraqis Killed Are Sunnis
US Military Says New Arms Shipments From Iran to Iraqi Militia Detected
Iraqi Prime Minister Asserts Security Plan to Target 'Any Outlaws'
Iraq Oil City Rocked by Attacks
Hillary Clinton Visits Baghdad
Saturday: 58 Iraqis, UK Soldier Killed; 20 Iraqis, UK Soldier Wounded
Bush's Escalation
Choices Dwindle if Iraq War Plan Fails
Bush to Skeptics: What's Your Iraq Plan?
On Iraq, US Turns to Onetime Dissenters
Congress Presses Bush on Iraq
Dems Mobilize to Restrict Flow of War Funding
Experts Doubt Iraqis Can Make Bush Plan Work
The War at Home
Public Inaction Dismays Watada
Libby Heads to Trial Tuesday in CIA Leak Case
A GOP Lawmaker Grapples With Troop Escalation
Murtha: Antiwar Movement 'Way Ahead of Me'
South Florida Residents Rally Against Iraq War
Schwarzenegger Backs Bush's Plan for Iraq
US Military
After Two Accidents, Navy Orders All Its Subs to Stand Down
Among Troops and Families, Mixed Reaction to American Expansion in Iraq
Pentagon Disavows Comment on Detainees
Severely Injured Get New Rehab Facility
Battles of Britain
Taliban vs. British Army vs. Whitehall
United Kingdom's Existence Is at Risk: Brown
British Soldier Not Iran Spy but 'A PATRIOT': Lawyer
Blair Rejected Iraq Troops Plea
Sorry at Last: UK Minister Apologizes to Widow of Soldier Killed by Lack of Body Armour
UK Army Faces 5-Year Wait for Armored Carriers
Islamists Use Raid to Stir Up UK Somalis
Two British Servicemen Killed: One in Iraq, One in Afghanistan
Prince Harry Trains for Possible Iraq Duty
Downing Street Accused of Pandering to Sinn Fein
Protection for Spy Murder Witnesses
'War on Terror'
'James Bond Harpoon' to Stop Terrorist Attack From the Thames
Victim Owed Compensation in CIA MK-Ultra Torture Case, Judge Told
Judge Orders 3-Month Delay in Padilla Terrorism Support Trial
Judge Dismisses Anthrax Libel Case
UAVs to Patrol Canadian Border
Australian Anti-Terror Police Give Parking Fines
Attack on US Embassy Revives Greek Fear of Terrorism
Marxists Say They Hit US Embassy in Athens
Beijing: Unclear Athens Attack Rocket Was China-Made
Anti-ETA Protests in Spain Draw 250,000
Spanish Prime Minister Takes Political Heat After Airport Attack by Basque Group
Russian Police Head to London for Litvinenko Investigation
Sinn Fein Sets Time for Northern Ireland Police Vote
EU Breathes Sigh of Relief Over Belarus-Russia Energy Accord
Weekend Reviews
A Century of Interventionism and Regime Change
Operation Bungle Iraq
Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War
Americans Keep Dying
China-Born Soldier (CA) Killed in Iraq Not Yet a Citizen
Vancouver (WA) Soldier Dies of Injuries Suffered in Humvee Crash
Stockton (CA) Soldier Commits Suicide in Iraq
Army Medic From Wasilla (AK) Killed in Iraq
West Memphis (AS) Soldier Dies in Fighting in Iraq
Minnesota National Guard Soldier Killed in Fallujah
Gloucester (VA) Mourns Death of Soldier With Ties to Maryland
Fallen Soldier's Family Talks About Loved One (TX)
Family, Friends Pay Tribute to Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Man Killed in Iraq
Tucson (AZ) Marine's Death Baffling
Fallen Texas Soldier Had 'Tremendous Sense of Duty'
Bomb Kills Army Major (KY) in Iraq
Family Asks for a 'Hero's Welcome Home' for Airman (IL)
For Dead Airman's Family, Grief Blends With Pride (FL)
Airman Is First Woman From Delaware Killed in Iraq
Bomb Kills South Gate (CA) Soldier in Iraq
US: No Immediate Plans to Attack Iran, but Won't Rule It Out
Bush: We Won't Let Iran Control the Region
Iran Leader's Nuke Diplomacy Questioned
Iran's Caution Under Sanctions Eases Heat at IAEA
Iran Increases Voting Age From 15 to 18 in National Elections
Palestinians Edge Closer to Unity Government After Strike Ends
Palestinians Report Progress From Secret Talks Between Hamas, Fatah
Jailed Fatah Leader: Cease-Fire With Israel Is in Palestinian National Interest
Shin Bet Questions Ex-American Suspected of Aiding Islamic Jihad
Hamas Website Claims 'Zionist Hack'
Hamas Deputy: Olmert’s Egypt Visit Delayed Shalit Talks
Lebanon Opposition Protests Slow Pace of Murder Cases
Hezbollah Arms Cache Found on Israel/Lebanon Border
PM: Arab League Initiative for Lebanon Only 'Serious' One
Al-Jazeera Producer Charged With 'Harming Egypt's Interest'
Bad Egyptian Waiters 'Worse Than Terrorists' for Tourism
Middle East
Rice Starts Mideast Tour 'Without a Peace Plan'
Rice Backs Mideast Moderates, but Offers No Plan
Mideast Players Offer Creative Solutions
Saudi Arabia to Seek Iraq Clarification From Rice
Iran, Venezuela Urge OPEC Output Cuts to Support Prices
Horn of Africa
British Forces Hunt Fleeing East African 'Terrorists'
Somali Lawmakers Okay Martial Law Motion
Ethiopia Fails to Prove British Jihadis Caught
Bush Battles for Posterity in Somalia
Sudan 'Astonished' by US Prodding China Over Darfur
200 Die in Darfur During Week of Intertribal Battles
Chad Rebels Say Open New Battlefront in Northeast

Disputes Over Chad Rebel Attack

Tunisia Says Suspects in Gun Battle Had Blueprints of Embassies
Taliban Claim Responsibility for Attack Near Kabul
Afghan Rebel Chief Sends Fighters to Their Deaths
Afghanistan Welcomes US Comments on al-Qaeda in Pakistan
Merkel Insists No Decision Taken to Send Warplanes to Afghanistan
US General: Haqqani Recruiting Taliban in Pakistan
Pakistan Urges US to Share Terror Data
Pakistanis Protest 2006 US Airstrike
US General: Insurgent Chief in Pakistan
Pakistan, India Try Taking Peace Process to New Level
Kin and Rights Groups Search for Pakistan’s Missing
India: No Timeframe to Resolve Siachen Issue
Three Killed in Gun Battle in Kashmir
North Korea Slams US for Deploying F-117 Stealth Fighters to South
At Times, Korea's DMZ Feels Like a Theme Park, but the Specter of Death and Conflict Is Never Far
Bangladesh Halts Elections, Arrests 2,500
Interim Bangladesh Rulers Sworn In
Japanese PM: World to Step Up Pressure on North Korea, Europe Trip Fruitful
Security Tight for East Asia Summit in Philippines
Southeast Asian Leaders Show Soft Touch for Myanmar
China Defends UN Veto on Myanmar
ASEAN Convention on Counter-Terrorism Signed
Chavez Seeks Permission to Govern Venezuela by Decree
Chavez: Venezuela to Take Over Whole Energy Sector
Venezuela's Chavez to Allow Companies Minority Stakes in Nationalized Oil Projects
Press Freedom Group Criticizes Chavez
Mexico Diverts Taiwan President's Flight at China's Request
Land Mines Kill Eight Colombian Troops
Bolivian President Proposes Recall Bill
Isabel Peron's Arrest Signals Shift in Argentina
Argentina Pursues Iran in '94 Blast as Neighbors Court Ahmadinejad

Justin Raimondo
Bush's Last Stand

Praful Bidwai
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

Doug Bandow
Where are the Republicans for Peace?

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

Ivan Eland
Say Good-bye to a Future Republican Presidency

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Charles Peña
Requiem for a Dictator

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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