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Libby on Trial: Justin Raimondo
92,000 More Soldiers?: Charles Peña
No Proof IEDs From Iran: Gareth Porter
Military Surge to Political Nowhere: Leon Hadar
Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable: Conn Hallinan

War is the most striking instance of the failure of intelligence to master the problem of human relationships.
Harry Elmer Barnes
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Updated January 17, 2007 - 9:12 PM EST
Gonzales: Judges Unfit to Rule on Terror Policy
  Bush Won't Reauthorize Warrantless Eavesdropping Program
Dems Sitting on Power to Curb 'Surge'

White House Says Congress Iraq Vote Could Signal Split to the World


Senators to Introduce Resolution Opposing Bush's Iraq Policy


Poll: Americans Have Little Faith in Bush, Democrats on Iraq

  How US Is Deferring War Costs
US Forces Raid Kurdish Refugee Camp in N. Iraq
  US Troops Raid Sudan Embassy in Baghdad
  Shi'ite Leader: Iraqi Govt Could Collapse if Security Plan Fails

Wednesday: 106 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 116 Iraqis, 1 GI, 3 Britons Injured


Bloody Tuesday: 143 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed

Iran Says It Shot Down US Spy Drone
  Top Iraqi Politician Condemns US Over Iran
  Despite Charges, No Evidence Iran Sending IEDs to Iraq

Somali PM: African Troops Coming to Prop Us Up


EU Warns US Bombing Escalates Somalia Violence


Somali Govt Lifts Media Ban After Local and International Outrage

A Military 'Surge' to a
Political Nowhere
 by Leon Hadar
Libby Trial, Day One: Can You Trust Cheney?  by David Corn
Total War, From Bonaparte to Bush
by David A. Bell
Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable  by Conn Hallinan
How to De-Fund the Escalation  by Gareth Porter
Gen. Boykin's Christmas Vacation
by Matthew Yglesias

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Why They Fight – From Within

Rice Lobbies Arabs for Backing in Iraq

Bush's 'Surge' on Iraq's Oil

Iran Gets US Army Gear in Pentagon Sales

Arab Group Signals Iran to Avoid Meddling in Iraq

Two Navy Men Create an Outlet for Military Protests on the Web

American Protesters Found in Pentagon Database

UN Report on Iraqi Deaths for 2006 [pdf]

An Unhappy New Year Thus Far in Iraq
Bush's Escalation

Bush Plan May Deepen Quagmire

US Sen. Cochran Sees Tough Iraq Funding Fight

Giuliani Backs US Strategy in Iraq

Hanging Debacle

Bush Widens Iraq Criticism Over Handling of Executions

Botched Hangings in Iraq Speed Sectarianism

Iraq Occupation

Bush: Iraqi Govt Needs to Mature

US Bringing Second Carrier to Mideast for First Time Since Iraq Invasion

Iraq: US Air Strikes Isolate Baquba Villagers

Iraq Today

Arab Leaders Express Alarm That Iraq Could Fall Into All-Out Civil War

UN Warns of Looming Crisis in Kirkuk

A Cigarette Could Really Kill You in Iraq!

Tuesday: 143 Iraqis Killed, 269 Wounded; 4 GIs Killed

Iraq Govt Claims Raid Nets 92 Militants

Refugee Crisis

Iraq Refugee Crisis Exploding

Senators Denounce Bush Policy Limiting Refuge for Iraqis

HRW: US, Jordan, Syria Must Open Doors to Iraq Refugees

Population Influx Is Biggest Problem in South Iraq

Iraq Fallout

Spanish Court Issues Warrant for Three US Soldiers in Iraq Cameraman's Death

Iraq and the Art of War

Oil-for-Food Scandal

Siemens Probed in US, France Over Iraq Oil-for-Food Program

US Charges Oil-for-Food Chief

'War on Terror'

Gonzales: Challenges Slowing Gitmo Cases

Passenger Jet With Anti-Missile System Leaves Los Angeles Airport

'Enemy Combatant' Languishes in a South Carolina Brig

Ohio Muslim Leaders Complain Imam Was Handed Over to Israel

Man Wins Suit in Airline Ethnic Profiling Case

Appeals Court Vacates Sentence of 'Millennium Bomber'

Vast Data Collection Plan Faces Big Delay

Military Aircraft Chase Cessnas in Nighttime Drills Over Capital


US Officials Say Taliban Attacks Surge

More British Troops May Go to Afghanistan

Commander Wants Afghan Tours Extended

Purported Taliban Spokesman Arrested

Bomb Defused at Finnish Base in Afghanistan

Pakistan Buying 700 Missiles From Raytheon


Landmines Kill Seven Police in Central India

India PM Offers Talks With Northeast Rebels

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Peace Deal Collapses Over Party Defections

Fierce Fighting Leaves 45 Dead in Sri Lanka


US Military Strikes in Somalia

Kenya Sends Ministers to Seek Troops for Somalia

Somali Govt Troops Ambushed in Lower Shabelle Region

Media Crackdown in Somalia Draws Protests

Journalist Group Slams Govt Closure of Three Radio Stations, al-Jazeera


UN Eyes More Cuts in Eritrea-Ethiopia Force

Oil Gunmen Kill Nigerian Chiefs

Rebels: Sudan Bombed Darfur Despite Truce

Libby Trial

Political Theater Awaited at Libby Trial

Cheney, Politics and Iraq Focus of Jury Selection

Selection of Libby Trial Juror Questions

As Trial Begins, Cheney's Ex-Aide Is Still a Puzzle

CIA Leak Case Figures Reject Cheney Immunity


US Push to Strip Iran of UN Nuclear Aid Resisted

Olmert Seeks to Cool Rhetoric on Iran

US Wrestlers Receive Warm Welcome in Iran Despite Tension With Washington

Iraq Edges Closer to Iran, With or Without the US

Iraq Cultivating Ties With Iran

US: 'Russia-Iran Arms Deal Inappropriate'

Russia Completes Delivery of Missiles to Iran

French Visit to Iran, Seen as Diplomatic Faux Pas, Is Aborted

Saudis in the Middle

Saudi Arabia Says Not Mediating Between Iran and US

Rice Receives Cautious Saudi Backing for Iraq Plan

Saudis Consider Sending Troops to Iraq

Syria-Israel Peace?

Ha'aretz: Israeli, Syrian Representatives Reach Secret Understandings

Syria Denies Secret Contacts With Israel

Olmert: No Government Officials Involved in Secret Syria Talks

Israel Knew of Secret Peace Talks With Syria, Say Officials

US Officials: Cheney Was Kept Abreast of Israel-Syria Talks

Construction Continues in the Golan Despite Media Reports

Tentative Deal Would Have Returned Golan Heights to Syria

Could a Country Park Bring Peace to Middle East?

Ruins in Northern Syria Bear the Scars of a City's Final Battle
Israel's War at Home

Israel's Chief of Staff Resigns Over Lebanon War

Outgoing Israeli Army Chief Warns Against Criticism of Commanders

Senior Israeli Officers Welcome Army Chief's Resignation


IDF Removes 44 Dirt Barriers From West Bank Villages

Military Freezes Ban on W. Bank Residents in Israeli Vehicles

Hamas Denies Gaza Tunnels Dug to Kill Fatah Leaders

Poll Shows Fatah Would Defeat Hamas in Elections

Middle East

Bush's PR Lady Hopes to Win Over Islamic World

Turkish Troops Kill Three Kurdish Rebels in Multiple Clashes

Kuwait Upholds Jail Sentences of Afghanistan, Iraq Fighters

Jordanians Becoming Increasingly Disenchanted With US Policies

Egypt Detains Islamist Backers

United Kingdom

Group: No Evidence Nukes Are Any Sort of Deterrent for UK

UK Muslims Fear Hate Attacks as Trial of Failed Suicide Bombers Gets Under Way


US Base Expansion Plan Splits Italian Government

CIA Prisoner Airplane Lands in Iceland

Free-Trade Zone Unites Old Adversaries

Russia Says Serbian Backing Key to Kosovo Status

Russia Warns Citizens of Possible Security Threat


No Pause in Abe's Plunge in Polls

In Other News

The Doomsday Clock: Nuclear Threat to World 'Rising'


Justin Raimondo
Libby on Trial

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Shi'ite Opposition

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Where are the Republicans for Peace?

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Sound and Fury

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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