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America, Supplicant to Iran?: Hossein Askari
Identifying Variables: William S. Lind
'We Have Tasted War': Kathy Kelly
The War Becomes More Unholy: Jamail/Fadhily
Somalia: Crusade Number Four by Eric Margolis

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Updated January 18, 2007 - 8:51 PM EST
White House Tries to Avoid Iraq Showdown
  Another Republican Senator Will Vote to Oppose Bush Iraq Plan
  Bipartisan Senate Measure Confronts Bush Over Iraq
  Text of Bipartisan Resolution Opposing Iraq War Escalation (pdf)
  Bush Says His Iraq Policy Was Failing
  1,000 Active-Duty Troops Pressure Congress to Back Pullout From Iraq
Iraqi PM: Give Us Guns and GIs Can Go
  Bloody Wednesday: 238 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 118 Iraqis, 1 GI Injured
  Thursday: 72 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 95 Iraqis, 1 Briton Wounded
  100 Insurgents Reported Killed in Clashes With Northeast of Baghdad
  Iraqi PM: 400 Shi'ite Fighters Detained
Gonzales: Judges Unfit to Rule on Terror Policy
  White House Retreats on Eavesdropping Under Pressure
  No-Fly List Being Checked and Cut
US Officials Say Rumor of Iran Strike Not True
  Gates, Commanders Ready Buildup in Gulf
Strikes on US, Afghan Forces Up Fourfold
  Gates Backs Generals’ Call for More GIs in Afghanistan
Incongruous Moves Fall Into Place for Bush's Next Surge  by Georgie Anne Geyer
Somalia: Crusade Number Four
by Eric Margolis
Attack on Sadr Will Widen War in Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Identifying Variables  by William S. Lind
'We Have Tasted War'  by Kathy Kelly
Silent About Gaza  by John Pilger

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The War Becomes More Unholy
Clinton Wants to Cap Troops in Iraq, Increase Troops in Afghanistan
US Troops Raid Sudan Embassy in Baghdad
US Forces Raid Kurdish Refugee Camp in N. Iraq
Shi'ite Fighters Arrested in Crackdown, Iraq Says
Pentagon: China and Russia Developing Space Weapons
Foes of Cuba Embargo See Hope in New Congress
Iran's Discontent With Ahmadinejad Grows
Today in Iraq
Top Iraqi Politician Condemns US Over Iran
Iraq: UN Death Figures Paint a Grim Picture
Iraqi Leaders Try to Show Progress on Problems
Rice Sees Iraq, but Not Too Close
Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 238 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 118 Iraqis, 1 GI, 3 Britons Injured
Suicide Car Bomb Strikes Market in Sadr City, Killing 17 People
Iraq: Suicide Car Bomb Kills Three Police Officers
Four Foreign Workers, Including American Woman, Killed in Iraq Ambush, Group Says
Mortar Attack Near Baghdad Kills Woman
'520 Palestinians Killed in Iraq'
Global Iraq Fallout
Arab States Raise Doubts About Maliki
Arab World Outraged Over Hangings in Iraq
Iraq Has Blighted Foreign Policy Successes, Says UK Cabinet Minister
Bush Wants Stronger UN Presence in Iraq, Says Ban
Saddam's Medals Turn Up in South Africa Museum
The War at Home
Opposition to Bush’s War Plan Mounts
Bush Acknowledges He Faces 'Headwind' on Iraq
Republicans Face Uncomfortable Vote on Bush's War Plan
Few Iraqis Are Able to Find Sanctuary Within the US
Two US Attorneys in Calif. Quit, Critics Say Bush Forced Them Out
Libby Trial
Cheney, Politics and Iraq Focus of Jury Selection
In Libby Trial, Big Names Make Jury Picks a Tall Order
Potential Jurors Queried on Views of Bush Administration
Finding Neutral Jurors Tough in CIA Case
US Military
Military Judge: Objector Can't Raise Questions About War Legality
US Military Base Expansion Splits Italian City
US Marine to Stand Trial for Iraqi Civilian Death
Navy Puts Newest Warship on Hold
US 'War on Terror'
Letter Tells of Difficulties in Prosecuting Detainee Abuse
Alberto Gonzales's Letter to Senator Leahy (.pdf)
Pentagon Official Apologizes to Lawyers Following Accusations of Intimidation

Law Groups Want Pentagon Official Fired

Officials: Bomb Found on Witness' Truck
UK 'War on Terror'
Former UK Home Secretary: Senior Judges Undermining Terror War
Defendant: London Bomb Plot Was 'Just a Hoax'
Prosection Says London Terror Suspects Watched Year Before Attacks
How UK Police Took Pictures of Bomb Suspects
London Bomb Suspect 'Had Come in Contact With Police Three Times'
Blunders Cost Reid Counter-Terror Plan
Horn of Africa
Islamist Fighters Captured Fleeing Somalia
Captured Islamists Freed in Somalia
Somali Speaker Tied to Islamists Ousted
Local Admin Asks Somalia Govt to Remove Ethiopian Troops From Capital
Senator Calls for New US Push on Somalia
South Africa Says African Force for Somalia Could Take Time
Ethiopia-Eritrea: UN to Cut Troops
DR Congo
Congo General 'Agrees to Peace'
Gorillas in the Midst of Congo's Civil War
Chad Rebels Take Town on Sudanese Border
Uganda Rebels 'Welcome in Sudan'
UN Workers Attacked by Armed Groups in Darfur
Iran President Says Israel Would Not Dare Attack
Gates Seeks Saudi Help to End Iran's Nuclear Work
UN Suspends Some Nuclear Aid to Iran
Israeli FM Arrives in Japan for Talks on Iran
Iranian Bloggers on Web Restrictions
Iran Offered to Cut Off Hezbollah in Overture to US in 2003: BBC
Israel-Syria Talks
Syrian, Israeli Backdoor Talks Now Emerging
US Dismisses Israel-Syria Talks Report
US Officials: Cheney Was Kept in the Loop on Israel-Syria Talks
In-Fighting, Israeli Detentions Effectively Close Palestinian Parliament
Abbas Will Not Meet Hamas Chief in Syria
Palestinian Talks May Be in Trouble
Palestinian Militant Group: Only Hamas Is Holding Shalit
Palestinian Girl, 10, Seriously Hurt by Border Troops Fire
Palestinians Launch Online Resistance
Israeli Military Objects to US Plans to Give Abbas' Forces Battle Equipment
Pressure Mounts on Olmert to Resign
New Clash Reported Between Lebanese Villagers, Spanish Troops
Thousands Gather in Beirut to Celebrate Halutz Resignation
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Casts Wary Eye on Its Shi'ites
Kuwait Tells US to Talk to Iran, Syria
Kurdish Rebel Leader Calls for Independent Panel to 'Disclose Truth' of 22-Year War
US and UK Consider Extra Troops for Afghanistan
Captured Taliban Commander Reportedly Says Mullah Omar Hiding in Pakistan
US Presses Pakistan for Taliban Crackdown
The Roots of Waziristan Conflict
Military Outpost Attacked in South Waziristan
Pakistan Rejects Indian Allegations of Kashmir Shooting
US to Meet North Korea Again on Nuclear Program
US Open to Bilateral Talks on Ties With North Korea
Are North Korea Sanctions Working
Report: North Korea Skips Food Ration
South Korea to Take Down Some Border Fences
With North Korea in Mind, China Upgrades Radioactivity Monitoring
China's Leaders Take Aim at Military Corruption
Australia, a Longtime US Ally, Drifting Towards New Suitor China
China Bans Officials and Students From Tibet Festival
Top al-Qaeda-Linked Militant in the Philippines Killed
Philippines Says Militant's Death a Blow
Philippines Police Beat Protesters Denouncing Transfer of Convicted Rapist Marine
Nepal's Former Maoist Rebels Begin Handing Over Weapons
Bangladesh Army to Remain on Streets
Japan Party Won't Stop War Shrine Visits
Merkel Seeks to Revive European Constitution
Russia’s Duma Blasts Estonia Over Monument
Two Killed in Niger Delta Attack
Zimbabwe Opposition Chief Urges Mass Protests Against Mugabe
UK Probes Tanzania Air Radar Deal

Justin Raimondo
Libby on Trial

Charles Peña
92,000 More Soldiers?

Ivan Eland
Escalation Doomed by
Shi'ite Opposition

Praful Bidwai
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

Doug Bandow
Where are the Republicans for Peace?

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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