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Homage to Herzliya: Justin Raimondo
Monumental Strategic Errors: Gen. William Odom
The Forgotten American Dead: Tom Engelhardt
Russia Gets its Warm-Water Port: Chris Deliso
China Rising: Doug Bandow


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Updated January 26, 2007 - 9:21 PM EST
US Set to Fight on Three Iraq Fronts
  Bush Challenges Congress: 'I'm the Decision-Maker' on Iraq
  Top Generals Tell Congress 'Surge' Won't End Soon
  Bush Faces Rising Rebellion From Fellow Republicans Over Iraq
  Cheney: Senate Resolution 'Won't Stop Us'
  Antiwar Protesters Target Congress
GIs Authorized to Kill Iranian Operatives in Iraq
  Iran's President Defends US-Backed Iraqi Govt
  Escalation of US Iran Military Plan Part of Six-Year White House Push
  Iran Reportedly Moving on Uranium Enrichment
  Mideast Strategy Increasingly Targets Iran
  Tehran's Influence Grows as Iraqis See Advantages
Iraqi PM Wins Security Vote With Sadr Backing
  Angry Dispute Erupts Among Iraqi Lawmakers
  Video: Shi'ite Soldiers Beat Sunnis as US Trainers Watch
  Iraq VP: US Invasion Was 'Idiot Decision'
  Friday: 72 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 111 Iraqis Injured
US Plans More Troops, $10.6bil for Afghanistan
  NATO Girds for 'Hot Spring' in Afghanistan, Kosovo
  US Brigade Gets Four More Months in Afghanistan
White House Nervous as Rove, Bartlett Subpoenaed
Hamas-Fatah Unity Govt Talks Off After 15 Die in Gaza
Strategic Errors of Monumental Proportions  by Gen. William E. Odom
A Spying Policy Still Without Warrant  by Aziz Huq
In Cheney's World, We All Report to the Military  by Robyn E. Blumner
The Forgotten American Dead
by Tom Engelhardt
Russia Gets its Warm-Water Port
by Christopher Deliso
What If?  by Madeline Reese

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Bush Administration Argues for Warrantless Wiretaps
US Military Spied on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos
Hagel Ponders White House Run as War Criticism Raises His Profile
US Soldier Gets 18 Years Prison in Iraq Slayings
Chalabi Has Key Role in Baghdad Effort
Rice Dismisses Report North Korea Helping Iran Prepare Nuke Test
Bucking US, Afghanistan Won't Spray Opium Fields
Today in Iraq
No School or Mosque Will Be Safe, Maliki Vows
Iraq Crash Exacts Heavy Toll From US
Ex-Ba'athist: I Never Imagined That One Day I Would Be a Street Beggar
Iraq Delays Death Penalty Hearing
Children's Doctor Among Latest Victims of Iraq Kidnap Epidemic
Thursday: 113 Iraqis, 2 GI Killed; 190 Iraqis, 3 GIs, 2 Britons Wounded
The New Iraq
Soccer Unites Iraqis
Everyday Errands Amid Everyday Chaos
First Iraqi Bird Guide Shows Rebirth of Marshes
Global Iraq Fallout
Gulf States Fear Iraq Violence Spillover
Salvadoran’s Death in Iraq Leaves a Mother Fuming
Poll: Australians Upset With Government Over Iraq
Libby Trial
In Ex-Aide's Testimony, a Spin Through VP's PR
Libby's 'Scapegoat' Defense May Not Be Supported by Any Evidence
Cheney Closely Involved in Handling Fallout Over Iraq Intel
Ex-Spokeswoman Questions Libby's Account
Declassification Unnerved White House Aide
Rockefeller: Cheney Applied Constant Pressure to Stall Investigation on Flawed Iraq Intelligence
US Politicians on Iraq
No Compromise Seen on Iraq Resolutions
Lugar 'Not Confident' About Iraq as Republicans Teeter
US Senators Feel Weight of Iraq Vote
Dems Wary of Iraq Reconstruction Cost
GOP Senators Wrestle With Iraq War Resolution
White House Says It Will Cooperate With Investigations
White House Hopes Maliki Can Soothe Concerns in Congress
The War at Home
US Attorney Appointment Called Unconstitutional
Top US Non-Proliferation Official Resigns
US Analyst Rebuked Over His Support of Spy for China
Iraq War Still Being Compared to Vietnam
US Military
Rumsfeld's Transition Raises Questions
Navajo Marine Given Conscientious-Objector Status
'War on Terror'
US Visa Denials Cost $100 Billion in Trade and 200,000 Jobs Since 9/11
Secrecy Is at Issue in Suits Opposing Domestic Spying
Maine Revolts Against Digital US ID Card
ACLU Chief: Civil Liberties at Risk
How Everyday Train Trip Turned Into Encounter With Bomber
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russian Caught Trying to Sell Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium for a Bomb
Russia Silent on Georgian Uranium Sting
US May Impose Sanctions on Russia for Tor-M1 Deliveries
Litvinenko Killer 'Will Die of Poisoning Within Three Years'
Russia Slams US Space Weapon Plans
Russia, India Cement Nuclear Ties
British Defense Secretary: Replacing Nukes 'Rational'
Senior Ministers Demand Blair Set a Date for Leaving Office
Kosovo Wins Support for Split From Serbia
Is Kosovo Just an Accident of War?
Serb Nationalists Wants to Pick New PM
Greek Militants Claim US Embassy Attack, Voice Support for Iraq Insurgents, Hezbollah
ETA: The Beginning of the End?
Iran's Khatami Calls for Calm Heads in Nuclear Row
US: Missile Defense in Eastern Europe Is to Counter Iranian Threat
Iran Set to Try Satellite Launch
Iran Calls for Summit With Iraq, Syria
Iran Deems Risk of US Attack 'Very Weak'
IAEA Chief Says Attack on Iran Would Be Catastrophe
US Pushes Europe on Iran Sanctions
Pakistan PM: Attacking Iran Would Be Catastrophic
UN Nuclear Agency Asks Iran to Back Off on Rejection of 38 Inspectors
Report: Russian Listening Posts Spying on Israeli Troop Movements in Golan
Settlers Defile Palestinian Graves Under IDF Watch
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Militant
Hamas Security Officer Killed, Five Hurt in Northern Gaza Explosion
On the Israeli Street, a Reevaluation
Abbas, Livni Pledge to Work Toward Peace
Israeli FM: Palestinian State Is Achievable, Not an Illusion
Hebron's Main Street Closed for Years
Abbas: Palestinians in Gaza Suffer Record Poverty
The Road to Gaza Between Two Worlds
Lebanese Army Declares Beirut Curfew as Four Killed in Clashes
Militants Clash With Lebanese Troops
Hariri, Hezbollah, Berri Appeal for Calm in Beirut
Respect Curfew, Says Nasrallah
Donors Pledge $7.6 Billion for Lebanon
Lebanese Army Battles Militants During Taamir Deployment
US Opposes Iranian, Saudi 'Meddling' in Lebanon
Turkish City Grapples With Violent Record
NATO Says Suspected Taliban Militants Killed by Airstrike in Southern Afghanistan
Afghanistan, Pakistan and NATO to Share Intelligence
NATO: Taliban Weakened in South Afghanistan
NATO Sending New Brigade to Afghanistan
Italian Cabinet OKs Afghanistan Mission
PM: Bin Laden Not Hiding in Pakistan
Pakistan PM: Root Causes of Terror Must Be Addressed
MPs Urge More Diplomacy in Afghanistan
North Korea
Lloyd's of London Accuses North Korea in Insurance Scam
UN Agency Defers North Korea Programs
Japan Mulls Heavier Sanctions on North Korea
Sri Lanka Vows to Destroy All Rebel Military Assets
Violence Spreads in South Nepal
Chinese Civilians Sue Japan Over Chemical Weapons Poisoning
Horn of Africa
Gunmen Kill Ethiopian Soldier in Somalia
UN Chief Says Eritrea-Ethiopia War Possible
At Least 59 Dead in Guinea Protests
Militants in Nigeria Seize More Oil Workers
China Puts Positive Spin on Sudan Ties
Congo Guerillas Agree to Stop Killing Gorillas
US Bars Trade Group From Going to Cuba
Venezuela May Ask US Envoy to Leave

Justin Raimondo
Homage to Herzliya

Doug Bandow
China Rising: The Next Global Superpower

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

Ivan Eland
Rebellion Over Iraq:
Son Against Father

Charles Peña
92,000 More Soldiers?

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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