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Inflation: The Hidden Cost of War: Rep. Ron Paul
Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship: Ivan Eland
No Setback for Insurgency: William S. Lind
The Three US Armies in Iraq: Zia Mian
Who Is the Enemy?: Jim Lobe

There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.
Sun Tzu
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Updated January 30, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
Battle Suggests New Sectarian Divides

Missteps by Iraqi Forces in Battle Raise Questions


Study: US Must Abandon Iraqi Cities 'Or Face Nightmare Scenario'


Tuesday: 118 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 245 Iraqis Wounded

Who Is the Enemy in Iraq?


Bush: Iraqi Forces 'Beginning to Show Me Something'


Biden: Most Senators Oppose US Troop Buildup


Senate GOP Leader Skeptical Anti-Escalation Resolution Will Pass

'US Poised to Attack Iran' From Bulgarian Bases

Karzai Offers Taliban Talks to End Bloodshed
Suicide Bomber Kills Three in Israeli Resort
  State Dept: Israeli Use of Cluster Bombs Violated Arms Deal Terms
A Legacy of Anti-Terrorist Failure in Lebanon  by James Bovard
Insurgency May Be Back on Its Heels, but It's No Setback  by William S. Lind
Dick Cheney: The New
'Baghdad Bob'?
 by Greg Mitchell
The Three US Armies in Iraq  by Zia Mian
Beware of Child Predators  by Laurence Vance
If You Want Peace, Work for It
by Khadija Abdool Hassam

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Bolton Says US Has 'No Strategic Interest' in United Iraq

Washington Think Tank: Iraq Sliding Into Civil War

Meet the CIA's New Baghdad Station Chief

Gates: Troops May Target Iranians in Iraq
US General: Most Anbar Insurgents
Not Foreigners
Shi'ite Splits Emerge

Najaf 'Under Control' After Iraqi Forces Slaughter Cult Fighters

Najaf Battle Foiled Attack on Shi'ite Clerics, Iraqis Say

Iraq: 300 Militants Killed in Battle

US Troops Say 100 Militants Captured Near Najaf

Shi'ite Pilgrims Call for End to Violence in Iraq

Questions Remain in Wake of Iraq Battle
Iraq Today

Widespread Condemnation of Fatal Attack on Girl's School

US Aid Group Fears Greater Exodus From Baghdad

Shi'ite Leader Offers Iraq Security Plan

Dutch Citizen Pleads Not Guilty to Iraq Terrorism Charges

Monday: 87 Iraqis Killed, 74 Wounded
Iraq Occupation

Turkish Parliament Debates Sending Troops to Occupy Northern Iraq

Hadley: Troop 'Cap' Would Hamstring US Efforts in Iraq

770 Civilian Contractors Have Died in Iraq

US Troop Surge in Iraq Could Spill Over Violence to British Zone: Diplomat

Iraq PM, British Defense Chief Discuss Basra Security

3 Helicopters Lost in Iraq Since Jan. 20

Iraq Fallout

Contractor in Iraq Gets 9 Years in Prison for Embezzling, Corruption

Kuwaiti Emir Warns of Lessons of Iraq

Abu Ghraib's Horrific Images Drove Artist Fernando Botero Into Action

The War at Home

Nine Arrested in Antiwar Protests in Congressional Office Buildings

Antiwar Republican: Is Chuck Hagel Running for President?

Agency Says Higher Casualty Total Was Posted in Error

House Majority Leader Hoyer Promises Iraq Hearings, New Plans

Spouses Getting Treatment for Their Own Combat Stress

Military Creates Mental Health Hotline

Soldier's Death Strengthens Senators' Resolve

'War on Terror'

Potshot at Guantánamo Lawyers Backfires

US 'Still Reviewing Evidence' Against Gitmo Aussie

Turkey Arrests 50 al-Qaeda Suspects

Nuclear Agency: Air Defenses Impractical


Challenges Mount for Afghanistan's Karzai

New US Commander in Afghanistan Expects Rise in Suicide Attacks in 2007

Afghan War Takes a Toll on Canada

No Foreseeable End to Assaults Facing Royal Marines in Helmand

Former Afghan Customs Chief Seeks Asylum in London


11 Hurt as Rockets Hit Pakistan Mosque

Suicide Attacker Kills Two in Northwest Pakistan

Pakistan Attacks Raise Sectarian Strain

Pakistan Taliban Vow More Violence

Sri Lanka

US: No Military Solution Possible in Sri Lanka

Libby Trial

Fleischer: Libby Told Him About Plame Earlier Than Admitted

Ex-Bush Aide Contradicts Libby on CIA Agent

Former Press Secretary Dispels Many Illusions

With Iran Ascendant, US Is Seen at Fault

ElBaradei's Idea for 'Timeout' With Iran Rejected by US

US Denounces Iran's Plans to Expand Ties With Iraq

Iran Plans to Open Bank in Baghdad

Europe Resists US on Curbing Ties With Iran


Peace or War? Lebanon on the Brink

Bush Warns Hezbollah on Lebanon

Cluster Bomb Wounds Two Belgian Soldiers in Lebanon

Diplomatic Odd Couple Tries to Avert War in Lebanon

Beirut Family Struggles With War's Legacy

Hezbollah Draws on Ashura in Battle and Politics

In the Middle East, War Lessons Revive Old Ideas

Syrians Search for Freedom Online
Eilat Bombing

Bomber Exposes Israel's Security Gap

Israeli Military Urges Construction of Barrier at Egypt Border

Bombing in Israeli Resort Town Shatters Lull in Attacks

Islamic Jihad: Suicide Bombing Legitimate Resistance

Peretz: Cease-Fire Won't Prevent Retaliatory Strikes

Israel Will Think Twice Before Going Back Into Gaza

Israel Bombs Gaza Border Tunnel


Hamas, Fatah Declare New Cease-Fire

Palestinian Families Exert Their Clout Amid Factional Fighting

Report: Blast Rocks Area Near Haniyeh's House


Israeli Police to Step Up Use of Restraining Orders Against Violent Settlers

Israel to Get Smart Bomb Kits From Boeing

Israeli Military Deciding on Anti-Rocket System

Middle East

Egypt Freezes Assets of 29 Brotherhood Members

Egypt Steps on the Press as It Backtracks on Democratic Reform

Yemen Tells Shi'ite Rebels to Disband or Face War

Saudi Arabia Names US Ambassador

North Korea

US, North Korea to Resume Financial Talks

North Korea Propaganda Chief Disappeared After Falling Out of Favor


South Africa: Country Will Not Send Troops to Somalia

Police Attacked in Somali Battle


African Snub to Sudan Over Darfur

Sudan Under Fire Over Darfur at AU Summit


Basque Terror Suspect Planned Attack on America's Cup

NATO on Alert in Kosovo

N. Ireland's Decisive Move Toward Peace


A Look at Venezuelan Law to Give Chávez Special Powers

Judge: Isabel Perón Extradition Will Be Lengthy


Justin Raimondo
The Feingold Option

Ivan Eland
Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Nebojsa Malic
And the Winner Is…

Doug Bandow
China Rising: The Next Global Superpower

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

Charles Peña
92,000 More Soldiers?

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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