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Iran: A War Is Coming: John Pilger
The Lebanese Dilemma: A Primer: Antoun Issa
Cart Before the Horse: Alan Bock
The New Investigation Season: Swanson/Schwarz
Next on Bush’s 'Hit List': Gordon Prather

Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood.
Mahatma Gandhi
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Updated February 3, 2007 - 9:28 PM EST
Pentagon Wants Record $622.6 Billion
  Iraq to Cost Every American $800 This Year
  Republicans Plan to Block Iraq Debate
  Democratic Hopefuls Split Over Iraq
  Care for US Veterans From Iraq and Afghanistan Could Cost $662 Bln
203 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed on Bloody Saturday
  Govt Reports Reveal Bleak Prospects for Iraq War
  US Unsure When, if Can Hand Over Prisons to Iraq
  Friday: 104 Iraqis, 8 GIs Killed; 22 Iraqis Injured
Justifications for Iran Attack on Shaky Ground
  US Defends Military Build-Up Against 'Aggressive' Iran
  Gates Says US Not Planning Iran War
  In Iraq, Kurds Train to Battle Iran
  Iran Allows UN Cameras at Key Atom Site
Taliban Forces Retake Afghan District
  Pakistan Admits Security Forces Allowed Taliban Raids
Palestinians Declare Gaza Ceasefire After 25 Die in 24 Hours
  US Backing for Fatah Stirs New Conflict
The Lebanese Dilemma: A Primer
by Antoun Issa
The New Investigation Season
by D. Swanson, J. Schwarz, T. Engelhardt
Cruise Missile Diplomacy: Bush Targets Iran  by Marjorie Cohn
Iran: A War Is Coming  by John Pilger
Congress' Two Choices  by Charley Reese
Next on Bush’s 'Hit List'  by Gordon Prather

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National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq (pdf)
Highlights of Report
Iraq, and Analysis, Revisited
Bleak Iraq Report Is Sent to Congress
Only 10% of Americans See US Winning in Iraq
First Officer Since Vietnam Goes on Trial for Speaking Out
Al-Qaeda 'Mole' Whips Up Fear in UK Defense Ministry
US Loses Fourth Copter in Iraq in Two Weeks
Today in Iraq
British Concerns Over Baghdad Security Push
Iraq Tightens Borders as Crackdown Nears
Britain Has Been Deploying Teens to Iraq
Future Looks Bright for Baghdad TV Fortune-Telling Show
Friday: 104 Iraqis, 8 GIs Killed; 22 Iraqis Injured
Iraq Occupation
New Study Overstates Cost of Troop Surge in Iraq, Pentagon Says
White House Hopes for Iraq Progress by November
US Defense Secretary: Iraq Must Send More Troops to Baghdad
US Troops Kill 18 Insurgents in Ramadi as Authorities Lift Curfew on Najaf
A New Tack in Haditha
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Downing US Helicopter in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Diplomatic Row Delays Verdict in Inquest Over UK Soldier Killed by Americans in Iraq
Baghdad: Syria 'Hostile' Towards Iraqis
Slovakia Pulls Troops From Iraq
US Politicians on Iraq
Cornered Clinton Sets Date to End War
Troop Increase Is a Tough Sale for GOP Senators on '08 Ballot
Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Tackle Iraq
The War at Home
Cost of House-Passed Terror Bill Touches Off a Partisan Clash
Video Undercuts Libby's Defense
Defense Official Resigns Over Detainee Remarks
Amnesty Supporting US Army Iraq Refusenik
Francis Fukuyama: Change of Heart Made Him Enemies in Washington
Number of People Stopped by Police Soars in New York
US 'War on Terror'
New Charges for 3 Guantanamo Detainees
Saddam Poster Removed From Gitmo
US to Help Georgia Combat Nuclear Smuggling
Judges Pose Questions on Bush Detainee Policy
Bomb Resonates With Diplomats, Not With the Bomber
Canadian Detainee Faces New US Terror Charges
Torture Victim Seeks US Justice
Building Near White House Briefly Evacuated in Bomb Scare
UK 'War on Terror'
SAS Unit Set Up in Response to Kidnap Threat
Protection for Muslim Police in Kidnap Fear
UK Terror Plot Mastermind in Pakistan
'Bomb Factory' Images Released
Airstrike Kills Up to Seven in Afghanistan
12 Militants Killed in West Afghanistan
UN Opposes Afghanistan Bill Giving Immunity to War Criminals
NATO to Step Up Efforts to Control Afghan Border: General
Beheaded Man: Pakistan-US Spy?
Pakistan to Fence Border of Afghanistan
Pakistan Spreads Blame for Cross-Border Raids
US Gives Eight Cobra Helicopters to Pakistan
Four Cops Killed, Three Wounded in Kashmir Ambush
Kashmir Vows 'Iron Hand' in Police Killings
Kashmir Crowd Seizes Second Body in Dispute Over Killings
Four Nepal Towns Under Curfew in Restive Southeast
Nepal Team to Talk to Protesters
Report: 245 Journalists Jailed in Turbulent Nepal Year
North Korea
China Cuts Investment in North Korea Over Nuke
North Korea Leader Finds Life’s Luxuries in Gibraltar
US Dialogue With China Suffers Setback
US Reviewing Space Cooperation With China After Anti-Satellite Test
China's Anti-Satellite Test: Worrisome Debris Cloud Circles Earth
Chinese Army Opens to Private Arms Suppliers
China Insists Its Military Rise Poses No Threat
Chinese Official Warns Against Independence of Courts
US-China Tensions Rise Over Subsidies
Muslim Rebels Hold Manila's Military Chief Hostage
Bangkok Bombs Linked to South
US Presses on With Malaysia Trade Talks Despite Iran Row
Weekend Reviews
Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq From Churchill to Kennedy
The Orwellian Ideology of 24
Aliens in an Alien Land
Iran Hosts Tour of Nuclear Plant
Chirac's Iran Blunder Provides Glimpse Into Nuclear Middle East
Russia and Iran Ponder an OPEC-Like Natural Gas Cartel
Romney Says Sen. Clinton 'Timid' on Iran
Israeli Media Says Syria Test-Fired Improved Scud
US, Russia Clash Over Syria in Mideast
High-Powered Debate Shows Syria's Economic Problems
Abbas to Meet With Hamas Leader in Saudi Arabia
Rice: Peace Efforts Must Go on Despite Palestinian Infighting
Mideast Peacemakers Meet Friday to Assess Strategy Amid New Violence
Poll: Palestinians Prefer Negotiations to Conflict
IDF Soldiers Wound Palestinian Near Checkpoint in West Bank
Egyptians Blame Hamas as Gaza Ceasefire Collapses
Peretz Selects Anti-Missile Defense System
Israeli Prime Minister's Office: Peretz Has No Authority to Choose Missile Defense System
Knesset Committee to Mull Amendments to IDF Deferral Law
From Cows to Humvees, American Involvement Deepens in Lebanon
Israel Planes Still Buzzing Lebanon - UN Commander
Lebanon's Religious Leaders Caution Against Bloodshed
Lebanon's Brain Drain Alarm
Lebanese Flee the Ruins of a Golden Dream
Italy Takes Command of UN Force in Lebanon
Turkey Could Emerge as a New Threat in Iraq
Turkey Denies Cyprus Offensive
Scandal Tails Death of Turkey Journalist
Fury After Police Pictured Posing With Dink Murder Suspect
Middle East
Egyptian MPs Want Nuclear Bomb
Saudi Arabia Tries to Douse Sectarianism
Arrests Spark Bahrain Protests
UN Plan: Kosovo 'Should Split From Serbia'
UN Envoy's Kosovo Plan Fuels Serbian Anger
UN Avoids Issue of Sovereignty in Its Kosovo Plan
Serbian President Rejects UN Proposal for Kosovo
A Flag and an Anthem for Kosovo... and New Fears of Conflict in Europe
Debt Is Key to Kosovo’s Status
Arms Race Fears as Putin Attacks Missiles Plan
Putin the 'Phenomenon' on Display at Annual Press Conference
'Great Damage' of UK-Saudi BAE Deal Ruling
Blair Says Probe Won't Force Him Out
Tanzania Could Seek Radar Refund From British
Italy's Prodi Squirms After US Base Vote Blunder
EU Plans Far-Reaching 'Genocide Denial' Law
Bloody Week Ends in Somalia With Blast at School for Women and Girls
Somalia: Kenya Holds Americans as Suspects
Somalia Imposes Martial Law, AU to Send in Troops
Britons Seized While Trying to Flee Somalia
Somali Attacks Kill 5, Islamist Opposes Peace Force
UN Pushes Africans to Send Peacekeepers to Somalia
US Eyes Re-Establishing Relations With Somalia
DR Congo
100 Die in Clashes Between Protesters, Police in Congo

Congo: UN Sends Team to Western Region Following New Violence

Chinese President Pushes Sudan on Darfur
African Protests Show China That Investment Comes With Heavy Price
Liberia Urges Donors to Emulate China Debt Relief
Envoys Urge Uganda Peace Talks
Morocco Jails Eight for al-Qaeda Ties
Canada Ends Investigation of Troops Behavior in Haiti
Peru Asks Security Council to Prolong UN Haiti Force
Burlington College (Vermont) Establishes Relations With Cuba
Ecuador's Army Chief Sacked Over Minister's Death
After 32 Years, East Timor Families May Uncover How Loved Ones Died in a Dirty War
Protesters Occupy Natural Gas Station in Bolivia

Justin Raimondo
The Maverick

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Cart Before the Horse

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George Bush as Fifth Columnist: Aiding America's Enemies

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Whither the Surge?

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Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Nebojsa Malic
And the Winner Is…

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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