"Okay, let's play Name That Nation: Al-Qaeda is supposedly hiding there, the country's rulers are fast developing 'weapons of mass destruction,' and the population, we are told, longs for 'liberation.'

"No, it's not Iraq before the recent war, but Iran before the next war. How long before is an open question…"

Those words, which could have been written yesterday, were posted at on May 28, 2003. We were covering the Iran beat long before the debate over Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program began in earnest. has been way ahead of the curve, but that's our job – to foresee the next trouble spot and direct our coverage accordingly.

Unfortunately, we've been dead on target regarding Iran, which is now being set up by the War Party for a replay of the Iraq disaster, times 10. That's why it's essential that you give all you can as soon as you can to help us meet our fundraising goal. We don't depend on corporate largess, which is what funds the War Party in this country: check out the whopping budget of the American Enterprise Institute, one of dozens of pro-war think tanks in Washington. What's worse, the warmongers in the White House have access to your tax dollars, which fund more war propaganda than any other source.

That's right: you're forced to pay for lies. Will you choose to support the truth?

We don't need much, relatively speaking, to keep resisting the war machine, but we need your help now. If and when George W. Bush gives the order to strike Iran – and there are several indications that such an order is imminent – we'll be tracking the fabrications and debunking the war propaganda 24/7. If we're still around, that is…

Please understand: we can't continue without your support. Our reserves, such as they are, are running low. We can't afford to keep the site up unless we make our fundraising goal.

Don't delay – make your tax-deductible donation today.

On the first three days of our drive, 451 of you gave a total of $23,867. Please help us reach our goal of $70,000 to keep running for the next quarter.
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Bush 'Certain' Iran Supplied Iraq Arms
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  House GOP Opposition to Bush Plan Forms
  12 Republicans Break Ranks on Iraq Resolution
  Bush: Hard to Assess Iraq 'Living in This Beautiful White House'
  US Troops in Iraq for the Long Haul
  $350 Billion Estimated for Long-Term Costs of Iraq, Afghan War Wounds
Baghdad Grinds to Halt Amid Clampdown
  Thursday: 127 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 77 Iraqis Wounded
  Troops Sweep Three Shi'ite Areas in Baghdad Push
  US Military: Helicopter That Crashed Last Week Was Shot Down
Bush Orders More Troops to Afghanistan
  US Troop Numbers in Afghanistan Hit All-Time Peak
  US Brigade Ordered to Afghanistan Instead of Iraq
  NATO Kills Taliban Commander, Several Civilians
Hamas Cabinet Resigns to Bring Fatah In
Bill Would Restore Detainees' Rights, Define 'Combatant'
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Wednesday: 135 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed; 90 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Report: Group Posts Video of Soldier Missing in Baghdad
Uncle of Abducted US Soldier Says Video Not Enough to Prove His Is Alive
US Marine Pleads Guilty to Kidnap Killing
Global Iraq Fallout
French Police Round Up Nine in al-Qaeda-Linked Recruiting Network for Iraq Fighters
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Iraq Refugees' Struggle in Syria
House Iraq Debate
House Debate: Prelude to a Faceoff?
Florida Republican on 'Surge': 'The Benefits Were Temporary, the Bodybags Were Permanent'
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Parties Put Their Vets Out Front for Iraq Debate
As US Lawmakers Debate Iraq, Lots of Backstage Help
Historical Figures Perforate Iraq Debate
Ads Featuring Wounded Mark Iraq Debate
US Politicians on Iraq/Iran
Vermont Lawmakers Call for US Troop Withdrawal in Iraq
Dick Armey Takes Aim at GOP, War in Iraq
Clinton, Obama Spar Over Iraq
Senator Clinton Cautions Bush on Iran
Edwards Urges Congress to Cut Iraq Funds
Bush Defends Stances in Foreign-Policy Hot Spots
The War at Home
A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues
Senate Approves $464b Spending Bill
Radio Station Cries 'Enough' – Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials
Iraqis in US Applaud Refugee Plan
South Carolina Town Confronts the Iraq War
Ex-CIA Official Charged With Fraud
Anti-Bosnian Backlash Feared in Utah
Iraq War Planner Was Hired by Military University, Briefly
Veterans for Peace Launches Campaign to Defund the War
'War on Terror'
EU Report Accuses Some Member Nations of Colluding With CIA
European Parliament Backs Damning Rendition Report
American Is Charged in US for Activities in Somalia
Security Devices Falter in Rail Tests
Battles of Britain
Charges Dismissed Against Five Soldiers in British War Crimes Court-Martial
Basra Military Abuse Case: What the Court Martial Heard
British Firms Face Iraq Fraud Inquiry
Not in Our Name: Campaign Launched to Stop UK Nukes
Serbia Rejects UN Plan for Kosovo
Kosovo Police Chief Fired Over Clashes
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin: US Playing Anti-Russian Card to Raise Defense Spending
Russians to Vote, but Some Parties Lose in Advance
Czech President: US Missile Shield Not Anti-Russian
Demonstrators Detained in Belarus Rally
Spain Begins Madrid Bombings Trial
Australian PM's Comments Against Obama Spark Bitter Row Over Iraq
US Gets Military Base in Western Australia
US Envoy Cites 9/11, Insists Detaining Hicks for Years Without Trial Benefits International Community
Iraq's Iranian Links, Old and Diverse, Fall Under Scrutiny in 'Dangerous Game'
Skepticism Over Iraq Haunts US Iran Policy
US Military Official: Iran Can Help Stop Bomb Flow to Iraq Insurgents
Khamenei Aide Opens Door to Freeze on Enrichment
Iran President Tones Down Israel Attack
Iran Ex-Leader: Tehran Seeks 'Good Will'
Sunni Rebels Claim Deadly Terror Attack in Iran
Don't Seek Revenge, Iran Cleric Tells Iraq Shi'ites
Iran Envoy Larijani Visits Saudi Arabia for Nuclear Talks
'Reality' of Holocaust Can't Justify Oppression of Palestinians: Iranian Diplomat
Iran Hangs Three Convicted in 2006 Blasts Blamed on UK
Abbas Puts Off Declaring Formation of Unity Govt
Canceled TV Speech Points to Hamas and Fatah Split
Olmert Hinges Renewed Peace Talks on Palestinian Concessions
Israel Razes Bedouin Huts in West Bank
Israel Installs Cameras to Film Al-Aqsa Digging
Senior Fatah Official: Gilad Shalit Is 'Alive and Well'
Despite Loss of His Child, Palestinian Ex-Fighter Remains Dedicated to Peace
Massive Crowd Marks Anniversary of Hariri Assassination
Lebanon: Razor Wire and Soldiers Keep Factions Apart
Anger and Homage, Side by Side Along Lebanon's Divide
Forget About Shi'ites and Sunnis. Lebanon's Deepest Fault Line Is Between Rival Christian Groups
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Qaeda Group Calls for Attacks on US Oil Sources
Saudi FM Smiles on Putin's Offer to Help Develop Nuclear Energy
Middle East
Yemen's Army Was Ordered to Crack Down on Huthi's Followers Last Month
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Israeli PM Gets Violent Welcome in Ankara
North Korea Accord Gets Faint Praise From Dems
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China Diplomat: North Korea Gets 'Money and Respect'
South Korea and Japan Split on North Korea Pact
Two Koreas to Resume Ministerial Talks
Russia to Write Off Most of North Korea's Debt
NATO Says Taliban Using Children as Shields
Senior General Warns of Perils in Afghanistan
Karzai to Urge Britain's Blair to Press Pakistan for Action Against Taliban
India Set to Test Nuclear-Capable Missile
Two Militants Killed in Kashmir
Oil-Rich Turkmenistan Begins 'New Era' as President Is Sworn In
Opponents Dispute as Turkmen President Installed
Marine Parachute Jump Off Okinawa Disrupted by Locals
Red Cross Calls for Whereabouts of Nepal's War Missing
Myanmar Retires 800 Military Officers
US Evangelist, a Critic of Islam, Reaches Out to Sudan's President
UN Darfur Mission to Work Outside Sudan
Somalia's Warlords Re-Emerge as a Threat
US Commander Hails Cooperation With Ethiopia
Clashes Between UN Force, Haiti Gangs Left Six Dead: Report

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