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Updated February 16, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
House OKs Iraq Measure With 17 GOPers
  Pelosi Backs War Funds With Conditions
  Dem Leader Gambles Weekend Detention Will Lead to Senate Iraq Vote
  Bush, Congress Could Face Confrontation on Issue of War Powers
  Broad Swath of GOP Defecting on Iraq Vote
  GOP Activists: Bush Won't Listen on Iraq
General: Iraq Troop Boost Erodes Readiness
  Prewar Plans Saw Only 5,000 GIs in Iraq by End of 2006
  Iraq War Helping al-Qaeda Regroup, Congress Told
Standoff With US Is Fueling Iranian Militarists
  Pentagon Blames Iran for Bombs Killing US Soldiers in Iraq
  Gates: US Not Looking for War With Iran
Talabani: Sadr Orders Militia Heads Out of Iraq
  Shi'ite Militia Lies Low in Baghdad, Hides Weapons
  Auditors: Billions Continue to Be Wasted in Iraq War
  New Iraq Security Plan Could Make More Homeless
  Friday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 1 Wounded
  Thursday: 132 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 82 Iraqis Wounded
Bush Orders More Troops to Afghanistan
  Experts Fear Afghanistan Could Become the Next Iraq
Italy Indicts 31 in Alleged CIA Kidnapping
US Will Boycott New Palestinian Unity Govt
  Abbas Asks Haniyya to Form Unity Government
  US Congress Blocks Bush's Promised Aid to Palestinian Security Forces
No Blank Check for the Pentagon
by Rep. John Duncan
Made in Iran' Isn't Proof of Complicity  by Susan Taylor Martin
Bush's Somalia Strategy Enables an Ethiopian Despot  by Paul Wachter
How Israel Helped to Create Hamas
by Brendan O’Neill
Scrambling to Frame Iran  by Stephen Zunes
The Army Blinked  by Geov Parrish

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Cheney's Call
Rep. Murtha Touts Way to Choke Off Iraq War
Report: Russia May Exit 1987 Arms Treaty
Iraq's Iranian Links Fall Under Scrutiny
Only 10% of Americans See Iraq War Getting Better
'Debate Doesn't Hurt the Troops,' Says Head of Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Group
US Religious Leaders to Visit Iran
White House Press Secretary Tony Snow: 'I'm Not Sure Anything Went Wrong' in Iraq
Another Crackdown
US and Iraqi Forces Throw New Weight Around in Bid to Restore Order
US, Iraqi Forces Push Into Sunni Areas
US Doubts Police Wounded al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader
'The Most Dangerous Spot I Could Find'
UK Troops Help to Seal Off Basra
Iraq Tells Muslims That US Plan Will End Violence
Today in Iraq
Iraq Plays Down Sadr's 'Short Visit' to Iran
Young Iraqis, Foiled in Bid to Leave, Return to Baghdad
Out of Stricken Baghdad, Into Uncertainty
Iraqi Vice-President Says Could Run for PM
Iraq Considering Constitutional Changes
Who Is Muqtada al-Sadr?
Thursday: 132 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 82 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Veterans of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Predict Failure in Iraq
Iraq Will Not Last Decades, Says Howard
UN Urges EU to Protect Iraqi Refugees
US Politicians on Iraq/Iran
Giuliani Begins to Criticize Bush Iraq Policy
Clinton to Bush: Congress Must Okay Any Strike on Iran
Biden Looks to Revoke Bush's Iraq Authority
Support for War May Undo John McCain
Democrats in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions
Congress' Next Iraq Moves Could Open Party Rifts
US Military
US Ill-Equipped to Deal With Wave of Troubled Vets
The Forgotten Families
Sailor: Marine Joked Using Iraqi's Body
FBI Investigates Nevada Governor Over 'Gifts' From Military Contractor
Arlington Headstone Maintenance Funds Cut in Half
Photo Exhibit Bares Wounds of US Troops in Iraq
CIA Sounded-Out Italy About 'Renditions' in 2001
Switzerland Approves Probe of CIA Flight
14 Nations Accused of Allowing CIA Flights
'War on Terror'
Was Jose Padilla Tortured by US Military?
Radioactive, Unprotected: a 'Dirty Bomb' Nightmare
Suppliers of Oil to US Take al-Qaeda Threat Seriously
Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance
Egyptian Terror Suspect Held in Canada Since 2000 to Go Free
Spain Furious as US Blocks Access to Madrid Bombing 'Chief'
Spain Bitterly Divided as Terror Trial Begins in '04 Train Bombings
Spain Puts 29 on Trial Over Madrid Bombings
Madrid Bombing Suspect Denies Guilt
Poll: Spaniards Say ETA Did Not Plan Madrid Bombings
Serb Bid to Stop Split by Kosovo
Serbia PM: Kosovo Independence to Have Dangerous Consequences
Putin Removes Chechen President, Appoints Ally
Russian Leader Expands Powers of a Possible Successor
2 Chechens Don't Show for Moscow Retrial in US Editor's Slaying
Polish Premier Supportive of US Base
Danish Judges Overturn Convictions of Muslims
Britain's National Theater Revives Wartime Drama
Australia and the United States May Build a Military Satellite Communications Facility
US: Australia Won't Be Allowed to Send Psychiatrist to Gitmo
Judge Sets Trial for Castro Foe With US Ties
UN to Keep Troops in Haiti Eight More Months
Extent of Iraq-Iran Link 'Unknown'
Murtha Seeks to Restrain Action in Iran
Pelosi: Bush Lacks Authority to Invade Iran
Iran Inspired by North Korea Nuclear Deal?
Iran Arrests Bombing Suspects, Alleges US, British Link
Iranian Border Points Closed in Iraq
Russia's Top Envoy Says Iran Must Stay 'Nuke Free'
Iran Versus the West: The View From the Tehran Bazaar
Pakistan PM: Iran Has Right to Peaceful Nuclear Technology
Olmert Urges Economic Sanctions for Iran
Olmert Objects to Severing Ties With Abbas
Israeli PM Hopeful Over Possible Peace Talks With Palestinians
Olmert Says Israel Wants Peace With Syria
Palestinian Power-Sharing Deal Complicates Rice's Mideast Trip
Webcams Broadcast Israeli Dig Near Jerusalem Shrine
Israel Agrees to Turkish Inspection of Holy Site Repairs
Mosque Works: Israel Extends Ban for Muslim Leader
Abbas Asks Israel to Release 80 Sick Prisoners
Egyptian-Canadian 'Admitted to Helping Mossad'
Chirac Leans Toward Iran to Protect French UN Troops
Explosion on Lebanese Side of Israeli Border
Syria Lashes Out at Lebanese Leaders
Egypt Arrests 73 Brotherhood Members
Egyptian Terror Suspect Held Since 2000 to Go Free
Bush Seeks to Tamp Down Revolt on North Korea Deal
Rice Is Said to Have Speeded North Korea Deal
Gates Defends Deal With North Korea
North Korea's Nuclear Accord Deadlines
North Korea Orders Maintenance of War Mobilization to Counter Threat of a US Attack
2 Koreas Agree to Resume Stalled Talks
Last-Minute Extension in Afghanistan for Unit Whose Bags Were Packed
Bush Calls for Afghanistan 'Surge' Even Though 'Remarkable Progress' Has Been Achieved
Bush: NATO Obliged to Send 'Additional Help' to Afghanistan
Taliban Strike Halts Dam Work
Taliban Fire Into Meeting With British Soldiers, Afghan Woman Killed
On Patrol With UK Marines in Afghanistan
PM: Norwegian Troops in Afghanistan Must Stay in Kabul
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Will Deal With 'Terrorists' Firmly
Britain Offers to Talk With Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers
Island's Cargo Cult Celebrates 50 Years Worshipping the US
India Set to Buy 40 Russian Fighter Jets by March in Arms Spree
Myanmar To Fight India Militants
At US Hearing, WWII Sex Slaves Spurn Japan Apologies
UN to Finish Disarming Nepal's Maoists This Weekend
Chad Minister Says Sudan Attacking His Country
Sudan and Neighbors Agree Not to Support Rebels
Sudan-Chad Tension Dominates Summit
US Pushes African Nations to Give Troops for Darfur
Aid Group Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Chad
Chaos as Rioters Rock Guinea
Equatorial Guinea Coup Plotter Battles Extradition
More Than 60 People Killed in Fighting Between Ugandan Troops and Tribal Warriors
Four Civilians Killed by Mortars in Somalia
Mauritanian Hijack Ends Safely
President's Widow Accused of Genocide Fights for Asylum

Justin Raimondo
The High-Fivers

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Charles Peña
The Future of Terrorism

Ivan Eland
A Foreign Policy Only
Tarzan Could Love

Praful Bidwai
India-Iran Ties Jeopardized by US Threats

Nebojsa Malic
Ahtisaari's 'Final Solution'

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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