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Old Europe and the Mullahs: Philip Giraldi
Washington Sidelined on the Mideast?: Leon Hadar
The Unraveling: Nebojsa Malic
From India Horror, an Opportunity for Peace: Bidwai
Iraq 101: Robert Dreyfuss and Dave Gilson

 Gareth Porter

Burnt Offering: In 2003 Iran tried to make peace, US rebuked neutral messenger.

 Michael Schwartz

Baghdad Surges into Hell: First Results from the President’s Offensive.

 Scott Ritter

Target Iran: Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter discusses the Bush/Cheney plan for regime change in Iran.

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Updated February 22, 2007 - 9:20 PM EST
Iraqis Welcome British, Danish Pullout
  More Nations Plan Iraq Pull-Out
  Rice Denies US-Led Coalition in Iraq Is Crumbling
  Prince Harry Moves In as 1,600 Troops Get Set to Move Out
  Britain Pledges to Keep 4,000 Troops in Iraq for Another Five Years
Iraq Rape Charge Stirs Sectarian Storm
  Second Case of Rape as Iraq Soldiers Confess
  US Weighs in on Iraq Rape Case as Sunni Outrage Grows
  GIs Clash With Ramadi Insurgents, Officials Say Women, Children Killed
  Report: 9th US Helicopter Downed in Iraq in Past Month
  Chlorine Gas Attacks Hint at New Enemy Strategy
  Thursday: 59 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 30 Iraqis, 3 GIs Wounded
Admiral: 'Miscalculation' Could Spark Iran War
  UN Report: Iran Expanding Nuclear Program
  Rice: Missile Shield in Poland, Czech Republic to Counter Iran
  Iran Ready to Negotiate but Won't Suspend Uranium Enrichment
  Iranian Official Offers Glimpse From Within: A Desire for US Ally
Italian PM Resigns After Defeat on Afghan Troops
  NATO: Taliban Set to Ramp Up Attacks
Old Europe and the Mullahs
by Philip Giraldi
Is Washington Being Sidelined on the Middle East?  by Leon Hadar
The West May Yet Come to Regret Its Bullying of Russia  by Simon Jenkins
Iraq 101  by Robert Dreyfuss & Dave Gilson
Bush Is Losing the 'War on Terror'
by Robert Parry
Update on the Empire  by Laurence Vance

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The Retreat From Basra
Status of Coalition Forces in Iraq
Blair Says He Is Prepared to Work With Syria, Iran
Ally's Timing Is Awkward for Bush
National Guard May Undertake Iraq Duty Early
Top US Official Says US Won't Change Policy Toward Cuba
No Verdict in CIA Leak Case After 1st Day of Deliberation
Alleged Terrorist Financier Was Republican Donor
Black Hawk Down: 8th Copter Shot Down in Iraq in a Month
Leaving Iraq?
White House Says British Plan Good News
As US Surges, British Start Exiting Iraq
Iraqi Politicians Welcome British Troop Reduction
British Troop Cut Back in Iraq Not Likely to Pull US Forces South: Pentagon
Denmark to Withdraw From Iraq
Lithuania Mulling Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Australia Rules Out Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Australian Pressure Grows for Iraq Pullout
Aussie FM: 'We Knew' Brits Would Leave
Today in Iraq
Iraq: Stability and Rule of Law Remain a Distant Vision
Joint Force Weighs Move on Sadr City
Military Now Says 29 Soldiers Wounded in Tarmiyah Attack
Disappointment in Samarra: Bombed-Out Mosque Stands as Monument to Year of Sectarian Violence
Budding Iraqi Nurses Find Their Courage
Suicide Blast Kills 13 in Shi'ite Holy City
Wednesday: 123 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 153 Iraqis Wounded
US Politicians on Iraq/Iran
Bush Unconcerned About Congressional Action on Iraq
Top Democratic Hawk Congressman: US Not Intending Military Conflict With Iran
Pelosi: British Withdrawal Confirms Doubts on Escalation
Richardson: War Vote Should Decide Control
Rivals at Democratic Presidential Forum Push Positions on Iraq War Into Spotlight
Cheney Down Under
Cheney Visits an Australia Roiled by Guantánamo, Iraq
Cheney: Democrats' Plans for Iraq Would 'Validate the al-Qaeda Strategy'
Cheney Says Americans Don't Want Iraq Retreat
Protesters Await Cheney in Guam
The War at Home
States Begin Criticizing Iraq Policy, Too
Bolton Tell-All Book Likely to Slam State Department, UN
Blackwater Brass Forms Intelligence Company
Veteran's Antiwar Broadside Posted on His Barn
Muslim Groups Fast for Jailed Professor
US Military
US Probes Troops' Neglect Claims
At Walter Reed, 'We're Going to Fix It'
Tearful Soldier Tells Court of Iraq Rape-Murder
Court to Reconvene After Second Soldier Pleads Guilty to Gang Rape, Murders in Iraq
Prototype Army Helo Crashes on Texas Golf Course
Battles of Britain
Blair Sounds the Retreat in Iraq
Top Aide's Damning Attack on Blair's Iraq War
UK Troop Reduction 'Too Little, Too Late'
UK Delegation Accused of Trying to Weaken Cluster Bomb Ban
'War on Terror'
Report: Romania Finds No Evidence of CIA Jails
Show More Evidence on Terror Suspect, FBI Told

Spy Docs Stay Sealed for Now

Safety Alarms Raised at Nuclear Weapons Plant
Guantánamo Detainees Lose Appeal
New Spy Chief Seeks Language, Culture Skills
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Threat to Neighbors Angers US
Czech, Polish Leaders Rebuff Russia’s Nuclear Threats
Russia Pushes Poles, Czechs Closer to US
US Tries to Ease Concerns in Russia on Antimissile Plan
Why Russia Fears Ballistic Missile Defense
Poles Remain Opposed to US Missile Shield
Putin Cracks Down on NGOs
Deadlock Over UN Plan for Kosovo
Divided Kosovo's Multiethnic Newspaper
Darfur Rebel Group Says Not Invited to Libya Talks
UN Warns Janjaweed Gathering in Darfur
Sudan, Chad Agree to Strengthen Peace Deal
Ban: Sending UN Troops to Chad 'Risky'
Displaced Sudanese Trickle Back to Home Villages
Mugabe Bans Political Rallies After Clash
Protesters to Defy Mugabe Crackdown as Police Loyalty Drains Away
Bread Scarce in Zimbabwe as Mugabe Holds Party
Somali Insurgents Warn Troops Away
11 Killed in New DR Congo Clashes
UN Seeks Force for Central Africa
Nigeria Rebels Free Lebanese
Morocco Adds More Names to al-Qaeda Wanted List
UK Woman Faces Angola Spy Trial
France Faces Algeria Nuclear Claims
Ahmadinejad Vows to Accelerate Nuclear Drive as Latest UN Deadline Expires
Iran MPs Protest Ban on Conservative Website
Death Toll From Iran Bomb Blast Rises to 13
Olmert Calls for Tougher Iran Sanctions
India Bans Atomic Exports to Iran
Olmert Rules Out Talks With Syria Without 'Leadership Change'
Israel in Golan War Games
Report: Iraq Refugees Cause Rise in Prices in Syria
Mideast Peace?
Congress Blocks Funds for Abbas' Security Forces
Splits Emerge Between US and Europe Over Aid for Palestinians
Quartet Skirts Decision on Palestinians Amid Split
Olmert Stresses Mideast Quartet Tenets
Blair Hints UK May Deal With Hamas
Germany Urges Tamer Mideast Expectations
New Settlements
Israel Building 3,000 New Settler Homes in West Bank
Data Shows Five Percent Growth in West Bank Settler Population
Palestinians: Israeli Military Operating Close to Border Inside the Gaza Strip
US Favorite Accepts Key Palestinian Ministry Post
UN: Half of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Malnourished
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Has a Change of Heart
Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Man Behind Foiled Bombing
French May Have Found Body of Missing Israeli Defense Official
Poll: 75 Percent of Israelis Support EU Membership
Lebanese Army Fire at Israeli Warplanes
Army Chief Says Israel May Have to Confront Hezbollah Attempts to Re-Arm
Olmert: Lebanese Army, UN Are Keeping Hezbollah in Check
Hezbollah: US Doesn't Want Post-War Reconstruction
Lebanese Opposition Reiterates Threat of Civil Disobedience
Hezbollah Slams US Blacklisting of Construction Arm
Lebanon Seeks Extension of Hariri Probe
Middle East
Yemen: As Clashes Escalate, Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds
Seven Saudis Return Home From Gitmo, Are Immediately Detained
Egypt Foils Sinai Suicide Attack
North Korea
US Think Tank: North Korea Could Build Medium Range Nuke Warheads
US Urged to Reassess Claim Against North Korea
Karzai Downplays Taliban 'Spring Offensive'
Hadley: Military Failure in Afghanistan Would Undermine Europe, US Security
Spanish Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Afghanistan
British Marine Killed by Mine in Afghanistan
Australia to Double Afghanistan Troops
Australian DM Refuses to Confirm Afghan Troop Surge
Fears Afghan Captives Will Be Tortured
From Horror in India, an Opportunity for Peace
Govt Probes Kashmir Bomb Link, Militants Deny Role
India and Pakistan Talks to Go on Despite Deadly Train Explosions
Indian, Pakistan Pledge to Fight Terror
Passengers Overcome Fear on India Train After Bomb
Two Men Sought in Deadly Train Blast in India
Pakistan's Antiterror Strategy Scrutinized
Sri Lanka
No End in Sight to Sri Lanka Conflict
Fury at Detentions Under Sri Lanka Anti-Terror Rules
Three Dead in Sri Lanka Blast
Nepal Maoists Leave Camps for Food, UN Concerned
Nepal: Maoists Still Holding Child Soldiers
Philippines Army Accused of Killing Political Activists

UN: Philippines Army Is 'in Denial'

Indonesia Cracks Down on Papuan Secessionists
Survivors Testify to East Timor Killings
Fallen Thai Government's Economist Quits
Archives: Stalin, Kim, Mao Plotted Japan Invasion?
Paramilitary Scandal Takes Colombian Elite by Surprise
Haiti: Despite UN Presence, Abductions Hold Nation Hostage

Justin Raimondo
Scooter Libby and
World War III

Nebojsa Malic
The Unraveling

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Enough Blame to Go Around

David R. Henderson
Does War Make Presidents Great?

Alan Bock
America the Frightened

Gareth Porter
Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Charles Peña
The Future of Terrorism

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

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