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Dark Clouds Over White House: Justin Raimondo
The War Lobby Abandons Troops: Doug Bandow
US-Backed Iraqi Police Commit Rape: Y. Susskind
In Afghanistan, Death Comes Cheap: Chris Sands
Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe: Jim Lobe

 Christopher Ketcham

Cheering Movers and Art Student Spies: What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

 Mark Boal

The Real Cost of War: The pain of shell shock and the US government’s war against its soldiers

 David Barsamian

Targeting Iran: Just got back, they don’t want war

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Updated February 23, 2007 - 9:15 PM EST
Cheney Hints at Iran Strike
  UK Officials Fear US Will Attack Iran
  Diplomats: US Iran Intelligence 'Is Incorrect'
  US Vows Action on Missed Iran Deadline
  US Efforts to Curb Iranian Influence in Iraq Unlikely to Succeed
The True Extent of Britain's Failure in Basra
  British Army Wanted Out of Iraq Faster
  Australian DM: No Such Thing as Victory in Iraq
  Senators Aim to Revise Iraq Mission, Reduce Troops
  US, Allies Cannot Contemplate Early Iraq Withdrawal: Cheney
GI Jailed 100 Years for Rape, Murder of Iraqi Girl
  Insurgents Stalk Helicopters, Use Chemical Bombs in New Iraq Tactics
  Marines Fight Iraqi Insurgents, Locals Claim Civilian Dead
  US Army Questions Officials' Statement on Alleged Rape
  Friday: 3 GIs, 40 Iraqis Killed; 27 Iraqis Wounded
Democrats Aim to Revise, Reduce Iraq Mission
Israel Gripped by Syria 'War Fears'
  Olmert Rules Out Talks With Syria, Iran, Palestinians
  Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe Over Middle East Peace
US Used Ethiopia Bases to Hunt al-Qaeda in Africa
Iraqi Police Commit Rape – Armed, Trained, and Funded by the US  by Yifat Susskind
US Charges Against Iran Just Like Iraq WMD Hype  by Trudy Rubin
The Problem of Bipartisan Empire-Building  by Robert Jensen
The Democrats' Iraq Civil War  by David Corn
In Afghanistan, Death Comes Cheap  by Chris Sands
Hillary's Calculations Add Up to War  by Robert Scheer

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CIA Leak Jury Recesses for Weekend
Europeans' Chill Deepens on US Policy
Army Holding Back on Rating Disabilities to Hold Down Costs
Second Case of Rape as Iraq Soldiers Confess
Report: 9th US Helicopter Downed in Iraq in Past Month
48 Nations Gather to Fight Cluster Bombs
Prodi Quits but May Remain PM
Iraqis Eke Out Living in Baghdad Rubbish Dump
Iraq Occupation
US Says It Found Chemicals at Iraqi Bomb Factory
Lethal Chess Game in Skies Over Iraq
At Least 2 Captured in Helicopters Probe
US Unit Shoulders Burden at Police Station in Baqubah
Iraq Says Ready to Take Over Basra After UK Pullout
Following UK Announcement, Lithuania Plans to Pull Out From Iraq
Today in Iraq
Insurgents Broaden Arsenal in Battles With US, Iraqi Forces
Iraq's 'Three-Block War'
Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Insurgent Groups Vow Revenge for Alleged Rapes
Attacks Cost Iraq 400,000 Barrels a Day of Oil
Iraqis Bemoan Shrine Bombing and Chaos It Unleashed
Thursday: 70 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 30 Iraqis, 3 GIs Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Cheney Seeks Allies' Support for Iraq War as His Luster Fades
UN Gulf War Body Says Overpaid Total $77 Million
South Korean Gets Five Years in Oil-for-Food Case
Brits in Iraq
Why the British Are Scaling Back in Iraq
Blair Rejects Criticism of Iraq Planning
Pressure Mounts on Blair for Inquiry Into Mistakes in Iraq
Straw Promises Iraq War Inquiry
Summit Before Harry Sent to Iraq
British Boxer Arrested Over Antiwar Protest
Aussies in Iraq
Aussie PM: I'd Withdraw Troops From Iraq Without US Backing
Australian Troops Suffering Injuries in Iraq
Seven Charged Over Cheney Protests in Australia
US Politicians on Iraq
McCain: Bush Pursuit of Iraq a 'Train Wreck'
White House Stands Behind Cheney's Claim That Democrats Are Helping al-Qaeda
Murtha Roadblock to Iraq Escalation Faces Criticism, Obstacles
The War at Home
High Court Asked to Explore Contractor Liability for Deaths In Iraq
Violence Deters Iraqi Americans
US Poll: Israel Alone Named 'Vital Friend'
Scaling Down, Newspapers Look to Web
US Military
Long Iraq Tours Can Make Home a Trying Front
Soldier Avoids Death With Plea Deal
Defense Agency Kills Divine Strake Test Explosion
Army Helicopter School Uses Iraq Lessons
'War on Terror'
US Considers Moving London Embassy Over Terrorist Fears
Cleric Says He Was Tortured After Alleged CIA Abduction
Algerian Accused of Training 9/11 Pilots Refused Compensation for a Shattered Life
Psychiatrist Says US Terror Suspect Padilla Has Stockholm Syndrome
Tube Bomb Accused 'Left Suicide Note'
British Police Charge Caretaker in Bombs
Russia & Missile Defense
Rice: Missile-Defense Criticism 'Unfortunate'
Russia and US Play Down Missile Dispute
Serbs Face Tough Choice as Kosovo Independence Looms
A Serb Raid, but Pressure Eases on War Suspects
Ukraine Parliament Rejects Pro-Western FM
Symbolic Step of Peace at Irish Stadium
Row Over Dutch Muslim Ministers
Darfur Rebels in Peace Offering
Sudan, Chad Again Pledge to Avoid Hostilities
Sudan, Chad Agree to Boost Border Surveillance
Somali Insurgents Threaten Suicide Attacks
Airport Attack in Somali Capital
Somali Leader to Hold Reconciliation Conference
Market Approach Recasts Often-Hungry Ethiopia as Potential Bread Basket
Nigeria Hostage Says He Escaped Rebels
Sierra Leone War Crimes Suspect Dies
UN Report: Iran Expanding Nuclear Program
Iran Faces Further Isolation, Warns US
Blair Opens-Up US Divide Over Iran Military Action
Blair Doesn't Know of Anyone in DC Planning Iran Attack
Iran Vows to Resist 'Violation' of Nuclear Rights
Iranian Students Torch Flags at Nuclear Rally
Rice: US, Europe and Russia Agree to Encourage Iran Back to Bargaining Table
Russia Questions Iran Sanctions
Major Powers to Meet on New Iran Resolution
Rice: US Wants No Confrontation With Iran
Israel Daily Stokes Fears of Syrian Attack
Syrian Troops Move Closer to Israel Border: Report
Syria Beefing Up Its Arsenal in Wake of Last Year's Israel-Hezbollah War
Israeli Arabs Reject Notion of 'Jewish State,' Demand Equal Say in Government
Arab Ministers Interested in Relations With Israel
UN-Commissioned Report: Israeli Occupation Resembles Apartheid
DM in the Dark on Israeli Military Exercises
Israeli DM Vows to Evacuate Illegal Outposts
Israel's Eye in the Sky Watches for Dig Protests
New Party Joins Israel's Electoral Scene
Data Reveals Israeli Economy Grew Rapidly After Lebanon War
Court: Israeli Military Can Build Fence on Palestinian Farmland
Hamas Says US Undermining Europeans on Unity Deal
Abbas Optimistic That Sanctions Will Be Lifted
Palestinian Authority Deficit Reaches $655 Million Dollar in 2006
Call Center Plan for Palestinians
Hezbollah Offering to Exchange Tribunal for Government
Egypt Pursues Terrorists in Sinai
Egypt Blogger Jailed for 'Insult'
North Korea
US: 'Long Way' to Go in North Korea Nuclear Pact
Cheney Raises Concerns About North Korea Deal, China
North Korea to Reveal Extent of Uranium Activity
North Korea Nuclear Deal Rife With Benefits
North Korea Accuses United States of Hostility, Lies
Italy's Political Crisis Will Not Affect Its Afghan Mission: NATO
US Can't Stay for Long in Afghanistan: Hekmatyar
Aussies Plan Troop Boost for Afghanistan
Three ISAF Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Winning Afghan War Essential for West: NATO Chief
Afghan Warlords Plan Pro-Amnesty Law Demonstration
Al-Jazeera Journalists Released in Southern Afghanistan After Brief Detention by Taliban
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rebels: Truce Collapsed, Struggle Will Resume
Sri Lankan Monks Want Cease-Fire to End
Sri Lankan Navy Raid Kills Nine
Thousands Flee From Sri Lanka Offensive
Norway Offers Help to Revive Sri Lanka Peace Bid
Pakistan: US Must Win Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan
Musharraf the Diplomat Woos Mideast
Seven Detained Over Indian Train Blast
China Uses Electroshock, Other Harsh Treatments for 'Internet Addiction'
Prison Sentence Reduced for China Editor
Rare Protest in Military-Ruled Myanmar
Myanmar Captures Indian Rebel Base
Political Killings Traced to Philippine Military

Trial of Philippine Coup Plotters to Begin Soon

Thai Official Warns of Bangkok Attacks
Bali Bans Movie About Bomb Attack
Chávez Builds His Sphere of Influence

Justin Raimondo
Dark Clouds
Over the White House

Doug Bandow
The War Lobby Abandons the Troops

Nebojsa Malic
The Unraveling

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Enough Blame to Go Around

David R. Henderson
Does War Make Presidents Great?

Alan Bock
America the Frightened

Gareth Porter
Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal

Charles Peńa
The Future of Terrorism

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

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