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On War It's Not: Martin Sieff
Fooled Again: Gordon Prather
Nuclear Transformations: Alan Bock
What's Behind Khalid's 'Confessions': M. Scheuer
Tentative Moves Toward New Palestine Govt: Lobe

 Bill Kelsey

What’s Going on in Sudan and Afghanistan?: An Eyewitness Reports

 Anthony Arnove

Iraqis Are People: Killing them is wrong

 Michael Scheuer

Terror Wars: Al Qaeda and the Permanent Crisis

 Leon Hadar

Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East

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Updated March 25, 2007 - 9:22 PM EDT
Iran Ups Ante as UK Sailors 'Confess'
  Report: Iranians Had Showdown With US Forces
  Report: Iran to Try Britons for Espionage
  Stormy Past of Waterway That Separates Iraq, Iran
  UN Security Council OKs New Iran Sanctions
  Senior UK Officer: No 'Smoking Gun' Linking Iran to Iraq Insurgents
The Missing Iraqi Returnees
  Iraq: Suicide Bombs Reach Record
  Deployments: The Real Numbers
  Basra Attacks on UK Army Intensify
  Sunday: 5 GIs, 63 Iraqis Killed, 60 Iraqis Wounded
  Saturday: 128 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 160 Iraqis Wounded
US Disapproval on Iraq Hits Record
  Cheney Says House of Representatives Doesn't Support Troops
  War Bill Also Has Funding for Spinach, Peanuts
Taliban 'Invite' 10,000 Uzbeks to Helmand
  Protests Shatter Image of Musharraf's Invincibility
Syria: Where Washington Lets No Good Deed Go Unpunished  by Saul Landau
Shssh! Don’t Tell Americans How We Treat 'Enemy Combatants'  by Jacob Hornberger
Influential Bible Kook Hagee Wants War With Iran Now!  by Bill Barnwell
What's Behind Khalid's 'Confessions'  by Michael Scheuer
Fooled Again  by Gordon Prather
How Specialist Town Lost
His Benefits
 by Joshua Kors

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Silent 'War on Terror' Waged in Dangerous Waters
US Calls Shots in Africa’s 'War on Terror'
Critic of Saddam Grapples With Horrors of Post-Invasion Iraq
For Gonzales, More Records, and Questions
Congress Expands Scope of Inquiries Into Justice Department Practices and Politics
British Admiral: 'To Fight Would Not Be Clever'
Sinhalese Nationalist Party Holds Protest Against UN Interference in Sri Lanka
Today in Iraq
Al-Qaeda Affiliate in Iraq Claims It Targeted UN Chief During Visit to Baghdad
War of Words Over Kirkuk Intensifies
Iraqi Scholars Fighting for an Education
Saturday: 128 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 160 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Iraqi VP: US Troops Can Withdraw in 18 Months
UN Chief Ban Considering Greater Presence in Iraq
US Forces Find Militia Hideout With Booze Haul
'With the Heaviest of Hearts'
The War at Home
Rep. Inglis of South Carolina Under Fire for Breaking With Bush on Iraq
Hill Bill Protects Flying Snitches
Rep. Walberg: Nothing Racist About Iraq-Detroit Remarks
China Spy Case Set to Open in California
'War on Terror'
Terror Database Has Quadrupled in Four Years
CIA Awaits Rules on Interrogation of Terror Suspects
New York Police Spied Broadly Before Republican Convention
US Military
Landstuhl Tries to Get Ahead of Brain Injuries
Two Years Later, Suffolk Soldier at Walter Reed Awaiting Surgery
Detaining Justice
Guantánamo Prison Likely to Stay Open Through Bush Term
Imprisoned US Citizen Says He Was in an al-Qaeda Camp in Somalia, but Was Never a Fighter
Detainee Admits, Regrets Embassy Bombings Role
Taliban Kills 15 Pro-Govt Militias, Two Drivers in Afghanistan
Afghan Clashes Kill 9 Suspected Taliban
Afghan Journalists Under Threat in the South
Hindu Named Pakistan's Chief Justice
Musharraf Finds Himself Weakened After Firing of Judge
Musharraf Tries to Win Brownie Points From West Over Tribal Clashes
Americans Keep Dying
'He Was Just So Terrified, He Wanted to Come Home' (WI)
Fallen Paratrooper (AZ) Didn't Believe in War
Soldier (MI) Dies Less Than a Month Before Son's Scheduled Birth
Family Grieves Loss of Tennessee Soldier Killed in Iraq
Army Reservist's Death in Germany From Iraq Wounds in 2006 Added To OIF Casualties (FL)
Family Waiting for Information on Slain Marine (IL)
Sergeant (MO) Who Died in 2004 Added to Operation Iraqi Freedom Casualty List
Friends and Family Remember Holstein (NE) Soldier
Iraq Mortar Attack Kills Quitman (MS) Marine
Colorado Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire in Iraq
Soldier From Narrowsburg (NY) Killed in Iraq
Army Medic (OR) Dies of Wounds From Iraq Blast
Army Medic's Death Brings Blast's Toll to 7 (TX)
Father Remembers Fallen Son (GA)
Ft. Worth (TX) Soldier Wanted to Make the World a Better Place
Remembering a Fallen Soldier (ID)
South Amboy (NJ) Medic Remembered as Hero
Pasadena (CA) Soldier 'Died Doing What He Wanted'
Soldier (SC) With Ties to Florida Dies in Kuwait
Jamaica-Born Soldier (CT) Killed in Iraq
Fallen Lowell (MA) Solider Intrigued by Military
Family Grapples With News of Soldier Son's Death (TX)
Texas Soldier Killed by IED in Baghdad
Sailors' Capture by Iran Has Eerie '04 Precedent
Key Elements of UN Resolution on Iran
EU Offers to Resume Nuclear Talks With Iran
India to Push for $7bn Iran Gas Pipeline Project
Report: US State Dept. Official to Meet Haniyeh
UN Chief Urges PA Government to Meet Expectations of International Community
Sweden Joins in Support for Palestinians
Two-Thirds of Palestinians Want Peace Settlement
Fatah Family Vows Revenge on Hamas
PA Minister Accuses Olmert, Peretz of War Crimes
A Glimmer of Hope for Gaza's Lifeline
'No Comment' From PMO Officials on Olmert-Saudi Meeting Reports
Peretz's Aides: Progress Depends on Shalit's Release
Ejected Settlers Plan Defiant Return to West Bank 'Home'
IDF, Police Warn Settlers Against Reoccupying West Bank Settlement
Dead Sea Plan to Restore Water Raises Doubts
Suspects in Jaffa Murder Nabbed in West Bank Village
Israel Tells UN Chief: Hezbollah and Syria Jeopardizing Lebanon Truce
Hope Fades for Lebanon Deal Ahead of Arab Summit
Lebanon Islamists Recruit Palestinians to Fight Israel
MP Khazen: Speaker Berri Speech Paved Way to Lebanese Solution
Egypt to Vote on Expanding Powers of the Presidency
Rice Critical of Moves to Amend Egyptian Constitution
Egypt Rips Rice's Constitution Comments
UN Chief, Mubarak Discuss Mideast Peace
Defiance in the Pharaoh’s Valley
Middle East
Rice Urges Arab States to Recommit to Saudi Peace Plan
Turkey Fixes Armenian Church as Gesture
Thousands Die in Thai Shadow War
Hong Kong's Unreal Election Campaign
Russian Police Trample Anti-Putin Protest
Authorities Detain Five in Connection With St. Petersburg Bombing
Czech President Exposes Divisions Over EU Declaration
Hundreds Protest US Plan for Poland Missile Base
Germany's Merkel Faces EU Center-Right Battle Over Constitution
Northern Ireland Protestants Reject Deadline
UK Troops End Bosnia Deployment
Police Told Blair Would Resign if Cautioned
Zimbabwe Leader: Party Weighs '08 Vote
Zimbabwe Partially Lifts Ban on Protests, Rallies
UN Envoy Barred From Darfur Camp
South Africa Lowers Voice on Human Rights
Mozambique Appoints Commission to Probe Blasts

Nigerian Militants Abduct 2 Lebanese, 1 Dutchman

US Blasts Argentina for Chávez Rally
Bolivian Navy Gets New Sense of Purpose
The Fallen and the Forgotten: The Falklands War, 25 Years On
Ex-Terror Suspect Loses Aussie Election

Justin Raimondo
The Pelosi-crats and the War

Alan Bock
Nuclear Transformations

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Leviathan on the Right

Nebojsa Malic
Collision Course

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Picking on Halliburton

Ivan Eland
The Terror Threat in Perspective

Charles Peña
Reducing the Risk of Nukes

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the War on Iraq Costing You?

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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