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But Who's Against the Next War?: David Rieff
Interventions Without End?: Patrick Buchanan
Making Iranians Rally 'Round the Flag: Ivan Eland
Broken Promises & Barefaced Lies: Joshua Frank
More Pork for More War: Rep. Ron Paul

 Bill Barnwell

Ministers of War: The crazy things they tell people

 Chris Floyd

American Renditioned to Ethiopia: Go back to your TV show

 Joshua Kors

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Updated March 27, 2007 - 9:08 PM EDT
Senate Votes to Keep Iraq Deadline

Democrat Proposes Making Withdrawal Date Secret

  Americans Say Defense Spending Too High
Navy Denies Iran Fired on US Vessel
  US Launches Show of Force in Persian Gulf
  Iran Softens Stance on British Sailors

Iran Says Detained Britons Well, Location Secret


Americans Believe Iran Arming Iraqis, but Oppose Attack

UK Govt Backs Massive Iraq Death Toll Study
  US, Iraqis Talking to 'Reconcilable Insurgents'

Tuesday: 138 Iraqis Killed, 209 Wounded

Former Top Justice Official to Contradict Gonzales
  Gonzales Aide to Invoke Fifth Amendment

Gitmo Aussie Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charge

More Pork for More War  by Rep. Ron Paul
Broken Promises and Barefaced Lies  by Joshua Frank
The Pentagon's Power to Jail Americans Indefinitely  by Jacob Hornberger
Interventions Without End?
by Patrick Buchanan
Buried Alive  by Karen Kwiatkowski
Torturer's Toll  by Tara McKelvey

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Iraqis May Allow Ba'athists to Return to Govt Positions

McCain Says It Is Safe to Go for a Walk in Parts of Baghdad

Firms Using Govt 'Terror' Blacklist to Screen Customers

Two US, One French Aircraft Carrier in Gulf Region

Poll Finds Iraq Angst Weighing on Congress

Republican Sees Iraq Pullout Passing Then Vetoed by Bush

The CIA's Italian Job

Civilians Caught in Crossfire in South Afghanistan
Today in Iraq

Four Iraqis in a Fortified Radio Station Preach a Message of Unity

Life on the Iraqi Front: Reading Lists, Ideals, and Plans to Stay Alive

An Enclave of Normalcy in Fearful Baghdad

Iraqi Children Suffer From Waterborne Disease

Attacks Continue

Rocket Hits Baghdad Green Zone, Shakes US Embassy

Children's Slaughter Sparks Baghdad Bloodlust

Monday: 71 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 79 Iraqis Wounded

Iraq Occupation

General: US Captures Iraq Car Bomb Network Ringleaders

Khalilzad: US Patience on Iraq Eroding

An Iraqi's Firsthand View of a US Sweep

Top US Colonel Puts Theories to Test

The War at Home

Senate Fight on Iraq Withdrawal Looms

GOP Senators Lug Weight of War Toward '08

House War Vote to Reverberate in '08 Campaigns

Mindful of Past, Clinton Cultivates the Military

Who Will Cave in on Iraq Funding?

Why US Attorneys Were Fired: The Evidence So Far

Marines Pull Reservists for Active Duty

America's Hidden War Dead

US Defends Iraq Refugee Policy Against Congressional Criticism

US Military

Pentagon: No Criminal Negligence Found in Tillman's Death

Pentagon Keeps Combat Pay for Kosovo National Guard

Army Recruiter Tells Gay Black Man He's 'Disgusting,' Should 'Go Back to Africa'

Army Recruiter Accused of Making Sexual Advances to Michigan Teen

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Detainee Asks for More Attorneys

Hicks 'Could Be Home Soon'

New Detainee Transferred to Guantánamo Bay from Kenya

Guantánamo Bay Tribunals to Begin Again

'Terror-Free' Investing Gains Ground in US

British Arrests Refocus Glare on Muslim Area


US Wants Europe to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Clashes in Afghanistan Leave 20 Suspected Taliban, 2 Officers Dead

NATO's Potty Rules Shut Out Afghans


Musharraf Unites Exiles

Pakistan Opposition Demands Govt's Dismissal

Pakistan Police Detain Opposition Members Ahead of Protests

New Peace Deal With Taliban in Pakistani Province

Six Dead in Gunbattle at Pakistani School

Pakistan: Tribesmen Promise to Shun Militants

South Asia

India Maoists Claim Killings of 55 Policemen

Tamils Bomb Base With Smuggled Aircraft


Al-Qaeda Escapee Urges Somali 'Holy War'

Somali Clan Releases Prisoners in Peace Gesture


Threat to Extend Travel Ban to Family of Mugabe

Opposition: Mugabe 'To Leave Within a Year'


Colombia Raid With GIs Raises Combat Issues

CIA Claims Colombian Army, Militias Linked

Colombia Rejects Paramilitary Report


US Is Top Food Source for Cuba

Why Bolivia's Middle Class Feels Left Out by Morales

Québec Liberals Are Reelected, Avoiding Another Secession Vote

Detained Brits in Iran

Iran Says UK Sailors Being Interrogated

Iran Hardliners Call for Captured Marines to Face Trial

Iran Says Detained Britons Well, Location Secret


Iran: Sanctions Won't Halt Enrichment

Russia, China Urge Iran to Heed UN

EU Wants Negotiated Iran Settlement

Tehran 'Begins Nuclear Payments' to Russia

Oil Price Jumps as Iran Fears Grow

How Iran's True Believers Pass the Torch

Mideast Peace?

Arab FMs Agree to Revive Saudi Peace Plan 'Without Changes'

Arab Govts Hope to Up Palestinian Aid

Mideast Peace Push Gains New Momentum

Palestinians Favor Arab Peace Plan

Olmert Welcomes Idea of Regional Summit

US: Olmert Agrees to Renew Open-Ended Talks With PA

Rice to Launch Talks on Palestinian State

Rice: Mideast Conflict Not Ready for 'Big Bang' Solution

Israel Resists Rice Plan for Talks on Peace Settlement


Israeli Squatters Return to West Bank Site

Israeli Air Force Launches New 'Cheap' Arrow Missile

Israeli Army Cancels Travel Ban in West Bank

Blast Heard in Gaza City, Witnesses Say

Journalists in Gaza Demand Release of BBC Reporter

We Have Reports on Israeli Captives, UN Chief Says

West Bank Mayor Accuses Settlers in Palestinian's Murder

Near Neighbors Worlds Apart in West Bank


Syria Split Means Lebanon Will Send Two Delegations to Arab Summit

Lebanon's Flower Industry Struggles to Recover From War Wounds

Middle East

Saudi Terror Arrests Questioned

Mauritanians Choose Post-Coup President

Two Foreigners Die in Yemen Clash

Foregone Conclusion Appears to Keep Egyptian Voters Home

North Korea

US, China Discuss North Korea Frozen Funds

North Korea Blasts US War Games

Bank Blocks Plan to Release Frozen Funds to North Korea


Terror Suspect Arrested in Indonesia

Violence Tests Soft Strategy in Thailand's Muslim South

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's Bitter Rivals Reach a Deal (but Won't Shake Hands)

In Northern Ireland, Peace Driven by Economics


UN Report Recommends Supervised Kosovo Independence

Rome Senate to Vote on Its Afghanistan Mission, Pressure on Prodi

European Union, at 50, Seeks Footing as the World Shifts


Russians Reveal Plot That Killed Basayev

In the Front Line of Putin's Secret War

Supreme Court Ban on Liberal Party Wipes Out Opposition to Putin

From Ashes of Yukos, New Russian Oil Giant Emerges


Justin Raimondo
The Coming War With Iran

Ivan Eland
Making Iranians Rally
'Round the Flag

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Alan Bock
Nuclear Transformations

Doug Bandow
Leviathan on the Right

Nebojsa Malic
Collision Course

Philip Giraldi
Picking on Halliburton

Charles Peña
Reducing the Risk of Nukes

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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