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Patience on Iraq Should Be Exhausted: S. Richman
Stop Funding the Dirty War: Tom Hayden
Anxiety Over Foreign Policy Nears 'Crisis': Jim Lobe
McCain's Potemkin Village: Joe Conason
Coming Up Short on Habeas Corpus: Marjorie Cohn

 Anthony Gregory

War Good for the Economy?: Of course not

 Hamid Dabashi

Are Iranians Evil?: No, they’re just people

 Rep. Ron Paul

Independence is Not Isolationism: Antiwar Republican Explains

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Updated April 5, 2007 - 9:10 PM EDT
UK Captain: 'We Gathered Intel' on Iran
  UK Sailors Freed by Iran, Arrive Home
  Diplomacy or a Deal - How the Standoff Ended
  Syria Says They Played a Key Role in Sailors' Release
  US Weighs Tehran's Request to Visit 5 Iranians Held in Iraq
  Report: US to Attack Iran by End of April
New Iraq Ethnic Cleansing Fear
  Thursday: 6 GIs, 4 Britons, 76 Iraqis Killed; US Helicopter Shot Down
  US Military Claims Decline in Baghdad Violence
  Sadr Group Fires Two Deputies Over US Talks
  Two US Soldiers in Iraq Likely Killed by 'Friendly Fire'
12,000 More Guard Troops May Be Going to Iraq
  Bush Acknowledges Americans Weary of Iraq War
  Iraq Deployment Extensions
  3 Republican Congressmen Part With Bush on Syria
  House Democrats, Republicans Tussle Over Iraq-Terror War Link
  Rice Trying to Dodge Hearing on Iraq-Niger Documents
US Agents Interrogate Secret Terror Suspects in Ethiopia
  Guantanamo Conditions 'Worsen'
  Intel Chief: US Laws Limit Spy Efforts
Friends and Foes Form Front to Curb Karzai's Powers
Our Patience on Iraq Should Be Exhausted  by Sheldon Richman
Just What Will 'Success' in Iraq Actually Mean?  Pensacola News Journal
Coming Up Short on Habeas Corpus for Gitmo Detainees  by Marjorie Cohn
Leave Your Morals at the Border
by Robert Scheer
McCain's Potemkin Village  by Joe Conason
When a Readiness 'Crisis' Is a Real Crisis  by David Isenberg

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Public Anxiety Over Foreign Policy Nears 'Crisis'
Gates: Don't Limit US Mission in Iraq
Israel’s Protests Stall US Gulf Arms Sale
US Lets Red Cross See Seized Iranians
Tehran Likely to Pay Long-Term Price
Iran Gains in Standoff With Britain
Israel Contradicts Pelosi's
Syria Message of Peace
Today in Iraq
Iraq Loses $8 Billion Through Corruption
US Forces 'Tiptoe' Into Sadr City
Baghdad Security Crackdown to Be Extended to Mosul
Iraqi Govt Lauds Surge 'Success,' Announces Slightly Shorter Curfew in Baghdad
Iraqis to Run Security in Province
Husband, Wife Both Serve in Iraq, but Rarely See Each Other in Person
Attacks Continue
Gunmen Kill 11 Electricity Workers in Iraq Ambush
Bomb Explosion at Baghdad Police Station
Six Killed in Ambush West of Kirkuk
Wednesday: 3 GIs, 45 Iraqis Killed, 52 Iraqis Wounded, 48 Kidnapped
Hostage Crises
22 Shi'ite Shepherds Kidnapped in Iraq
Gunmen Ambush Workers Near Kirkuk
German Hostages Plead for Release in Video
After a Year, AFP Awaits News of Kidnapped Iraq Employee
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan Sees Iraq Oil as 'National Interest'
Muslim Meeting Urges US Troops to Leave Iraq
US Politicians on Iraq
Bush Blames Democrats for Impasse Over Iraq Bills
Giuliani Urges Compromise on Iraq Legislation
Tommy Thompson Shares Iraq Plans
The War at Home
Gonzales Prepares to Fight for His Job in Testimony
'Strong Possibility' Gas Will Rise to $4
Giuliani: PATRIOT Act No Worse Than What Other Countries Are Doing
Nixon vs. Kissinger: The Ultimate Power Struggle
Release of British Soldiers No Surprise to Americans
Injured in Iraq, a Soldier Is Shattered at Home
10 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Leahy’s Office
'War on Terror'
No More 'Global War on Terror,' House Committee Decrees
UK Judge Quashes Control Order on Terror Suspects
British al-Qaeda Operative Appeals 40-Year Sentence
US Detainee May Be Able to Speak to News Media
Hicks Gag 'His Own Idea'
Lindh Parents Plead for Release
Australian Army Captain Charged With Supplying Rocket Launchers to Criminals, Terrorists
Bodies Collected as Tenuous Mogadishu Truce Holds
Mogadishu Buries Its Dead After Week of Fierce Fighting
Eritrea Urges Uganda to Leave Somalia
7,000 Somali Refugees Denied Entry to Kenya
Officials: Janjaweed Militia Kills at Least 65
Fear of Revenge Attacks in Chad
AK-47's 'Not Enough': AU Demands More Weapons for Darfur
UN Cites Continuing Threat of Mines in Sudan
Surprise as Niger Delta Hostages Freed
Gaddafi Says Africa Should Have Continental Army
Rebel Leader Becomes Ivorian PM
Strike Fails Increase Pressure on Mugabe
UN Official: Multinational Force Possible for Central African Republic
UN Thwarts France's Anti-Rwanda Arms Bid
UN Blasts 'Threats' Against Congo Opposition
UK Sailors in Iran
Both Sides Claim Victory as Iran Releases British Sailors
Ahmadinejad's Reaction: 'Their Release Is a Gift to Britain'
Britons Cheer Sailors' Freedom
Questions the UK Navy Chiefs Must Now Answer
Timeline of UK Sailors’ Detainment
Iran's President Retakes Spotlight
Hostage: The Banned Word on Diplomatic Roller Coaster
Iran Says US Must Change Behavior for Ties
Tehran's 'Man of Action' Mayor Keeps His Eye on National Office
Iran Won’t Retaliate Against Italy Over Bank, Says Envoy
Missing Ex-FBI Agent's Family Worried
Iran Says 'Unaware' of Missing US Citizen
Iran Aids US in Search for Missing Man
Mideast Peace?
Israel 'Planning Gaza Invasion'
Israel Breaks Gaza Ceasefire
Pelosi: Assad Ready for Talks With Israel
Syria Must Stop Supporting Terror: Israel
Syria: Israel Must Clearly Declare Readiness to Talk
FM: Palestinians 'Don't Have a Peace Partner'
Saudi Source: No Talks Before Israel Accepts Arab Peace Plan
Palestinian University Poll Gives Hamas Slight Edge Over Fatah
Israel, PA Agree to Open Trade Passages To, From Gaza Strip
Palestinian Militant Killed in Israeli Incursion Into Gaza
Knesset Director Searching for Alternative Building in Case of Attack
Israeli Peace Group Blocks Road to Hebron
Israeli Troops Fire at 'Suspicious Figures' Near Lebanese Border
Middle East
Kurds Clash With Police in Turkey
UN Closer to Lebanon Court Decision
US Army's 'Men in Black' Fight Taliban
Taliban Says It Kidnapped Two French Aid Workers
In Afghanistan's Rugged Mountains, US Soldiers Fight Taliban With Lessons Learned in Germany
Land Mine Accidents Drop in Afghanistan
Canada to Borrow German Tanks for Afghanistan
Clashes in Pakistan Kill 60 Near Border
Former Pakistan PM: Those Who Protest Army Are Terrorists and Should Be Shot
Letter Explains Drive Against Foreign Militants in Waziristan
Pakistan Looks to Tourism to Fight Terrorism
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Claims Tigers' HQ Destroyed
Israeli-Built Kfir Jets Pound Sri Lanka's Rebels
Renegade: Sri Lanka Rebels Used Truce to Stall, Rearm
Southern Thai Mosque Bombed, 14 Wounded
Deep Divisions Over Kosovo Independence at UN
UN May Send Team to Kosovo in Independence Debate
Arms Stash Fuels Fear of Extremism in Serbia
Protests Against President in Ukraine Power Struggle
US to Pursue Missile Shield With or Without Moscow's Nod
Chechnya Victims Accuse Leader

Justin Raimondo
First They Came for the Spies

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Ivan Eland
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria

Alan Bock
Clumsy Political Process

Doug Bandow
The Waste of War

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles Peña
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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