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A Provocation Backfires: Justin Raimondo
Our Present Crises: Gabriel Kolko
Nuclear Standoff With Iran: Hossein Askari
What If Iran Invaded Mexico?: Chomsky/Engelhardt
Congress Must End the Iraq War: Doug Bandow

 Ivan Eland

The Speaker’s Trip to Syria: Talking is preferable to violence

 Anthony Gregory

War Good for the Economy?: Of course not

 Hamid Dabashi

Are Iranians Evil?: No, they’re just people

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Updated April 6, 2007 - 9:15 PM EDT
Pentagon: No Prewar Iraq-al-Qaeda Link
  Cheney Insists Saddam Worked With al-Qaeda
  America's Broken-Down Army
  Top Marine General: War Diverts Corps From Other Training
  Few Americans Trust Military or Media for Information on Iraq: Poll
  Dems, Bush Skittish Over War-Money Veto
  Secret FBI Unit Detained War Protesters in 2002
Gonzales Aide in Firings Controversy Resigns
Blair: Iran Behind Deaths of UK Soldiers
  Britons Speak Out About Captivity in Iran
  UK Sailor Captain: 'We Gathered Intel' on Iran
  Britain Says No Punishment for Boat Crew
  Bush's Bluster on Iran Was Cover for Direct Talks
  Gates: No Plans to Release Captured Iranians
  US Helped Free Iranian Diplomat
12,000 More Guard Troops May Be Going to Iraq
  Chlorine Truck Bomber Kills 27 in Ramadi
  US Priority: Managing Captives in Iraq
  US Outposts Face Stiff Challenges in Baghdad Neighborhoods
  Friday: 83 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 80 Iraqis Wounded
  Thursday: 6 GIs, 4 Britons, 83 Iraqis Killed; US Helicopter Shot Down
Another Republican Congressman Meets Syrian President
A Rational Perspective on Our Present Crises  by Gabriel Kolko
Nuclear Standoff With Iran: The Only Way Out  by Hossein Askari
The Real Crime in the
David Hicks Case
 by Ben Wizner
A Steady Squeeze on Tehran
by Amandeep Sandhu
What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?
by Noam Chomsky and Tom Engelhardt
No Hope in Guantánamo
by Joshua Colangelo-Bryan

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Lessons in Capture, Release of Britons
US Military Would Have Fought Iranians: Senior Officer
No Diplomatic Change After Britons’ Release
No Sign of Compromise on Iraq by Bush, Democrats
UN Chief: Arms Crossing Syrian Border
Syrians Ponder Pelosi's Purpose
Civilian Court Sides With 'Conscientious Objector'
'My Name Used to Be 200343'
Iraqis Cheer After Four British Soldiers Killed in Basra Roadside Bombing
Today in Iraq
Truck Bomb Knocks Baghdad TV Station Off Air
Northern Iraq: The Tide Flows the Kurds' Way
Witnesses: Gunfire Forces US Helicopter Down in Iraq
Polish Iraq Mission May Go on Offensive: President
Maliki Honors Journalists as Militants Kill Two More
Thursday: 6 GIs, 4 Britons, 83 Iraqis Killed; US Helicopter Shot Down
Global Iraq Fallout
Muslims Look at Force for Iraq
UN: US Offers Refuge to 7,000 Palestinians Who Fled Iraq
Iraqi PM to Visit Seoul Next Week
The War at Home
Cheney Accuses Pelosi of 'Bad Behavior' in Syria
Get Ready for Debate About Who Lost Iraq
US Spy Agencies Widen Recruiting
Rice Trying to Dodge Hearing on Iraq-Niger Documents
California Senate Leader Seeks Out-Of-Iraq Voter Initiative
Pittsburgh Police Attack Antiwar Protesters
Tacoma to Send Pentagon the Bill for Policing Antiwar Port Protests
ACLU Sues Over Tickets for Antiwar Honking
US Military
Georgia Recruiter Set to Make $94k in Bonuses
Navy Official Says Growing Costs Threaten Modernization
New Army Uniform Doesn't Measure Up
'War on Terror'
Feds May Move on Northern California Mosques
Three Charged in July 7 London Bombings
Britain Aims to Isolate Muslim Extremists, Official Says
Suburb Linked With UK Suicide Bombers
Red Cross Chief Faults Rights Protection at Guantánamo
Deadline to Halt North Korea Nuclear Plant May Be Extended
South Korea to Offer North Korea Rice Aid
In Kabul's Bazaars, Taliban Threat Is Discounted
Dutch Soldiers Stress Restraint in Afghanistan
German Fighter Jets Land in Afghanistan
200 Police Search for Missing French Aid Workers, Afghans in Southwest Afghanistan
Foreign Hostages in Afghanistan
The Talibanization of Islamabad
Bhutto Cleared of Corruption
As Musharraf’s Woes Grow, Enter an Old Rival, Again
India, Pakistan Near Deal to Settle Kashmir Dispute
India to Press Pakistan on Troop Posts in Kashmir Glacier
Sri Lanka
US Busts Asian Network Seeking Arms for Tamil Tigers
Halt Abductions, Sri Lanka and Rebels Urged
Bangladesh: Elections to Be Delayed at Least 18 Months
Ukraine's Leaders Trade Threats, Crisis Deepens
Ukraine's Leader Threatens Dissenters With Prosecution
Behind Ukraine's Power Struggle
Ukraine PM Asks Austria to Help
Kremlin-Backed Warlord Sworn in as Chechen President
Russian Military Faces Shortage of Conscripts
War Crimes Tribunal Sentences Serb
Iran Frees British Sailors
Freed Britons Are Back Home but Face Questions About Their Capture and Behavior
Why Iran Freed Captured British Sailors, Marines
'We Gathered Intelligence'
Questions Arise About Britons’ Actions in Iran
US Says Iran Uses Hostage Diplomacy
British Hostages: 'It's Just a Relief That This Is All Over'
Iraq: No Link Between UK Troops, Iranian Captives
Hope for More Iran Compromises
Might Iran Deal on Nukes, Too?
Navy Crew Reunited With Families
Diplomacy or a Deal - How the Standoff Ended
Rice Open to Bilateral Talks With Iran at Iraq Neighbors Meeting
Iran Speaker: US Backing Baloch Terrorists
Russia Says US Would Incur 'Losses' in Attack on Iran
Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program Resume
Iran Sees Italy Acting as 'Bridge' With West
Iran Again Rejects Suspension of Uranium Project
Argentina, Interpol Seek Extradition of Top Iranians
Powerful, Unchecked Clan Surges in Gaza
Father of Abducted Israeli Soldier Urges Talks With Hezbollah
Israel Govt Should Have Resigned After Lebanon War: Report

Israeli Troops Kill Unarmed Palestinian Near Jericho

Palestinian National Security Advisor Warns Against Israeli Invasion of Gaza
Abbas, Haniyeh Discuss Reform of Security Services
Britain Urges Hamas to Help Free Journalist
Hebron Palestinian: Settlers Torched My Car
Israeli DM Orders Settlers Evacuated From Hebron House
Middle East
Syria, Hezbollah, Iran Prepare in Case of War
UN Chief: Saudis Invited to Broker Lebanon Deadlock
Pelosi Visits Saudi Arabia
Hezbollah Says It's Treating Israeli Soldiers Humanely
Terror Inquiry Against Turkish PM Dropped
Bodies Cleared Away as Mogadishu Fighting Calms
Somalia: War Feared to Resume in the Capital
Ugandan Troops Join Somali Refugee Relief Effort
Burundi Deploys in Somalia This Month
Europe Looks Into Possible War Crimes in Somalia
Chad Says Weekend Violence Toll Breaches the 100 Mark
Chad Switches Oil Cash to Buy Arms
AU Demands Inquiry Into Darfur Troop Deaths
Courts Throw Plans for Presidential Election Into Confusion
Shell Expects Full Output From Nigeria
Is al-Qaeda's Influence Spreading to Morocco?
The War Is Over but Sierra Leone's Poor Still Suffer
Rights Groups Hail Arrests of Three by US in War Crimes
A Daughter Stolen in Wartime Returns to El Salvador

Justin Raimondo
A Provocation Backfires

Doug Bandow
Congress Must End the Iraq War

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Ivan Eland
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria

Alan Bock
Clumsy Political Process

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles Peña
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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