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Lamenting Lack of War: Alan Bock
More Media Obfuscation: Gordon Prather
Magnanimous Mahmoud: Patrick Buchanan
Pelosi and Syria: Charley Reese
Trouble at the Pottery Barn: Jay Barr

 Ivan Eland

The Speaker’s Trip to Syria: Talking is preferable to violence

 Anthony Gregory

War Good for the Economy?: Of course not

 Hamid Dabashi

Are Iranians Evil?: No, they’re just people

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Updated April 7, 2007 - 9:26 PM EDT
Pentagon: No Telling When 'Surge' Will End
  US Air Strike Kills Six, Including Women and Children
  Iraq Says British Raid Was a Violation
  Kurdish President: US Sought Other Iranians in Raid
  US Protects Iranian Opposition Group in Iraq
  Saturday: 1 GI, 64 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded
Pentagon Debunks Prewar Iraq-al-Qaeda Link
  Analysts: Bush Exaggerating Threat of Enemy Forces on US Mainland
  Cheney Insists Saddam Worked With al-Qaeda
  Pentagon Probe Fills in Blanks on Iraq War Groundwork
All Sides Deny Deal Freed Britons
  British Navy Suspends Boarding Operations in Northern Gulf
  UK Sailors Were Threatened With Seven Years in Jail
  Hostage Drama May Embolden Iranís Hawks
  US Revs Up Pressure on Iran After Release of Britons
Karzai Says He Met With Taliban, They Deny It
  Taliban Seize Southern Afghan District
  Afghan President Suspects Foreign Hand Behind Rival Party
Gonzales Aide in Firings Controversy Resigns
Magnanimous Mahmoud
by Patrick Buchanan
More Mainstream Media Obfuscation  by Gordon Prather
A Defector From the Bush Inner Circle on Iraq  by Kenneth T. Walsh
Conservatives for the Constitution
by John Nichols
Trouble at the Pottery Barn  by Jay Barr
Pelosi and Syria  by Charley Reese

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As One Syria Trip Draws Fire, Others Draw Silence
Bolton Demands Saudi King Retract Comments About 'Illegal Occupation'
Insurgents Using US Jails as 'Training Camps'
Ethiopia Secret Prisons Under Scrutiny
US Forces Clash With Sadr Militia
Iraq Police: Iranian-Made Bombs Used in Attack That Killed 4 Britons
Poll: Britons Want Troops Out of Iraq, Afghanistan
US Airman Injured in Heat-Beam Test
McCain Says He Misspoke in Upbeat Baghdad Comments
Today in Iraq
Daily Life in Baghdad Often Traumatic
Iraq PM: Pensions to Saddam-Era Officers
US General: Al-Qaeda Needs Less Foreign Help in Iraq
Tension Rises Between al-Qaeda and Insurgents in Iraq
Forces Sweep Through Volatile Iraqi City
An Archive of Despair
Iraq PM Defends Media Curbs, Praises Loyal Journalists
Attacks Continue
Ramadi Chlorine Gas Suicide Bombing Kills 35
Explosion Strikes Oil Pipeline in Iraq
Friday: 112 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 80 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Soldier Friend of Prince William Killed
The Palestinian Refugees From Iraq
The War at Home
Iowa Republicans Support Iraq Pullout Within Six Months
Giuliani Says Nation at War Requires Him
Court Avoids Iraq Kidnapping Case
Four in US Attorney's Office Resign in Protest
Justice Department in New Fight Over Papers on Firings
Intelligence Chief Finds That Challenges Abound
Pelosi: Mideast Trip Strengthened Ties
McCain to Stake Bid on Need to Win in Iraq
Scooter Libby's Law License Loses Its Wheels
Bush Critic Sheehan Blasts US Democrats
US Military
Virginia National Guard Is Short of Arms, Gear
Missile Defense System Test Succeeds in Shooting Down Scud
Soldier Recounts Sexual Abuse at Walter Reed
'Thatís Not Going to Happen With My Son'
Teen Who Changed His Mind About Enlistment Is Discharged

'War on Terror'

Did the FBI Flub a Major Terror Investigation?
US Judge Orders Anti-Castro Activist Posada Released
North Korea
US Confident About North Korea Disarmament

US Says Way Found to Transfer North Korea Funds

Taliban Take Over Local Government Office
Karzai Says Kidnapping Deal 'Will Not Be Repeated'
The 'Lost Platoon' in Afghanistan
Afghan Special Forces Train at Former Taliban Camp
Suicide Bomber Near Afghan Parliament Kills Six
Cleric Sets Up Islamic Court in Pakistan, Threatens Suicide Bombings
20 More Killed in South Waziristan as Army Moves In
Pakistani Political Strife Prompts Action Among Emigres
Pakistan Troops Secure Area Seized From Al-Qaeda
Okinawans Outraged by What They Say Is a Cover-Up of Military-Urged Mass Suicides During WWII Battle
Survivors Remember Commotion Then Calm Inside Okinawa Cave
Sri Lankan Navy, Rebels Battle at Sea
Violence Looms as East Timor Heads for Vote
Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance
Vietnamese Police Block Dissident Visit
Iran Calls on Britain for Goodwill After Releases
British Navy Crew Says Iran Imposed Constant Psychological Pressure
British Crew Chose Not to Fight Iranian Guard
British Crew: Iran Blindfolded Detainees
Tehran Accuses Britain of Dictating Sailors' Testimony
Freed Sailors and Marines Statement Text
Iran Used British Woman as 'Propaganda Tool': Sailors
US: No Iranians Among Red Cross Delegation Visiting Captured Iranians
Arab Street Warms to Showman Ahmadinejad
Russian Nuclear Delegation to Visit Tehran Next Week
UN May Order Aid Workers Out of Gaza
Russia Says No Reason to Continue Palestinian Sanctions
Three Injured as Israeli Gunships Attack Gaza
Israeli Troops 'Routinely' Crossing Into Gaza
Abbas: Soldier in Gaza to Be Freed Soon
Report: Shalit's Captors Bring Him Glasses Sent by His Father
Hamas, Fatah in Fresh Gaza Violence
Arab Leaders Air Public Relations Campaign Against Shin Bet
Hebron Settlers to Be Evicted Within 12 Days
US, UK, Pushing for UN Panel on Lebanon Arms Smuggling
Israeli Cluster Bomb Slays Elderly Lebanese Woman
Middle East
In Jordanian Camps, a Sense of Nihilism
Saudi Police Kill Militant Suspected in Death of Four Frenchmen
Jailed Syrian Rights Activist's Health 'Deteriorating'
US Tries New Strategy With Somalia
About 124,000 People Flee Deadly Clashes in Mogadishu
EU 'Complicit in Somali War Crimes'
Somalia: Reconciliation Prospects Dim After Battles
Chadian Forces Attack Rebels Near Sudan
Sudanese Soldiers Accused of Rape
Landmines Continue to Plague Sudan
Opposition Licks Wounds as Mugabe Holds On
'Expect More Mugabe Brutality'
Kinshasa Rebels Disarmed, Says UN
Mauritania Detains Seven al-Qaeda Suspects
Rwanda Ex-Leader Freed From Jail
Ukraine PM Accused of 'Buying Off' MPs
French Charge 42 Over Angola Arms
Former Spy Shadows Putin for Throne
Serbian Cleric Condemns Kosovo Independence
New Zealand
Lawyers Call for Abolition of New Zealand Sedition Laws

Justin Raimondo
A Provocation Backfires

Alan Bock
Lamenting Lack of War

Doug Bandow
Congress Must End the Iraq War

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Ivan Eland
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles PeŮa
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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