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Democratic Illusions: Justin Raimondo
Can Sadr & Sistani Handle Bush?: Hiro/Engelhardt
Torture and Secrecy in Anglo-US History: Horton
'Sorry We Shot Your Kid, but Here's $500': Mitchell
Silence of the Hawks: Neil Clark

 Behzad Yaghmaian

Will American Bombs Kill My Dream?: Iranian-American laments march to war

 Butler Shaffer

The American People Have Been Taken Over: By the U.S. Government

 Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr. and Aziz Huq

Unchecked and Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a Time of Terror

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Updated April 16, 2007 - 9:06 PM EDT
Competing Spy Agencies Duel in Iraq
  Attacks Surge as Iraq Militants Overshadow City

US Soldiers Mistakenly Shoot Dead Three Iraqi Police


13 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Ambush


Monday: 6 GIs, 71 Iraqis Killed; 39 Iraqis Wounded

  US Holds 18,000 Detainees in Iraq
  Iraq Bombing Victims Turn on Government
  Iraqis Fear 'Bridge Wars' Is Plot to Divide Baghdad
Cheney: Democrats Will Back Down on Iraq
  Hadley Wants 'War Czar' as Soon as Possible
  Dramatic Increase in Army Desertions
Suicide Attack Kills 10 Police in Afghanistan
  Taliban Are Eluding US Hunters
  Karzai: Conspiracy to Kill Pashtuns on Pakistan Border
'Sorry We Shot Your Kid,
but Here's $500'
 by Greg Mitchell
Why No One Wants to Be Bush's War Czar  by Fred Kaplan
Upending the Mayberry Machiavellis  by Sidney Blumenthal
Can Sadr and Sistani Handle Bush?
by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
The Logic of Timetables  by Robert Parry
Silence of the Hawks  by Neil Clark

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Wolfowitz Deflects Questions About Role in Scandal
US Bolstering Force in Deadly Diyala
Kurdistan: Iraq's Next Battleground?
Air Force Fills Out Army Ranks in Iraq
Banned From the 'Footprint of Freedom'
ElBaradei Backs Calls for No-Nukes Middle East
German Army 'Depicted Blacks as Target Practice'
The al-Qaeda 'Caravan' Visits Algiers
In Iraq, a Parliament in Disarray
Today in Iraq
Sadr Ministers Quit Iraqi Govt Over US Troops
Some Iraqis Return Home, but Not Because of Security Plan
Sunday: 5 GIs, 109 Iraqis Killed; 173 Iraqis Wounded, UK Copters Downed
Iraq Occupation
SAS Soldier and Air Crewman Die in Iraq
The Move From Hell: Getting 9 Million Tons of Gear Back From Iraq
US Marshals Still Have Big Role in Law Enforcement, Even in Iraq
Friendly-Fire Pilot Back in Iraq
British Capture Iraqi Bombs Mastermind
Global Iraq Fallout
Palestinian Refugees in Iraq Hold Border Protest
Iraqi Exodus Worsens Mideast Refugee Problem
The War at Home
GOP Senator Hagel Insists US Support for Iraq Has Limits
The Showdown in DC Over Iraq War Funding
Cheney Says US Can Win in Iraq for 'Worthy Cause'
Cheney Hasn't Called Libby Since Trial
Wolfy at the World Bank
Wolfowitz Says He Will Stay on as Head of World Bank
World Bank Officials Scold as Wolfowitz Digs In
Wolfowitz's Friend Says She's the Victim
Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers
Wolfowitz's Allies Regroup but Leave Questions Unanswered
Gonzales and the E-Mails
On Tuesday, All Eyes Will Be on Gonzales
Specter Hopes for Deal on White House Testimony
Gonzales to Insist Attorney Firings Were Appropriate
White House OKs Plan for E-Mails
Analyst: Gonzales Suggests Firings 'All Harriet Miers' Fault'
Excerpts From Gonzales' Prepared Testimony
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda's Next Generation
US Antiterror Tactics Crimp New Terror Case
British Official Risks Angering Bush by Opposing 'War on Terror' Slogan
MI5 Adopts Sex-Offender-Tracking System to Monitor Muslims
Nigeria’s Governing Party Takes Lead in Elections
Report: Dozens Die in Nigerian Voting
Opposition Rejects Flawed Nigerian Polls
Tensions High in Nigeria After Violent Poll
Nigeria's Soft-Spoken Top Candidate
Tide of Zimbabwean Refugees Swells
Zimbabwe Medical Group Says Hundreds Injured by Recent Political Violence From Security Agents
Horn of Africa
Rival Governments Claim Victory in Gun Battles Along Somaliland, Puntland Border
Somali Govt Accused of Shelling Residential Areas
Two Govt Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu
Ethiopian Soldiers Accused of Rape in Somalia
Somalia Peace Conference Delayed Again
Somalia: 130 Migrants Die After Yemen Coast Guards Open Fire
Saudi Says Darfur Deal Reached
AU Soldier Killed in Darfur
Algeria Scolds US About Terror Warning
Uganda, Rebels Agree to Resume Peace Talks
Iran Says It Received Signals on Releasing Five Detained Diplomats in Iraq
Iran to Seek Bids for Atomic Power Plants
Iran Looks Into Reporter's Case
Iran's Intellectuals Retreat From the Fray
Syria Plays Down Israel Peace Overture
Syria: Israel Should Surrender Golan Heights Before Talks
Russia Warns Israel to Be Wary of Conflict With Syria
Middle East Peace?
Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Open Regular Peace Talks
Olmert 'Ready' for Peace Talks
Olmert, Abbas Hold Talks at US Behest
EU Official Sees Mideast Peace Momentum
Group: 'We Killed BBC Reporter'
BBC 'Concerned' by Claim Gaza Correspondent Killed
New Palestinian Security Council Includes Hamas for First Time
Christian Library, Internet Cafes Bombed in Gaza
Abbas Vows to Secure Gaza Borders
Police Investigating Arab Lawmaker Who Left Israel, but Suspicions Kept Secret
Hezbollah Ready to Become Political Movement, EU Official Says
Two More Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Air Space
Palestinian Camp Children 'Shoot' Gloomy Life in Lebanon
Turks Protest Amid Fears to Overturn Secular State
Militants Hit US Targets in Morocco
US Warns of Heightened Terror Risk in Morocco
US Shuts Morocco Consulate After Bomb
Morocco on High Alert After Suicide Attacks by Brothers
North Korea
North Korea Will Allow UN Inspectors: Richardson
US Urges North Korea to Act on Promises
Bush Adviser Plays Key Role in North Korea
Suicide Bomb Kills Afghans Working for US Security Firm
Twenty Killed in Afghan Violence
Afghan Government Pledges to End Hostage Deals
Through Helmand Desert With the Dragoons
Defiant Bhutto Plans Her Return
Pakistan Clerics Issue Edict Over Sinful Hugging
Karachi Rallies Against 'Religious Terrorists'
Indian Missile Tests Have Neighbors Nervous
Two Guerrillas Killed in Kashmir
Marines Kill Eight Muslim Rebels in Philippines
Australian Army Admits to Searching East Timor Homes
Russia Police Detain Dozens as Rally Thwarted for Second Day
Authorities, Anti-Putin Party Argue at Russian Vote
Russia Cracks Down – Hard – on Protesters
Ecuador Appears Likely to Rewrite Constitution

Justin Raimondo
Democratic Illusions

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Portents of Failure

Doug Bandow
Savage Peace: Wilson's Failure

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Yankee, Go Home

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A US-Made Mess in Somalia

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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